““Senden hissettiğim boşluğu hissetmeni istiyorum! Baban yeniden doğduğunda, tanıdığın adam olmayacak! Ruhu gitmiş olacak ve soğuk ellerinin seni yok etmesini istiyorum! ””
— Harumi Lloyd'a bağırıyor

Prenses Harumi ( Sessiz Olan , Yeşim Prenses veya Rumi olarak da bilinir ) Ninjago'nun prensesi ve Garmadon'un Oğulları'nın  kurucusuydu . Sırasında ailesini kaybettikten sonra  koparmak ait Büyük Yutucunun , Harumi tarafından kabul edildi İmparator ve Ninjago İmparatoriçesi . Yıllarca Ninja'ya karşı anne babasının ölümüne izin verdiği için intikam almaya çalıştı ve Büyük Yutkunmayı öldüren Lord Garmadon'a hayran kaldı .


Early lifeEdit

Harumi was once a happy young girl and a fan of the Ninja, as well as Samurai X, who saved the village she lived in. Sometime later, she and her parents moved to Ninjago City where one day, Harumi was playing with her Ninja dolls as the Great Devourer's rampage through Ninjago City began that very same day. Seeing too many people by the elevator, she and her parents tried the stairwell, only to discover it was gone.


Harumi losing her parents.

As the people who managed to get in the elevator prepared to leave, Harumi's Father convinced them to take Harumi while her mother held her hand and promised they would meet her outside to sooth her before the elevator's doors closed, allowing Harumi to get out of the building in time with only a broken arm and a damaged family photo of her with her parents. She was traumatically quiet after that and ignored any questions the paramedics asked her, leading the female paramedic to calling her "The Quiet One."

Sometime after her parents died, she was adopted by the Royal Family and became the princess of Ninjago. Shortly growing up with all the riches, splendor and privileges of royalty in Ninjago. As she grew up Harumi had to spend most of her time in the palace, which gave her time to explore it and make alterations. Although the Emperor and Empress loved her as if she was their own child, she never saw them as her parents, mostly due to a very strict education for her, and sought to overthrow them in time, but kept this hidden behind a loving façade.

She was inspired hearing that Lord Garmadon was the one who defeated the Great Devourer and saved Ninjago. Harumi harbored great disdain for the Ninja for failing the city, especially Lloyd once she learned that it was him who released the Serpentine, who released the Great Devourer.

LEGO Ninjago: Garmadon Rulez!Edit

Shortly after Harumi was adopted the new family was interviewed by Gayle Gossip, who strongly believed that Harumi was going to be very happy with her new family. The Emperor and Empress declared their intentions of turning Harumi into a princess the citizens of Ninjago would be proud of while Harumi refused to talk and just frowned at the camera. Her adoptive parents paid no mind to their daughter's unhappiness and believed that Harumi "would regain her voice soon" once she realized how lucky she was to be chosen by them as their daughter and heir to the throne. Despite now being a princess and being supplied with lots of material goods like a big bedroom and lots of toys, Harumi greatly despised her life at the palace, especially the Emperor and Empress and the strict education they enforced on her. Her relationship with her adoptive parents was apparently a weak one as they, according to Harumi, were very stern, distant and not very affectionate unlike her birth parents, which led to her becoming bitter and emotionally unstable. The Royal Family's bodyguard Hutchins appeared to care about Harumi and was apparently the only one who knew (or cared) about Harumi being extremely unhappy with her life. Hutchins looked out for her and did things like reminding her to brush her teeth and giving her a journal so that she could write about her feelings, believing that it might help her feel better. He also used to sing the "Spider's In The House" lullaby for her when she was a child and couldn't sleep, although Harumi found the song to be creepy.

Unfortunately, his efforts to help Harumi proved to be fruitless and Harumi grew to hate him as well. Harumi followed his advice and wrote about her feelings in her journal and how much she hated her new family, Hutchins, the Ninja and the "evil palace" she lived in. In addition, she missed her former life, her normal clothes, her old bedroom with a crack on the wall and especially her parents, whom she affectionately referred to as "Mama" and "Papa" and kept her family photo within her journal. While she swore she would always love her birth parents she also wished Lord Garmadon had adopted her.

