“I am jealous, brother. You got to experience the last forty years of progress. Hot beverages at the touch of a button, a beadless abacus, instant communication.”
— Acronix to Krux in "The Hatching"

Acronix is one of the two current (and powerless) Elemental Masters of Time. He is the younger twin brother of Krux. Once a proud Elemental Master who helped win the Serpentine War, Acronix and his brother betrayed the Elemental Masters due to them believing that their element was the strongest. In response, their former allies forged a set of weapons that absorbed the twins' elements. Acronix and Krux were lost to the Temporal Vortex, but Krux managed to escape.

For forty years, Acronix remained in the vortex and didn't age during that time. Upon his return at the Monastery of Spinitzu, he was confronted by Wu, who had been waiting for him. Acronix was swiftly beaten by Wu, but by using the Forward Time Blade, Wu began to rapidly age. Acronix reunited with his brother, who had bred an army of Vermillion snakes. After capturing Cyrus Borg, they began building a time-traveling weapon, the Iron Doom, so they can travel into the past and give themselves a better future. Despite his brother's animosity towards technology, Acronix greatly enjoyed it; the siblings disagreed constantly, but nevertheless strived towards their goal together.

Without a master to guide them, the Ninja fought against Acronix and Krux numerous times but were unable to gain the upper hand. Ultimately, the Iron Doom was completed, and Acronix traveled back in time to defeat the Elemental Masters. Kai and Nya made a final effort to thwart their plans by aiding the Elemental Masters. When the Iron Doom tried traveling into the future, Wu removed the Reversal Time Blade from the weapon—causing it to spiral out of control. Though Kai and Nya escaped, Acronix was lost in the Time Vortex along with his brother and their greatest enemy.


Early life

Acronix was born 3 minutes after Krux.[1] They were both descendants of the original Elemental Masters of Time.

Forty years prior to the events of Season 7, Acronix and his brother Krux were the era's Elemental Masters of Time. While Krux could go back in Time and pause Time, Acronix could go forward in Time and slow down Time. Although Acronix used these powers to great advantage, he was still a very skilled warrior without them.

After the Serpentine were defeated by the Elemental Alliance, Acronix and Krux, knowing that they were more powerful than the other Elemental Masters, decided to betray the alliance and use their powers to control all of Ninjago. The other Elemental Masters fought against Acronix and Krux, but the two proved too powerful.[2] With the Time Blades forged by Ray and Maya,[3] Wu and Garmadon fought a lengthy battle against the Time Twins at the Monastery of Spinjitzu. Eventually, Wu and Garmadon used the Time Blades to absorb Acronix and Krux's elemental powers, rendering them normal men.

Knowing that the power to control time was dangerous, Wu and Garmadon used the Time Blades to open a Vortex that would leave the Time Blades lost forever. However, Acronix and Krux decided to go through the Vortex themselves, which left the two "lost to time." Acronix would be lost in the Time Vortex for the next forty years.[2] However, unbeknownst to Acronix, Krux was somehow immediately teleported back to Ninjago and experienced a vision of the future foretelling of Acronix's return.[3]

Dark Island Trilogy

Dark Island Trilogy, Part 3

Falling asleep at home following his battle with Clouse, Wu was stricken by a horrible nightmare filled with several visions of the past and future, such as the return of Acronix and Krux.

The Hands of Time

The Hands of Time

Forty years after the monastery battle, Acronix emerged from the Time Vortex at the ruins of the old monastery just as he was when he went into the Vortex. Upon arriving, however, he was unexpectedly confronted by Master Wu, who intended to finish their battle once and for all.

Eventually, a battle between the two broke out with Acronix confident in his ability to defeat his much older opponent. After nearly falling to his death, the Forward Time Blade lands in the center courtyard and causes time to skip a minute, ultimately saving him and allowing him to claim the weapon.


Acronix and his brother reunited

With the Blade, he succeeded in accelerating Wu's growth, making him feel older. When the Ninja interfered, he defeated them with ease and headed to the Ninjago History Museum to meet someone after being assumed deceased after the Forward Time Blade supposedly was destroyed by Lloyd, Kai, and Jay. When he arrived at the museum, Dr. Saunders revealed his identity of being Krux as they hugged and began plotting their revenge.

The Hatching

Now after being reunited, they were beginning to plot their revenge on Wu. Acronix was amazed by Ninjago's new technological advancements, especially the BorgWatch shown on Borg's commercial while Krux was being irritated. They then decided to make their move and abduct Borg so he can build the apparatus for the Iron Doom, their time-traveling battle station.

