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“Hear me, citizens of Ninjago! Among you somewhere lurks the Treacherous Deceiver, the traitor! The one who imprisoned me for thousands of years, and during all that time, one single thought sustained me: Revenge… revenge! And I will have it, I swear it! I will find you! I will find you or watch all Ninjago burn! Burn!”
— Aspheera, "Snaketastrophy"

Aspheera is the former leader of the Pyro Vipers and a Hypnobrai[1] sorceress. In her youth, she forged a friendship with the young Wu in a bid to learn Spinjitzu and secretly overthrow Mambo V. After Wu used Forbidden Spinjitzu to defeat her, Aspheera was imprisoned in the pyramid for millennia, after which she was accidentally freed by the ninja. She promptly stole Kai's element of fire, allowing her to reignite her forces.

Immediately, Aspheera swore revenge on Wu and sieged Ninjago City with a legion of Pyro Vipers and Elemental Cobras. Eventually, her rampage reached the hangar bay, where she attacked Wu and the ninja. Using the second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, the ninja were able to incapacitate Aspheera - but not before she banished Zane to the Never-Realm.

Aspheera was then taken to Kryptarium Prison and held in cell one. Sometime after, the ninja freed Aspheera from prison in request to return Nya back to her human form by stealing her elemental powers with her staff. After she succeeded, she returned to the pyramid she was once imprisoned in, before she was invited to join the Council of the Crystal King and exact her revenge on those who wronged her.


Aspheera learning Spinjitzu with Wu

Early life

Thousands of years ago, Aspheera encountered the young Wu and Garmadon after they trespassed into the Serpentine's territory and were imprisoned. Aspheera told them of how she was training to be a sorceress, and she offered to free the brothers in exchange for them helping her in the future, to which they agreed. Aspheera freed them and told them to keep their promise in due time.

While Garmadon did not keep his promise, Wu returned to uphold his end of the deal, and she and Wu became friends. He taught her Spinjitzu, though he made her promise not to use it for evil.

Aspheera overthrowing Mambo V

However, Aspheera ignored this promise, and used her Spinjitzu and sorcery to usurp the previous Serpentine ruler, Mambo V. Aspheera used her sorcery and knowledge of Spinjitzu to invade Ninjago, which she intended to take over. She was confronted by Wu and his brother. They fought, Wu using the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu to have an edge against her and his brother similarly using it to defeat her minions. Aspheera was angered that Wu had betrayed her by not showing her this art and by standing against her. Aspheera was subsequently imprisoned after Mambo took back power.

Aspheera's defeat

Wu visited her in her cell, where he tells her that she is to be imprisoned in the pyramid. She pleaded to Wu to free her as she had him and his brother. Her pleas fell on deaf ears and she swore revenge on the "Deceiver." At some point, her punishment was carried out and she was left to rot in the long-abandoned pyramid.[2] She entered a state of magical entombment that kept her body preserved for thousands of years. At some point after this, Aspheera had been commemorated on a stone tablet outside of the pyramid.[3]

Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Aspheera in Zane's dream

Wasted True Potential (dream)

Before Aspheera's release, Zane began having visions of the Serpentine sorceress. In the first vision, she propelled him back with a blast of fire and replied "revenge" when asked what she wanted.

The Belly of the Beast (dream)

In the second vision, Aspheera blasted Zane to the Never-Realm in the hangar bay.

Aspheera stealing Kai's Elemental Power of Fire

Boobytraps and How to Survive Them

When the ninja solved the puzzle, Aspheera is released from the tomb and begins fighting the ninja, exclaiming that she wants revenge on the person who trapped her there. At first, she appears de-powered and has blue skin. She then begins to extract power from Kai, and she powers up, becoming golden. She also uses Spinjitzu to combat the ninja. After powering up, Aspheera quickly chains the ninja. She then causes the pyramid to erupt and climbs onto Fire Fang's throne.

