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"What do you call it again? Rylo? Ruby?"

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“The serpent's strategy appears to be to surround us and coil inward! Very clever. . . .”
Zane to Cole

The Anacondrai Serpent was the pet of Clouse. The serpent inhabited the caves below Chen's Island that lead to the Underground Noodle Factory and the Jail Cells.


Spellbound (Flashback)

The Anacondrai Serpent would help the Serpentine capture Jamanakai Village. During the battle, it attacked the Elemental Master of Gravity, nearly devouring him.

It would later continue to participate in the Serpentine Wars under its master's command. However, following the victory of the humans, she was imprisoned on an island alongside Clouse and Master Chen.

After Chen started his noodle chain and grew in power, she would go on to patrol the tunnels beneath his temple, devouring intruders.

Only One Can Remain

When the Ninja were escaping the Anacondrai Cultists in the tunnels beneath Chen's Temple, the Anacondrai Serpent attacked them, though they managed to escape. However, the Serpent had managed to rip off a scrap of clothing that Jay was wearing and brought it to Clouse, who used it to identify the Ninja.

Ninja Roll

After Jacob was caught trying to escape the Noodle Factory, he was assigned to feed the Anacondrai Serpent her meals as punishment.

Spy for a Spy

When Cole escaped and freed Zane, the Anacondrai Serpent chased the duo, trying to trap them by coiling her body through all of the exits. However, the two would escape through the ground, leaving the Serpent behind.

The Forgotten Element

After Garmadon and Nya are captured, they're chained to posts to be fed to the Anacondrai Serpent. Arriving for its meal, she circles the two of them menacingly, relishing her vengeance against Garmadon over the death of the Great Devourer. Before she could devour the two, however, the Elemental Masters broke into her lair using the Roto Jet and fired several missiles, causing piles of debris to collapse on the Serpent, killing her.

The Day of the Dragon

Whilst discussing their next plan of action, Chen and Clouse visited the Anacondrai Serpent's lair. Clouse would caress his beloved pet's corpse, assuring his love for it before swearing vengeance on Garmadon for the Ninjas' actions. During the end credits, Jacob tried to feed the serpent, not knowing that it was dead.

In LEGO Dimensions (non-canon)

The serpent serves as a boss in "Elements of Surprise" along with Saruman. In the game, the Serpent appears to be mostly made of LEGO bricks.


The Anacondrai Serpent is purple and appears to have a spiked rattle on her tail. She also has blue and lavender scales on her forehead. She has bright pink eyes and large fangs.

She appears to be similar in size and shape to a small Great Devourer.




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