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Not to be confused with the set.
I intended to build one for each of us, but ran out of time. I didn't even have time to fully test these suits, but I am reasonably sure that they will function as intended.

The APS suits are mechs used by Nya, Maya, and Lloyd.


Prior to Seabound

P.I.X.A.L. intended to build an APS suit for each ninja, but because she ran out of time, she was only able to create two. She kept them in the Hydro Bounty for future use.

Five Thousand Fathoms Down

After the Hydro Bounty got damaged, P.I.X.A.L. showed the ninja and Maya the APS suits and mentioned they were supposed to be one for each person, but there was not enough time to build. Maya and Nya begin piloting them and began traveling through the ocean. They found a temple and entered, finding Kalmaar attempting to awaken Wojira. However, they were caught and tried to escape using the APS suits, but they were powered down by Kalmaar.

The Wrath of Kalmaar

Long Live the King

Nya and Maya used the APS suits to escape from the Ripper Sharks and Maya encouraged Nya to use her powers against them with her mech. However, during the battle with the Ripper Sharks, Nya's APS suit short-circuited and wasn't able to function.

Escape from Merlopia

The Calm Before the Storm

While Lloyd was fixing on one of the APS suits, he puts out a fire by using a fire extinguisher.

Assault on Ninjago City

Nyad description

Stride into battle on the bottom of the Endless Sea in Lloyd’s Hydro Mech. Watch out for the dangerous eel-like Maaray Guard – he is primed to wage war against you to win the precious wave amulet! Jump into the mech’s cockpit, brandish its large sword and grab the Guard in its massive hydraulic claw! It is essential that you triumph in this underwater clash to protect NINJAGO® City![1]


The suits are able to traverse underwater, and are able to make large jumps using water jets that are released from the back.




Season 14: Seabound


  • In the sets, this type of vehicle is known as a "Hydro Mech," and Lloyd pilots it despite other characters using them it the show. This is the second time a vehicle from a 2021 installment is portrayed as Lloyd's in the set but other characters' in the show, the first being the Jungle Choppers from The Island.
    • However, towards the end of Seabound, Lloyd is the only one to use an APS suit.
  • It is unknown what "APS" stands for. There is a Russian assault rifle known as the APS, which translated in to English means "underwater assault rifle".


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