Aspheera finding out where the scroll was located


Aspheera arrives in Ninjago City and begins to communicate with the other Pyro Vipers. She notices a sign advertising an exhibit for the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu at the Ninjago Museum of History. She declares that she will use it to exact revenge on the "traitor" who locked her away. She soon notices Gayle Gossip and Vinny nearby and interrogates them on the location of the museum. Gayle refuses to tell her, instead of telling her that the ninja will stop her. However, Aspheera tells her that they are trapped in the pyramid and demands the location of the museum. Gayle refuses, as Aspheera became angry but Vinny promptly tells her its three blocks ahead.

Aspheera has them captured and their cameras continue broadcasting her actions.

Fighting the ninja


Now that Aspheera has Gayle and Vinny hostage she makes them take her to the Ninjago Museum of History to find the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. When they arrive Aspheera doesn't see the Scroll and starts to destroy artifacts. She then revives Char, who then leads her to the Scroll. When they arrive at the room with the scroll, Aspheera is angrily surprised to see that the ninja have escaped the erupting pyramid. The rest of the ninja (except Kai) fight off the Pyro Vipers as Aspheera and Lloyd fight for the Scroll. In the end, Aspheera manages to get the Scroll and then traps the ninja under rubble as she tells three Elemental Cobras to finish them.

Aspheera with Char

Ancient History

Aspheera leaves the Museum mounted on Fire Fang, unknowing that the ninja have successfully survived the battle. She tells Fire Fang to lead her to the Treacherous Deceiver upon which it heads to the monastery. Nya distracts Aspheera long enough for Lloyd to try to get the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. They then fight but she successfully defeats Lloyd continuing on her way to the Monastery.

Aspheera entering the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Under Siege

Aspheera was on top of Fire Fang, spewing fireballs and Elemental Cobras approaching the monastery. After reaching the Monastery, Aspheera told Fire Fang to destroy the temple's doors. P.I.X.A.L. then activated water guns and rubber Shurikens to stop the Elemental Cobras from burning down the doors. Aspheera uses her staff to get rid of defense weapons. When Fire Fang destroys the doors, the ninja are forced to retreat to the hangar bay. Once the Pyro Vipers go inside, Aspheera tells them to find Wu. Having no luck in finding him, Char complains that they can't find him and suggests that they should give up. Aspheera ejected fire at Char but misses, hitting the dartboard that opens to the Underground Base instead. Once Aspheera saw the elevator, Char presses the button and they both wait for the elevator to open, but it couldn't due to Aspheera accidentally eradicating the button.

Aspheera with her army

The Explorers Club

After getting inside the elevator of the Monastery, Aspheera and the Pyro Vipers try to break down the doors by slamming Elemental Cobras into it. While they were trying to break down the doors, she uses her magic to lift Char up and slam him to the door.

Aspheera fighting Lloyd

Vengeance is Mine!

Alerted by Jay's sneeze, she finds Wu and the ninja hiding under the vents. She remarks on how she dreamed of this moment before P.I.X.A.L. knocks her away in the Titan Mech. She overcame P.I.X.A.L. and held the ninja and Wu hostage. Aspheera gloated on her imminent success before the other ninja arrives with the other Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu.

Frozen Aspheera trying to banish Wu

Aspheera was shocked that they found the other scroll and duels the empowered Lloyd before knocking the scroll away from him. Every time a ninja was defeated, another ninja grabs the Scroll and fights her. She overpowered them each until Zane dueled her and froze her. Not one to be denied vengeance, Aspheera took her free arm with her staff to aim one last shot at Wu. Zane intercepts it and is seemingly destroyed, and then finally dropping it on the ground.

Aspheera with Wu in her cell

After the battle, Aspheera was arrested and held in cell one at Kryptarium Prison, drained of her stolen powers. She is visited by Wu, remarking on how he visited her like last time. An infuriated Wu criticized her, as her vendetta cost him one of his pupils and asks if she is satisfied with her deed. The confused Aspheera reveals that she never wanted to destroy Wu but trap him as he did her. Aspheera states Zane was not destroyed but banished to the Never-Realm, a place that Wu would never be able to save him from. The old master is horrified to learn this and runs out as she taunts him while laughing.

