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“This is Acidicus. He runs our library. He loves books.”
Skales about Acidicus, "Ancient History"

Acidicus is the Serpentine general of the Venomari tribe and a current librarian of the Serpentine library.



Near the end of the Serpentine Wars, Acidicus and the other Venomari had taken a handful of civilians hostage in the Toxic Bogs. It was there that Maya found them and used a Sacred Flute to lock Acidicus and the other Venomari in their tomb.[1]

Acidicus and his tribe being locked in the Venomari Tomb

At one point in his life, Acidicus invented special vials that can safely and effectively store Venomari Venom, ensuring that his forces never have to worry about running out of venom in battle.[2]

While the Venomari were locked in their tomb, Acidicus challenged the former general of his tribe to a duel, winning and becoming the new general of the Venomari tribe.[3][4]

Can of Worms

Acidicus in the Toxic Bogs

Kai and Jay were sent out on a mission to investigate the Venomari Tomb, but upon reaching the Toxic Bogs, they found the tomb to be empty. As they looked around Kai was met by Spitta, who spat venom in his eyes. While Kai began to hallucinate, Acidicus and the rest of his tribe came out of hiding. Zane and Cole arrived but were quickly cornered by the Venomari and Constrictai. Acidicus laughed as the four ninja began sinking on a log in an acid lake. However, Samurai X appeared, providing a rope for the ninja to escape on and attacking the Venomari, forcing them to retreat.

The Snake King

Acidicus and the generals defeated by Pythor

When Pythor discovered the Lost City of Ouroboros, he summoned the rest of the Serpentine and challenged Acidicus and the other Serpentine generals in the Slither Pit to claim the title of Snake King. Acidicus was punched in the face early on but seemed to gain the upper hand when he, Skalidor, and Fangdam tackled Pythor simultaneously. However, the cunning Anacondrai uses the Sacred Flute to incapacitate the generals (save Skales, who was secretly allied with him), and promptly defeated them with ease, with Acidicus being backhanded to the ground as he reeled in pain from the Sacred Flute's music.

Tick Tock

Acidicus and the generals creating the Map of Fangs

The generals began to question Pythor's plans, deciding to take their staffs back. When Skalidor accidentally hit Acidicus over the head with his staff, the two dropped their staffs as they engaged in a small fight. However, the venom from the five staffs spilled onto the floor and mixed, giving Pythor the idea to drip the venom of each general's staff onto a sheet of paper, which revealed a map of the Fangblade locations.

All of Nothing

Skales talking to Acidicus and the generals

While Pythor searched for the last Fangblade somewhere in Ninjago, Acidicus waited in Serpentine's underground fortress with the rest of the generals. He appeared somewhat skeptical about the existence of the Great Devourer, commenting that he was curious to see what would happen when the Fangblades were united in Ouroboros. Later, after Pythor returned with the final Fangblade and imprisoned the ninja (who were attempting to steal the other three), Acidicus was among the Serpentine reluctant to leave for Ouroboros immediately, suggesting that they at least celebrate capturing the ninja.

Day of the Great Devourer

When Pythor finally succeeded in awakening the Great Devourer, the Serpentine were forced into hiding when they realized that the beast had no compunctions about consuming them along with the rest of the world. Acidicus was among the Serpentine taking shelter in the Fangpyre Tomb as the Great Devourer rampaged through the Forest of Tranquility. After the Great Devourer's destruction at the hands of Lord Garmadon, Acidicus was the first to hear the cheers of the people in Ninjago City.

(NOTE: The episode shows Skalidor speaking when the Serpentine hear the people's cheers above ground, but the line is delivered in Acidicus' voice, implying that the Venomari General was supposed to be the speaker.)

