“Wish it all to go away.”

The Alternate Timeline is a chronological list of the important events in Skybound that would have occurred if Jay hadn't erased them with his final wish.

Clouse frees Nadakhan in order to get his wishes but is tricked into the teapot when making them. Nadakhan then sets out to frame the Ninja for various crimes... He then steals the Realm Crystal in order to free his crew and to return to his homeland. After he does so, however, he discovers that it is collapsing due to the destruction of the Cursed Realm. Khanjikhan gives Nadakhan the Sword of Souls so that he can capture the Ninja and other Elemental Masters inside it and use their power to create a New Djinjago. Despite Nadakhan's success in marrying Nya and gaining infinite wishes, the Ninja manages to trap Nadakhan thanks to Flintlocke, who had betrayed him, shooting him with Tiger Widow venom. But Nya got hit as well, forcing Jay to wish that none of these events had ever happened, erasing every event prior to Nadakhan being free again, except for Yang's temple being in the air.

Affected in this timeline due to Nadakhan's actions

  • The Realm Crystal was shattered.
  • Zane lost P.I.X.A.L. in his head for not listening and falling into Nadakhan's loophole.
  • Lloyd turned old due to wishing to be wise like Wu; he became the second to fall into Nadakhan's loopholes.
  • Every Elemental Master except Skylor got captured within the Sword of Souls, leaving them stuck for eternity.
  • The Falcon got dismantled.
  • Chunks of Ninjago were pulled to the sky, which later fell down to Ninjago City due to Nadakhan getting shot by the Tiger Widow venom. It is currently unknown if this caused anyone to die in Ninjago City.
  • Vengestone makes elemental powers stronger instead of disabling their powers.
  • Nya dies from the Tiger Widow venom.


  • Jay not only saved Nya by his last wish, but he also restored Lloyd's age and saved P.I.X.A.L, the Falcon, the realm of Ninjago, and every Elemental Master that got captured.
  • Jay and Nya still remember the events even though they are erased.
    • It is suggested Lloyd and Wu remember things too, as Lloyd claims to have déjà vu and Wu had a mural of the events painted in the walls of the Monastery of Spinjitzu.
    • It is unknown if the other Ninja have recalled anything regarding the alternate timeline.


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