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Not be confused with the mini-movie.
How dare you speak so lowly of Father! We made him a promise. These weapons shall not leave this monastery!

The battle between brothers was the fight between the Sons of the First Spinjitzu Master for the Golden Weapons that resulted in Garmadon's banishment to the Underworld.


Battle Between Brothers

When Garmadon succumbed to the darkness from the Great Devourer and his Oni heritage, he planned to steal the Golden Weapons. But when he tried, Wu confronted him. It was up to him to quench his brother's thirst to destroy. The brothers fought, and Wu won the battle, but at a cost. The kimono he was wearing had a protection spell to keep him safe from evil. This in turn worked on Garmadon, and cast Garmadon into the Underworld, banishing him for what could have been eternity.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

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  • There are several differences between the pictures in "Way of the Ninja" and the flashback in "Battle Between Brothers," for example that in the pictures the battle took place on a rocky thin mountain, although in the flashback it was in a monastery. Wu also has a mustache in the pictures, he is wearing white clothes, after the banishing of Garmadon, the ground does not open, but the most significant difference is that in the pictures they are not fighting with the Golden Weapons.
  • It is unknown where Misako and Lloyd were during the battle or if Lloyd had been born at the time.




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