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Kalmaar seeks to awaken Wojira and destroy the surface world. I promised my father I would do everything in my power to stop him.”
— Benthomaar to the ninja, "Escape from Merlopia"

King Benthomaar (often called Bentho for short) is the current king of Merlopia and the ruler of the Endless Sea, Trimaar's adopted son and Kalmaar's adoptive brother. When little, he was adopted by King Trimaar of Merlopia, becoming the brother of Prince Kalmaar. Through the years, Benthomaar tried to convince Kalmaar to accept him as his brother, but he never succeeded. Years later, when Kalmaar was seeking further to awaken the sea serpent Wojira, the ninja visited Merlopia and learned Kalmaar's plan to awaken Wojira. Kalmaar kidnapped Nya and Maya to get the location of the Storm Amulet to awaken Wojira. Kalmaar would soon blast their father and turning the ninja into fugitives. Struggling to take care of him, Benthomaar saw as his father died, telling to him that the ninja are not to blame and that he should stop his brother.

After telling to the ninja his story with Kalmaar, he and them traveled to the Island of the Keepers to get the Storm Amulet before Kalmaar, however they discover that the one they have is a fake one and the real one is with Clutch Powers. Kalmaar would soon attack their ship, but they managed to return to Ninjago City thanks to Nya bringing in whales. Once there, they confronted Kalmaar again. They got the Storm Amulet before Kalmaar could, and Benthomaar decided to stay with the ninja for a while.

However, it turned out that they had the fake amulet again and Kalmaar had the real one. Thus, Kalmaar finally managed to awaken Wojira, who brought destruction and flooded Ninjago City. Confronting his brother one last time, he finally stopped declaring him as his brother and broke his trident, losing control of Wojira, resulting into Wojira eating Kalmaar alive. After Nya sacrificed herself merging with the Endless Sea and defeating Wojira, Benthomaar was present at her memorial.

After returning to Merlopia, he was crowned King of Merlopia and became the ruler of the Endless Sea.


The Tale of Benthomaar (flashback)

Benthomaar found by his new father, Trimaar

When Benthomaar was little, he somehow got trapped in the coral at the bottom of the Endless Sea, where he was hiding from eels that began to attack him. However, when Trimaar, the King of Merlopia noticed it, he attacked the eels and defeated all of them, saving the boy's life. Then he adopted the child and called him Benthomaar, which means "deep sea."

Swimming in the current

However, his new brother, Prince Kalmaar took an immediate disliking to him, but Benthomaar tried very hard to get his adoptive brother to like him. Trimaar took him into his care and helped him become an excellent swimmer. Benthomaar also started attending some type of academy in Merlopia, where he was educated.

One day they swam together in one of the fast currents in Merlopia. When Benthomaar looked at his father, he didn't noticed the Merlopians swimming in front of him, and when he avoided the collision, fell out of the current and almost stabbed on the corals, Trimaar saved him from death.

Knocking on Kalmaar's window

Shortly afterwards, Benthomaar swam to the window of Kalmaar's room and knocked on it, telling his brother to go out and play with him. Kalmaar then explained that he did not want to spend time with him because he was not of the same species and did not have royal blood. Benthomaar, disappointed by his brother's words, then swam away.

Showing a model of Wojira he made to his brother

Some time later, Benthomaar longed for Kalmaar's favor again, and so he found several sea scrolls about Wojira that he thought might please Kalmaar. As he knocked on his brother's room door, Kalmaar explained that he had read the scrolls years ago and thrown them out of his hands. When he closed the door, Benthomaar collected the scrolls and left. He later made a model of Wojira from an unknown material and knocked on Kalmaar's door again to give him a gift, but Kalmaar slammed the door without taking the model.

Reuniting with his brother

Years later, Kalmaar noticed Benthomaar swimming in front of his room's window and realized he would be the perfect pawn in his plan to reawaken Wojira, becuase he could lead him through the Tartarus Trench. While Benthomaar was throwing his arrows at the coral-fastened shells and had fun, Kalmaar swam to him. He praised his last throw and told him that was why he always admired him. Benthomaar wondered why Kalmaar had suddenly changed. His older brother told him that he was good at everything he did and that he owed him an apology for all the years he had treated him badly, lying that he had always competed with him for his father's attention. Benthomaar, blinded by the sudden change, believed Kalmaar's lies and hugged his brother as they shook hands. Kalmaar then told him that he wanted to go exploring with him, so he summoned manta rays for both of them.