After Garmadon was purged of his evil, Harumi lost all respect and admiration she felt for him after watching as he bowed before the Emperor and was pardoned in a public ceremony, considering him weak and musing that it would have been better if he had died. That night she got rid of everything she owned that reminded her of him and abandoned her fanaticism of him. After that, Harumi focused on becoming the proper princess she was expected to be. She became a model student, behaving perfectly and only speaking when spoken to as taught to her by the Empress, but she still found no happiness in being the princess of Ninjago.

As Harumi grew into adolescence, she found a way to escape the palace through the gardens and using casual clothes she stole from the cleaning staff to avoid being recognized, she made a few shorts trips and sometimes had dinner at restaurants. She was caught by a gardener one night when she returned to the palace but she managed to bribe him with some food she had brought back with her.

Harumi's obsession with Garmadon was reignited when she was drawn to the Oni Mask of Deception, and heard Garmadon's voice calling her. This inspired her to find a way to revive him, specifically his evil side, and have him become the new ruler of Ninjago. Harumi studied the Ninja, Wu, Garmadon, and the Oni during her escapades, as well as having Hutchins take her to the Ancient Library of Domu, claiming she wanted to know more about the history of Ninjago. She eventually managed to recruit enough criminals for her mission, founding the organization "Sons of Garmadon" and took on the childhood alias of the "Quiet One" as their leader.

She once visited Mistaké at her shop and asked her to tell her about the legend of the Oni and The Dragon by lying about needing the information for a school assignment, and she told Harumi about the legend with the same tea she used to tell Lloyd and Jay before asking her nicely to leave. At the library she found a map that would take her to the Mask Of Hatred and once the Sons of Garmadon captured Misako and the infant Wu, she stole the map and wrapped it around Wu so that the Ninja would find it.

Sons of GarmadonEdit

The Mask of DeceptionEdit


Harumi is present with her adoptive parents, the Emperor and Empress of Ninjago, as they greet Ninjago before the presumed attack goes off and she is saved by Lloyd. It turns out it was simply nothing; just some firecrackers going off. However, the family is grateful for the rescue and invite the Ninja to stay in the Palace.

That night, she formally meets the Ninja and details her thoughts of them with them accepting her praise, and Harumi even delights a former cynical Nya when she voices that she wanted to be like her after she became a great Ninja.

The Emperor and Empress soon speak to them, and reveal that Harumi was adopted and taken in by them, though they insist they are family.

The Jade PrincessEdit

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 9.02.35 pm

Later on, Harumi sneaks out of her room but she is spotted by Lloyd, who mistakes her as a kidnapper due to her hoodie and bag. However, after capturing her, he learns the truth and is told by an amused Harumi that sometimes she sneaks out to give food to those less fortunate. She offers him the chance to join her and he accepts, with Harumi disguising him to avoid suspicion. The two go into the night and talk on the bridge, bonding over how they didn't choose the mantles that were entrusted upon them, with Harumi telling him to call her "Rumi." Lloyd and Harumi were then discovered by Hutchins who then brings her back to the palace.

The next morning, Harumi is then told off by her adoptive parents for sneaking out. She apologizes and runs away, crying. During the attack on the Palace, she is trapped under burning rumble in her bedroom, but she is saved by Zane. Harumi escapes the burning Palace with Lloyd and the Mask of Deception moments before it explodes. She and Lloyd are then chased by Ultra Violet and her thugs, and while Ultra Violet manages to get the Mask of Deception, she and Lloyd escape on the Destiny's Bounty.

When Harumi is told by Nya that her adoptive parents and Hutchins were killed in the Palace fire, she seems devastated, saying, "Once again, I am . . . alone." Lloyd invites Harumi to stay with him and the Ninja, and Kai and Lloyd promise her that they will find out who was responsible for the deaths of her adoptive parents and Hutchins.

The Oni and the DragonEdit

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 10.49.35 am

Harumi adjusts to life on the Destiny's Bounty. While on the Bounty, she takes out a photograph of her as a child with her deceased biological parents, as well as one with the Royal family.

Later, the Ninja go out to chase Mr. E. She tries to go with them but is told by Lloyd and Nya to stay on the Bounty with P.I.X.A.L. to keep her from getting captured by the Sons of Garmadon. She is startled when she finds out that the Sons of Garmadon are trying to bring back Garmadon. Her emotions make her not a suspect of being the Quiet One.

Snake JaguarEdit

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 8.23.57 pm

Harumi is helping Nya build a bike for Zane until she hands Nya the wrong tool; then she goes to make herself useful.