Krux introduced his army to his brother what he was working on forty years since their defeat—raising Vermillion Warriors from eggs of the Great Devourer. When the Vermillion Warrior sent by the twins wrecked Borg's shop, the Ninja came to help as the twins sent two more warriors. After Zane escaped with Borg, Krux intercepted them disguised as Dr. Saunders while Acronix deactivated Zane with the Forward Time Blade. Both Acronix and Krux escaped to their hideout in the museum with Borg. Krux then showed his brother the entire army of Vermillion Warriors waiting to hatch from their eggs.

A Time of Traitors

After the Vermillion Warriors kidnapped Borg and locked him in the coffin, Acronix questioned how they will get the Warriors to listen to them. Krux introduced Commander Blunck, Commander Raggmunk, and Commander Machia and told his brother that they will command the Vermillion for them, and they have begun planning Phase II of their plan. A while later just as they were about to put the plan into action, Kai intruded the museum to find Dr. Saunders and got spotted by a Vermillion Sentry who informed Raggmunk that Kai has arrived at the museum.

Krux ordered the Commanders to commence Phase II while he will take care of Kai disguised as Dr. Saunders. Eventually, after the Vermillion launched Phase II, Kai accidentally opened Krux's lab. Acronix wanted to give Kai the "Time Punch" but failed when Kai got off of the chair, that controlled the entry in Krux's Lab, causing the door to shut in front of Acronix's eyes. Later, Kai discovered that Saunders is Krux and battled him. Kai hit the Serpentine Statue, which unbeknownst to him, Krux installed a periscope which hit Acronix in his eyes. Acronix, now angry that he didn't finish Kai of in the Monastery when he had the chance, went to help his brother, only for Kai to push Krux into the Serpentine Coffin which blocked the passageway and trapped Acronix in Krux's Lab. A while later Acronix blasted the coffin out with the "Time Punch" and came out to help his brother against Kai. After The Hands of Time gained the upper hand, Nya came and helped Kai battle against the Time Twins. Kai and Nya locked Krux in the coffin which Borg was formerly trapped in (until Kai pushed Krux into the coffin earlier in the battle), helping them gain the upper hand. Acronix grabbed the Forward Time Blade along with Borg and used it to send himself, Borg, and Krux, who's still in the coffin forward in Time, allowing them to escape.


Acronix appears in a hallucination of Wu's, laughing with his brother. He later appears in the episode with Krux in the sewers of Ninjago City, leading their Vermillion forces to their base, though it seems they have become lost. Though Acronix tries to convince Krux to "get with the times" and tells him his new BorgWatch has a built-in GPS, he stops short in his explanation upon realizing he has no service. Krux tells him that's why he doesn't get with the times, saying that the old ways were still superior. However, Krux then leads the group to a dead end, with Acronix saying he hopes things were going better top side than in the sewers.

A Line in the Sand

At the Vermillion Swamps, Acronix enters Krux's room, telling him that everything is going to plan, including the construction of the snake mech, as well as their "labors" being hard at work on their various projects before asking how things were going with Borg. Krux tells him that it was going poorly, saying he has made little to no progress with the Time Apparatus. Borg then tries to make an excuse as to why, but Krux tells that in his time they built with anything they had and that craftsmanship meant something before accusing him of not wanting to make the apparatus. While Borg states that they can't make him, Machia arrives, having been called to the base by Krux to "motivate" Borg. As Machia begins to torture Borg, Acronix slightly cowards behind his brother before telling him that he likes her. As Krux says that he has a crush on her, to which Acronix rejects. While saying she may be cute and that deep down she is just a pile of snakes, Time slows down briefly due to the arrival of the Slow-Mo Time Blade.

While Krux says it has arrived, Acronix begins to use his BorgWatch, which angers Krux. Acronix explains he was trying to use his BorgWatch to uncover the Blade's location, but his brother was distracting him. As Krux tells him he puts too much faith in technology and that his smartwatch doesn't seem all that smart, Borg reveals that the Borg has things such as a heart rate monitor, a GPS unit and a temporal anomaly location, which Acronix uses to locate the Blade at the coordinates 34 degrees latitude and 28 degrees longitude. Defeated, Krux admits that technology has its uses sometimes before Machia identifies the coordinates as the Eastern Sea of Sand, saying both the Vermillion forces at Mega Monster Amusement Park and the scrapyard are in the best position of retrieving it. Saying that the Blade was now the top priority, Krux orders Machia to inform Blunk and Raggmunk of the changes of plans.

