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“Hmm, what you're looking for is an Aeroblade, forged by Deepstone, an aquatic material mined from the bottom of the ocean. Very unique. Even more expensive.”

Aeroblades are a powerful group of weapons created from Deepstone found at the bottom of the Endless Sea. The ninja obtained the Aeroblades, anticipating to use them against the Ghosts after getting them from Ronin. They have the ability to defeat ghosts when slicing right through them.


They were mined underwater forged out of Deepstone.

Stiix and Stones

When the ninja confront Ronin in his shop in search of the Scroll of Airjitzu, he misdirects them towards buying weapons from him, which leads him to offer them the Aeroblades, but at a price they can't afford. Later at night, they attempt to steal the scroll from his shop and are confronted by Morro and multiple Ghost Warriors. The ninja and Ronin used their Aeroblades to battle the ghosts while everyone battles to get the Scroll of Airjitzu.

The Temple on Haunted Hill

Ronin used his Aeroblade to save Nya from one of Soul Archer's ghost arrows.


The ninja used their Aeroblades to battle the Ghost Warriors while climbing the Wailing Alps.

Kingdom Come

The ninja battle Morro and his ghosts for the Sword of Sanctuary. Ronin uses his Aeroblade to block one of Soul Archer's arrows from hitting Nya.

The Crooked Path

Jay used his Aeroblade to destroy Ghoultar.

Grave Danger

The ninja left their Aeroblades in R.E.X., leaving them without any weapons.

Curseworld, Part I

Ronin and the ninja didn't use their Aeroblades but they were seen with their owners.

Curseworld, Part II

The ninja used their Aeroblades to battle the Ghost Warriors and The Preeminent.

Public Enemy Number One

Ronin used his Aeroblade to disable a roller-coaster at Mega Monster Amusement Park in order to capture Jay.

Operation Land Ho!

The Aeroblades were used by Jay, Ronin and Echo Zane to help the Ninja Replacements climb up a cliff.

Appearance and abilities

The Aeroblades resemble a shuriken-like weapon that are usually dull and non-colored. However, when touched, they glow in bright colors, usually depending on the person's element, which allows the weapon to have the ability to defeat the Ghost Warriors when they come in contact. The Aeroblades are circular in shape with three sharp points on their sides.

The Aeroblades can also be used for battling enemies that are not ghosts, being used as regular weapons. The ninja and Ronin have used their Aeroblades as shurikens, and they are large enough to be used against other weapons in melee combats, just like shurikens also.



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 5: Possession

Season 6: Skybound

Ninjago: Decoded

1. "Legacy"

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Season 10: March of the Oni

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

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Season 13: Master of the Mountain

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The Virtues of Spinjitzu

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  • Lloyd and Nya are the only ninja to not obtain an Aeroblade; Lloyd due to being possessed by Morro and Nya, still undergoing ninja training.
  • Wu's Aeroblade does not appear in the show.
  • The 70738 Final Flight of Destiny's Bounty set has Cole's Aeroblade on the box but Wu's Aeroblade is in the actual set.
    • This makes Cole's Aeroblade the only Aeroblade to appear in one set.
  • Somehow, Cole's Aeroblade could still destroy ghosts, even when it was turned into a ghost along with him.
    • It's also unclear how his Aeroblade took on a ghostly form since he never had it with him when he became a ghost, nor it's explained how the blade could've turned into a ghost object since it was entirely made out of deepstone.
    • Also, it is unknown how Cole would be able to hold it since it would likely kill him if he did, but Cole was a normal ghost rather than a cursed realm ghost.
  • Kai's Aeroblade is the only one that appears in three different sets.
  • Two of Zane's Aeroblades are found in the 70636 Zane Spinjitzu Master set.
  • The Yin Blade resembles an Aeroblade attached to a handle with a chain.
  • The transparent gray part of the Aeroblade is later reused for Jestro's staff in LEGO Nexo Knights and Sandy's Crescent Staff in LEGO Monkie Kid.
  • Ronin's Aeroblade is the only one not to be featured in a set, although two were included in Issue 18 of the Ninjago Magazine.
  • Aeroblades are possibly the least important "collectible weapon" story-wise.
  • In "Operation Land Ho!," Ronin throws two yellow Aeroblades while Echo Zane throws a blue one.
  • It's unknown what happened with the ninja's Aeroblades after the ghost invasion, although it could be assumed that they gave them back to Ronin since they never actually owned nor paid for the Aeroblades, only borrowed them from Ronin for a while to fight Morro's ghosts.
    • This is most likely the case, since the Aeroblades used by Echo Zane and Ronin look similar to Jay and Zane's Aeroblades.
  • In the CGI image from (second image below), the ninja's symbols can faintly be seen on their Aeroblades, while Ronin's eyepiece symbol can be seen on his.


In set form

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