“A Ninja never accepts defeat. A Ninja always picks himself up when he's down.”
Kai, to the Ninja

The Attack of the Great Devourer is an event that took place at the end of Season 1: Rise of the Snakes and it was when The Great Devourer was unleashed on Ninjago City.


After Pythor unleashed The Great Devourer using the Four Silver Fangblades at The Lost City of Ouroboros, the Great Devourer awakened and ate Master Wu and Pythor and then chased and destroyed the Destiny's Bounty, causing the Ninja to retreat.

After the Ninja lure The Great Devourer to Ed & Edna's Scrap N Junk while they are at a fare in Ninjago City and make the Ultra Sonic Raider out of the Tornado of Creation and use a recording of the Wu's flute to hurt the Great Devourer although the Great Devourer escapes and damages Zane. The Ninja rush to Ninjago City where the Great Devourer is attacking the people and hitting the buildings, (one of these buildings being the apartments that Harumi and her parents lived in).

Later, when Nya flies her Samurai Mech into the mouth of the Great Devourer, The Ultra Dragon swoops in and begins attacking the Great Devourer, but the Great Devourer hits the Ultra Dragon to the ground and hurts him. While the Ninja grieved, Lord Garmadon returns and tells the Ninja that the only way to destroy the Great Devourer is with the Golden Weapons which only Garmadon can wield, the Ninja make the decision to give Garmadon the weapons while they make the Great Devourer stay in place.

After successfully making The Great Devourer stay in place, the Ninja watch as Garmadon jumps down and stabs the Great Devourer with the Golden Weapons. Later on, Garmadon escapes with the weapons but Wu is alive while a young Harumi is shocked after her parents have died and earns her title as The Quiet One.


  • This event caused Harumi to begin plotting against the Ninja.
  • This event also caused the Stone Army to be reawakened from their deep slumber after thousands of years.


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