However, despite originally obtaining the Blade, the Ninja stole it from them with the help of Jay's new Desert Lightning bike. With the mission failed, Blunk and Raggmunk make an excuse to Machia. Though Acronix and Krux were happy, Machia then tells The Hands of Time they failed as she predicted, which angers Krux, asking that they didn't get the Blade. However, Machia reassures him that they will have it soon, using Acronix's temporal anomaly locator to track the Blade in the Ninjas' possession.

The Attack

Once Blunk and Raggmunk returned to base, Acronix and Krux angrily berate the two for their failure, saying they lost it to a bunch of kids. While explaining that it was the blue Ninja who used his bike, they reveal they used the Time Blade, which they were not given permission to do, with The Hands of Time saying that if they knew how to use it, they wouldn't have lost it. While claiming that they didn't use it, Acronix berates them for losing the Time Blade, using the Time Blade, and lying about using and losing the Time Blade. The two try to reassure The Hands of Time, saying they devised a plan which involved trading the Time Blade with the Ninja in exchange for returning Cyrus Borg, but then double-cross them and take the Blade from themselves. Krux then tells them that by doing that, the Ninja would learn the location of their base, see their master plan, and try to take the Forward Time Blade. He goes on to tell them that they need all the Time Blades, including the one they lost. After Machia threatens Borg for trying to sabotage the Time Apparatus, Blunk tries to come up with another plan, but Machia interrupts by saying they need a plan which will work, which gets Acronix's attention. By using Acronix's temporal anomaly locator on his BorgWatch, they know of the Blade's location, saying all they need to do is go and get it.

Discovering the Blade was at the Ninjas' HQ at the Temple of Airjitzu, the Vermillion warriors, along with Acronix, Krux, Blunk, Raggmunk, and Machia then begin their assault by catapulting a Vermillion egg into the temple, which alerts the Ninja of their presence. After launching more eggs up to the temple, the Ninja use Spinjitzu and easily defeat them, with Blunk telling Acronix that having Machia in charge was a bad idea, but she reassures them that it was only the first salvo and that next they send in "the big boy," using them remaining snakes and armor up at the temple to create a Buffmillion warrior, which the Ninja barely succeed in defeating. The Vermillion then bombard the Destiny's Bounty 2.0, causing it to fall down to the ground below. Machia then orders a full-on assault, saying not to stop until the mission is complete.

Eventually, Lloyd goes down to the Vermillion launch site and demolishes some of their weaponry, including a Vermillion egg full of swords, which come down next to the commanders but doesn't hit any of them. Machia then orders the sky team to go in, ultimately succeeding in causing Lloyd to lose control of his dragon, but he is saved by the arrival of the new Samurai X. While The Hands of Time ask what is taking so long, Machia assures them that it was only a minor setback.

With that, Acronix and Krux, now armed with the Forward Time Blade, personally attack the temple themselves, using two Vermillion jetpacks to reach the temple grounds. As Cole, Nya, Zane, Lloyd, and Zane charge towards the two, Acronix and Krux hold hands as Acronix uses the Forward Time Blade to teleport the two of them directly to Kai and Master Wu, punching both of them down to the ground. Acronix then goes after the weakened Wu with the Forward Time Blade, but Cole throws Wu the Slow-Mo Time Blade, which he uses to defend himself. As Acronix tells him that is luck is about to run out, Wu uses the Slow-Mo Time Blade on Acronix, causing him to slow down. With this opportunity, Wu strikes the Forward Time Blade out of Acronix's hand and onto the ground, where Krux obtains it. As Kai battles him with the Slow-Mo Time Blade, Acronix becomes free of the Slow-Mo Time Blade's time bubble effect, where he claims a discarded sword and tries to help his brother, but is stopped by Jay and Lloyd. As Acronix mocks Lloyd for trying to be a big, brave hero, Lloyd tells him that underestimating his fighting skills is a mistake, but Acronix mocks him further for falling off his dragon. Acronix then attacks the two with his sword and nearly hits Lloyd, but he ducks out of the way.