In the Tartarus Trench

Saving Kalmaar from an eel

As they swam into the Tartarus Trench, Benthomaar was horrified at the sight of the graveyard of ships and asked Kalmaar if it was a good idea. The older brother therefore told him that he thought it would happen and that Benthomaar was too young for it. His deception worked, and Bentho longed to continue exploring. As they crossed the rocky cliffs, Benthomaar accidentally slipped into one of the hydrothermal vents and fell from his manta ray, although he managed to save himself. He then noticed that the vent could be swam from below, so he helped Kalmaar get through.

Leaving his brother

They then crossed the rest of the Tartarus Trench until they reached the Temple of Wojira. Benthomaar wondered where they were when he noticed the eel ready to attack Kalmaar. He swam quickly to the eel and tried to stop it until he used his arrow and scared it away. He then returned to Kalmaar and asked him what they would do now. Kalmaar explained that he had deceived him and that he would never consider him a brother and sent him home. Benthomaar, disappointed by his older brother's lie, then returned to Merlopia realizing that Kalmaar would never love him.

With his father and brother

The Wrath of Kalmaar

When Trimaar learned that the Hydro Bounty had been sunk, he realized that Kalmaar had done so, although Benthomaar tried to convince him that Kalmaar certainly wouldn't.

When Kalmaar arrived at the throne room in the Merlopian Palace, he greeted his brother. Kalmaar then explained that he had not sunk the Hydro Bounty, and Benthomaar supported him, saying that the surface-dwellers' ships would unfortunately sometimes sink themselves.

Long Live the King

With Kalmaar watching their father

When Benthomaar heard that his father had been gravely injured by the surface-dwellers, he immediately ran to the throne room to see for himself. He asked Kalmaar to help him and call the physicians, but his older brother refused, saying it was too late. When Kalmaar left, Bentho realized that he could still help his father, so he laid him on his shoulders and went out into the hallway.

Final moments with his father

While there was a great rush in the palace for the king's murder and the escape of the ninja, Benthomaar carried his father down the hallway to the physicians. But Trimaar told him to listen to him, as it was too late. Benthomaar told him not to talk and to save his energy, but Trimaar asked him to put him down so he could tell him the truth. Benthomaar finally obeyed his father and leaned him against a pillar in the hallway. Trimaar then explained that he was not injured by the surface-dwellers, but by Kalmaar, and asked him to promise to help them stop his brother. He then told him that although he was not born to him, he always loved him as his own son. Bentho told him he loved him too and started crying before his father eventually died.

Escape from Merlopia

Meeting the ninja

After the death of his father, Benthomaar took his spear and hurried to find the ninja. When he found them in one of the flooded corridors full of the Ripper Sharks, he opened the door for them and asked them if they were okay. He then explained to them who he was and that he knew who had killed his father and that he would help them get out of the palace. He then led them to the entrance of hangar bay, where the Hydro Bounty was stored. However, as the Maaray Guards were guarding the door, Benthomaar ordered the ninja to wait and came to the guards himself to tell them that Kalmaar was calling them. The guards who believed his lie left, and the ninja rejoined the Prince while asking him what he had told them.

With Nya and Maya near the Hydro Bounty's entrance

When they entered the hangar bay, they found a number of Maaray Guards. Benthomaar greeted them and explained that the ninja were his friends from out of town. Then Jay said he had an idea and approached the guards, even though Benthomaar wanted to stop him. When Jay thought his lie about coming from Bubbletubblepopolis was working and whispered it to Bentho, the guards attacked them. After a brief fight, when Kalmaar arrived in the hangar bay, the ninja and Bentho entered the Hydro Bounty and sailed out of the palace.

