Ingles Ninjago
Fecha de emision Enero 2011 (EEUU)

Julio 2012 (LA)

N° de temporadas 8
Canal emisor Cartoon Network y Nick (USA)

Disney XD (Latino América)

Protagonistas Ninjas

Ninjago  is a TV series published by Cartoon Network.

History Editar

Ninjago is based on the story of four ninjas and one Sensei put together by Sensei himself. Garmadon the Lord took them the Ninjago first before it destroys all 4 Golden Gun was supposed to find.

Later, it was discovered that this great villain had a son who opened the Serpentine Graves and was betrayed by all, a baby who longed to be as evil as his father.

This was soon recruited by the Ninjas , and in the future it will be the Green Ninja who will later defeat his father and heal him.

Later technology evolved and caused the Big Tyrant to return in digital media. Zane manages to defeat him but dies in battle.

The Ninjas left, but Lloyd gathers all the ninjas in search of Zane, finds him in the Tournament of the Elements, they manage to defeat Chen, but Lloyd's father sacrifices himself and is lost in the Cursed Kingdom.

Upon his return, Lloyd is upset that he lost his father, but Kai helps him.

Lloyd is captured by Morro and causes the ninjas to lose their power, but Morro takes the Kingdom Crystal and causes the Supreme to come, but Nya unleashes her true potential and manages to destroy the Supreme.

Ninjas are illegal under the law because a false witness, meanwhile El Dijnn Nadakh is liberated and Laraine reassembles the pirate gang in order to revive with the Nye, Nye is dead but Jay, the Nadakhan 's nothing to that wish. dead.

The Time Brothers: Krux and Acronix gather the Vermillion army to take revenge on Master Wu and attack him and the ninjas. A time blow touches Wu and he ages, but discover that Nya and Kai's parents are still alive, but in order to eventually defeat Vermillion, Sensei Wu misses a time vortex.

Dubbing of ActorsEditar

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Photo Character Original player Voice actor Season
Kai recupera sus poderes
Kai Vincent tong

Kathleen Barr  (child)

Carlos Hernandez

Mario Arvizu  (Disney Xd Trailer)

Alan Garcia
Cole recupera sus poderes
snuff Kirby morrow Enzo Fortuny 1st -
Zane recupera sus poderes

Brent miller

Roberto mendiola

Aléx Suárez (Cartoon Network: Ninjago Temporada 11 Trailer)

1st -
Jay recupera sus poderes
jay Michael Adamthwaite Jaime Alberto Carrillo

Mario Filio  (Disney XD Trailer)

1st -
Sensei wu Paul dobson Cesar Arias 1st
Alexander Villeli

Alone in the short fight against Carlos Hernández brothers

1st -
Nye Kelly metzger Leyla rangel 1st
Karla falcon 1.- (Rest)
Lord of Garmadon / Sensei Garmadon Mark Oliver Mark Oliver (child) Humberto solorzano

Alan Garcia

1st -
Kruncha and Nuckal
Nuckal Brian drummond Oscar Flores 1st -
Arturo castaneda 2nd
Samukai four weapons ep.4
Samukai, King of the Underworld Michael kopsa German Fabregat 1st -
178px-Mean kruncha
Kruncha Brian drummond Gabriel Pingarrón 1st -
Lloyd dando un discurso
Lloyd garmadon Jillian michaels Emilio rafael 1st -
250px-White pythor
Pythium is Michael dobson Sergio Gutierrez Coto 1st -
Kai y Jay con Skales
Skales Ian james corlett Hector Emmanuel Gomez 1st -
I Fangto Mackenzie gray Jose Antonio Macías 1st -
Gran Tirano Digital
The Great Cruel Scott mcneil Oscar Flores

Idzi Dutkiewicz  Episode Only: Code of Arcturus

1st -4th
Dareth Alan  MARRIOTT Hector Emmanuel Gomez

Only when Polo Rojas cried in The Titanium Ninja in Episode 34

1st -4th
Misako Kathleen Barr Rosalba sotelo 1st -
Hawk Paul dobson Jose Arenas 1st -
Acidicus Paul dobson Irwin Daayán 1st -
Traje del Samurai X
Samurai X Kelly metzger Idzi Dutkiewicz 1st -
Ed walker Colin murdock Armando Coria

Jose Luis Miranda

1st -4th
Edna walker Jillian michaels Ana Elizabeth Sanchez Magda giner 1st -
Mystak to Mackenzie gray 1st -
Lou, Cole's Father Kirby morrow Enrique Cervantes 1st -
Dr Julien Mark oliver Herman lopez 1st -
Big trump Paul dobson German Fabregat 1st -
Captain soto Alan Marrlott 1st -
sprig Kathleen Barr Alan Garcia

Ricardo Mendoza Jr.  The Curse of the Golden Teacher in episode 30 only

1st -4th
adds Paul dobson Cesar Arias 1st
Alexander Villeli

1st -

1st -
Master Chen

Ian James Corlentt

Ryan beil

4 - 5 

Skales Jr.

Alyssya swales

Ricardo Mendoza Jr.

3 - 7


Jillian michaels


3 - 3


Michael Adamthwaite


1 - 11

Unagami 133

Dean Redman Zion Simpson

Humayan Ahmed Sara Agrež

12 - 12

Photo Character Original player Voice actor
Lord Garmadon (child) Mark oliver Alan Garcia

Additional soundsEditar

SOURCE: Wiki Dubbing

corrugated Editar

The serpentine is a group of ancient reptiles, which previously dominated everything. They were locked in different tombs because when they joined, they gave way to the Great Swallow .

Over time they were forgotten, turned into a simple legend, but that ends when the Dark Lord's are seizes chaos in the city of Ninjago, unleashing almost all of them.

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