As the fighting continued and the Ninja soon disposed of the arrival of Vermillion reinforcements, Cole ground pounds the ground, sending a shockwave that knocks everyone down. Now in a similar predicament, as they were forty years ago during their battle with the Elemental Masters in the forest, Acronix and Krux pick up Lloyd by his feet and swing him around, knocking down the others before throwing him to the ground. While Jay fights Acronix, Kai throws Lloyd the Slow-Mo Time Blade, who uses it to battle Krux. As the two lock Time Blades, Lloyd manages to swing Krux around, launching him into his brother and dropping the Forward Time Blade, which Cole catches and gives Lloyd. As the Ninja celebrate, Machia arrives and swipes both Time Blades from Lloyd, landing next to The Hands of Time. Machia then slows down the Ninja with the Slow-Mo Time Blade. Telling the two that the Time Blades belonged to them, Acronix orders Wu to be captured as Machia's airship arrives. As the four board, Acronix says they are wasting precious time before the ship flees the area with Krux, Acronix, Machia, both Time Blades, and Wu all safely on board.

Secrets Discovered

Now armed with both Time Blades, Acronix and Krux lead the Vermillion warriors back to base. The two then begin to taunt Wu, suggesting he's gone deaf with old age. Wu tells them that he can hear every one of their attempts at humor, but Acronix and Krux laugh it off as they continue onwards. Krux then calls for Blunk and Raggmunk, telling them that he and his brother have been concerned for the leadership of the Vermillion warriors, saying that their mission didn't go quite as planned. While the two general think Machia would be in trouble, Acronix tells Machia that he and Krux were impressed with her actions, ultimately promoting her to the Supreme Commander of the Vermillion while demoting Blunk and Raggmunk to order under her, which angers Blunk and Raggmunk, but Machia puts them in their place. Wu then asks them if all of this promotion was premature, saying his Ninja was still out there, but as they arrive at the Vermillon Swamps, Acronix tells him that they have no master, no Time Blades and certainly no chance. As Acronix says taunts Wu by saying he almost feels sorry for them, the group laughs excluding Wu. Acronix then begins to use his BorgWatch, which angers Krux. Acronix tells him he was sharing this victory with his Instabook followers, texting in that he has achieved total victory. As Krux tells him he ruined a good moment with his "techno-garbage," Acronix asks him why he is so stubborn about staying in the ancient past.

Before the Ninja moved out to go search for answers, Misako reveals that during Wu and Acronix's battle at the monastery, Acronix struck him with a punch powered by the Forward Time Blade, explaining that the Blade unleashed the forward energy of time onto Wu.

Eventually, as the Ninja uncovered the location of the Vermillion Swamps, Acronix, Krux, and Machia threaten Borg again for stalling in the construction of the Time Apparatus. As he got back to work, the three of them laughed.

Pause and Effect

During one of Wu's hallucinations, Acronix and Krux arrive as one of Wu's many mistakes, with Acronix saying Wu never should have come all by himself.

While Krux talks with Borg once the Time Apparatus is completed, Acronix arrives with Machia, saying the third Time Blade is about to arrive. Krux then takes the Slow-Mo Time Blade from the apparatus and leaves with Acronix, Machia and Cyrus Borg to retrieve the third Time Blade. Traveling to the Glacier Barrens, Krux questions Acronix on the Blade, with Acronix saying it was about to arrive in just a moment. On cue, the Temporal Vortex opens in the sky above, releasing the Pause Time Blade. As it landed, it paused all of Time. Once its effects wore off, Krux claimed the Blade, with Acronix telling him that the BorgWatch worked perfectly. He then tries to get Krux to admit that not all modern technology was bad, but Krux tells him that he won't until the find the final Blade, a task which Acronix's BorgWatch can't do. As Krux returns to Machia's ship, he tells himself that his mother always said Krux was stubborn.

While this happened, Kai and Nya reunite with Ray and Maya, their father and mother respectively. Kai tells Nya that they were the enemy, saying they've been helping Krux and Acronix for years. As Maya tells them they forced them to work for them, they explain what truly happened. When Krux and Acronix were still Elemental Masters, Wu devised a plan that involved Ray and Maya's skill. Wu tasked them with creating the Time Blades in order to strip Krux and Acronix of their powers. However, this would leave them weakened once the deed was done, explaining why they weren't present during the battle with Krux and Acronix and the monastery. They further explained that after Krux and Acronix went after the Blades by going into the Temporal Vortex, Wu saw a vision that described the exact date of when Acronix would return to the monastery. However, Krux escaped the vortex and saw this vision as well. In the time between the battle at the monastery and Acronix's return, Krux created his master plan, starting off by breeding some Vermillion warriors. He then went on to capture Ray and Maya, threatening that if they didn't work for him, he would harm a young Kai and Nya. Ray then tells them that his markings on the Vermillion helmets were a message for someone to find out the truth, saying that together, they could stop Krux and Acronix's ultimate plan to control all of Time.

