“It has arrived, brother. Did you not you hear me? The next Time Blade has arrived.”
Krux to Acronix about the arrival of the Slow-Mo Time Blade
"A Line in the Sand"
Season 7, Episode 5
Air date May 19, 2017
Written by Adam Beechen
Directed by Trylle Vilstrup
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"The Attack"

A Line in the Sand is the fifth episode of Season 7 in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, and the 69th overall.

Official Description

While the Ninja fight to save MegaMonster [sic] Amusement Park, Jay struggles to defend his family's home from the Vermillion Warriors. But the arrival of the Emerald [sic] Time Blade, with its ability to slow time, leads to a desert chase as our heroes try to reach the Blade before the snakes get it!


The Ninja drove to Mega Monster Amusement Park in order to prevent the Vermillion from taking metal. There, Lloyd ordered Zane and Cole to help the riders on the roller coaster while the others spread out. While Nya angrily asks who stole her suit, Kai found a symbol inside the Vermillion Warriors' helmet. After fighting off several more snakes, they realize that Jay is not with them.

Meanwhile, Ed and Edna try to push the snakes away from their junkyard when Jay arrived. He shocks most of the snakes, but his bike was taken apart and he's unable to get his parents to safety.

Krux questions why Cyrus won't build the apparatus and suggests he just doesn't want to. After Machia motivated him to do his job, the Slow-Mo Time Blade fell and slowed down time. Acronix finally located the location at Easter Sea of Sand with the BorgWatch and Machia told them Blunck and Raggmunk's troops are closer to it than they are.

Machia sends a message to Blunck, and they left the junkyard after kidnapping Edna. Additionally, the vermillion at the amusement park left, confusing the Ninja. They realized another Time Blade must have arrived, and Zane was able to figure out the location. They left to find the Blade.

Ed tries to comfort an upset Jay and was able to raise his spirits up. He asked Ed where the nearest bus stop is, but instead, he gets an early birthday present: a regular motorbike. However, it falls apart, and they worked together to make the Desert Lightning.

The Ninja and Vermillion made it to the desert, but Raggmunk made them crash. He got the Time Blade and tried to slow down the Ninja, but accidentally shot their own troops instead. They eventually hit the Ninja, and Jay came to save his mother. However, due to Blunck and Raggmunk fighting over the Blade, they accidentally make a bubble big enough to slow down the Ninja and their own Army.

Jay used his Desert Lightning to save his mother and knock the Time Blade away. However, he can't slow down and told them to get his dad and to meet him at the Temple of Airjitzu. The Ninja took the Time Blade and Lloyd used it to slow down the Vermillion. They used the jet to escape, it being the only vehicle that could work.

Raggmunk and Blunck sent a message to Machia saying they failed. Machia informed the twins of this, and assured them they will get the Blade.



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  • In the start, when Nya knocks an enemy off a ferris wheel, the "Wilhelm scream" sound effect is used.
  • Wu doesn't appear in this episode at all.
  • The name of this episode comes from the phrase "line in the sand."
    • This phrase means a point from which one cannot turn back.
  • Footage from the battle in the desert was used in the music video for the Temporal Whip.
  • When Edna is kidnapped by the Vermillion Warriors, and the warriors at Mega Monster Amusement Park retreat to find the next Time Blade, part of the score of "The Memory Switch"[1] is used.


  • When Jay first drove into the time bubble and looked at the rest of the Ninja, another Jay can be seen, who was actually supposed to be Cole.
  • The official description erroneously describes the Blue Slow-Mo Time Blade as the Emerald Time Blade. This also happens in the next episode, "The Attack."



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