Psychological impact on the ninja

After her imprisonment, Aspheera appeared in P.I.X.A.L.'s nightmare about mistakenly banishing Zane to the Never-Realm.[4] The sorceress' theft of Kai's power remained a weight on the former Fire Ninja until he was able to regain his powers with the help of Sorla.[5]

Seeing Zane as the Ice Emperor, Lloyd brought up the time when Aspheera blasted him, and while Zane didn't recall this due to his loss of memory, it made Lloyd realize Zane's scepter had corrupted him.[6] Later, Zane remembered Aspheera blasting him when he regained his memory.[7]

The memory of Aspheera's conflict with the ninja contributed to Wu feeling that he was no longer needed by the team, as he had not accompanied them on their last few adventures.[8]

Prior to Crystalized

During her time in prison, Aspheera learned to make origami snakes from paper.


A Mayor Problem

Aspheera escaping from her cell

As the ninja broke into Kryptarium Prison's most secured wing, where the cell one was located, Aspheera was making an origami snake from paper. When she noticed the ninja in black suits, she asked who they were, and when Kai took off his mask, she was confused because she didn't recognize him. However, as soon as he introduced himself to her, she realized that they were the ninja. Lloyd then offered Aspheera the opportunity to set her free if she would help them turn Nya back into a human. Although the sorceress disagreed with the proposal at first, she eventually accepted it, and the ninja carved a hole in the cell's glass for her to leave it. Then they climbed onto the thick rod that held the cell one in the air and climbed it up, although they accidentally set off an alarm. As soon as they climbed out of the ceiling, prison guards were waiting for them, but the ninja and Aspheera managed to go around them and ran down the hall, where they escaped from Kryptarium Prison.

Public Enemies 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5!

With the ninja and the frozen Nya

When the ninja returned to the monastery with Aspheera, she opened the door just to face Wu's suspicious face. Aspheera said she had always dreamed of changing their roles, which Wu replied that if it was up to him, he would never let her go out of Kryptarium Prison. But then he said that their destinies were now linked and that he would not stand in her way to freedom if she turned Nya back.

The ninja then took Aspheera to the hangar bay, where they showed her the frozen Nya. Wu explained to Aspheera that she could turn her back by draining her powers away, as she had done with Kai. However, Aspheera explained to them that she needed her staff for it, so the ninja had to leave to get it.

A Painful Promise

Trying to touch the Weapons of Spinjitzu

After the ninja had left the hangar bay, Aspheera was sitting and drinking tea. After drinking all the tea, she stood up and left to explore the hangar. She managed to find a hiding place for the Golden Weapons, but when she wanted to touch them, Wu stopped her. Aspheera asked him if it wasn't dangerous to keep them so close to each other, but the Master replied they were powerless, so there should be no problem. Aspheera then decided to leave because the ninja had not brought her staff, but Wu asked her what might keep her there. Aspheera thought about it for a moment, and then said she wanted to take part in a series of contests to test their strength and cunning. Although Wu disagreed at first, when Aspheera turned to leave, he was eventually forced to agree.

Aspheera defeating Wu

The first contest was lifting weights in the courtyard, in which Aspheera won. Wu argued that he was thousands of years old, but the sorceress beat him, saying that she was also thousands of years old.

Another contest was an arm wrestling in the relaxation room, in which Aspheera also won and called Wu a Wu-ser. The Master asked her if they were done, but Aspheera told him that not even close.

The next contest was playing pool. When Aspheera won using Wu's staff, she threw it back into the hands of the "Treacherous Deceiver."

Aspheera with her pancakes

The penultimate contest was a staring contest. Aspheera, however, won again when she startled Wu with her tongue in the eye and he blinked.

The last contest was a pancake flipping, which Aspheera also won.

When the ninja returned, Lloyd handed over the staff to Aspheera, who, however, immediately began to shoot energy blasts on the ninja, shouting "Revenge!"