Meanwhile, Machia's ship returns to the Vermillion Swamps. As Kai forgives them for his accusations, Nya asks how Krux and Acronix planned on controlling all of Time. Ray then reveals the blueprints for the Iron Doom, a mech that served as a transport for the Vermillion across Time. Maya then reveals that the reason why they captured Cyrus Borg was so he could build a power source for the Iron Doom, which involved harnessing the powers of all four Time Blades. While this happened, Krux and Acronix, along with a battalion of Vermillion warriors lead by Machia, sneak up onto the blacksmith shop, where they overhear that the Reversal Time Blade, the fourth and final Blade, was ultimately placed in the Boiling Sea by them under the orders of Wu after they discovered it in the woods below the monastery, saying they only the Masters of Fire and Water could get it. After Maya realizes that Kai and Nya could be used, the group is about to leave but is confronted by Krux and Acronix, who then wants them to obtain it for them. After pausing Ray with the Pause Time Blade and revealing Wu, Acronix tells them that the Reversal Time Blade is the only way to undo the effects of the time punch on Wu, with Krux saying that if they want to save Wu, they will retrieve the fourth Blade for them. With that, Acronix, Krux, Machia, Wu, Kai, Nya, Ray, and Maya board Machia's ship offscreen and proceed to the Boiling Sea, passing over the other Ninja as they are confronted by the Vermillion lead by Blunk and Raggmunk.

Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea

As Machia's ship approaches the Boiling Sea, Krux tells his brother that the final Time Blade will soon be theirs, but Machia wonders if it is just a Ninja trick, to which Acronix responds that it best not be for the sake of the dying Wu. Upon arriving, Ray explains they need the Dragon Blade before taking it before Krux. As Acronix asks him what he was doing, Machia immediately attacks Ray, but he tells them that the Dragon Blade is the key in getting them the last Time Blade. As Krux tells him that it's only one Blade and that they still have three Time Blades, Acronix says that escape is futile, though he would like to see them try before Krux orders Machia to give the Blade to Kai and Nya. Acronix then witnessed Kai and Nya create the Fusion Dragon and use it to plunge into the Boiling Sea in hopes of obtaining the final Time Blade.

After a while, Acronix wonders where Kai and Nya are, asking Krux what to do if they failed. At that moment, the two return on the Fusion Dragon with the Reversal Time Blade in hand. After landing on the ship, Kai rushes to use it on Wu but is stopped by Acronix and Krux, who reveals they lied about allowing Kai to use the Reversal Time Blade to save Wu, asking him what did they expect to allow Wu to remain after all the trouble he has caused them in the past. A fight begins, with Acronix fighting Nya with the Pause and Forward Time Blades. However, he is kicked away by Nya after Machia is knocked into Krux. As Kai rushes to Wu's aid, Acronix appears from behind and is about to strike Kai with the Forward Time Blade, but Kai is pushed out of the way by Ray, who takes the hit instead, causing him to begin to rapidly age. Rejoining with his brother, Acronix then pauses the group, with Krux commending his brother for his work. Now with all four Time Blades, Acronix says it is time to return to the swamps, with Krux asking what to do with the others, with Acronix ordering Machia to drop them off at their current location. After disposing of them, they return to the Dome at the Vermillion Swamps.

Upon arriving at the Dome, they see that the other Ninja are attacking and that Zane, Samurai X, and Cyrus Borg are attempting to disable the Iron Doom. Ordering Machia to proceed as planned, Krux and Acronix jump off the ship and land behind the trio. Krux then proceeds to pause the trio with the Pause Time Blade just before Zane could put in the final number to disable the Iron Doom, with Acronix saying they have zero chance. After plugging in the four Time Blades into the Time Apparatus and the Iron Doom begins to power on, Acronix punches the trio off the side of the scaffolding, but they are caught by Jay, Cole, and Lloyd. Acronix, Krux, and Machia then board the Iron Doom after the other Vermillion warriors. As the Iron Doom destroys the surrounding scaffolding, it charges up and creates a Temporal Vortex in the skies above the Iron Doom. As Krux tells Acronix that it will be ready in just a few more moments, Acronix says that Ninjago will be theirs and that nothing can stop them. At that moment, the Fusion Dragon arrives, to which Krux angrily asks his brother why he jinxed it. As the Iron Doom became fully ready, The Hands of Time then say their signature quote as the Iron Doom launches into the Temporal Vortex, unaware that the Fusion Dragon carrying Kai, Nya, and Wu followed them into the vortex.