With the ninja inside the Hydro Bounty

As Kalmaar chased them in Merlopia, Bentho told the ninja that he knew where the tunnel they could escape was, so P.I.X.A.L. aimed the submarine there. They then managed to shake Kalmaar off in a tunnel by redirecting a group of missiles to cause a cave-in right as the Bounty passed through.

Once they were safe, Nya introduced Bentho to her friends, Zane, P.I.X.A.L., Jay, Lloyd, and her mother, Maya. Jay then asked Benthomaar why he was helping them, which he replied that he had promised his father that he would stop his adoptive brother.

Telling his story to the ninja

The Tale of Benthomaar

While they were travelling to the Island of the Keepers, Benthomaar told the ninja his story, concluding that he was alone. However, the ninja consoled him, telling him that they were his friends.

The Storm Amulet

With the ninja in the Hydro Bounty's kitchen

As the Hydro Bounty entered the storm belt, the ninja were gathered in the kitchen, and Jay asked Bentho if Kalmaar needed two amulets to awaken Wojira, which Benthomaar had agreed to. When they anchored off the island, Nya told Bentho that the Keepers were a little touchy and that he should rather leave the story to them, which Bentho agreed.

In the Keepers' Village

They then emerged from the Bounty and the Keepers led them into the village. There, the ninja and Bentho learned that the Storm Amulet was fake, so they quickly returned to the Bounty, where they contacted Cole and told him that the amulet was in the Explorer's Club.

Protecting the ninja

When Kalmaar broke into the Bounty, he greeted Benthomaar and aimed the trident at the ninja. However, Bentho defended them and said they were his friends. Then Benthomaar removed the spear from his back and turned it a few times in his hand to get into a fighting pose. However, Kalmaar knocked the spear out of his hand and threw it on the floor. He then destroyed the devices in the Hydro Bounty and swam away as the ninja and Benthomaar stepped out of the submarine and realized they had no way to get away.

Talking about Nyad to the ninja

Riddle of the Sphinx

Watching Nya with the ninja

After Zane failed to fix the Hydro Bounty, Benthomaar asked Nya if she could summon the whales using her Elemental Power of Water, which Nya disbelievingly replied no and claimed she only had the power to control water. He replied that her name was Nya, which she didn't understand, so he explained that Nyad was the first Elemental Master of Water and that she rode on the backs of whales. Maya was aware of the story and said they named their daughter after her. Benthomaar then explained to her that Nyad had defeated Wojira many millennia ago. However, when both Nya and Maya claimed that they could not summon whales, Bentho asked them if they had ever tried. Nya therefore agreed, and they moved to the island's beach, where Nya tried to summon whales in shallow water which ultimately succeeded.

Master of the Sea

Talking about the Battle of Nine Days

While the ninja traveled with him in the Hydro Bounty using the whales, Benthomaar told them about the Battle of Nine Days, a battle that occured before the creation of Ninjago, until Nyad, the first Elemental Master of Water, merged herself with the Endless Sea to defeat the sea serpent, allowing the First Spinjitzu Master to create Ninjago and have the realm live in peace. After telling them about the battle, Benthomaar also told them that his brother now wanted to destroy the balance by planning to reawake Wojira and use her to recreate the Fury of the Storm to destroy all of the islands within the realm, including Ninjago.

Saving Nya from Kalmaar

When they arrived at the harbor, Benthomaar stood against Kalmaar and fought him. Kalmaar tried to deceive him and told him to join him, with which Benthomaar disagreed. He sent a blast from his trident at Benthomaar, which he dodged. However, Gripe hit him from behind. Bentho then fell to the ground and told Nya to pursue him.

Nya showing the Monastery of Spinjitzu to Benthomaar

When Nya returned without defeating Kalmaar, Benthomaar was sad but pleased when Nya showed them the Amulet she had stolen.

Later, the ninja took Benthomaar to the Monastery of Spinjitzu, where Nya showed him all the rooms and the courtyard. After their tour ended, he praised the Monastery and told her that it was a wonderful place. When she told him that she had talked to the ninja and Wu before, and they all agreed that Bentho could stay with them, he was very happy, though she warned him about Cole's snoring.

