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Kalmaar seeks to awaken Wojira and destroy the surface world. I promised my father I would do everything in my power to stop him.
— Benthomaar to the ninja in "Escape from Merlopia"

Prince Benthomaar (often shortened to Bentho) is Trimaar's adopted son and Kalmaar's adoptive brother. When little, he was adopted by King Trimaar of Merlopia, becoming the brother of Prince Kalmaar. Through the years, Benthomaar tried to convince Kalmaar to accept him as his brother, but he never succeeded. Years later, when Kalmaar was seeking further to awaken the sea serpent Wojira, the ninja visited Merlopia and learned Kalmaar's plan to awaken Wojira. Kalmaar kidnapped Nya and Maya to get the location of the Storm Amulet to awaken Wojira. Kalmaar would soon blast their father and turning the Ninja into fugitives. Struggling to take care of him, Benthomaar saw as his father died, telling to him that the ninja are not to blame and that he should stop his brother.

After telling to the ninja his story with Kalmaar, he and them traveled to the Island of the Keepers to get the Storm Amulet before Kalmaar, however they discover that the one they have is a fake one and the real one is with Clutch Powers. Kalmaar would soon attack their ship, but they managed to return to Ninjago City thanks to Nya bringing in whales. Once there, they confronted Kalmaar again. They got the Storm Amulet before Kalmaar could, and Benthomaar decided to stay with the ninja for a while.

However, it turned out that they had the fake amulet again and Kalmaar had the real one. Thus, Kalmaar finally managed to awaken Wojira, who brought destruction and flooding into Ninjago City. Confronting his brother one last time, he finally stopped declaring him as his brother and broke his trident, loosing control of Wojira, resulting into Wojira eating Kalmaar alive. After Nya sacrificed herself merging with the Endless Sea and defeating Wojira, Benthomaar was present at her memorial.


The Tale of Benthomaar (flashback)

When Benthomaar was little, he was adopted by King Trimaar after being attacked by eels. Kalmaar took an immediate disliking to him, but Benthomaar tried very hard to get his adopted brother to like him. Trimaar took him into his care and helped him become an excellent swimmer. Throughout the years, Benthomaar showed Kalmaar scrolls and a model of Wojira, but to no avail.

Years later, Kalmaar noticed Benthomaar swimming and realized he would be the perfect pawn in his plan to reawaken Wojira. He pretends to apologize and want to start fresh, and Benthomaar is happy to see this. They travel to Tartarus Trench, and when Benthomaar is a bit scared to go on, Kalmaar is able to convince him to do so. They travel through the hydrothermal vents, and Benthomaar is hit by one, but is able to help his brother avoid it. They are able to find the Temple of Wojira, and when Benthomaar asks what to do next, Kalmaar admitted that he said before was a lie and told him go home, making Benthomaar realize that Kalmaar will never love him.

The Wrath of Kalmaar

Benthomaar was with Trimaar when he called Kalmaar. He greeted his brother, and listened to Kalmaar's explanation. He mentioned that it was very sad how there were many ships sinking.

Long Live the King

Benthomaar entered the room after Kalmaar shot Trimaar, and attempted to get help for Trimaar. When Kalmaar refuses to help, he carries Trimaar, looking for a physician. However, Trimaar asks him to put him down, and in his final moments, asks Benthomaar to help the ninja and tells him that while he was not born to him, he claims Benthomaar as his son and that he loves him.

Escape from Merlopia

Benthomaar assists the ninja in escaping from Kalmaar and the Maaray Guards. The ninja briefly discuss if he can be trusted or not while Benthomaar tells a group of Maaray Guards that Kalmaar had sent for them before leading the ninja further towards the hangar bay. However, when they got there, they found the bay flooded with Maaray Guards and a fight broke out. Kalmaar finds out about his brother's treachery and leads a group of Maaray Guards to hunt him and the ninja down. Then they succeed in escaping the hangar bay by the Hydro Bounty, albeit with Kalmaar in close pursuit. They manage to shake him off in a tunnel by redirecting a group of missiles to cause a cave-in right as the Bounty passes through.