Aspheera draining Nya's powers

However, when police helicopters arrived at the monastery, Aspheera asked Wu if he had betrayed her again and called the police, but Wu swore it wasn't him. The ninja then explained that the police came because of them, as Kai revealed their real names during the staff theft. Aspheera was then forced to use the staff to take away Nya's powers, so that Lloyd would then show her the secret way to freedom. She did it and it finally worked. Lloyd immediately ran to the lying Aspheera and helped her to stand up. He then led her to a secret tunnel and explained how she could escape. Aspheera was shocked for a moment that the Green Ninja hadn't betrayed her and kept his word, and then she turned and slithered away.

Aspheera with the Crystal Spider in her pyramid

Aspheera then returned to her old pyramid and made a number of origami snakes from paper, which she placed on the ground in front of her, sat on the throne, and pretended to be their queen. At that time, however, someone threw a new staff into her womb, and a Crystal Spider came in front of her, who played her the message from the Kabuki Mask about whether she wanted to join the Council of the Crystal King and achieve the revenge she wanted. Aspheera informed him that she could not refuse such an offer and began to shout "Revenge!"

She then left the pyramid with the spiders and went to the Crystal Temple, where she waited for the day of the meeting of the council.

Aspheera with the other villains

The Council of the Crystal King

When Lloyd, disguised as the Mechanic, entered the meeting room, Aspheera was sitting at the table with the other villains, Pythor, Vangelis, and Mister F. After Lloyd mentioned that the ninja always ruined his plans, Aspheera became angry with the ninja for always ruining everything and began to shout that she longed for revenge. Pythor repeated these words ironically to her, and when she asked him what he said, he denied that he would say anything and asked her the same question also ironically.

Trying to stop Lloyd

As the Kabuki Mask entered the room, Aspheera asked him what the Crystal King's plan was. The Kabuki Mask replied that the King would reveal his plan soon and then he told the villains that there was an impostor among them. All the villains, including Aspheera, were shocked and tried to find out who it was. Aspheera first accused Vangelis because he was the only one wearing a mask, but then the Kabuki Mask revealed that it was Lloyd disguised as the Mechanic. As Lloyd tried to escape, Aspheera shoot an energy blast at him from the staff, but did not hit him. Lloyd then ran on, but he was eventually stopped by Mister F and then the Kabuki Mask revealed his secret identity: Harumi.


Aspheera is a female Serpentine who has yellow eyes with red-orange irises and looks sort of like an Indian cobra similar to King Mambo. Her body is covered in dark teal scales and her bottom half is a tail while she has arms and silver gloved hands. She wears a unique tan and gold robe under a golden cuirass with Indian Cobra head-shaped shoulder pads. When empowered with Kai's Elemental powers, she had golden scales, flaming neck scales, and a fiery golden tail.

When she was young, she had a regal gold and black bee-like marking on her forehead, her eyes were red with dark red pupils like all the other Hypnobrai, and she did not have her cuirass on.


“When I was in prison, I spent a lot of time dreaming about defeating the Treacherous Deceiver in a variety of ways.”
— Aspheera to Wu, "A Painful Promise"

Originally, in her youth, Aspheera is charming yet very manipulative, cunning, and arrogant. She is also power-hungry as she overthrew Mambo V for the sake of creating her empire and conquering lands.

Having spent millennia imprisoned, Aspheera desires revenge on Wu for trapping her and sought to make him pay.

She is hot-headed and very impatient. As shown when she knocks the artifacts down while looking for the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu and when she snaps at Char for asking her on who the "Treacherous Deceiver" is.

Unlike most villains, she didn't seek to rule Ninjago, as she did before when she disregarded conquering what she thought were weak.

After her defeat, she was composed at meeting Wu again and only remarked on the circumstances. She showed herself willing to settle for defeat since she was aware that her actions distressed Wu at not getting Zane back from the Never-Realm, where she intended to trap Wu.


“I am thousands of years old.”
“So am I.”
Wu and Aspheera, "A Painful Promise"

Aspheera is several millennia old. However, her physical appearance does not match that, as she was magically imprisoned for thousands of years and only aged a few years during that time.