Darkness Shall Rise

Acidicus and the other generals plotting in Ninjago Metro

Acidicus was present with the other generals when Skales suggested that he be crowned their new leader. The Serpentine ultimately decided to ally with Lord Garmadon, abandoning Acidicus and the other generals. Acidicus suggested a plan to release a swarm of evil bees to stop Garmadon, but Skales turned it down by pointing out how ridiculous that was. Skales later devised a plan to kidnap Lloyd in an attempt to blackmail Garmadon into allowing him leadership of the Serpentine. Acidicus caught Jay eavesdropping on the Serpentine's plan and had him tied up in the subway.

Acidicus and the generals robbing the Ninjago City Bank

As part of the plan, Acidicus, along with Fangtom and Skalidor, robbed the Ninjago City Bank to distract the ninja. Kai, Cole, and Zane chased the Serpentine into the subway, where they attempted to escape aboard a subway train. A fight between the generals and the ninja ensured, wherein the generals managed to escape as the ninja attempted to stop the train from running into Jay.

Pirates vs. Ninja

Acidicus and the other remaining generals soon joined up with Lord Garmadon who presented them with his new Mega Weapon, though the Venomari doubted that Garmadon knew how to use the weapon. Garmadon eventually did figure out how to used it and inadvertently brought Captain Soto's crew back, who in turn took over the ship and threw Acidicus and the other serpentine into the brig. After the ninja dealt with the Pirates, the Serpentine reclaimed the ship and Acidicus stood by Garmadon as he mocked the ninja.

Ninjaball Run

After breaking Skales out of jail, Skalidor drove with the Serpentine generals in the Ninjaball Run race.

Child's Play

With the other Serpentine in Ninjago Museum of History

Acidicus, along with Skales and the other generals, met with Lord Garmadon at the Ninjago Museum of History, where Garmadon devised a plan to use the Mega Weapon to resurrect the skeleton of the Grundle. When Garmadon thought his plans had been thwarted by the ninja and escaped, Acidicus and the other generals stole a golden sarcophagus. The ninja followed them to the streets, where the generals attempted to escape through the sewers. Upon realizing that the sarcophagus wouldn't fit through the manhole, Acidicus and the other generals escaped empty-handed.

Acidicus with Fangtom and Skalidor bowing before Skales

The Stone Army

After Garmadon convinced the Serpentine generals to help him find the Dark Island, they followed him. When Skales pushed him off the Rattlecopter, the generals are glad to have Skales back as the leader and bows before him.

The Day Ninjago Stood Still

Acidicus on Skales' coronation

Acidicus and the other Serpentine generals returned to Ouroboros where they crowned Skales the new snake king. They along with the rest of the Serpentine then proceeded to burrow under Ninjago City to carry out Skales's first order to take back Ninjago as their own. However, their plan failed as they came across the tomb of the Stone Army just as it was awaking due to venom of the Great Devourer. The Serpentine rushed into battle, but upon realizing that the stone warriors were indestructible, Acidicus advised that they retreat. Skales, however, insisted they remain and fight, though the Stone Army overpowered them and left the tomb, trapping the Serpentine in there instead.

The Curse of the Golden Master

Acidicus telling the legend of the Golden Master

When the ninja came to the Serpentine village in search of answers about a scale they found during a previous battle with the Overlord's nindroids, Acidicus told them of the Serpentine legend, the curse of the Golden Master.

The Corridor of Elders

Acidicus fought alongside the Elemental Masters at the Corridor of Elders and helped defeat Chen's fake Anacondrai army.

Acidicus reading the Serpentine book

Ancient History

Skales takes Jay, Kai, and Cole to Acidicus to the Serpentine library, where he tells them the tale of Aspheera and the treacherous deceiver.

Acidicus on Nya's memorial

The Turn of the Tide

Acidicus is with Skales at Nya's memorial.


Acidicus is a very proud general of his tribe. He once fought for this position and does not intend to give it up easily, as he told Pythor.

After being locked in the tomb of the Stone Army, Acidicus changed completely and began to pursue his hobby, books. At first, this activity only led him to tell stories and legends, and later even to open his own library, where he became a librarian.


Acidicus has white spikes on his head, tusk-like fangs, and four yellow eyes, two of them smaller than the others. His body is dark green with black, red, and lime-green markings.