The Tale of Benthomaar

Benthomaar tells the ninja his story, concluding that he is alone. However, the ninja console him, telling him that they are his friends.

The Storm Amulet

When Maya, Nya, Jay, Lloyd, Zane and Benthomaar on the Hydro Bounty talked about Kalmaar’s plan and how they must get to the Island of the Keepers before Kalmaar, they eventually made it to the storm belt. To avoid being damaged, P.I.X.A.L. moved the sub underwater. Nya then told Benthomaar to stay onboard to avoid problems with the Keepers and he agreed. They then went to the leader of the Keepers, where they took over the Storm Amulet. However, when they found out that it was fake, they quickly went to the Hydro Bounty. When Kalmaar bursted through the door and mocked him for joining the ninja, Benthomaar told him that the ninja are his friends and to leave them alone. Then Kalmaar told him that he'll do as he wished. When he then broke Bounty, Benthomaar remained trapped on the island along with the ninja.

Riddle of the Sphinx

After Zane failed to fix the Bounty, Benthomaar asks Nya if she could summon the whales which Nya disbelievingly replies no and claims she only has the power to control water. Maya agrees, telling Bentho that she would have noticed this too since she was the previous Master of Water. However, Benthomaar persists, asking if they tried it before. They both reply with a no again. Seeing they had no option left, Nya goes out into the sea to try this new approach with her powers, which she will finally succeed.

Master of the Sea

While the ninja traveled with him in the Hydro Bounty using the whales, Benthomaar told them the story of Nyad, the first Elemental Master of Water to defeat Wojira. He also told them that his brother was trying to reawake her and create a wave of destruction not seen since the dawn of time.

When they arrived at the harbor, he stood against Kalmaar and fought with him. Kalmaar tried to deceive him and told him to join him, with which Benthomaar disagreed. He sends a blast at Benthomaar, which he dodges. However, Gripe hits him from behind. Bentho then fell to the ground and told Nya to pursue him.

When Nya returned without defeating Kalmaar, he was sad but pleased when Nya showed him the Amulet she had stolen.

Later, the ninja took Benthomaar to the monastery, where Nya showed him all the rooms. She also talked to the ninja and Wu, and they all agreed that Bentho could stay with them. When she told him, he was very happy, though she warned him about Cole's snoring.

Later, Benthomaar played billiards in the relaxation room with the ninja and asked them where the Storm Amulet was hidden so that his brother would not get it. Lloyd replied that they had made some friends in high places.

The Calm Before the Storm

When the Commissioner called the ninja to come to the police station, Benthomaar went with them. He was surprised to find that it was because of Glutinous. When asked why he had come, the scientist told him that Kalmaar had rewoken Wojira, which Bentho and the others could not believe until he explained it to them by Kalmaar exchanging the Amulet for a fake one.

Assault on Ninjago City

When Ninjago City was flooded by the sea, Benthomaar went with the ninja to fight the Maaray Guards. He tried to reach an agreement with Gripe and the other Merlopians and told them that Kalmaar had killed Trimaar, but the guards did not believe and continued to fight.


When Jay's sub car was filled with water, Benthomaar and Cole came to his aid. The Merlopian prince helped him get out of the car and carried him to the surface, although Jay drank too much seawater.

He and the ninja then transported Jay to the roof of the Ninjago News Center, where they hid. During their hiding, Nya asked Benthomaar how Nyad had defeated Wojira, to which he replied that she had become one with the sea. Noticing that Nya was thinking about it, he told her not to think about such things, as it could not be undone.

He later fell asleep with the ninja and Wu. He woke up when Nya tried to merge with the sea and quickly realized what she was doing. When Wu asked him, he replied that she wanted to merge with the sea, and then everyone ran out of the building to stop her, but to no avail.

