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(On the streets, Patty Keys is giving a tour on a bus.)

Patty Keys: And if you look to your left, that's Borg Tower, the site of numerous encounters with the ninja, including the battle with Garmadon, and an attack by Unagami that was stopped by Jay himself!

Dareth: What can you tell us about the Brown Ninja?

Patty: Brown Ninja?

Dareth: Heh, I heard the ninja got a friend called the Brown Ninja, who helps them out on their really important missions. Not so much lately, but hopefully again, soon.

Patty: I've never heard of a Brown Ninja. I think someone's pulling your leg.

Man: (He points to the rising waters behind them.) Is that part of the tour?

Patty: Oh! That is not part of the tour!

Dareth: Everyone get below! Quick! (He sees a boy still taking selfies.) Ha, looks like the brown ninja is needed once again. (He manages to get the boy to safety.) Hang on! (He gets into the driver's seat.) Hang on, everybody! Nobody panic! Everyone stay calm!

Jay: Guys, it's happening just like Globby, or, Gloopy, or whatever his name is said. The wave is flooding the city. People need help!

Kai: We're right behind you!

Jay: Okay, Jay. Time to be awesome! (He drives his car off a building, transforms it into a sub, and enters the water.)

Dareth: Okay, fine. It's not doing much.

Woman: (Water starts leaking into the bus.) Oh no. What do we do?

Dareth: We're gonna have to hold our breaths and swim for it. Okay? (The passengers nod.) On three, I'm gonna open the door, and then everyone swim for the surface. One, two -- (He presses a button but the door won't budge.) What the heck? (He dives underwater and tugs at the door, which doesn't work. Then he spots Jay's sub car heading towards them.) Help is on the way. Everyone take a big, deep breath!

Jay: (He fires a grappler at the door and pulls it out.) Grab on! Next stop is the surface!

(They reach the surface, but Dareth is hit by a car, and he is washed away. Nya dives into the water and saves him.)

Nya: Oh, hey. Hi, Dareth.

Dareth: Ha! See? They do know me!

(On a building, Gayle Gossip is reporting again.)

Gayle: This is the scene at midtown, a scene of unbridled chaos and destruction. A scene of -- Vinny, lift the camera. I'm in the middle of a broadcast! Vinny, up. Ahem. This is the scene at midtown, a scene of unbridled -- (She turns to see Wojira behind her.)

Wu: (He arrives on the Destiny's Bounty.) Miss Gossip, this way! Quickly! Wojira.

Kalmaar: A flying ship! How adorable. After them!

(In the arcade, some kids are trapped inside. Lloyd opens the door for them.)

Lloyd: Grab on and hold tight. Next stop -- ugh! (His APS suit is hit by a blast.)

Zane: Get those children to the surface. We'll handle the Merlopians. (He, Kai, and Benthomaar engage the Merlopians while Lloyd heads to the surface.) It appears that we've been surrounded!

Benthomaar: I'll deal with them! They need to know the truth about Kalmaar!

Kai: Okay, we'll cover you.

Benthomaar: Can't you see Wojira destroyed the bounds of Ninjago? The beast did everything that the First Spinjitzu Master fought against!

Gripe: Don't listen to him. He has been corrupted by the surface-dwellers!

Benthomaar: Listen to me. Kalmaar has deceived you! Kalmaar dethroned the King, not the surface-dwellers!

Merlopian: Lies! King Kalmaar told us the truth, you traitor.

Zane: Firing torpedoes, in three, two -- (He hit by a blast and misses his target.) Numerically, they have the advantage!

Kai: There's too many of them!

Zane: That's what I just said!

(Just then, Cole arrives to help.)

Cole: Hey guys! Need a hand?

Zane: Cole! You're back!

Kai: Aren't we glad to see you!

(Somewhere else, two more citizens are paddling away from Wojira in a bathtub when Wu arrives.)

Wu: Grab on!

Girl: Thank you.

Boy: I thought we could use the bathtub as a boat, but it turns out, bathtubs have a hole in the bottom.

Wu: Yes. Who knew? (Wojira roars in the distance.) Get behind P.I.X.A.L., kids. Things are bound to get rough.

Kalmaar: There!

Wu: P.I.X.A.L., it's time we departed! (P.I.X.A.L. looks confused.) I mean leave! Go!

P.I.X.A.L.: Hold on, everyone! Zane, we have encountered Wojira and require immediate assistance. I repeat, we have encountered Wojira!

Cole: You guys go. Benthomaar and I can take care of these goldfish.

Zane: Affirmative!

P.I.X.A.L.: You may want to cover your ears.

Boy: Why?

P.I.X.A.L.: Because nobody fires on my ship. (She hits Wojira with missiles.)

Kalmaar: You'll pay for that! Go. Go! Strike them down!

Lloyd: Hang on, P.I.X.A.L.! I'll distract them! Hey, Kalmaar! Come and get it! (He charges at him, but is struck down by Wojira.)

Kai: Lloyd, are you okay?

Lloyd: Nothing I can't handle. Hit it with everything you've got!

Zane: The explosive payload of these torpedoes is insufficient to dissuade Wojira!

Kai: I don't think these torpedoes are doing much, Zane!

Zane: That is what I just said! Why are you repeating me?

Wu: Look out! (The Bounty is hit and it crashes onto the water. Wojira prepares to strike again, but is distracted by Kai and Zane.)

Kai: You're gonna regret messing with our city, Kalmaar!

Kalmaar: Your city is now my city. And the only regret I have is I can only destroy it once!

Jay: Yeah, hi! Up here! Look this way and say "cheese"! (He fires at Wojira.) Yeah! Take that, you big worm! (Wojira picks up Jay's car in her mouth, and he screams.) Not my sub car! Guys, this thing has a century-old morning breath! Aah! And she thinks I'm a chew toy! (Wojira drops the car into the water and it sinks. She then turns around to find Nya standing in front of her.)

Kalmaar: You.

Nya: This ends now.

Kalmaar: I was hoping you would say that.

(Wojira charges at Nya, who leaps on water and does the same.)

(End of the episode. For more information, click here.)

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