Playing billiards with the ninja

Benthomaar and Nya then returned to the relaxation room, where Lloyd, Zane, and Jay taught Bentho how to play billiards. During the game, Bentho asked them where the Storm Amulet was hidden so that his brother would not get it. Lloyd replied that they had "made some friends in high places."

The Calm Before the Storm

Visiting Glutinous in the Ninjago City Police Station

When the Police Commissioner called the ninja to come to the police station, Benthomaar went with them. He was surprised to find that it was because of Glutinous, who was locked in the interrogation room. When they entered the room and Benthomaar asked why he had come, the scientist told him that Kalmaar had rewoken Wojira, which Bentho and the others could not believe until he explained it to them by Kalmaar exchanging the Amulet for a fake one.

Fighting a Maaray Guard

Assault on Ninjago City

When Ninjago City was flooded by the sea, Benthomaar went with the ninja to fight the Maaray Guards. He tried to reach an agreement with Gripe and the other Merlopians and told them that Wojira destroyed the balance of Ninjago and that his brother, Kalmaar had killed Trimaar, but the guards did not believe and continued to fight.


Saving Jay

When Jay's sub car was filled with water, Benthomaar and Cole came to his aid. The Merlopian prince helped him get out of the car and carried him to the surface, although Jay inhaled too much seawater.

Watching Nya with the ninja

He and the ninja then transported Jay to the roof of the Ninjago News Center, where they hid. During their hiding, Nya asked Benthomaar how Nyad had defeated Wojira, to which he replied that she had become one with the sea. Noticing that Nya was thinking about it, he told her not to think about such things, as it could not be undone.

He later fell asleep with the ninja and Wu. He woke up when Nya tried to merge with the sea and quickly realized what she was doing. When Wu asked him, he replied that she wanted to merge with the sea, and then everyone ran out of the building to stop her, but to no avail.

The Turn of the Tide

Fighting Gripe

While Nya fought Wojira and Kalmaar, Benthomaar, along with the ninja and Wu, climbed to the roof of the Ninjago City Police Station where they started fighting the Maaray Guards. During the fight, he used his arrow to protect himself from Gripe.

Fighting his brother

When Kalmaar destroyed Nya's water body and defeated Jay, Benthomaar jumped on Wojira's forehead and attacked his brother to seek revenge. When Kalmaar told him that he was unable to face his king, Benthomaar told him that he was not his king or brother, and that he would pay for what he had done to their father. Kalmaar then grabbed his spear and broke it, knocking Benthomaar off Wojira's forehead. During the fall, however, the younger brother threw the arrow from his quiver at his brother and destroyed his trident, thus abolishing his rule over Wojira, who then devoured him. When Kalmaar was dead, Benthomaar looked sad and slightly regretted his brother's death. When Wojira was attacking the ninja, he tried to escape her, but when Nya returned, he watched the fight.

During Nya's departure

On Nya's memorial

Later, when Nya finally defeated Wojira by destroying the Wave Amulet, everyone was happy, although Benthomaar realized that it was too late for her. As the ninja tried to save her at the roof of the police station, Benthomaar realized that the sea was calling her. When she left, he was saddened by her loss.

Few days after the Great Flood, Benthomaar attended Nya's memorial in the Monastery of Spinjitzu and honored her memory.

Back to Merlopia!

After the memorial, Benthomaar returned to Merlopia and told the citizens of the kingdom the truth that his father had been murdered by Kalmaar. The Merlopians believed him and crowned him King of Merlopia.

Some time later, he heard the word of the Water Dragon and decided to leave Merlopia and went out on a search in the Endless Sea hoping to find his friend, Nya.

However, after several months of searching, he gave up hope and returned to rule Merlopia. When he was home, he sent a message to the ninja about it.[1]


“I need a guinea fish. Someone who's an incredibly strong swimmer, but easily manipulated. And entirely expendable.”
— Kalmaar about his brother to Gripe, "The Tale of Benthomaar"

Benthomaar showing some sea scrolls he had found for Kalmaar

Benthomaar is a kind and gentle person who thinks positively of people and tries to please them in the best way he could through his caring and considerate characteristics. However, it is characteristics such as this that leads to his vulnerability where he is easy to manipulate and taken advantaged of due to his friendly and benevolent nature. His kindness manifests itself especially in the fact that he constantly tried to please Kalmaar and gain his favor, as he did not understand that his older brother would never like him.

