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“They say its teeth can rend any armor, its breath can melt steel, and its scales are impervious even to the sharpest blades!”
Okino in "The Glitch"

The Blue Dragon (formerly known as the Red Dragon) was a Dragon Mech that guarded the Purple Key-Tana in its maze.

After Jay summoned the Blue Dragon, he used it to fight against Unagami's dragon form, the Empire Dragon. However, during the battle, the Empire Dragon overpowered the Blue Dragon and destroyed it.


The Maze of the Red Dragon

While the Red Dragon was sleeping, Jay attempts to sneak up and retrieve the Purple Key-Tana, but his tails lands on Jay. The ninja lift it up and the Red Dragon awakens.

The ninja fight with the Red Dragon, but their attacks prove useless. Okino, knowing the dragon's weakness, is about to help, but Unagami interrupts the game and advises Okino to not interfere and let the ninja perish. However, Okino doesn't listen to Unagami and strikes the Red Dragon's weak point, deducing a life. The ninja then follow suit and begin hitting that same point. Eventually, Jay grabs the Key-Tana and strikes the weak point, removing all of its lives.

After Jay defeated the Red Dragon, Okino tells Jay that he can summon the dragon in a future battle but can only do it once.

The Temple of Madness

While being attacked by the Red Visors at the Manifestation Gate, Jay summons the dragon, now colored blue. He uses it to defeat them and follow Unagami to Ninjago.

Game Over

After Jay returned to Ninjago, he used it to battle the Empire Dragon and lure it to the top of Borg Tower. However, during the battle, the Empire Dragon shot one of its beams at the Blue Dragon, which destroyed it. description

Fly Jay’s Cyber Dragon into epic and exciting battles in both Prime Empire and NINJAGO® City! Put this awesome creature in to attack mode and fire its spring-loaded shooters. Team up with Digi Jay and Digi Nya riding on the dragon to take on their enemies: Unagami and his henchmen Richie and Hausner. You must triumph and keep hold of the prized yellow Key-Tana![1]



LEGO Ninjago

Season 12: Prime Empire

Video games


  • The Blue Dragon as the Red Dragon had sixteen lives, twelve more and four times more than each player within the game.
    • However, these lives appear to work differently to regular player lives, as it loses one every time it is hit on its weak scale, without dying and respawning.
  • It is called the Cyber Dragon in the sets.
  • The Blue Dragon is similar to the Elemental Dragons in that it can be summoned and dissipated by the user at a moment's notice.
    • It is especially similar to the Golden Dragon in that it has two known variants defined by having different commanders.


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