“Endings will always come, whether we want them to or not. They are inevitable. All we can do is fight to make them good ones.”
— Right

Season 10 of LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, subtitled March of the Oni, was preceded by Season 9 and Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu, and succeeded by Season 11. It continues and concludes the story arc that began in Season 8. Cole is the intro character, but there is no mascot, nor is there a focus character.[1] The Omega serves as the main antagonist. The Oni serve as this season's villainous faction.

Bragi Schut, who previously worked on both Sons of Garmadon and Hunted, is the lead writer.[2] The Hageman Brothers are involved with the creation of the story but are not the script writers. While being only four episodes, it has also alternatively been edited into a feature-length TV film,[3][4] spanning 88 minutes (one hour and 28 minutes).

The first teaser was released on December 16, 2018.[5] The first trailer was released on YouTube on January 4, 2019.[6] It was made available on the US Cartoon Network app and On Demand on April 12, 2019. The season premiered as a film in the United States on April 19, 2019.[7]

Official DescriptionEdit

Teaser: Bringers of doom, darkness, and destruction descend upon NINJAGO, and all hope seems lost. The ninjas must fight off the Oni invasion – but how can they defeat this destructive power and protect the NINJAGO legacy? There isn’t much time left - is this the end of NINJAGO, or will good defeat the powers of evil?

Trailer 1: The Oni are coming … As a demonic darkness descends upon the realm of NINJAGO, the time has come for our heroes to rise again and protect the land that all Masters of Spinjitzu call home. It is a world filled with a rich history and legacy, and it is from here where our ninja heroes must unlock an even greater power to defeat the darkness that is marching towards them. What could these shapeshifting dark forces be, why do they want to destroy NINJAGO, and how can they be defeated?

We Are Ninjago: This is our history – and we’re going to fight for it! After years of training in the ancient arts to become Masters of Spinjitzu, after growing as both warriors and family, after protecting the realm from enemy after enemy, the ninja pitch an heroic last-ditch effort against the Bringers of Doom. They are fighting for the NINJAGO world and its rich history, and they are fighting for their legacy – and they will give it their everything. Why? Because they are Powerful. They are Family. They are Ninja!!!



Season Ep # Series Ep # Image Episode name Airdate
1 95 95 "The Darkness Comes" April 19, 2019 (USA)
2 96 200px "Into the Breach" April 19, 2019 (USA)
3 97 200px "The Fall" April 19, 2019 (USA)
4 98 "Endings" April 19, 2019 (USA)


This season does not have its own coinciding wave of sets, but it is closely connected to Ninjago: Legacy, and uses elements of it. The sole set released under the Legacy banner.