Offscreen, she then informs Ultra Violet that Zane is going undercover as Snake Jaguar.

She can be seen upstairs on the Bounty next to Nya when she is talking to Zane before it shows up over him and Harumi pushes the bike out for Zane to get on.

Dead Man's SquallEdit

Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 7.54.27 pm

Mr. E sends Harumi an encrypted transmission saying "The trap has been set."

Harumi is seen standing over Zane with the rest of the Ninja while he is being repaired. Later on she is seen singing a lullaby to the baby, which helps him fall asleep. Shortly after, she almost kisses Lloyd but he gets nervous and backs away before running off.

Screen Shot 2018-09-27 at 18.13.05

Later on, she is seen defending the ship with the Ninja from the Quiet One, from the corrupted Samurai X, who is revealed to actually be P.I.X.A.L., until she gets captured by the Quiet One. Lloyd tries to save her, but both end up falling out of the sky. They both survive the fall and land on an island. She is later seen using the map to the Mask of Hatred as a sling for Lloyd’s arm, as he had been injured in the fall. She and Lloyd, having been separated from the rest of the Ninja, then start off to find the hiding place of the Oni Mask of Hatred.

The Quiet OneEdit

Harumi is seen to be running away from the green monster and hides with Lloyd. Then, they came out of their hiding spot and Harumi fixes Lloyd's map arm cast causing him to smile while blushing then they headed to Strangler's Path. Later on, she chased a Strangle Weed that pulled Lloyd towards a tree and she threw Lloyd's sword at it. She ran towards Lloyd and she got asked by him about how did she threw a sword like that. She answered, "I got lucky, I guess." She immediately kisses Lloyd on the cheek to make him stop asking her serious questions. Lloyd gives Harumi back his sword and she gives him the map to the Oni Mask of Hatred to look at normally since the attack had fixed Lloyd's arm.

Harumi asks Lloyd about his arm as they continued to walk. She continues to cut some vines that get in their way until she discovered a Sons of Garmadon insignia on an abandoned boat. Harumi and Lloyd enter the boat and find another map. Harumi starts the boat's engine and she was in charge of steering.

After a while, Lloyd and Harumi talk about how the greatest villain was the one that got away before the realize that there's something in the shallow water. She starts the engine again at full speed and she steers the boat, in order to get away from the creature. The creature got away and the boat got pulled by the river current. Lloyd ordered Harumi to steer back but she couldn't. Then both of them fell in the water.

LloyRumi 7

Harumi wickedly smiles to herself.

However, they managed to swim to land, where Lloyd finds the Oni Temple holding the Mask of Hatred. Harumi smiled evilly to herself as Lloyd prepared to go inside the temple.

Game of MasksEdit

Harumi experiences flashbacks of the day she lost her biological parents before going on with Lloyd into the Oni Temple to find the Mask of Hatred, deliberately setting off a trap before finding the mask.

Since she was unable to grab it, Harumi let slip that she knows that only someone with Oni blood can grab it, resulting in Lloyd realizing that she is The Quiet One. She tries to preserve the lie by flirting with Lloyd, but he no longer believes her and she drops the act. She tells Lloyd her reason for resurrecting Lord Garmadon, calling him the real hero as he destroyed the Great Devourer, mocking the Ninja for their failed efforts while also revealing to him that his uncle Wu was really the baby before making a grab for the mask, putting it on and turning gray.


Harumi reveals her true intentions.

After leaving Lloyd trapped in the chamber, she sets off another trap, resulting in the temple flooding in attempt to drown Lloyd. She later reunited with her comrades and they try to escape when the Ninja surround them and she taunts them over their previous belief in her before Lloyd was able to get out the cave and the creature from before attacks them.

Realizing the Ninja are distracted, the Sons of Garmadon use this to their advantage to take the Destiny's Bounty and flee with the masks. Lloyd comes to stop them, but is captured.

Dread on ArrivalEdit


Harumi mocks a heartbroken Lloyd.

Harumi, ditching her green outfit, replaces it with black clothing, red face paint and undoes her hair. She then personally escorts Lloyd to the Temple of Resurrection, which was underneath the palace. There, she reveals to the Green Ninja she had also kidnapped his mother Misako, who found Toddler Wu, and uses her as her insurance policy against the Ninja should they come. After Lloyd tells her to release his mother as their conflict was just between them, Harumi coldly tells him there was never anything between them, and has the heartbroken Lloyd and Misako locked in counter cells where, if one cell is raised, the other is lowered into the sea, where piranhas will eat them. Before starting the ceremony to resurrect Lord Garmadon, she takes one strand of each of their hair, as the spell requires hair from the brother (which she already had, from baby Wu), the wife, and son.

