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“You want the staff? Take it.”

The bo staff[1] (also known as a Bamboo Staff[2], Really Big Stick, Nin-Jô, and Glorious Earthbound Staff[3]) is stick-like weapon commonly used by Master Wu and other characters.


Prior to the series

When the sons of the First Spinjitzu Master went to the lake, they took the staffs and fought and trained with them along the way. However, when they decided to go to the Serpentine Valley instead, they were caught by Pyro Vipers and let the staffs to the ground, where they were left lying as they were led to the pyramid. Later, when they learned that Aspheera wanted to overthrow King Mambo V, they stole their father's scrolls and placed them on their staffs. Then they trained in the woods for a while, and Wu managed to break the huge rock in half with the help of staff. As they walked into the pyramid, they hung the staffs on their backs along with the scrolls. Then they broke into the pyramid and defeated Aspheera with the staff and the scroll. Wu could have killed her, but he recovered in time and threw the staff to the ground, and Garmadon did a moment later. When Wu visited Aspheera in her cell, he had staff on his back, even though he and his brother were going home.[4]

At some point before his death, the First Spinjitzu Master engraved a hidden message about placing his tomb in the staff and entrusted the staff to his unsuspecting younger son.[5]

During the Serpentine War and Battle for All of Time, Wu, Garmadon and several Elemental Masters used bamboo staffs as their weapons.[6][7]

Wu with the broken staff

When Garmadon tried to steal the Golden Weapons, he was caught by Wu. Younger brother attacked him with bo staff, but Garmadon broke the staff in half.[8]

When Wu met Cole on the tallest mountain of Ninjago, he had his staff with him.[9]

Pilot episodes

Way of the Ninja

Master Wu uses the staff to attack Samukai and save Kai. He later used it to activate the training course in the monastery.


The Titanium Ninja

Wu used his staff to "thread the needle" to get the shrinking pill to The Overlord. However, this plan failed as Pythor ate it instead.


Winds of Change

With Misako in the Steep Wisdom

After possessing Lloyd, Morro goes to Steep Wisdom tea shop looking for Master Wu and the Staff. After a battle between the ninja and Wu, the staff is dropped over some dust, revealing the engraved symbols. Both Wu and Morro are surprised at this, and the struggle continues. Master Wu manages to retrieve the staff, and he, the ninja, and Nya escape on the Destiny's Bounty.

Ghost Story

Morro chases the Destiny's Bounty on his dragon to get the staff back. He lands on the ship and attacks the ninja. While Jay, Cole, and Nya (as Samurai X) try to fend him off, Wu, Kai, and Zane brought it to their quarters in an attempt to print the symbols on parchment paper. However, despite their efforts, Morro gains the staff and flies it away. Luckily, Wu managed to make an imprint of the message before giving up the staff, which is later deciphered by Misako, who reveals that the first symbol means "Airjitzu."

Later that night, Morro walks into a bar, where he lays out the staff on some chalk, revealing the symbols. He then summons Wrayth, who may have helped him figure out the first symbol.

The Temple on Haunted Hill

Morro reviews the second symbol on the staff, and summons Ghoultar and Bansha to help him decipher it.


After learning Airjitzu, the ninja draw their attention to the second clue on the staff, a sword in some clouds , which is revealed to be the Sword of Sanctuary.

With Cyrus Borg

The Crooked Path

The ninja see that the last symbol on the staff refers to the First Spinjitzu Master's tomb.

Grave Danger

The ninja, Morro, and his Ghost Warriors go to the Tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master. After the ninja complete the first challenge, the second challenge appears to be to obtain the First Spinjitzu Master's other staff. They try extremely hard to get it but no matter how hard they try, it is impossible. Then Cole realizes that they have to think about the clue, "A Spinjitzu Master cannot," meaning that since they are all Spinjitzu Masters, they were never meant to get the staff.

Sons of Garmadon

The Mask of Deception

When Hutchins meets the ninja at the Borg Tower, there is an unknown bamboo staff in a glass case.

Baby Wu with the small staff

Big Trouble, Little Ninjago

When the stranded ninja reaches the Realm of Oni and Dragons, Wu wakes Cole with a small bamboo staff he found.


Saving Faith

Wu using the metal staff

When the stranded ninja go to save Faith, Wu holds a metal staff in his hand as a weapon.

When Wu regains his memories, he is attacked by the Dragon Hunter with metal staff, which Wu takes from her when he defeats her and defends himself against other hunters. However, when Iron Baron urges him to give up, Wu does so and throws the staff to the ground.

When Mystake fights Garmadon, she creates a staff to attack the emperor.