Weapons and abilities


“I had my staff then. Without that, I can do nothing.”
  • Staff: Aspheera mainly wields a silver naginata, which can allow her to use her magic. The staff was destroyed after being used to remove Nya's powers, and she was later given a purple version of it by a crystal spider.
  • Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu: After being freed from the pyramid, Aspheera stole the first Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu and attached it to her staff, which allowed it to increase her powers.


“I could open this door. I know several spells already. One of them will bend steel.”
— Aspheera to Wu and Garmadon, "Never Trust a Human"
  • Magic: Being a skillful sorceress, Aspheera utilizes magic. In her early years, she studied many magical spells.
    • Bending steel: In her youth, Aspheera had learned to bend the steel. She used the spell to free Wu and Garmadon out of Mambo V's prison.
    • Magic blast: Using her staff, Aspheera can release magical energy over a specific target causing great damage or delivering great shock waves of force.
    • Telekinesis: Aspheera is able to lift someone or something in the air and make them float unassisted.
    • Power absorption: She can absorb powers while removing it from others, as she did this with Kai and Nya. She can also harness the power if she absorbs it into her body via her mouth. However, how well she can absorb the power depends on how strong or weak the victim is.
    • Magical creation: Aspheera was able to create the Elemental Cobras and Fire Fang using Fire she stole from Kai.
    • Magmakinesis: She was able to make the pyramid erupt like a volcano, summoning a large amount of magma to do so.
    • Banishment: Using the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, Aspheera was able to banish anything or anybody to the other realm and even to another time.
    • Necromancy: Aspheera was able to resurrect the Hypnobrai mummies using magic and Kai's Elemental Power of Fire.
  • Spinjitzu: Aspheera was taught the art of Spinjitzu by Wu when he was a child, in return for her promising to never use Spinjitzu for evil. However, Aspheera backstabbed him and she used Spinjitzu to overthrow Mambo V. However, when she fought child Wu and Garmadon, her Spinjitzu was no match for Wu's Forbidden Spinjitzu. Before stealing Kai's elemental Fire powers, Aspheera's Spinjitzu was purple. After stealing Kai's Fire, she was able to use Fire Spinjitzu.
    • Forbidden Spinjitzu: After obtaining the first Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu, Aspheera was able to utilize its powers against the ninja, and increasing her powers. She even proved to be even more powerful than Lloyd, Jay and Cole when they utilized the second Scroll, and overpowered them easily with Forbidden Spinjitzu. Due to possessing Kai's Fire, she was able to use Fire Forbidden Spinjitzu.
  • Prolonged lifespan: Like the rest of the Serpentine, Aspheera has prolonged lifespans.


“I wouldn't be so bored if I had some paper. I make fantastic origami. It's a hobby I picked up in prison.”
— Aspheera to Wu, "A Painful Promise"
  • Origami: During her time in prison, Aspheera learned how to make origami snakes from paper.




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Official description

Spinjitzu Brothers

A treacherous Serpentine sorceress who in her younger days encountered Wu and Garmadon. She set both brothers free from the Serpentine prison, on the condition they would teach her Spinjitzu. Wu agreed, but Aspheera used her new skill to overthrow the Serpentine king and invade Ninjago. The brothers stole the scrolls of Forbidden Spinjitzu from their father to gain the power necessary to stop Aspheera.


An ancient Serpentine sorceress of incredible power, Aspheera carries a constant threat to the ninja. It wasn’t always like this, many moons ago, she learned Spinjitzu alongside a young Master Wu. Now sworn enemies, the ninja will be hoping she stays locked up for as long as possible.[9]




Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Season 12: Prime Empire

Season 13: Master of the Mountain

Season 15: Crystalized

Ninjago Magazine



Her name may come from the Latin root aspis, which means "viper." It also means "shield," possibly hinting at her soldiers' equipment.