MoS82 Spinjitzu Lloyd

The Ninja stop the ritual.

As she conjures the resurrection spell, she continuously calls out to Garmadon through the now-opened portal. However, the Ninja interfere, and free Lloyd and Misako. Together, they use Spinjitzu to knock her down, throwing off her concentration for the spell. The portal closes, angering Harumi, who collapses on the pedestal she had been using for the spell. The police arrive, and arrest all the members of the Sons of Garmadon as a dazed Harumi regains consciousness before she is personally arrested by Simon and Tommy. She screams in anger at her defeat as she is taken from the temple.


Defeated and arrested, Harumi lunges at Lloyd in anger.

As she was put in the back of a transport van, Lloyd stops a cop from closing the back doors so that he could speak with her. Harumi tries to manipulate Lloyd again, telling him that he was right and that this wasn't her. Enlightened by her betrayal, Lloyd immediately sees through the lie, and tells her to stop, using her previous words about the Quiet One against her: "It looks like you were wrong. You weren't the one that got away."

Enraged, she attempts to lunge at him, but now cold to her, Lloyd closes the doors on her face. Lloyd watches as she is driven away towards the police station while her forces are sent to Kryptarium Prison.

True PotentialEdit

MoS83 SOG & Garmadon

Harumi with Lord Garmadon and her generals.

Harumi sits in an interrogation room, refusing to speak or even give out any information, watched by Simon and the Police Commissioner before a resurrected Garmadon arrives, in a stolen garbage truck, and takes down the officers and frees her. Happy to meet her idol, Harumi teams up with him and they later go to Kryptarium to break out her forces and take it over, kicking Noble out.

Upon being told by Luke of Lloyd's arrival, she decided to show the whole fight between him and Garmadon across Ninjago. After Garmadon defeats Lloyd, Harumi tells Garmadon to let Lloyd live so he could see his reign. She then orders her forces to head to Ninjago at dawn, to proclaim Garmadon as the new Emperor of Ninjago.

Big Trouble, Little NinjagoEdit

Harumi was present when Garmadon created Colossus and scared off a lone villager, who wanted to fight before they head to Ninjago and attack. She evens let's the civilians live if they kneel before Garmadon, which some reluctantly do so. Harumi later confronted Lloyd as he was fleeing with Wu in his arms and puts on the Mask of Hatred, once more to pursue him. When they came up to a dead end, she had offered the powerless Lloyd a position in the Sons of Garmadon, but he refuses and jumps off the roof, onto the roof of a tram before she soon confronts him on it.


Harumi forces Lloyd to watch the "demise" of his friends.

She later stopped Lloyd from jumping onto the Destiny's Bounty, but failed to stop Wu before the Colossus caught a hold of the ship. She proclaimed it was the end and forced him to watch as the ship was destroyed and incorrectly assumed Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, and Wu are dead, unaware that they had used Traveler's Tea beforehand and was about to resume fighting Lloyd. But, for the second time, Lloyd uses her own words against her before jumping off the tram and landing on a boat where Misako, Nya, and P.I.X.A.L. were waiting. Harumi watched them escape into the tunnel, as Garmadon declared that Ninjago was his.



Harumi and Mr. E travel to the top of Borg Tower to report to Lord Garmadon. Garmadon admits his confusion on how Lloyd is still out there, despite having nothing. He contemplates using the Colossus to force his son out, but Harumi advises against it, telling him it will make the people of Ninjago desperate. She tells him she could use something more surgical, and gives Mr. E the mission of finding Lloyd.

Iron & StoneEdit

Harumi and the other generals of the Sons of Garmadon are summoned to Emperor Garmadon's throne, due to their failure to capture Lloyd. Harumi is intimidated by Garmadon and watches Mr. E approaches before him. Harumi explains that Mr. E did everything he could, however, they were unaware Lloyd had assistance from the Elemental Masters.