Lost in Time

The Iron Doom proceeds to travel back in time through the Temporal Vortex. As Acronix admires the majesty of time travel, he takes a picture of the vortex with his BorgPad, saying it wasn't quite capturing the majesty and needed a different filter. However, Krux knocks the BorgPad aside and tells him that they are approaching their temporal destination before ordering Machia to ready her troops. As Krux explains to Acronix that decades of planning was finally about to pay off and that the battle will be re-fought, Acronix tells him that no one can stop them. The Iron Doom then begins to shake violently as it arrives in the past.

Landing at the Monastery of Spinjitzu forty years in the past directly after the past versions of Krux and Acronix were lost in time, the future versions of Krux and Acronix confront the past Elemental Alliance, where Acronix gloats over their confidence. Krux explains to them that they have stopped them once today, but it was before they had a legion spawned from the Great Devourer. After young Wu tells the group to focus, Acronix tells Machia it was time, who then orders her Vermillion army into battle.

After Kai and Nya began to secretly help the past Elemental Alliance by posing as Ray and Maya, they begin to defeat the Vermillion. As Krux says they are losing, Raggmunk and Blunk arrive, saying it was only a temporary setback. As Acronix tells them that they did not travel across decades to suffer temporary setbacks, Acronix nods to Krux as they smash the two generals into the component snakes before taking their helmets. As Machia arrives, Krux then reveals she too has outlived her usefulness as she too is destroyed, with Acronix saying she was relieved of her duties before boarding the Iron Doom.

Using their helmets, Acronix and Krux telepathically smash the rest of the Vermillion warriors, ordering them to return to the Iron Doom. As the snakes merge with the Iron Doom, Acronix tells the Iron Doom to arise as it comes to life and towers over the monastery. Using the Iron Doom, The Hands of Time are able to overpower the Elemental Alliance and capture young Wu, where they tell him their terms of surrender. Krux tells him that if he yields, they will destroy the Elemental Alliance, but spare the citizens of Ninjago while Acronix tells him that if he refuses, they will still destroy them, but the citizens will not be spared. As Krux asks him to yield, young Wu yields, ultimately changing the future into their image.

After throwing young Wu back to the other masters, the Iron Doom confronts them, with Acronix asking who they should destroy first between Garmadon and Wu. At that moment, the Fusion Dragon arrives and attacks the Iron Doom. Acronix then says that Ray and Maya are just as bad as their kids. Krux then tells him that they are their kids, ordering for a maximum barrage. As the Iron Doom fires Vermillion eggs at the Fusion Dragon, they all miss, and Kai and Nya blast the cockpit with their powers, knocking Krux and Acronix away from the controls. As Acronix says to fight Fire with Time, Krux tells him he hates his sayings before Acronix orders for full temporal energy. After the Iron Doom sends a Slow-Mo shot towards Nya, who bailed from the Fusion Dragon to retrieve something, the past Elemental Alliance distracts the Iron Doom. With this distraction, Kai slams the Fusion Dragon into the Iron Doom, causing it to fall onto the structure and look down the cliffside in a similar fashion as to Acronix and Wu's fight at the ruins of the monastery in the future.

After getting the Iron Doom back up, Krux says that he will destroy Kai and Nya even if he must do it with his bare hands. Acronix then tells him that they still have the Iron Doom and that they can go anywhere in time they please, saying that if the battle was too difficult in the past, they should go to a time where they are sure a victory and a time where Kai and Nya do not exist. As Krux suggests going further back in the past, Acronix tells him the opposite; far into the future. Using his helmet, Acronix uses the Iron Doom to open another Temporal Vortex. Just before they could leave, the Fusion Dragon attempted to strike it one last time, but Acronix orders it to duck. As the Fusion Dragon de-materialized, the Iron Doom entered the vortex as it closed behind them. Unfortunately for The Hands of Time, Nya managed to recover the past Reversal Time Blade from the woods below the monastery and used it to restore Wu. With the past Reversal Time Blade, Kai, Nya, and Wu reverse time so that they could follow The Hands of Time into the vortex.

