“Boreal. It did, but it didn't destroy me. It brought me here, a prize for its master.”
Kataru to Lloyd in "A Fragile Hope"

Boreal was Zane's loyal dragon. He was made of pure Ice and was created by Zane sometime after he took over the Never-Realm. He was also the fearsome and dreaded ice dragon that was guarding the Castle of Ice. Zane used him to freeze the Village of the Formlings and the Great Lake. He attacked the Ninja while they went to rescue Lloyd, and was eventually disintegrated by Kai, who regained his True Potential.


Wasted True Potential

Zane saw him in his dream, freezing Great Lake and the other Ninja.

The Belly of the Beast

Zane saw Boreal in his dream again.


At some point after Vex convinced Zane he was the Ice Emperor, Boreal was created by the master of ice and it became his loyal dragon.

The Last of the Formlings (Flashback)

After the Formlings refused to align with Vex, he persuaded Zane to attack the village. Zane ordered Boreal to freeze the village, leaving most of the villagers frozen. The lone survivor, Akita, had watched in horror and attempted to attack Zane and Vex but Boreal impeded her. The ice dragon attempted to attack her though she was saved by her brother Kataru who clawed the dragon's wings. However, Kataru was captured in the process, as a prize from the attack. After seeing the villains leave, Akita swore revenge on them.

Secret of the Wolf

Zane chooses to release Boreal to attack Great Lake. Once the dragon awakens from the taps of Zane's Scepter, the beast emerges and flies out to Great Lake.

My Enemy, My Friend

Boreal flew by the mountains and headed for the Great Lake, with the Ninja and Krag catching sight of it. Boreal headed to the village, where it proceeded to freeze a majority of the Ice Fishers. Kai tried to hold off the beast, though he was unable to stand a chance. Boreal ended up freezing the entire village, leaving the Ninja horrified. Boreal later made its way to the Castle of Ice. Along the way, he encountered Lloyd, and they battled. Akita tried to help but was knocked aside by Boreal. The Ice Dragon ended up destroying the Titan Mech. As Boreal moved to finish Lloyd, Vex contacted him and told him to spare the weakened Ninja. He commanded Boreal to take Lloyd to the palace and he was brought before the Emperor and learned the identity of the Ice Emperor as Zane.

Once and for All

Boreal was sleeping outside of the castle when he was awakened by the Land Bounty. He pursued after the Ninja, tearing the Bounty piece by piece. Boreal chased down the Ninja until Nya whipped the Bounty around and rammed it into his throat, cutting his power out. They tumbled down until they came to a stop where Boreal was left unconscious, crushed under the Bounty.


After Boreal was crushed by the Land Bounty, Nya realized that the Dragon was made by an Elemental Master of Ice and deduces that Zane was the Ice Emperor all along. She, along with the Ninja, realized the danger that Lloyd was in that he went to find Zane and wanted to warn him.

However, Boreal recovered and attacked them and shrugged off any attack from them. Kai lost his patience with him and regained his power, which was strong enough to launch a fire blast at him, countering Boreal's ice blast. Writhing in pain, Boreal soon melted into water.



LEGO Ninjago

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu


  • Boreal means the "north or the northern regions."
    • It also relates to the climatic zone south of the Arctic.
  • Boreal was Zane's third dragon.
  • Boreal was the one that recovered Kataru as a prize for Zane.
  • Boreal was revealed to have been created by Zane with his powers in "Awakenings."
    • He was also revealed to be made out of Ice on
  • Some of the sounds Boreal makes are the same sounds used for the Tyrannosaur Buck from The Lost World: Jurassic Park.
  • He is the fourth villainous dragon in the series. His predecessors are the Nindroid MechDragon, the Morro Dragon, and the Ghost Dragons.
    • He is the first villainous dragon that doesn't have the word "dragon" in its name.
  • Despite barely being referred to as male in the series, Boreal was confirmed to be male by Nya and Jay in "Once and for All" and the synopsis of "My Enemy, My Friend."
  • He is referred to as the Forbidden Ice Dragon in the description for 70678 Castle of the Forsaken Emperor[1], the Visual Dictionary New Edition, and the synopsis of "Secret of the Wolf."


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