Screen Shot 2018-09-28 at 09.07.19

Garmadon is outraged by this and uses his Destruction to lift up Mr. E and tear him apart from the inside out. Harumi claims that Mr. E is just a machine built to follow orders, but Garmadon ignores this plea and continues to destroy Mr. E. Garmadon then finishes him off by tearing off his limbs, releasing his grip. Garmadon made another demand for his son and threatened to tear Harumi apart if they fail again; she bowed, but hid the fact that she was scared by the threat.

Radio Free NinjagoEdit

Despite Mr. E's death, Harumi remains loyal to Garmadon. When he senses Lloyd's presence, she volunteers to handle tower security, informing Killow to keep an eye out. She was later, unknowingly, followed by Paleman as she made her rounds. When Garmadon felt Lloyd's presence and assumed he was on the upper floor, she follows him into the elevator. Later, when Lloyd made his speech, Harumi tried using a recording of his loss against his father to stop him, but he overcomes it and continues speaking. After some time, Killow and she barge in, only to find them gone, but realizing the location of their base after seeing garbage trucks drive away.

How to Build a DragonEdit

After learning the Resistance's location, she reports back to Garmadon, along with Killow and Ultra Violet. When she tells Garmadon that he had warned them that Lloyd was close and that she failed to protect him, the Emperor voices his agreement. Ultra Violet then tells Harumi it was her fault Lloyd was able to broadcast the message. Garmadon then asked her if he was not clear of what he would do if her machine failed him, to which Harumi replied she was.

Garmadon then levitates her with his power, to which Harumi pleads with him by bringing up the fact that she was the one who resurrected him, but Garmadon is ready to kill her. However, Garmadon spares her when she tells him that she knows the location of the Resistance's base, and Harumi is then ordered to show him the location of the garbage depot. The Sons of Garmadon then travel there.

The Gilded PathEdit

The Sons of Garmadon ambush the Resistance, and a battle begins. Harumi arrives wearing the Mask of Hatred, and orders Lloyd to be taken alive. Lloyd and Skylor defeat the oncoming bikers, and Harumi attempts to defeat the Green Ninja herself, only to be held back by Skylor as Lloyd makes an escape. Skylor then attempts to pull the Mask from Harumi, but Harumi kicks her foe away. After, she turns around and is hit by the armored car that fled with Lloyd. She later stands with Garmadon as he watches them escape the Colossus.

Two Lies, One TruthEdit

After returning to find Garmadon missing, Harumi goes to find him, tracking the dark lord down to The Temple of Ressurection. He tells her that he had the chance to destroy his son, but he hesitated, despite the fact that Harumi only resurrected the dark Oni side of him. Harumi tells him that he encompasses all, and that he must let go of all he still loves. She tells him to take her as a daughter, so he can kill his son. Garmadon raises his blade as Harumi tells him she is his to command. Garmadon then dubs her his daughter, telling her to see her new father. He then tells her that together, they will kill the Green Ninja.

Later, Harumi, alongside Killow travel to hunt down Lloyd. They search a community, asking around with force for his location. Lloyd finds out about the hunt and then has Mistaké shapeshift to look like him to lead the bikers away. Lloyd's allies take out the bikers one by one until they all corner Harumi. Harumi sees Lloyd without his ninja gi and mocks him, calling him a "beggar in rags," only to be surrounded and captured.

The Weakest LinkEdit

Harumi was tied up at The Resistance base, while Lloyd and the others debated what to do with her, debating whether trading her for the members locked in prison. Harumi mocks Lloyd, asking how he feels knowing that his father cares more for her than for him. Lloyd then says Garmadon is unlikely to want to trade. They are then called out of the room and Nya stays gaurding her while the others discuss. They return and drop the Oni Mask of Hatred at her feet. Harumi asks if they've are going to use it, but Lloyd says he is not. Nya then puts a gag on her mouth to stop her from talking.

After Dareth took watch, she managed to remove the gag and tie him up. She went back to Garmadon in order to stop Mistaké and Skylor from getting his power of Destruction.

Saving FaithEdit

Harumi exposed Mistaké, revealing her true identity to Garmadon. She warned her master, as Mistaké transforms into her true Oni form and fought the Emperor. She attacked the Oni, knocking her to the ground before being thrown aside. As Mistake created a dark vortex, Harumi gave another warning to Garmadon, as "Skylor" tried to touch him. He knocked her back, only to find it was Mistaké. Skylor then touched him and escaped, while Garmadon fought the old lady.

