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Anacondrai Invisibility is an ability that the Anacondrai could unlock. Since only Pythor and two of Master Chen's Serpentine warriors have been shown to turn invisible, it may have been a talent that they had to acquire before being able to perform. While turning invisible, the arms and tail disappeared first, then the rest of the body disappeared too. Markings, clothes, and weapons would stick around for a half second and then disappear with the rest of the body. If the Anacondrai desired to do so, anything that they were holding could disappear also. When reappearing, the arms and tail would reappear first and then visibility would spread.e


  1. Never Trust a Snake
  2. All of Nothing
  3. numerous episodes in season 5


  • the invisibility may be camouflage
  • the Anacondrai is the most feared serpentine of all, this may be due to their invisibility though other snakes have abilities too.


Serpentine Abilities

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