“Everyone else shared the same fate since the Ice Emperor came to power. Even king Long Beard and his warriors were transformed. As Blizzard Samurais, they're now loyal to the Ice Emperor, conquering the entire kingdom and its people.”
The Blizzard Warriors are humans that were corrupted and became members of the Blizzard Samurai. The highest-ranking Blizzard Warrior is known as Grimfax. After the Ice Emperor redeemed himself by destroying his scepter, the Blizzard Warriors were free from their corruption and serve Grimfax once again.


Corruption (flashback)

Several decades ago, the Blizzard Warriors were once Grimfax's warriors till the Ice Emperor arrived in the Never-Realm and corrupted them, turning them into Blizzard Warriors and used them along with the Blizzard Sword Masters and Archers to take over the Never-Realm.

The Never-Realm

The Blizzard Warriors were among the Blizzard Samurai sent by General Vex to destroy the Ninja.

Fire Maker

March of the Blizzard

The Blizzard Warriors attacked Great Lake with legions of Blizzard Archers and Blizzard Sword Masters. During the battle, a Blizzard Warrior attacked Lloyd and his face briefly changed to the face of a normal warrior, showing the Ninja that the Blizzard Warriors are corrupted humans. The Blizzard Warriors' commander, Grimfax, spoke to the Ninja and Ice Fishers and destroyed the Hearth Fire.

An Unlikely Ally

Several of them attacked Lloyd and almost froze him. However, he screamed, causing an avalanche to stop them.

Blizzard Samurai Freezing ability

Secret of The Wolf

Two Blizzard Warriors watched Grimfax nearly being punished by the Ice Emperor.

My Enemy, My Friend

After Boreal captured Lloyd and brought him to the Castle of Ice, Vex ordered two Blizzard Warriors to bring him to the Ice Emperor.

A Fragile Hope

When Lloyd tries to convince Zane to put his scepter down, the Warriors stopped him. They then threw him in the dungeon.

Once and for All

The warriors guard the castle but were unaware Lloyd, Kataru, Grimfax, and Akita are sneaking around.

Later, the warriors and Blizzard Sword Masters sided with Vex and had the Resistance surrounded. Kataru and Grimfax fight the army while Lloyd tries to find Zane.


The Warriors eventually subdue Grimfax and Kataru. The Warriors made it to the throne room, and Vex offers to kill Lloyd. However, Zane regains his memories and reverts the warriors to their original form. Vex was then exiled from their lands.


LEGO Ninjago

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu


  • Like the Blizzard Archers, the head of their minifigure is two-sided with one side having both eyes and the other having one eye.
    • However, in the series, the Blizzard Warriors have the two-eyed sided face while the Blizzard Archers faces are blue and have the one-eyed sided face.
  • The Blizzard Warriors were the only Blizzard Samurai soldiers that are not made of ice.
  • While in the sets they have maroon shoulder armor like Vex's silver armor and the Ice Emperor's white armor, they lack the maroon armor piece in the show.




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