Later on She warned Garmadon to leave, but he refused. Fearing that he would fail and they would die, she runs away, abandoning him and ran down the steps from Borg Tower, using a zip line to another building. She ran inside as the Colossus hit the building and moved, causing the whole block to shake. She ran to find an exit, being about to leave, when she heard a young boy crying. She ran to where she heard it and she saw a family being separated by a lift, just like what had happened to her in the attack of the Great Devourer. She remembered that day and decided she could help the family. She united them, not wanting the child to end up like her, and guided them out but she is trapped in the building herself. She tells the family to go and that she will find another way out. She heads to the top of the building, just as the power struggle between Garamdon and Skylor causes the Colossus to hit the building again. The building then collapses, with Harumi still on the roof, as Lloyd and Garmadon watch. Garmadon cries out in fury and sorrow, turning his rage on Lloyd.

Tales from the Monastery of SpinjitzuEdit

Samurai X-TremeEdit

Harumi is briefly seen along with her birth parents in a flashback/daydream being attacked by a Skulkin in a village until Nya arrives and saves the villagers. As Nya leaves the village everyone cheers for her while Harumi looked at her admiringly. While Harumi watches Samurai X leave Nya, back in the present, says "What?!" and both her and Jay look confused, this would imply that Nya may have remembered meeting Harumi.


Harumi had long white hair with long bangs fashioned in a high ponytail (when wearing her princess outfit) or in a bun with chopsticks (when wearing her civilian outfit). In the Palace, she wore a green kimono, a white cape with red lotus flowers and a collar, a golden headpiece and kabuki makeup. As a civilian, she wore green overalls with a dark green hood, a shirt with a similar pattern as her cape underneath and her full lips painted red. As the Quiet One, Harumi wore black clothing and red face paint over her eyes with no lipstick. She also has straight bangs and her hair undone.

Before losing her biological parents, Harumi had light blonde hair. As a child, she wore a brown long-sleeved "frog button" shirt like her mother and had bangs and her hair in two braids. After being adopted, she wore a green kimono and make up but no cape or headpieces.


Originally, Harumi was a very normal child, playing happily with her Ninja toys. However, after her parents died, she grew jaded and vengeful towards the Ninja, blaming them for letting her parents be killed. She became a master of deception and disguise, pretending to be the benevolent princess of Ninjago for years. In this princess persona, she was very kind-hearted, sweet, and seemingly cared deeply for all of her subjects. However, in her true identity as the Quiet One, Harumi was far more cold, ruthless, and hateful, having no remorse at causing the explosion that killed her adoptive parents. She was also incredibly determined, stopping at nothing to resurrect Garmadon, the person that she saw as a true savior.

After Garmadon took over the Sons of Garmadon, Harumi seemed comfortable taking the role of second-in-command. However, she began to exhibit signs of fear and distrust of her master, especially after Garmadon destroyed Mr. E. She even had a moment of cowardice when the Colossus rampaged against Skylor. However Harumi ultimately proved herself to be not completely evil, she had managed to redeem herself as when a family was trapped in the same building as her, she looked remorseful. Despite the danger to herself, she saved the family, all just because she was reminded of how she herself had suffered the same experience and did not want the child to have the same fate as her.

Just before the end of her life, Harumi, despite clearly being horrified, accepts that she can't escape her untimely fate, and uses her last moments to gaze at Lloyd, who (despite everything she had done to him) was clearly concerned when he saw Harumi die, and also indicated that she may have returned Lloyd's feelings for her after all. DescriptionEdit

Princess Harumi, also known as the Jade Princess, is the adopted daughter of the Emperor and Empress of NINJAGO® world.