Behind the scenes

  • Her name during development was "Venom Le Drip."[10]
  • Pauline Newstone, her voice actress in Season 11, already voiced a golden-colored talking snake before—Heka, Scarab's staff and familiar, in the 1997 cartoon, Mummies Alive!


  • Aspheera is similar to Magica De Spell from the Ducktales reboot, both of whom are evil non-human witches whose magic power depends on a certain staff (Aspheera's staff and Sumerian staff) and were once defeated and imprisoned by the main characters' mentor (Wu and Scrooge McDuck), swearing revenge on them. Both also fought for some major villain (Crystal King and Bradford Buzzard) under certain circumstances.
  • Aspheera is the fifth villain who knows Spinjitzu, the others being Garmadon, the Overlord, Techno Wu, Doubloon and Nineko.
    • Aspheera is the first Serpentine who has been seen using Spinjitzu.
    • This is due to Wu teaching her when they were young as a promise to release him.
  • Aspheera is the fourth known female Serpentine, the first three being Selma, Rivett, and Machia.
    • She is the only known female Serpentine who has a tail (Machia is shown having one only in the LEGO sets).
  • She is the third main female villain after the Preeminent and Harumi.
    • However, she is the only one who is the only major antagonist of her season/chapter, as for most of Season 5, Morro is considered the main villain and Harumi is replaced by Garmadon in the last episodes of Season 8.
  • She is the third villain to make Kai powerless, the first being Chen and the second being Morro.
  • Apart from Chronosteel, her magic is the only way to take the Elemental Power. However, unlike Chronosteel, this does not seem to be permanent.
  • She is the second Serpentine main antagonist, the first being Pythor.
  • The only reason she succeeded Mambo V as leader of the Pyro Vipers is due to her using Kai's stolen powers to resurrect the Pyro Vipers, using them to attack Ninjago City and find the "Treacherous Deceiver."
  • She is the third villain introduced to have a vendetta against both Wu and his brother, the first being the Time Twins. However, chronologically, she is the first, as she swore revenge thousands of years prior to Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, while the Time Twins swore revenge 40 years prior to The Hands of Time.
    • However, she only wants revenge on Wu for not freeing her from her cell and trapping her in an pyramid for millennia.
      • This makes her the fifth villain to have a vendetta against Wu, the others being Garmadon, Morro, and the Time Twins.
  • She is one of the twelve Serpentine whose name is mentioned in the show, the others being Skales, Pythor, Skales Jr., Arcturus, Clancee, Blunck, Raggmunk, Machia, Char, Acidicus, and Mambo V.
  • She is the third main antagonist to announce the title card at the beginning of an episode, with her announcing "Vengeance is Mine!".
  • She is the first villain with no intention of killing the ninja, including Wu. She only wanted her revenge on Wu by attempting to trap him in the Never-Realm, but instead banished Zane by accident. This was also shown after the ninja accidentally released her and she drained Kai's power but spared them, albeit her claim that it was because Kai "shared" the gift of Fire with her (although she temporarily stole all of his power for several episodes).
  • It is unknown why she was wearing shoulder armor and with yellow glowing eyes while trapped in the pyramid, as she had neither traits before she was imprisoned.
  • She and Vex are responsible for Zane becoming the Ice Emperor and wreaking havoc upon the Never-Realm, with her banishing Zane to the Never-Realm and Vex erasing his memories.
    • However, she had no intention of this as she meant to strike Wu with her staff, but Zane took the hit for him, leaving him banished to the Never-Realm and later be found by Vex.
  • She is the second main villain who does not physically appear in a season finale, the first being Iron Baron.
    • She also does not make a physical appearance in "A Cold Goodbye," which is the final episode of the Fire Chapter.
  • Aspheera shares similarities with Morro. Both were in close relations with Master Wu and somehow "betrayed" by him, which resulted in them being high ranked leaders of their teams.
    • The only difference between them is that Morro redeemed himself. Aspheera still maintains her evil ways, as shown when she taunts Wu when revealing Zane was sent to the Never-Realm.
  • Her eyes and those of the Stone Guardians are the same type.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, Aspheera and Pythor would likely not get along well, as there would be "Too much ego on each side."[11]
  • She is similar to Nineko, as they are both non-human sorceresses who wanted to take revenge on their teacher in some way. Both also abused Wu and Garmadon by helping them in some way and demanding a favor in return. The difference, however, is that while Aspheera required the brothers to teach her some martial art, Nineko did the opposite.
  • Aspheera is the only main villain to have their voice actor be replaced, having Kathleen Barr replace Pauline Newstone as her voice in Crystalized.


