Gilly returned to the surface, but before she went, she gave to us a parting gift. One was given to the noble Geckles. The other was given to the stinking traitorous Munce. A gift to help us, if ever another evil should return to our mountain.”
Gliff telling the tale of the Blades of Deliverance to the Ninja in "The Two Blades"

The Blades of Deliverance were two swords given to the Munce and Geckles by Lilly as a sign of hope. Vangelis stole them both to turn the Munce and Geckles against each other.

Eventually, Cole snagged the blades from the Awakened Warriors and fought Vangelis with them. However, he used the Skull of Hazza D'ur to shatter them.


The Two Blades (flashback)

Gliff tells the Ninja about the two Blades of Deliverance: the Ivory Blade of Deliverance and the Shadow Blade of Deliverance. He said it was possessed by a powerful warrior named "Gilly". During the time when the Geckles and Munce were living in fear due to a dragon, the warrior went up and defeated the dragon.

After "Gilly" defeated the dragon, "Gilly" gave the Ivory Blade of Deliverance to the Geckles while giving the Shadow Blade of Deliverance to the Munce.

Gliff then starts to blame the Munce for stealing the other sword while Murt thinks the opposite.

Queen of the Munce

Inside the Munce Home-Cave, Lloyd spots a picture depicting an unknown warrior holding the Blades of Deliverance.

The Upply Strike Back!

Lloyd asks the Skull Sorcerer if he stole the Blades of Deliverance, and the Awakened Warriors hold up the two blades. Cole spots the blades and plots a plan to steal them.

While the two Awakened Warriors are walking with the blades, Cole and Plundar sneak upon them. The skeletons are about to store it, but Cole and Plundar punch the skeletons and Cole takes the blades from them.

The Skull Sorcerer checks to see what's going on with Grief-Bringer, and Cole shows himself with the Blades of Deliverance. The two then fight each other with Cole using the blades as weapons.

The Son of Lilly

Cole continues to battle the Skull Sorcerer using the blades. However, he is told that his mother lied to her followers because she knows that they don’t have power. Although Cole refuses to believe it, the blades are soon destroyed.


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