Green Destiny

When Wu gets older again, he gets a new bamboo staff and holds it during a ceremony with the Ninjago citizens at the Royal Palace.

Wu balancing with the cup on his staff

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Master Class

When the ninja talk to Wu and he sits on the porch of the monastery, his staff leans against the door behind him.

Later, when Wu talks to the ninja about balance while standing on long bamboo sticks, he blows up his cup of tea and grabs it at the end of his staff and balances with it. Then he throws the cup with the staff and grabs it in his hand and drinks.

Later, when he seems to walk in the clouds, he holds his staff with both hands.

Thinking Wu leaning on his staff

The Weekend Drill

When Wu walks with Misako in the courtyard of the monastery, he holds his staff in his hands and leans on it. Later, he points with it to the Earth Driller painted on the Ninjago history mural.

Elemental Rider

Wu balancing with his staff

As Wu walks around the courtyard and thinks, he leans on his staff.

March of the Oni

The Darkness Comes

When Wu talks to Kai, Nya and Jay about the balance in the monastery, he balances with the staff on his hand. When the portal opens in the sky and Firstbourne flies out of it, Wu's staff falls. He then picks it up and runs down the stairs. When Faith notices, he throws the staff to the ground, where he leaves it lying.

The staff lying on the ground


When Wu talks to Faith in the monastery, he keeps his staff until the ninja and Garmadon arrive. When his brother throws the Golden Armor into his hands, Wu is forced to drop his staff and let it fall to the ground. When the ninja stand in front of the walls of the monastery, Wu comes to them from the gate, leaning on his staff, so that he can also fight Oni. When the enemies arrive, Wu points to the gate for the monks to close and then stands in a fighting pose with the staff. Wu then does Spinjitzu with the staff to save Nya. Later, when they retreat to the monastery, Wu keeps his staff while doing Spinjitzu and together with the others he creates the Tornado of Creation. When Oni are defeated, Wu's staff remains lying in the courtyard, but he has it again during the ninja's ceremony in the monastery.

Prior to Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Within six months of the Oni's invasion, Wu acquired a new staff, which, unlike the bamboo staff, is made of ordinary wood with a white fabric for a better grip. Wu procures more such staff and hangs them on the wall in his room in the Monastery of Spinjitzu.

Wu with his staff

Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Wasted True Potential

Wu fighting with the ninja

When Wu finds the ninja using the Bell of Divinity as a hot tub, he gets angry and pisses Lloyd by his staff as he farts in the water. He then points out the ninja as softened, and when he calls them to the monastery, he continues with it. When the ninja go to talk in the courtyard with him, he sweeps the ground. When asked how they can stop him from setting up traps, he throws a broom at the pillar supporting the monastery, where he has a leaning staff. This bounces off the pole and hits him directly in his hand. He then jumps into the air and strikes the ground with the staff, creating a great wave of energy that throws the ninja to the ground. When fighting them, he only uses his staff to successfully defend against their attack.

Questing for Quests

When Lloyd comes to Wu's room to get a quest tip from him, three spare staffs are hung on the wall behind the master. When Lloyd leaves the room, he hits the door so hard that all the staffs fall to the ground.

Bo staffs behind Wu

A Rocky Start

When the ninja arrive in the courtyard with their luggage, Wu asks them what's going on while holding the staff. He keeps it in his hand in the lift to the hangar bay and even though he is with P.I.X.A.L. at the garage door when the ninja leave.

The News Never Sleeps!

When Nelson and Antonia arrive at the monastery, Wu holds the staff in his hand.

S11 templegate.png

Under Siege

When Kai, Cole, Jay and P.I.X.A.L. talk to Wu in his room, there are three spare staffs on the wall. Later, when the monastery siege begins, Wu holds his staff in hand and uses it to blast a stone into Pyro Viper, who is trying to climb the wall of the monastery. Later he holds the staff in the hangar bay.

The Explorers Club

Wu holds his staff when he is with the ninja in the hangar bay.

Vengeance is Mine!

When the ninja are hiding in hangar bay, Wu keeps his staff in his hands. When Zane rescues him for the banishment to the Never-Realm, Wu's staff falls out of his hand and falls to the ground next to him.

Wu's staffs behind him

The Formling Leader using his staff

A Cold Goodbye

When Wu enters his room followed by the ninja, he picks up his staff, which is leaning against a wall near the door, and then lays it on the floor next to the locker where Aspheera's staff is hiding. When the ninja convince him to go to the Never-Realm in the morning, he starts meditating while his staff is lying next to him and the other three are on the wall behind him.

