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“You should've known. The book was last thrown into a fire. Perhaps you should wish for more than a pile of ash.”

The Book of Spells (also referred to as the Book of Magic or Clouse's Spell Book[1]) was a magic spell book that belonged to Clouse during the Serpentine War. Another spellbook was used by Garmadon after the Serpentine War to banish the Anacondrai generals to the Cursed Realm.[2] Clouse kept his spellbook through the Tournament of Elements until he was banished into the Cursed Realm. After this, the spellbook came into the hands of Lloyd, who decided to burn it as an offering to his deceased father.


Prior to the series

Clouse held the book while the Anacondrai were fighting the Elemental Alliance at Birchwood Forest.

After the Serpentine War, Garmadon used another spellbook to banish the Anacondrai generals to the Cursed Realm.[3][2]


Attempting to prevent the battle between Jay and Cole, the ninja head off to meet Neuro, believing he is the key to their answers. Neuro uses his abilities to read Lloyd's mind; following the events of before, the Master of Mind discovers the fallen foes' dreadful futures. Willing to except an allegiance, Neuro heads to Clouse's spell book to see if he could find anything to help. Unfortunately, he is not successful and apologizes to the ninja.

Spy for a Spy

Nya sneaks in Clouse's room to find the book and steal the transformation spell from it. Clouse notices it, and informs Chen. Eventually, Nya's cover is blown and the spell is found.

The Day of the Dragon

After Clouse's banishment to the Cursed Realm, Chen has Kapau and Chope read the spell, now that they have Skylor and Kai. Eventually, the spell is complete, and everybody with the Anacondrai tattoo is affected and turned into a lookalike Anacondrai.

The Greatest Fear of All

The Corridor of Elders

After victory over the Anacondrai Cultists, Lloyd burns the spellbook, so it never falls into the wrong hands again.


Clouse managed to free the Djinn known as Nadakhan from his imprisonment. Clouse's first wish was to be given back his spell book, he was so excited that he believed that with this magic he wouldn't need his other wishes. However, the book crumbled into ash as Nadakhan explained that the book was burnt shortly after Clouse was banished. This infuriated Clouse as he was forced to make his last two wishes which leads to Nadakhan trapping him later on.


The Book of Spells has a purple cover resembling scales with gold spines that protect the corners of the book from damage. In the center of the envelope is also depicted a golden snake eating its own tail, with the same snake facing downwards inside. The book has a number of pages that are slightly yellowed. There is relatively little text on each page and many obscure images of snakes and aids to the spells. The book also has a red bookmark with a notch at the end resembling a snake's tongue. description

Also referred to as The Book of Spells. Clouse’s Spell Book is an ancient volume belonging to the Master of Dark Arts, filled with powerful magic and forbidden spells. Master Chen’s particular interest in the book was the Spell of Transformation, which would allow him and his Cultists to turn themselves into Anacondrai. This transformation is only temporary, however – in order to make it permanent, the essence of a true Anacondrai is needed. This little though essential information is found on page 148. Another spell in the book can be used to banish someone to the Cursed Realm. After Master Chen’s defeat, Clouse’s Spell Book was burnt by the ninja.[1]



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  • The spellbook is included as an accessory in 70732 City of Stiix — a set from the next season, which takes place after the book was actually burnt by Lloyd.
  • Clouse still has the Book of Spells in The Realm of Shadows, despite it being burned already in "The Corridor of Elders."
  • The Book of Spells has only two known spells.
    • The Spell of Transformation uses a concentration of all of the Elements, to transform every person with a specific tattoo into an Anacondrai. In order to make the spell permanent, the essence of a real Anacondrai is needed. The spell is located on page 149, and continues on to the next.[4]
      • The spell requires most of the Elements, but a few Elements such as Water, Wind, and Time were not required.[5] A reason for this has not yet been given. While Chen refers to having "Every Elemental Power", he is a liar and a criminal so his statements should not be taken as fact.[6]
    • The second spell can be used to curse someone and banish them to the Cursed Realm. This is only done to the Anacondrai generals by Garmadon, and later to Garmadon by Wu and Lloyd in order to free the Anacondrai generals. The spell is located on page 150 in Garmadon's book and on page 148 in Clouse's book.
      • For some reason, the target individuals of the transformation spell — including Skylor, who had nothing to do with the banishment spell — were reverted back to human form when the Anacondrai generals took the Anacondrai cultists to the Cursed Realm.[7] Eyezor and Zugu were brought back as Anacondrai with legs in "Day of the Departed", but this was most likely what their statues in the Hall of Sidekicks looked like beforehand.
  • Although the book is purple in the show, in 70732 City of Stiix it is gold with a red sticker. The Legacy version is a brown book with a purple sticker to more closely resemble the counterpart in the show.
  • Two snakes devouring themselves on the cover represent Ouroboros.
  • For unknown reasons, pages 149 and 150 show the same light blue gem as Pythor has on his chest and forehead.


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