The Turn of the Tide

While Nya fought Wojira and Kalmaar, Benthomaar, along with the ninja and Wu, climbed to the roof of the Ninjago City Police Station. When Kalmaar destroyed Nya's body and defeated Jay, Benthomaar jumped on Wojira's forehead and attacked his brother. When Kalmaar told him that he was unable to face his king, Benthomaar told him that he was not his king or brother, and that he would pay for what he had done to their father. Kalmaar then grabbed his spear and broke it, knocking Benthomar off Wojira's forehead. During the fall, however, his younger brother threw the rest of his spear at his brother and destroyed his trident, thus abolishing his rule over Wojira, which then devoured him.

When Nya defeated Wojira, everyone was happy, although Benthomaar realized that it was too late for her.

After Nya left, he later attended her memorial at the monastery.

Weapons and abilities


  • Strong swimmer: Benthomaar is an exceedingly excellent swimmer, as he was able to not only keep up with Cole's mini submarine but also swim through the poisonous vents of Tartarus Trench.
  • Superhuman strength: Benthomaar is stronger than an average human, as he was able to catch and throw an eel against a wall.[1]
  • Amphibious survival: Benthomaar is able to survive on both land and water.


  • Spear: Benthomaar carries a spear with him that he is able to use well in combat.
  • Quiver with arrows: Benthomaar always has a quiver holding small, golden arrows that were able to destroy Kalmaar's trident.


Benthomaar has blue-gray skin with many dark blue and black symbols. He has black hair combed up on his head and a white chest with marked abdominal muscles. He also has bright blue eyes with rough eyebrows, black and white markings on his cheeks, and small sharp white teeth. He is relatively modestly dressed, as he wears gold armor that covers half of his chest with a gold chain extending to his back resembling his adoptive brother's. He also has dark blue gloves and the same armor around his hips and thighs, under which is an orange garment resembling scales.

As a teenager, he did not wear armor and his hair was combed to the left.

As a child, he did not have abdominal muscles or armor. He also had much thinner eyebrows and his hair was shorter. His cheek markings were much smaller.


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Season 14: Seabound

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The name "Benthomaar" may be a play on the Greek word "benthos" and the latin word root "Mar"; meaning "the collection of organisms at the bottom of a body of water" and "ocean or pool" respectively. The name may also be a play on the benthic zone, the aquatic zone for the seafloor.

King Trimaar claims in the flashback in "The Tale of Benthomaar" that the name means "deep sea".

Behind the scenes

  • In the present day, Benthomaar has Twitchy Tim's hair piece, which was originally used on The Joker from The LEGO Batman Movie.
    • As a child, he had Harry Potter's 2018 hair piece.
    • As an older child or teenager, he had Kai's post-movie hair, that being a shortened version of Kai's movie hair. He is the first Ninjago character besides Kai to have this hairstyle.
  • On April 30, 2021, Cole Howard, Benthomaar's voice actor, confirmed that he would be getting a minifigure.[2]


  • He is often corrected by Kalmaar when he calls him "brother", with Kalmaar correcting him with "adopted brother".
  • As a child, the light blue part on Benthomaar's body was circular, but in the present day, it is shaped like a muscular body. This implies that he has become stronger over time.
  • He is the third adopted character, the first two being Jay and Harumi.
    • Out of these characters, he is the second to be royalty.
  • He is the third prince to appear in Ninjago, the first being Nadakhan and the second being Kalmaar.
  • It is unknown if Benthomaar inherited the role of king after Kalmaar was devoured by Wojira.
  • He is similar to Loki from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Both wielded golden polearms with a blue substance glowing at the end, were adopted as a child by a king, were considered as outcasts (though they were princes) in their respective kingdoms, and had multiple conflicts with the biological son of his adoptive father.
    • However, in Loki and his adopted brother Thor's case, Thor tried to understand Loki and befriend him, while Loki pushed him away. In Benthomaar and his adoptive brother Kalmaar's case, Benthomaar wanted to befriend Kalmaar and earn his affection, while Kalmaar kept his distance from him.
  • He is similar to Vania
    • They served as the good and youngest member of their families and helping the ninja
    • They also trying to convince their own guards (Maaray Guards and the Army of Shintaro) to knowing the truth (Kalmaar was the one who killed Trimaar while Vangelis was lying to them)
      • however, unlike Vania, he didn't successful in convincing them at the end.



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