After realizing that Kalmaar would never love him

Kalmaar therefore took advantage of his naivete and manipulated him to help him find the Temple of Wojira. When he finally realized that Kalmaar had just cheated him and would never love him, Benthomaar tried to defy his manipulative side and no longer trusted him, even calling him Kalmaar instead of brother. He still told him that he hoped to find what he was looking for. However, this did not last long, and for a while he felt again that his brother might love him, started calling him brother again and even defended him when Trimaar thought he had sunk the surface-dwellers' ships. He only became fully aware of Kalmaar's hatred after learning that he had killed their father.

Believing Kalmaar's lie

Benthomaar also has a sense of obedience, although he broke it several times, for example when he went with Kalmaar to the Tartarus Trench, although he was aware that it was a dangerous and, above all, forbidden place. However, his desire for his brother's love convinced him to break his father's ban. After he and Kalmaar discovered the Temple of Wojira, he did not tell this information to his father.

Even with all that however, Benthomaar has a strong sense of justice and is not afraid to stand up for others in the right of a situation. As soon as he learned that Kalmaar had killed his father, he immediately went to help the ninja and left his home kingdom to help them escape.

Praising the Monastery of Spinjitzu

During the years that Benthomaar was only with his father and realized Kalmaar's hatred, he felt that Trimaar was the only being who could love him. Therefore, he could not immediately accept his death, realizing that the only one who ever loved him was gone. However, the ninja immediately misled him and offered to be his friends. Benthomaar was very happy about this and was sincerely pleased when they offered him the opportunity to stay in the monastery. During this stay, he developed a relationship with the ninja, and especially with Nya, and finally refused to tell her how Nyad had merged with the sea because he did not want her to suffer the same fate, but Nya eventually convinced him.

Benthomaar is shown to sympathize with those who have faced troubling times, such as when he felt bad when he's reminded of sunken ships in the graveyard of ships and siding with those that feel that they are inferior. He holds a great deal of concern for those he's with despite the terrible things they have done to him. Benthomaar also has a way with words and is not afraid to lie if it is for a good cause as displayed when convincing a group of Maaray Guards that Kalmaar sent for them in which they believed his statement.

After Kalmaar's death

After Kalmaar destroyed Nya's physical form and defeated Jay in a duel, Benthomaar insidiously attacked his brother from behind and tried to kill him, completely controlled by emotions from the loss of his father and Nya. He told Kalmaar that he would pay for what he had done to Trimaar, and renounced Kalmaar his king. Although Kalmaar defeated him and threw him from Wojira, Benthomaar managed to destroy Kalmaar's trident with his arrow and thus cause his death. As soon as Wojira swallowed Kalmaar, Benthomaar looked sad, realizing what he had done.


“Ew, what is that thing? It looks weak.”
Kalmaar about his brother, "The Tale of Benthomaar"

Benthomaar has blue-gray skin with many dark blue and black symbols. He has black hair combed up on his head and a white chest with marked abdominal muscles. He also has bright blue eyes with rough eyebrows, black and white markings on his cheeks, and small sharp white teeth. He is relatively modestly dressed, as he wears gold armor that covers half of his chest with a gold chain extending to his back resembling his adoptive brother's. He also has dark blue gloves and the same armor around his hips and thighs, under which is an orange garment resembling scales.

As a child, he did not wear armor and his hair was combed to the left.

As a baby, he did not have abdominal muscles or armor. He also had much thinner eyebrows and his hair was shorter. His cheek markings were much smaller.

