“Her element isn't Fire, she's the Master of Amber, the power of absorption. She can emulate the power of anyone she's touched.”
Garmadon, Ninja Roll

Amber is a secondary element in Ninjago. It is generally associated with the color orange.

Users' Abilities

  • Power Replication - It allows the user to copy the powers of other Elemental Masters. In the case of Kai and Skylor, an orange energy flow runs up both their arms.
    • Ability Training - The user can copy other powers/abilities simply by learning how to use them.
    • Attack Recording - The user can use this ability to gather/record an attack from an opponent and use that attack as their own. When recording the attack, the attack is negated in the process, and once the user has recorded the attack, they may be able to use that attack as many times as they want.
    • Power Mixture - The user can combine the Elemental Powers they have gathered to help attack or escape from enemies. There is only one known drawback with this maneuver: the user would become exhausted from the strain of using more than one Element at the same time.
    • Power-Shifting - When the user touches another being, they can switch/shift their power from one power to another to match the super being. In some cases, the user has inherent abilities which can be drastically different from one another and can easily shift from one to the next.

Notable Users

Staff of Elements



  • Amber has the same powers of Chen's Staff of Elements, only except Skylor replicates elements and Chen's Staff steals elements.
  • Using the power of Amber, Skylor was able to replicate every Elemental Masters' element. However, only the replication of Fire, Sound, Shadow, Ice, Light, Form, Speed, Gravity, and Destruction are shown.
  • The elemental symbol of Amber is 六, which means 6 in Mandarin.
  • Skylor revealed in "Iron & Stone" that her powers have returned.
  • In "Radio Free Ninjago," it is revealed that Amber can be used to combine Elemental Powers.
  • It is worth mentioning that Skylor was corrupted and almost killed when she tried to use the power of Destruction. This could be because Skylor was trying too hard, though it is more likely that Amber can not control Elemental Essences like Golden Power, Destruction, Creation, and Darkness as easily as normal Elements.


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