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Leader: Cecil Putnam
Clutch Powers · Percy Shippelton · Security guards · Smythe · Underhill
Former members: Dwayne · Misako


Leader: Sammy
Antonia · Jonesy · Leroy · Nelson · Spokes · Ten-Speed
Former members: Knuckles


Leader: Formling Leader
Akita · Kataru · Vex

Ice Fishers

Leader: Sorla
Uthaug · Boma


Creator: Milton Dyer
Ballistic Missiles: Anthony Brutinelli
Chrome Domes: Hyper-Sonic
Admin Droid · Adventure-Ready Woman · Avatar Pink Zane · Gamer Geek · Newbie Gamer · Okino · Racer Seven · Scott · Shifty · Successful Samurai
League of Jay: Beta Jay 137 · Dee-Jay 81 · Jaybird 64 · Jaywalkin 238

Unagami's army

Leader: Unagami
Red Visors: Red 27 · Red 29
Avatar Harumi · Sushimi · Hostess · Sushimi's sushi chefs
Allies: The Mechanic · Henchmen · Ultra Violet · Captain Soto · Richie · Ritchie

Whack Rats

Leader: Atta the Ratta
Richie · Ritchie


Leader: Skull Sorcerer
Hazza D'ur

Sky Folk

Leaders: King Vangelis (formerly) · Queen Vania
Army of Shintaro: Hailmar


Leader: Queen Murtessa
Manko · Meeha · Mid · Moe · Mood · Mudd · Murt · Murt Snr · Munce Sentries


Leader: Chancellor Gulch
Gleck · Gliff · Groko · Garpo · Ginkle · Mr. Wise


Fungus · Korgran · Plundar


Leader: Chief Mammatus
PoulErik · Rumble Keepers · Thunder Keepers

Mary Louise's crew

Leader: Captain
Collins · Kwon · Mariano


Leader: King Benthomaar
Glutinous · Nyad
Maaray Guards: Gripe
Former leaders: King Trimaar · King Kalmaar

Warriors of Felis

Leader: Nineko

Order of Felis

Leader: Komala
Dillon · Adara


Leader: Tanabrax
Bunch · Moody


Hana · Obachan · Shin · Kenji · Uchida · Mrs. Uchida · Old Man Jiro

Snake warriors (non-canon)

Boa Destructor · Cobra Mechanic · Python Dynamite · Viper Flyer · Sneaky Snake

Red Crows

Leader: Mogra
Killow · Ultra Violet · Francis

Two Moon Village

Kenzo · Renzo · Saeko · Min

Vengestone army

Leader: Crystal King
Council of the Crystal King: Kabuki Mask · Mister F · Aspheera · Vangelis · Pythor · The Mechanic
Vengestone Warriors · Vengestone Brutes · Vengestone Guards

New Ninja

Leader: Teal Ninja
Fuchsia Ninja · Orange Ninja · Pink Ninja · Yellow Ninja

Other classifications

Ghosts · Humans · Nindroids

Other groups/sub-groups

Elemental Alliance · Fast Chickens · Kryptarium inmates (The Needles) · Ninja Replacements · The Resistance · The Resistance (Crystalized) · The Resistance (Never-Realm) · The Royal Blacksmiths · Sons of the First Spinjitzu Master · Spin Harmony · Stranded ninja · Time Twins · Treble Makers


Cole's family · Jay's family · Kai and Nya's family · Lloyd's family · Royal Family of Djinjago · Royal Family of Merlopia · Royal Family of Ninjago · Royal Family of Shintaro · Skales' family · Skylor's family · Zane's family

