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“All was lost, until Nyad, the first Elemental Master of Water, leapt on to the beast and saw with her own eyes the source of Wojira's power. Two strange objects which Wojira wore upon her forehead.”

The Amulets of Wojira were two amulets that were used by Wojira to rule the Endless Sea.


Prior to The Island

Before the creation of Ninjago, the two amulets originally belonged to Wojira, who used them to take control of the Endless Sea and violent thunderstorms. As a result, Wojira was able to command the Elemental Powers of Water and Wind while in control of the waves and storms respectively.[3] However, after Nyad defeated her by prying the two amulets, the First Spinjitzu Master gave the Amulets of Wojira to the Keepers and the Merlopians so they can protect it from Wojira.[4]

Several years later, Kalmaar took the Wave Amulet from the other Merlopians and return it to Wojira so he can awaken her.[5]

The Island

The Keepers of the Amulet

After the ninja were captured by the Keepers, Mammatus accuses them of trying to steal the Storm Amulet. When Jay questions him what he was talking about, Mammatus shows him and the other ninja the Storm Amulet, but told the ninja that they'll be their prisoners due to them seeing the Storm Amulet.

The Gift of Jay

While the ninja were looking for Jay, Clutch Powers attempted to steal the Storm Amulet, but was stopped when the Keepers electrocuted him and the others.

The Tooth of Wojira

After the Keepers made amends with the ninja, Clutch Powers attempt to steal the Storm Amulet again, but was stopped when Nya electrocuted him. Unbeknownst to her, Clutch Powers was able to get away with the real one while the Keepers were protecting a fake one.


The Storm Amulet

After hearing that Kalmaar needs the Storm Amulet to awaken Wojira, the ninja, P.I.X.A.L., Maya, and Benthomaar went to the Island of the Keepers so they can convince the Keepers to give them the Storm Amulet. However, once they were given the amulet, they soon realized that the amulet was a fake and warned Cole where the actual amulet was.

Riddle of the Sphinx

Clutch Powers showed the Storm Amulet to the other Explorer's Club members and made up a story on how he got it until Kai, Ray, Cole, Wu, and Misako came in to get the Storm Amulet from Clutch. Moments later, Kalmaar and the Maaray Guards break in to get the Storm Amulet as well, causing a fight to break out. During the fight, Wu and Kalmaar fight for the Storm Amulet.


Kai, Cole, Ray, Wu and Misako fight against Kalmaar and the Storm Amulet reaches Antonia and Nelson, they try to escape but Kalmaar ends up taking the amulet.

Master of the Sea

At Ninjago Harbor, Kalmaar and the ninja continued to fight over the Storm Amulet until the Maaray Guards overpowered them. When Kalmaar attempt to drown them, he realized that the other group managed to return to Ninjago, and decided to get away with the Storm Amulet. During the getaway, Nya managed to take the Storm Amulet from Kalmaar, which was given to Vania so the Army of Shintaro can protect it. Unbeknownst to them, they were guarding the fake one from the Island of the Keepers while the real one was with Kalmaar, who swapped the real Storm Amulet with the fake one during his escape.

The Calm Before the Storm

After getting away with the Storm Amulet, Kalmaar reunites the Amulets of Wojira and awakens Wojira with them.

The Turn of the Tide

During the battle against Nya, Wojira used the Storm Amulet to electrocute her until she destroyed her Water Dragon form. However, after Nya recovered, she destroyed the Wave Amulet to defeat Wojira. The Storm Amulet, however, disappears with Wojira, making it fate remain unclear.[2]


The both Amulets are round crystals with glowing cores. On their fronts, Wojira's head is modeled in gold. On the sides of the Amulets and at their backs, there are gold protrusions facing inwards. The only difference is that the Storm Amulet is purple and the Wave Amulet is light blue.


  • Fury of the Storm - If Wojira owns both Amulets, she can have power over the Endless Sea and use it to create a giant storm that affects an entire realm.
  • Reawakening - If both Amulets are placed on Wojira's forehead, she will wake up.

Storm Amulet

  • Tempestakinesis - The user can create and manipulate storms, including thunder, lightning, and strong winds.
    • Electrokinesis/Fulgurkinesis - The Storm Amulet can create, generate, increase, absorb, conduct, shape, and manipulate electricity from electrical storms, letting the user of the amulet redirect natural lightning in an electrical storm and use it to electrocute opponents.
    • Aerokinesis - The Storm Amulet can control and generate the wind from the storms it produced, as Wojira was able to rise the Endless Sea above its normal level by using the winds from the storms she controlled to create strong waves.
    • Rain generation - Due to Water being one of the two elements that consists with Storm, the Storm Amulet can produce heavy rain.

Wave Amulet

  • Ocean Control - The Wave Amulet can control and manipulate the water from the Endless Sea, allowing the user to have control of it and its aspects. Tampering with it’s power would cause the Elemental Master of Water’s powers to go out of control.




The Island

Season 14: Seabound

Season 15: Crystalized

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  • According to Glutinous, no one knows how the amulets came into existence or what were they made of, as he claimed that even the Merlopians do not know how they were made,[6] despite the species existing the same time as Wojira did.
  • Despite the Amulets of Wojira being small enough to be held in human hands, by the time Wojira was defeated, they had increased in size on her forehead.


In Ninjago

The Island

Season 14: Seabound




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