Weapons and abilities

“You're good at anything you put your mind to. A scholar, an athlete, a fine swimmer.”
Kalmaar to his brother, "The Tale of Benthomaar"


Fighting the eel

  • Amphibious survival: Benthomaar is able to survive on both land and water.
  • Swimming: Benthomaar is an exceedingly excellent swimmer, as he was able to not only keep up with Cole's mini submarine but also swim through the poisonous vents of Tartarus Trench.
  • Superhuman strength: Benthomaar is stronger than an average human, as he was able to catch and throw an eel against a wall.[2]
  • Origami: He is able to make an accurate paper model of Wojira.[2]


  • Spear: Benthomaar carries a spear with him that he is able to use well in combat.
  • Arrows: Benthomaar always has a quiver holding small, golden arrows that were able to destroy Kalmaar's trident.



Riding their manta rays with Kalmaar



“King Trimaar was caring, attentive... He accepted me and treated me just like his own son.”
— Benthomaar about his father, "The Tale of Benthomaar"

Benthomaar's last moments with his father

Trimaar was Benthomaar's adoptive father. When Benthomaar was a child, Trimaar saved him from the eels. Although he was not his own son, he loved him very much and raised him as his own. They often had fun and had a good relationship. When Kalmaar mortally wounded his father, Benthomaar was very sad and willing to do anything to save his father. Before Trimaar died, he told his son that he loved him, which Benthomaar agreed to. After his death, he was eroded to avenge his father.


“I am not your brother! And you will never be my king!”
— Benthomaar to Kalmaar, "The Turn of the Tide"

Benthomaar with his older brother

Kalmaar was Benthomaar's older adoptive brother. When Kalmaar first met Benthomaar, he gained no interest in him and didn't treat him the same way Trimaar did.

Bethomaar wanted to get closer to Kalmaar as he grew up, and he really wanted him to be his real brother, although Kalmaar ignored him. As years went by, Kalmaar continued to ignore Benthomaar until he learned where the Temple of Wojira was at, and decided to use Benthomaar's swimming skills to go there. Then Kalmaar tricked Benthomaar into finding the temple for him, and once they both did, Kalmaar told him to go and that he'll never consider him as his brother, as Benthomaar just reminds him of Trimaar's compassion.

Benthomaar's last fight with his brother

After Kalmaar killed their father, Benthomaar was heartbroken that his brother would commit such an act but kept trying to convince him to take a better path. Kalmaar refused and continued to pursue his goals.

Bethomaar showing remorse that Kalmaar got eaten by Wojira

By the time he had awoken Wojira and attacked Ninjago City, Benthomaar no longer considered him his brother and angrily attacked him as Benthomaar tries to avenge Trimaar.

When Kalmaar was devoured by Wojira, Benthomaar showed a bit of sadness and remorse, implying that he still cares or has some regret for the way things turned out between him and his adoptive brother.


“Kalmaar, these are my friends. Do not hurt them!”
— Benthomaar about the ninja, "The Storm Amulet"

Benthomaar with the ninja

When Benthomaar learned that Kalmaar had killed their father and not the ninja, he decided to help them at the request of his father. He helped them escape from Merlopia and left with them. During the journey to the Island of the Keepers, he told them his story and they became friends so much that when Kalmaar attacked them, Benthomaar decided to stand up for them. When they seemingly defeated Kalmaar, the ninja offered their new friend to live with them in the monastery, which Benthomaar greatly accepted their offer.


“No, Bentho. We might not be family, but I promise you, you're not alone.”
Nya to Benthomaar, "The Tale of Benthomaar"

After learning that Kalmaar had killed his adopted father and not the ninja, he decided to help them at the request of his father. He helped Nya and her friends escape from Merlopia and left with them.

Nya offers Benthomaar a chance to stay.

Nya and Benthomaar seem to get along very well. They are also supportive as shown in "The Tale of Benthomaar," when Nya comforts him over the loss of his adopted father and Kalmaar's betrayal. In "Riddle of the Sphinx," Benthomaar encourages Nya to call the whales using her elemental powers.

In "Master of the Sea," Benthomaar defends Nya from Kalmaar's attack and later, Nya offers him a chance to stay with her and her friends at the monastery. In "Nyad", Nya asks Benthomaar how Nyad managed to merge with the ocean, to which he shows worry and attempts to persuade her to neglect the thought. However, despite his warnings, Nya merged with the sea in the end, and he was saddened when she left them. Later on, he attended her memorial.