In-universe fictional characters

Britts Subskian · Commander Kiflin · Jack the Rabbit · Imperial Sludge · Master Whoosh (non-canon)


Barracudox · Bob Rattlebottom · Cardinsto · Carridi · Cece · Christina · Chuck · Claire · Diaman · Eileen · Flerry McFloyster · Gahrann the Dreamer · Genn · Golden Ninja · Green Screen Gary · Hai · Hibiki · Insect Master · Ivy Walker · Jeremiah Bobblestein · Jesper · Kaito · Kirchonn the Invincible · Lar · Larry · Lloyd Garmadon (The LEGO Movie) · Mask of Malice · Mei · Moe · Mr. Righty Tighty · Neido · Nobu · Phantom Ninja · Quartet of Villains · Rachel Sparrow · Robot Manager · Ronin's daughter · Ronin's wife · Samurai warrior · Scott Digato · Seliel · Seliel's father · Six-Armed Warriors · Snake villain · Spinjago Citizen · Suzie Wheeler · Time Ninja · Tito · Wishmaster · Zoltar
Ninjago Magazine: Buffer · Nitro · Sawyer · Scooter · Talon · Mr. Wise


Adam · Balee · Bears (Kuma) · Beavers · Colossus · Craglings · Elemental Cobras · Fire Fang · Fluffy · Geotomic Rock Monsters · Guide Parrot · Ice Behemoth · Ice bird · Ice Serpent · Leviathans · Monster sushi · Mud monsters · Nimbus · Pebbles · Rodrigo · Ross · Sir Chomps-A-Lot · Snickers · Stone Hawk · The Chroma · Treehorn queen · Wojira · Wu's chicken · Wu's dog · Yeti (Krag) · Zane's Mino
Dragons: Blue Dragon · Boreal · Chompy · Crystal beasts · Dragon keeper · Empire Dragon · Fire Dragon (Core) · Fire Dragon (Realm of Oni and Dragons) · Flame · Firstbourne · Ghost Dragons · Grief-Bringer · Ice Dragon (Realm of Oni and Dragons) · Pet dragon · Rocky · Shard · Slab · Stormbringer · Stormbringer's baby · Thunder Dragon · Ultra Dragon · Wind Dragon · Wisp · YinYang Dragon (Light Dragon · Shadow Dragon)

Unseen characters

Dr. Berkman · Grumbmiller · Milton Dyer's father · Sybex Tribe · Quanish the Elder · Trylle · Dr. Yost

Ninjago City residents

Barry · Benny · Brayden Nelson · The Fold · Fugi-Dove's brother · Hayley Wolfe · Jake · Jay Vincent · Jeffy · Joshua Deck · Lachlan Jansen · Michael Kramer · Mrs. Dyer · Patty Keys · Phil · Postman · Roise · Rufus McCallister · Vlad Tutu ·


Announcer · Ayla · Bank Boss · Bob the Intern · Cathy · Circus Clown · Clancee's mother · Cliff Gordon · Construction workers · Cook · Cragger · Dr. Julien · Echo Zane · Ed · Edna · Egon the Extraordinary · First Spinjitzu Master · Fenwick · Fugi-Dove · Grimfax's advisor · Hageman · Hageman Brothers · Harumi's father · Harumi's mother · Jamanakai Villagers · Johnny · Korgran's father · Laval · Lou · Lumberjacks · Magician · Mascots · Mina · Miss Demeanor · Monks · Motorcycle Mechanic · Museum Curator · Nindroid Sentries · Ninjago soldiers · Nobu · Reflectra · Repo Man · Restaurant Owner · Rice farmers · Ronin · Sage · Santa Claus · Sally's parents · Security guards (Borg Industries) · Security guards (Ninjago City) · Sentry General · Shezada · Ship Captain · Skeleton · Stone Guardians · Tour Guide · Twitchy Tim · Warden Noble
Robots: Auto · Juggernaut · Robo Usher 3000 ·Tai-D