  • Tommy Andreasen stated that this season serves as "a conclusion of a 24 episode arc."[8] This means that the loose ends left open at the end of "Green Destiny" were concluded by the end of this season.
    • This was confirmed to be true in the season finale when the Oni are defeated.
  • This is the second season in a row to not have a focus character.
  • When asked for spoilers, Tommy Andreasen ominously replied with, ". . . one ninja will fall. . . ."[9] He also stated ". . . one ninja will make a fatal mistake. . . ." and ". . . one director will try to downplay just how much pain those dear ninja will have to endure. . . ."[10][11]
    • It was revealed that Cole literally falls down into the Oni cloud, which is confirmed in "The Fall."
    • He also stated that "one ninja will hold the fate of Ninjago in his hands." This was revealed to be Kai in "The Fall" as he reforged the Golden Weapons which allows the Ninja to create the Tornado of Creation once again.[12]
    • And it was recently stated that "one ninja must let go of his love." This was Zane as proven by both his poster, as well as having to leave behind P.I.X.A.L. In "Into the Breach" in order to have someone stay behind and wait for Lloyd and Garmadon to return.[13]
    • The ninja that makes a fatal mistake is Nya, as in "The Fall", she accidentally steered the Bounty in reverse, causing Cole to fall off the ladder.
  • Dareth, Faith, Garmadon, P.I.X.A.L., Skylor, Ronin, Karlof, Jet Jack, Daddy No Legs, and Cyrus Borg appear in this season.
  • The Postman makes two cameos in this season. The first is at the ceremony at the Ninjago Harbor in Episode 95. The second is at the celebration at the Monastery in the season finale.
  • The final episode of Hunted, "Green Destiny," hinted that future villains would be the Oni, as Lloyd believes they are coming. It was confirmed in the new trailer that the Oni indeed come this season.
  • The original Monastery is rebuilt in this season, despite being burned down by the Hypnobrai in Season 1 and again accidentally by Kai in Season 7. This is the first season since Season 1 in which it is fully restored.
    • It was confirmed in the summary for a book that the Monastery was rebuilt by the Ninja.[14]
  • As stated by Tommy Andreasen, the season's intro is very different than that of other seasons. It was revealed to be an animated sequence of the murals in the Monastery.
  • The season is dedicated to William "Scott" Godon-Decoteau, who was a driving force in the production of Skybound, Possession, and Hands of Time. He passed away in an accident on October 10, 2018.
  • On November 16, 2018, Tommy Andreasen announced on his Twitter that the original 4 episodes announced at Comic Con would be edited into a feature-length TV film,[15] as well that production was nearly complete. They mentioned that it would "be the film fans of the TV canon deserve" and that it would be dedicated in memory of Godon-Decoteau's passing.
  • Zane appears in his new titanium head print from the Season 8 and Season 9 sets. His human cloak now has his LEGO Ninjago Movie/Snake Jaguar eyebrows.
  • This is the first season since Rebooted not to have 10 episodes. It is also the shortest season to date.
  • This season marks the first time the Realm Crystal appears since Season 6: Skybound.
    • The Realm Crystal is destroyed in this season, making it the second time to happen in the series. (Although the first time was in an erased timeline.)
  • Nya has a new dress that resembles her original dress from the Pilot Episodes and the first two seasons.
  • Garmadon regains his powers in this season due to creating a small conflict with the ninja.
  • The pack containing Oni villains was released as a LEGO Store exclusive on January 1. It is the only set for this season.
  • Nya accepts Jay asking her to be his Yang in the season finale.
  • The Tornado of Creation is performed for the first time since Season 1. It is used to defeat the Oni.
  • The Golden Weapons are reforged in their season, which is their first appearance since Season 2. They are reforged by Kai, who wears his original blacksmith suit in the last episode of the season.
  • The season's title most likely comes from an event in the season finale, where the Oni are literally marching towards the Monastery of Spinjitzu.
  • This is the third season to not have Master Wu announce the episode title and to not have The Weekend Whip as the intro music. It is also the fourth season to not have the Serpentine since their debut.

Focus CharactersEdit

  • There is no true focus character in this season.
  • Lloyd plays a large role in this season. His adventures with Garmadon in the darkness are key to the story, as well as their fight with Omega. In addition, Lloyd nearly dies in Episode 98 and meets his grandfather.
  • Garmadon plays a large role in this season. His mission with Lloyd to destroy the Realm Crystal is crucial to the season's plot. He also struggles with his emotions, and contemplates the meaning of life in Episode 97. His development builds up to him reluctantly helping the Ninja form the Tornado of Creation.
  • Cole also plays a role in this season. He narrates the intro and reads the episode title. His fall impacted the other Ninja, caused Nya to blame herself, and motivated Garmadon to learn there was more to life than survival, causing him to ultimately join the Ninjas' Tornado of Creation.
  • Jay, Nya, and Kai play somewhat significant roles in the season. Jay struggles with asking Nya to be his Yang, while Kai's reforging of the Golden Weapons is key to their fight against the Oni. In addition, Nya's struggle with her emotions after being responsible for Cole's fall is featured throughout Episode 97.
  • P.I.X.A.L. plays a smaller role. Her struggle to venture into the darkness to rescue Lloyd and Garmadon in time is emphasized throughout Episode 97.
  • Zane plays a small role in this season, having less to do than the other five ninja. He must let go of Pixal in Episode 97 to help save the people of NGTV News.
  • Wu has a smaller role in this season. He helps the ninja battle the Oni and perform the Tornado of Creation.
  • Misako had a cameo in Episode 95 and had an appearance in Episode 98 helping protect the people and monks.
  • Dareth appears in Episodes 95 and 98.
  • Cyrus Borg appears in Episodes 95, 96, and 98.
  • Skylor, Ronin, and Karlof make cameos in Episode 98.
  • Faith makes a cameo in Episode 95, and returns in Episode 98 to help the ninja.


  • The Omega is the main antagonist of this season.
  • The Oni are the villainous faction of the season.




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