Benthomaar with a paper model of Wojira he created


Although Benthomaar probably had a neutral relationship with Wojira during his childhood, and in order to gain a favorable brother, he even tried to help him to find her. However, when she was reakawened, he fought on the side of the ninja to defeat her.




Official description

Prince Benthomaar

Bentho is the nickname of this kind soul! Loved by his adoptive father King Trimaar and hated by his adoptive brother Kalmaar, he finds true friends in the ninja. He helps the heroes in the final duel in Ninjago City.[3]




Season 14: Seabound

Season 15: Crystalized

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“What shall I call you? How about … Benthomaar? It means "deep sea." Would you like that?”
Trimaar to his new son, The Tale of Benthomaar

The name "Benthomaar" may be a play on the Greek word "benthos" and the latin word root "Mar"; meaning "the collection of organisms at the bottom of a body of water" and "ocean or pool" respectively. The name may also be a play on the benthic zone, the aquatic zone for the seafloor.

King Trimaar claims in the flashback in "The Tale of Benthomaar" that the name means "deep sea".

Behind the scenes

  • In the present day, Benthomaar reuses the recolored hair piece that was originally used on The Joker from The LEGO Batman Movie.
    • As a baby, he reused Harry Potter's 2018 hair piece.
    • As a child, he reused Kai's post-movie hair piece, that being a shortened version of Kai's movie hair piece.
      • He is the first Ninjago character besides Kai to use this hair piece.
  • On April 30, 2021, Cole Howard, Benthomaar's voice actor, said that it was "incredibly grateful for the opportunity to play Benthomaar."[4]
  • Although the synopsis for "The Tale of Benthomaar" says that Benthomaar was a baby when Trimaar found him and his behavior in the episode suggests that, his appearance is not based on the LEGO baby model used for example by Baby Wu, but is a classic minifigure with short legs.
    • However, the babies appeared in this way in "Never Trust a Snake," but then the reason was that the LEGO baby model was not yet available in 2012.


  • He is often corrected by Kalmaar when he calls him "brother", with Kalmaar correcting him with "adopted brother".
  • The most heroic thing he had ever seen was when Trimaar saved him from the eels at the bottom of the Endless Sea.[2]
  • As a child, the light blue part on Benthomaar's body was circular, but in the present day, it is shaped like a muscular body. This implies that he has become stronger over time.
  • He is the third adopted character, the first two being Jay and Harumi.
    • Out of these characters, he is the second to be royalty after Harumi.
    • Unlike the first two, Benthomaar's real parents were never shown or even mentioned (although he mentioned them hypothetically in "The Tale of Benthomaar").
  • He is the third prince to appear in Ninjago, the first being Nadakhan and the second being Kalmaar.
  • He is the eleventh known king in Ninjago, the first ten being Pythor, Skales, Khanjikhan, Nadakhan (in an alternate timeline), Mambo V, Grimfax, Atta the Ratta, Vangelis, Trimaar and Kalmaar.
  • He is similar to Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both wielded golden polearms with a blue substance glowing at the end (Benthomaar's spear and Loki's scepter), were adopted as a child by a king (Trimaar and Odin), came from a species other than their new family (unknown and the Frost Giants), had blue skin, were considered as outcasts in their respective kingdoms (Merlopia and Asgard), though they were princes, and had multiple conflicts with the biological son of his adoptive father (Kalmaar and Thor).
    • However, in Loki and his adoptive brother Thor's case, Thor tried to understand Loki and befriend him, while Loki pushed him away. In Benthomaar and his adoptive brother Kalmaar's case, Benthomaar wanted to befriend Kalmaar and earn his affection, while Kalmaar kept his distance from him.
  • He is similar to Vania, as they both served as the good and youngest member of their families and helped the ninja. Both also learn that their evil relative (Kalmaar and Vangelis) did terrible things (using Wojira to destroy Ninjago and enslaving the Munce and Geckles) and at the end, they finally stopped declaring them as their relatives and watched them taken away by their own allies (Wojira and Army of Shintaro). Then, both of them became the rulers of their kingdoms.



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