Aboard the Iron Doom, Acronix and Krux discussed their next course of action when they are suddenly confronted by Kai, Nya, and Wu. Furious over their constant interference with their plans, the twins engaged the trio in a final battle. When Kai and Nya began to overpower Krux, Acronix kicked down Wu in order to assist his brother. However, this allowed Wu to sabotage the Iron Doom while the twins were distracted with finishing off Kai and Nya, causing the Iron Doom to spiral out of control within the vortex. Once Kai and Nya were pushed out of the Iron Doom by Wu, Acronix and Krux regained their bearings before engaging Master Wu, ultimately becoming lost in time in the process.

Prior to Sons of Garmadon

At some point after becoming lost in time, Master Wu was presumably able to defeat the Time Twins and escape the vortex.

However, the fates of Acronix and Krux along with the Vermillion horde remain unknown.


Saving Faith

Acronix appears in one of Master Wu's flashbacks while the latter was regaining his memories, particularly the moment Acronix, Krux, and Wu were all lost in time aboard the Iron Doom. Description

Because Acronix was carried off inside the Time Vortex, the past 40 years have gone by for him in the blink of an eye. So while his brother Krux aged in real time over the four decades, Acronix looks just the same as when he disappeared. As an Elemental Master of Time, Acronix could manipulate time forward, both with great speed or in slow motion. Although Wu and Garmadon stripped him of those powers, he remained a tactical fighter who Wu described as one of the best he’s ever seen. Acronix’s skill with any weapon can lead him to be overconfident at times, and he will throw himself into a fight like a blunt object with little concern for the consequences… mostly because he’s sure there’s no way he could ever lose! Acronix loves all the technology and gadgetry he never experienced because he missed the last 40 years. His favorite is the BorgWatch.[citation needed]


Acronix is a very excitable person as he is fascinated by the uses of modern technology. While he may give off a clueless air, he is a very skilled warrior and lives to fight all the time. He is quite ruthless as he didn't hesitate to batter Wu and insult him for being an old man since he last saw him.

It appears Krux is the only person he cares about as he went to visit him and reconnected with him by hugging him in their reunion. He also ceased his battle with Wu and went to his brother's aid when Nya and Kai overwhelmed him.


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  • Like Lloyd, Acronix's hairpiece was originally used for a Star Wars character, as a brown version was first released with Qui-Gon Jinn.
    • Acronix's hairpiece is older than Lloyd's, as the one Lloyd uses was originally released in 2008, while the one Acronix uses was originally released in 1999.
  • His outfit and armor are much brighter vivid than his brother's due to being in a Temporal Vortex for forty years.
  • Acronix and his brother are named after a digital file-sharing software used for processing the show. Acronix is named after Acronis.[4]
  • Acronix and Krux were originally meant to be one character, named "Kronos."[5]
  • Acronix is chronologically three minutes younger than Krux, though after being lost in time, he is now biologically forty years younger than his brother.
  • Krux suggests Acronix has a crush on Commander Machia in "A Line in the Sand"; Acronix admits she is cute on the surface, but deep down is a pile of snakes.
  • While Krux is old and loathes modern life, Acronix is young and very fascinated by all of Ninjago's advancements in technology.
  • Before having his powers drained by Wu and Garmadon, Acronix was able to fast forward and slow down the flow of time.
  • Acronix's favorite piece of technology is the BorgWatch.
  • Acronix appears alongside his brother as a boss in The LEGO Ninjago Movie Videogame in "The Dark Swamp" training dojo and can be unlocked as a playable character if the player achieves gold medal status in the said dojo, which requires the player to accumulate at least 90,000 studs.
    • In the game, despite being depowered, Acronix can use his forward abilities as a playable character.
  • He and his brother are two of the ten main antagonists to still be alive, the others being: Garmadon, Pythor, Nadakhan, Iron Baron, Aspheera, Vex, Unagami, and Vangelis.
  • The non-canon novel Way of the Departed suggests that Chen and Clouse were responsible for the betrayals of Krux and Acronix by manipulating them into turning against the Elemental Alliance and informing them where the eggs of the Great Devourer were. This was originally a scrapped idea for The Hands of Time.[6]


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