The Last of the Formlings

When Akita and Kataru come to the Choosing, the Formling Leader holds his staff and later defends with it against Vex.

On the way to Shintaro

Master of the Mountain


Wu takes his staff to Shintaro and holds it in his hand on Destiny's Bounty during their journey. When he is attacked by a Dire Bat, he falls down and the staff falls with him on a deck. It probably falls out of the ship when the mast is broken and the ship is tilted to the side.

Wu twists his staff in the hand.

The Island


Wu takes his staff on an expedition to an uncharted island. As he, Misako, Clutch Powers and his interns explore the jungle, Wu has his staff slung on his back under his cape. When they are attacked by the Stone Guardians, he takes his staff to his hand, twists it a few times in the hand and is ready to fight. As they try to escape, Wu blow up his staff and grabbs it again for a more comfortable hold. After being captured by the Keepers, Wu is likely to lose his staff in the jungle.

The Virtues of Spinjitzu


When Wu entered the courthouse, he had his staff in his hand. Later he would use the staff to knock Cole after he was meditating on concrete bricks.


The Call of the Deep

During Nya's training with Maya in the courtyard, Wu's staff leans on one of the monastery's support pillars. When Nya does not do the movements properly, her mother picks up the staff at great speed, thus improving her daughter's movements.

Riddle of the Sphinx

As Kai trains with Ray in the courtyard of the monastery, Wu jumps on a golden dragon statue in the middle, where he stands while holding staff.

Later, when Kai, Cole, Ray, Misako and Wu break into the Explorer's Club, Wu still holds his staff. When they manage to answer the riddle of the Sphinx, they go inside the club, Wu holds the staff. When King Kalmaar breaks into the club and challenges Wu to give him the Storm Amulet, Wu twists the staff in his hand several times and prepares to fight. He then hits Kalmaar in the face and twists the staff again. Kalmaar tries to take the Amulet from him, but Wu defends himself with the staff. When they fight again, Wu defends himself with an attack by the staff. Kalmaar wraps his tentacle around the staff and throws Wu to the other side of the room, knocking the master's staff out of his hands. However, Wu does not give up and stands on the corner of the staff lying on the ground, which jumps right into his hands. The two then run towards each other and collide.


When Kalmaar escapes from the club, Wu attacks him while holding the staff. When Kalmaar fired by the trident at Cole, Wu jumped in front of him and covered the attack with staff, but fell to the ground. When he was attacked by the other Merlopians, he stood up and fought.

Later, when Antonia and Nelson manage to save Kai, Wu holding his staff with Ray and Cole run up to them. They therefore run to the harbor.

Master of the Sea

When Kalmaar came to the harbor and imagined the destruction of Ninjago City, Wu ran up to him along the pier and kicked him in the chest while holding the staff. When Misako attacked Kalmaar, but failed andhe aimed his trident at her, Wu was startled and jumped on the trident so that Kalmaar could not fire. However, when the Merlopians threatened Kai, Cole, Ray, and Kalmaar headed for Misako, Wu threw his staff to the ground and surrendered.

Later, when Jay unties thse five, Zane throw the staff at Wu. Wu then twisted it over in his hand and attacked the Merlopians.

Jay fights Kalmaar using the Bo staff.

The Turn of the Tide

When Wojira used the Fury of the Storm and threw Jay and Wu away, the blue ninja took Wu's staff from the ground, which fell out after Wu falls. He then jumped on the head of Wojira, where he fought with Kalmaar. After a brief fight, however, he was defeated and the staff fell into the ocean that covered the city.


Bo staff is a sand-brown bamboo staff with a slightly enlarged section near one end. Since Season 11, Wu has been using a new staff that is made of a different darker wood, it has not enlarged one end and there is a white fabric in the middle of the staff for a more comfortable grip. There are notches around the perimeter at both ends of the staff.

In the sets, the staff is brown without an enlarged one end, although on one side of the staff is a thicker part. In 71702 Golden Mech, the staff is sand-brown color to look more like its counterpart in the show.

Techno Wu uses bo staff made of black wood or metal with red markings. descriptions


When you don't have the words, use a Really Big stick to get your point across. It may not be pretty, but - POW - it works. It's very effective, 'cause no one likes to get hit with a Really Big Stick.[link unavailable]


Some weapons just never go out of style. Sensei Wu swears by the ancient Nin-jô. Simple and classic, this staff knows no limits in the hands of the trained Ninja.[link unavailable]




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Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

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Season 4: Tournament of Elements

Season 5: Possession

Season 6: Skybound

Season 7: The Hands of Time

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

Season 9: Hunted

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Season 10: March of the Oni

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