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“And that crystal was obtained from the crystal caves here on the island which we can go to now to complete the spell.”
Chen to Skylor in "The Day of the Dragon"

The Blue Crystal, just like Chronosteel, are crystals obtained in the crystal caves[1] of Chen's Island that can absorb and strip a user of their Elemental Power. It can steal more than one element; if partnered up with Chronosteel as seen with the Staff of Elements, it allows Chronosteel to strip more than one power and the crystal will be protected by the incredibly strong Chronosteel.[2]


  • Power Absorption/Power Stripping - The crystal has the ability to absorb, steal, drain, strip and take away the powers of others by blasting an already absorbed power on the target then the power color will be absorbed in the crystal.
  • Energy Absorption - When the crystal is combined with Chronosteel, the user is able to absorb and drain energy and elemental energy and store it as a power.


70749 Enter the Serpent.png

Red, blue, and green crystal pieces appear in the set 70749 Enter the Serpent, possibly representing Fire, Lightning or Ice, and Energy, respectively.

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