“A few years ago scientists studied a meteorite that had fallen to Ninjago. It mostly came from the same comet you're on. Inside the meteorite, there were the fossilized remains of some kind of parasite that feeds on metal alloys. Do you hear me? Whatever you do, don't come in contact with the parasites. They eat through metal!”
Nya to the Ninja, The Void

The Alien Parasites are extra-terrestrial life form that live on a comet in outer space called Delta V. It looks just like a beetle, but has four legs, glowing yellow mandibles, and a green glowing color on its forewings. They have the ability to eat through metal alloys.


Years ago, scientists studied a meteorite that had fallen to Ninjago, which had most likely come from the comet, Delta V. Inside the meteorite, there were the fossilized remains of what appeared to be an alien parasite that fed on metal alloys.

The Void

Upon finding the Nindroids extracting the Golden Weapons, the Ninja were confronted by strange glowing insects. Master Wu warned them that the alien life was dangerous, but they couldn't hear him. They suddenly realized that the parasites could eat through their suits and ran out of hiding, attracting the attention of the Nindroids, who collected the weapons and left.

The Ninja gave chase to the Nindroid convoy, using the parasites as a weapon. They managed to take out most of the rovers before stealing the launch key from Cryptor. The Ninja, feeling triumphant, returned to the ship, only to find it completely destroyed by the parasites. Once the Nindroids escaped, the Ninja knew they had failed and were not returning home.

The Titanium Ninja

As the Ninja tried to figure out what to do, the parasites continued to eat through the ship. The Ninja had a plan to use the uneaten parts of the ship to make a makeshift rocket. They soon blasted off to Ninjago, leaving the parasites and the destroyed ship far behind.


  • Jay nicknamed one of the parasites "Glowy" because of the glowing effect given off by its abdomen.

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