  • She was younger than the Ninja.[1] She was likely in her young teens, as she is around Lloyd's chronological age.
  • Her name means "Govern, Beauty."
  • Despite her antagonistic nature, she was Lloyd's love interest.
    • Although she appeared to have been using him, the way she looked at him before she died may have implied that she really did have feelings for him after all.
  • She is the second character that was adopted by another family, the first was Jay.
  • She has said herself to be a slob, with an extremely unkempt room.
    • However, this may just have been an excuse made up to trick Lloyd into following her, to make it appear that it was ransacked.
  • In Garmadon Rulez!, it is explained she began plotting to resurrect Garmadon after the events of Possession.
    • Harumi's background is further explored in the book, Garmadon Rulez! and some more will be explored "subtly" in "various media."[2][3]
  • Tommy Andreasen hinted at there possibly being more content featuring Harumi in the future, saying it would "spoil the surprise."[4]
  • Her hairstyle as a civilian is the same as Koko's hair from The LEGO Ninjago Movie while as the princess it is the same as Lady Iron Dragon's. As the Quiet One, she has the same hairpiece as the movie version of Garmadon and Wu's mother in a portrait.
  • She was born with blonde hair, and it became white at some point after being adopted into the Royal Family. It is unknown if this is a tradition of some sort in Ninjago. Hair bleaching is not a thing done in actual East-Asian royalties, historical or present.
  • The product animation for 70643 Temple of Resurrection showed Harumi and Hutchins fighting the Ninja, spoiling her identity.
    • Another possible hint was when Hutchins told Lloyd to stay away from her if he knows what's good for him.
  • In "Dead Man's Squall," Lloyd and Harumi almost kiss, but Lloyd chickens out just before it happens.
    • In "The Quiet One," Harumi kisses Lloyd on the cheek after she saves him from being eaten by a tree.
    • In "Game of Masks" Harumi tries to kiss Lloyd again but he pushes her back after realizing she is the Quiet One.
  • She was the second villain to hide their true motives. The first one is Krux, who was known as Dr. Saunders.
  • She was somewhat like Morro, seeking revenge because of something she could have had or been. In her case, she could have still had her parents, and in Morro's case, he could have been the Green Ninja. They also both redeemed themselves very shortly before their deaths.
  • The Great Devourer indirectly made her evil. This is similar to Lord Garmadon, but he was corrupted by its venom; Harumi was corrupted by the grief caused by the Devourer, as well as the knowledge that Garmadon destroyed it.
  • Harumi, along with Garmadon, are the only main antagonists to successfully take over Ninjago City.
  • She is the second main female villain after the Preeminent and the third is Aspheera.
  • She wore the Oni Mask of Hatred in only three episodes: "Game of Masks," "Big Trouble, Little Ninjago," and "The Gilded Path." Ultra Violet also wore the mask in only three episodes.
  • Harumi is one of the few antagonists of either a season or an episode to have been captured, the others being Pythor ("The Titanium Ninja"-"The Greatest Fear of All"), Soto ("Pirates Vs. Ninja"-now ("Enkrypted" in an erased timeline)), and Flintlocke (Dark Island Trilogy-now).
  • According to the book Garmadon Rulez!, Harumi loved ice cream, cats, and noodles with a lot of garlic although she was rarely allowed to eat garlic since "princesses weren't allowed to have bad breath."
  • It is implied in Garmadon Rulez! that Hutchins grew suspicious of what Harumi was plotting.
  • In "Samurai X-Treme" it is revealed that Harumi and her birth parents were from a small village and later moved to Ninjago City.[5]
    • It is also revealed that Nya met Harumi as a child when she saved her and other villagers from the Skulkin.
    • The village Harumi lived in is the same one the Sons of Garmadon attacked in "True Potential" and the same one Lil' Nelson lives in.
  • Harumi idolized Garmadon ever since he destroyed the Devourer, but specifically only Lord Garmadon. As seen in Garmadon Rulez!, she considered the good Master Garmadon a shadow of his former self and was disappointed by him "giving up on his dreams."
    • This is similar to Kylo Ren, from the sequel trilogy of Star Wars, who idolized his grandfather Darth Vader. Both characters worshiped and looked up to a previous antagonist, while at the same time seeing the redemption of the former villains as them giving in to weakness.
    • Her role is also similar to that of Zira from The Lion King II: Simba's Pride, as both think their homes deserve better rulers.
    • Harumi is also similar to Kaguya from The Tale Of Princess Kaguya since both were born/reborn to peasant families and became nobles later in life, both were very happy with their normal, simpler lives but were miserable when they became nobles, both their adoptive families were convinced their daughters could be happy with their new lifestyles and ignored their children's problems, and both girls end up dying (or having her life reseted in Kaguya's case).
    • Harumi is also similar to Toph Beifong from the series Avatar: the Last Airbender as both were part of a upper class family, both were sheltered and not allowed to leave their homes, both managed to trick their parents into believing they were the docile, loving daughters they were expected to be, both sneaked out of their homes during the night to lead a double life and engage in dangerous activities their parents didn't approve of and both were very skilled fighters.
  • In Season 10's intro, Harumi can be heard saying "Lloyd." She is also the only character to talk in the intro.




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