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“They're called artificial limbs, Kai. I know you hate machines, but you don't have to be rude.”
Jay, "The Surge"

The artificial limbs were a spider-like walker used by Cyrus Borg.


The Surge

When the ninja made it to Cyrus Borg's office, he was using artificial limbs in order to move. After the Techno Blades were discovered, the Overlord took control of his artificial limbs and transformed Borg into his personal host.

The Art of the Silent Fist

The artificial limbs served as the Overlord's temporary body as he used it to move around Borg Tower.

Enter the Digiverse

The artificial limbs were used to capture Borg during the ninja's mission to stop the Digital Overlord.

Codename: Arcturus

Borg used the artificial limbs to move around the base under Ouroboros.

The Void

Borg used the artificial limbs as the Overlord recaptured Borg Tower.

The Titanium Ninja

Borg was freed from the artificial limbs as Cryptor informed Borg that he is no longer needed.


The artificial limbs appear like a robotic spider. Each side has three legs and the machine is a lot quicker than a typical wheelchair. In addition, the artificial limbs have two extra arms for the user should they need them.



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The Virtues of Spinjitzu

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  • After Season 3, Cyrus Borg stopped using the artificial limbs and started using a wheelchair as he had before the events of Season 3.


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