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The 2014 blooper reel, officially titled Exclusive Blooper Reel! - LEGO Ninjago, is a video released on the official LEGO channel. It was uploaded on August 4, 2014.

Official description

Check out this behind-the-scenes footage of voice talents starring in Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu![1]


A video of exclusive bloopers from Ninjago, featuring the voice actors of the ninja, Garmadon, Wu, and a few others.


  • Kai calls Donovan a peach for making him climb the stool early in the morning.
  • Tommy and Marmaduke practice voice acting.
  • Jay accidently hits himself while practicing with nunchucks.
  • Marmaduke scolds the crew for letting Wu get eaten by a giant snake.
  • The ninja practice various lines.
  • The Cook shows off his knife-chopping skills.
  • Lloyd forgets his hair piece.
  • Tommy hits Marmaduke multiple times while recording his lines.
  • Jay complains that he wasn't given the role of the Green Ninja.
  • Cole spins off the stool, breaking his LEGO legs.
  • Kai repeatedly nudges Lloyd with a microphone as he says his lines.
  • The Mega Ultra Dragon Quartet sings Cole's Song.



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  • Marmaduke Wellington, Garmadon's actor, has Dareth's face.
  • The paper bag Garmadon mask design used by Marmaduke Wellington is later seen on a recurring crowd member at The Royal Blacksmiths' concert in "Day of the Departed."
  • One of the workers holding the microphone works at the Ninjago Talent show.
  • The Ultra Dragon is credited as the "Mega Dragon".
  • Tommy Wu has the same face as purified Garmadon from "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master", that being Wu's face without his beard and with a mouth resembling Jay's instead of Wu's usual 3D mouth.
  • The characters are given last names, though most are not canon to the TV series.
    • Jay Walker is the only confirmed full name that is canon to the show.
    • Kirby Morrow disapproved of Cole's last name being Bucket.[2]
    • Kai and Nya's last name was indeed considered to be "Smith" behind the scenes, but it is not necessarily canon to the show.[3][4]
    • Zane's last name is most likely "Julien".[5]
    • Lloyd's last name behind the scenes was Green, although it was already confirmed to be Garmadon in "Rise of the Snakes".[citation needed]
  • The characters have different hairstyles than they do in the series:
  • Some of the ninja's actors use torso designs from other LEGO themes:
    • Similarly to the Announcer, Jay's collar and upper torso design greatly resembles that of the Disco Dude from Minifigures Series 2.
    • Lloyd's torso is a recolor of that of Indiana Jones' gray suit.
  • This is the only blooper reel where are no show or movie scenes shown and where the characters have completely different looks besides their faces. This is because this is the only blooper reel where the characters are portrayed as voice actors rather than in-person actors.
  • The instrumental version of "Hello My Baby" plays during the beginning and credits, as well as the blooper in which the ninja practice various lines.
  • While the video was released online in 2014, the credits say 2012, likely meaning it was created in that year and included as a DVD extra.
  • In the blooper in which the ninja practice various lines:
    • Jay says, "Haha, here comes the dummy," a reference to a line he spoke while learning Spinjitzu in "The Golden Weapon".
    • Zane screams, "No," a reference to his cry from when he found out he was a robot in "Tick Tock".
    • Kai and Cole's respective lines, "Fikkity-fikkity-fikkity fik fi-yah!" and "Look out, don't go there!", are not from any known episodes.
  • Jamie Olive's name is a possible reference to Jamie Oliver.


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