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With the power of brown, you're about to go down.

Animal fighting styles (also called Zoojitzu[1]) are fake martial arts techniques currently only used by Dareth in the world of Ninjago.


Pirates vs. Ninja

Dareth challenges one of the ninja to a battle to see if they are worthy to train in his dojo, and he shows off his animal fighting style techniques, but he is easily defeated by Kai's Spinjitzu. Later when he ambushes the pirates on their ship and fails, he is forced to walk the plank. As Dareth approached his inevitable doom, he called upon the power of the dragon, and at that moment, Lloyd and the Ultra Dragon flew in to rescue him.

Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

Dareth threatens the Overlord by saying he will unleash the power of the dragon and the penguin but flees when the Overlord uses his missiles to shoot Dark Matter at him.

The Curse of the Golden Master

When the Ninjago City Aquarium's tank broke, Dareth used the martial art to defend Sally from a shark.

Operation Land Ho!

Dareth jumps off a building and tries to "unlock" his Elemental Dragon, and Ronin flies in to save him.

Radio Free Ninjago

When Dareth got into a boxing ring with Karlof, he tries to defeat him by using the Cheetah and the Fish.

Known users

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Martial arts

Airjitzu · Art of the Silent Fist · Spinjitzu (Forbidden Spinjitzu · Spinjitzu Burst · Tornado of Creation)

Elemental abilities

Earth Punch · Elemental creations · Elemental Dragons · Elemental shields · Fury of the Storm · Storm · True Potential · Wave

Nindroid abilities

Falcon Vision · Zane's holographic cloak · Zane's visions

Dareth abilities

Animal fighting styles · Brown Power

Dancing techniques

Electric Jaya · Triple Tiger Sashay

Other abilities

Invisibility · Magic (Dark Magic) · Shadows · Shapeshifting · Time travel