“The powers he's collecting, they are for a spell. A spell for what, I don't know. But it's in his spellbook on page 149.”

The Book of Spells (also referred to as the Book of Magic) was originally obtained by Garmadon in the Serpentine War, but was mysteriously in the hands of Clouse, supposedly given to him by Chen. Soon, after Clouse was banished into the Cursed Realm, it came into Lloyd's hands. Lloyd decided to burn it as a peace offering to their ancestors.



Attempting to prevent the battle between Jay and Cole, the Ninja head off to meet Neuro, believing he is the key to their answers. Neuro uses his abilities to read Lloyd's mind; following the events of the previous episode, the Master of Mind discovers the fallen foes' dreadful futures. Willing to except an allegiance, Neuro heads to Clouse's spell book to see if he could find anything to help. Unfortunately, he is not successful and apologizes to the Ninja.


Clouse managed to free the Djinn known as Nadakhan from his imprisonment. Clouse's first wish was to be given back his spell book, he was so excited that he believed that with this magic he wouldn't need his other wishes. However, the book crumbled into ash as Nadakhan explained that the book was burnt shortly after Clouse was banished. This infuriated Clouse as he was forced to make his last two wishes which leads to Nadakhan trapping him later on.

Set Appearances

The spellbook is included as an accessory in 70732 City of Stiix—a set from the next season, which takes place after the book was actually burnt by Lloyd.


  • The Book of Spells contains a total of 759 pages.
  • The Book of Spells has only two known spells (the names of which are unknown).
    • One spell uses a concentration of all of the elements, to transform every person with a specific tattoo into an Anacondrai. In order to make the spell permanent, the essence of a real Anacondrai is needed. The spell is located on page 149, and continues on to the next.
      • The spell requires most of the elements, but surprisingly, a few elements such as WaterWind, and Time were not required. A reason for this has not yet been given.
    • The second spell can be used to curse someone and banish them to the Cursed Realm. This is only done to the Anacondrai Generals by Garmadon, and later to Garmadon in order to free the Anacondrai Generals. This means that there could be two spells—one where someone is banished to the Cursed Realm, and one where someone is banished there in order to free someone else.


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