Official descriptions description

Rank: General

Acidicus is as dangerous as the Toxic Bogs the Venomari call their home. Victims who have been hit by the Venomari venom hallucinate and sometimes see their worst fears materialize before them.

General Acidicus is the brains of the otherwise intelligently challenged Venomari. He has cleverly constructed vials the Venomari can use for carrying extra venom in their combat gear, so they never, ever run out of venom in battle. He strongly supports Pythor’s efforts to unite the tribes and rule the world.[link unavailable]

Character Encyclopedia New Edition

General of the Venomari, Acidicus is very crafty. He has constructed special vials that the Venomari use to carry extra venom in their combat gear, so they never run out of poison in battle. How brilliantly evil! However, no one knows where clever Acidicus keeps his own vials - maybe there are pockets in his tail!



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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Acidicus' name is based on the word "acid" or "acidic", and possibly the name "Atticus".

Behind the scenes

  • He has the same head mold as Lizaru, but the spikes on his head are white instead of green.
  • Several cards[ Clarify ] seem to give Acidicus a prominent leadership role among the Serpentine, as he is depicted at the head of an army of Serpentine.
  • Acidicus' voice slightly differs from the first three seasons compared to his appearance in "Ancient History."
  • In "The Curse of the Golden Master," his Venomari Staff is now emerald instead of golden. In addition, it no longer has the anti-venom.
    • In the same episode, Acidicus is credited as the "Chief."
  • He is one of the twelve Serpentine whose name is mentioned in the show. The others are Skales, Skales Jr., Pythor, Arcturus, Clancee, Blunck, Raggmunk, and Machia, Aspheera, Char, and Mambo V.
    • However, despite being introduced as early as "Can of Worms," his name was mentioned 103 episodes later, in "Ancient History." This is similar to Lou, whose name was not said in the series until the thirteenth season.
  • A Venomari general is seen in the flashback to the Serpentine War in "Spellbound," but it's unknown if this was Acidicus or a previous general who Acidicus replaced during entombment.[5]
    • The fact that he has a different voice actor (Vincent Tong rather than Paul Dobson) may indicate he is not the same character.
  • He and Skalidor are the rarest Serpentine Minifigures as they are both exclusive to the $120 9450 Epic Dragon Battle.
  • Acidicus, Skales, and Pythor are the only Serpentine generals to appear in the WildBrain seasons.
    • Unlike Pythor, however, Acidicus and Skales have the same design as in the WILFilm seasons, except for two-dimensional scales instead of three-dimensional ones.


  • In his CGI character image, Acidicus's weapon (the Hypnobrai Fangblade) has a gold blade instead of the proper silver color.
  • and the Character Encyclopedia state that Acidicus invented special vials that can safely and effectively store Venomari Venom, ensuring that his forces never have to worry about running out of venom in battle.
  • He likes reading and story-telling, as seen in "The Curse of the Golden Master" and "Ancient History."
  • Acidicus is a playable character in LEGO Ninjago: Tournament, LEGO Ninjago: Shadow of Ronin (with which he can be bought for 250,000 studs after obtaining his character token in "Level 7: The Toxic Bogs"), and The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame.
  • He and Skales seem to be the most helpful Serpentine, as they're both known for helping the ninja know about the origins of the other Serpentine tribes that are still enemies with the ninja, such as the Vermillion and the Pyro Vipers.
    • In addition, Skales and Acidicus also helped the ninja on getting information on the Stranger and the Golden Master, and the only ones to participate in Nya's memorial.
  • In LEGO Ninjago: Wu-Cru, Acidicus serves as a boss in the "Venomari Tomb" level.
  • He seems to like the ninja more than the other Serpentine generals, except for Skales, as he attended Nya's memorial and seemed sad.
    • However, the out-universe reason why he appeared is probably because he and Skales are the only generals who have already appeared in the WildBrain animation, so it was easier for the animators to use existing models instead of creating new ones for Skalidor or Fangtom.




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