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“An Anacondrai sword. They are the sharpest blade in existence, fit for the greatest warrior to ever do battle in Ninjago.”

Anacondrai Blades (also referred to as Anacondrai swords) are the main weapons used by the Anacondrai tribe, as well as a cult worshipping the tribe known as the Anacondrai Cultists. They are long, bone crafted swords with jagged purple edges on the blade. The weapons were heavily utilized during the Serpentine War by Arcturus and his hordes of Anacondrai, although when the generals of the Tribe were banished to the Cursed Realm and their armies were imprisoned, the blades were discarded. The handle itself appears to be a snake skull.

Years later, when Chen would build up his cult of Anacondrai worshippers, he managed to gather hundreds of the blades for his followers to use. These weapons would prove more useful upon their transformation into fake Anacondrai, at which point they fought the Elemental Masters at the Corridor of Elders. After the battle was over, the blades were once again lost, either being discarded once more or brought to the Cursed Realm when Chen and his army were banished there.

It is also notable that Chen mentioned that this was the sharpest blade in existence. This was reinforced when Clouse and Garmadon fought, with Clouse using this weapon while Garmadon using a regular sword. The Anacondrai Blade easily sheared the top off the regular sword, despite it being made of metal.


Spellbound (flashback)

During the Serpentine War, the Anacondrai overwhelmed the Elemental Alliance with the Anacondrai Blades.

The Forgotten Element

As Chen shows Kai his collection of prized possessions, he shows off an Anacondrai Blade to him. Later, Clouse fought Garmadon with the Anacondrai Blade, and the blade easily destroyed Garmadon's sword.

The Day of the Dragon

When the Anacondrai Cultists transformed into fake Anacondrai using the Spell of Transformation, they gained the Anacondrai Blades and used them to attack the door protecting the ninja and the Elemental Masters, but leave them there as they stop attacking and flee off Chen's Island.

The Greatest Fear of All

The Corridor of Elders

The Anacondrai Cultists fight the ninja, Elemental Masters and their allies with the Anacondrai Blades. At one instance in the battle, an old lady manages to take an Anacondrai Blade from a warrior and chase him off with it. It is currently unknown where the blades are, whether if they were taken to the Cursed Realm, discarded or simply lost.



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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  • The Anacondrai tribe wielded these blades, though it is unknown if they also wielded Anacondrai spears.
    • As for the Anacondrai Cultists, most of them wielded spears, while some wielded the blades.
    • Before the Spell of Transformation's completion, the cultists wielded Anacondrai Blades with jagged tan edges, as evidenced by a few warriors carrying them in "The Forgotten Element".
    • Following the completion of the spell, the warriors would wield these blades with crystalline purple edges. This shows that there are two versions of the blades.
  • As mentioned by Chen, they are the sharpest weapon in Ninjago,[1] as seen when one cut through a cutlass wielded by Garmadon in said episode, and another cut through a chunk of rock with ease.[2]


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In Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 4: Tournament of Elements

Season 10: March of the Oni



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