“My land was once peaceful and pristine, but that changed decades ago when the Ice Emperor imposed his will and corruption upon us and destroyed my people. . . now there is no one left to defy him. But I believe, one day, someone will stand up against him. I believe heroes still exist.”
— Akita
Affiliation Ninja
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First Appearance The Never-Realm (voice)
70671 Lloyd's Journey (Wolf Form)
70678 Castle of the Forsaken Emperor (Human Form)
Status Alive
Voiced by Tabitha St. Germain

Akita is a shapeshifting creature who lives in the Never-Realm. She has the ability to morph between the form of a three-tailed wolf and a human.

History Edit

The Never-Realm Edit

Before the Ninja enter the Never-Realm, Akita gives a brief history of the Ice Emperor and his takeover of the Never-Realm; however, she believes someone will stand up against his evil reign.

An Unlikely Ally Edit

When Lloyd went to search for Zane, he gets ambushed by some wolves, but Akita, in her wolf form, saves him, and he rewards her with his food before leaving. She meets up with Lloyd and helps him find the Land Bounty and the two become allies.


LEGO Ninjago: Masters of SpinjitzuEdit

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden SpinjitzuEdit


  • Her name originates from a Japanese breed of dogs, which is also a prefecture in Japan.
  • Her appearance, in both human and wolf form, resembles the character, Amaterasu, in the video game, Ōkami. It's unknown if this was intentional or not.
  • It is quite possible based on Ninjago's frequent use of Asian mythology and Akita's unique attributes that she is a Yōkai, as there are many Yōkai who shapeshift into animals with unusual traits.
    • A similar example is the Kitsune, a nine-tailed fox and shapeshifter, similar to Akita being a three-tailed wolf.
  • It's unknown if she's the last of her kind, as she mentioned that the Ice Emperor destroyed her people.




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