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“I got it at the museum gift shop. A piece of glass that performs music. Creates a permanent visual record of any event. There's even games!”

The BorgPad is a touch-screen device created by Cyrus Borg.


Prior to The Hatching

Acronix went to the museum gift shop and took an interest in a BorgPad, which out of curiosity, he obtained it and began using it such as playing games and taking pictures. Presumably, this kickstarted Acronix's love for technology.

The Hatching

When telling Krux about how amazing technology is, Acronix shows him a BorgPad he got at the museum gift shop. Acronix played some music, took a picture of Krux, and got distracted by a candy-smashing game, which he later switched to a fruit-slicing game. While he was in the middle of his gaming, Krux confiscated his BorgPad to show him a Vermillion helmet.

Later, as Cyrus Borg reveals his latest invention, the BorgWatch, Dareth pulls out his BorgPad, claiming that he's never missed a product.

Lost in Time

As the twins traveled in the temporal vortex, Acronix took a picture with his BorgPad and tries to apply another filter when Krux slapped it out of his hands.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 7: The Hands of Time


  • Acronix is briefly seen playing unnamed parodies of real-life apps "Candy Crush" and "Fruit Ninja" on his BorgPad.
  • The BorgPad is Acronix's first piece of technology and his second favorite.
  • The BorgPad seems to be a parody of the real-life iPad.


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