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“The First Spinjitzu Master knew, that for life to blossom in this realm, Wojira had to be stopped. With the help of the islanders and the Merlopians who dwelled in the depth of the sea, they confronted Wojira. It was a fierce battle. Wojira was too powerful.”
Benthomaar in "Master of the Sea"

The Battle in the Endless Sea was a battle fought by the First Spinjitzu Master against Wojira. With the help of the islanders and the Merlopians, he tried to combat Wojira, but she was to invincible. Nyad, the first Elemental Master of Water, eventually merged with the Endless Sea and put Wojira into a deep sleep. After Wojira's defeat, he gave the Storm Amulet to the islanders and the Wave Amulet to the Merlopians for safekeeping and created Ninjago.


One day, the First Spinjitzu Master appeared in Ninjago's realm as a child and he saw the world in chaos, which was caused by Wojira, the sea serpent who has the power to control Wind and Water. He knew that if life was to be made in the realm that the serpent had to be stopped.[1]

Sometime after running into Wojira, the First Spinjitzu Master eventually gathered the Merlopians and islanders to fight against her. But she was too powerful and overpowered the two tribes. All hope was lost until the first Elemental Master of Water, Nyad leapt onto Wojira's head and realized that her amulets were the source of her powers. Nyad attempted to take them off by using her trident, but failed. In the ocean, Nyad came to the conclusion to fuse with the ocean. Eventually, she won the battle against Wojira, prying the amulets from her head. Unfortunately, Nyad could not transform back and was lost. After the battle, when the sea became calm, the First Spinjitzu Master gave the Wave Amulet to the Merlopians and the Storm Amulet to the islanders. Later, the First Spinjitzu Master would go to the Golden Peaks, create the Golden Weapons and later Ninjago.[1]



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