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The spear was a weapon used by Benthomaar.


Escape from Merlopia

Benthomaar possessed the spear as he rescued Lloyd, Jay, Zane, Nya, P.I.X.A.L., and Maya from some Ripper Sharks, and used it while assisting them in escaping, such as deflecting the Maaray Guards' trident blasts while defending Maya.

The Tale of Benthomaar

When Benthomaar was telling his story to the ninja, his spear was leaned on the wall of the Hydro Bounty.

The Storm Amulet

When the ninja visited the Keepers' Village, Benthomaar had the spear attached to his back.

Later, when Kalmaar attacked the Hydro Bounty, Benthomaar removed the spear from his back and turned it a few times in his hand to get into a fighting pose. However, Kalmaar knocked the spear out of his hand and threw it on the floor.

Master of the Sea

When the Hydro Bounty came to Ninjago Harbor, Benthomaar tried to attack Kalmaar with the spear, but Gripe shot him from behind using a trident and Benthomaar fell to the ground with the spear, which he then left lying there.

The Calm Before the Storm

Benthomaar had the spear attached to his back as he, along with Jay, Zane, Nya and Wu were escorted by the Police Commissioner to the interrogation room where Glutinous was.

Assault on Ninjago City

When Benthomaar swam in Ninjago City with the ninja against the Merlopians, he held the spear in his hand, and when he was attacked by the Maaray Guard, he used it in his defense.


When Benthomaar saved Jay and transported him to the Ninjago News Center, the spear was attached to his back.

The Turn of the Tide

After the battle with the Maaray Guards, Benthomaar fought Kalmaar with his spear. As he defended the spear against the trident, Kalmaar used his tentacles to snatch Benthomaar's spear from his hands and break it in two. He then threw the spear into the flooded city.


Benthomaar's spear consists of a golden stick and a cyan radiant curved blade with several protrusions. At the flat end of the spear there is an enlarged sharp part. Near the blade, there are two extended rings encircling the stick. In the part where the stick joins the blade, there are several sharp protrusions from the stick to the blade and there is a purple gem on both sides.


  • Electrical bolts: Benthomaar's spear can shoot electrical bolts.




Season 14: Seabound

Video games


  • There are several differences between the spear in the sets and the show.
    • While in the show the spear is cyan with a gold handle, in the sets it is all gold.
    • While in the sets the spear represents a new piece 69858 also used for the Maaray Blades, in the show it is more similar to the piece 18395, previously used as the Omega' horns.
  • "The Wrath of Kalmaar," "Long Live the King," and "Riddle of the Sphinx" are the only episodes where Benthomaar appears but his spear not.


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