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Well, I was thinking, maybe there's a tea you can give me? To give me a power of my own?

Brown Power was a fake Elemental Power used by Dareth by drinking a large pot of Mystake's tea. It seems its existence within the user is only temporary, and it is unknown if it is possible to regain it.


  • Brown flame generation - The user is able to create brown flame from their hands. It is unknown if the flame does anything, but it stops burning if the user loses concentration.
  • Urge to urinate - After using the ability, the user has a massive urge to go to the bathroom, causing them to lose concentration of the previous power.


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 9: Hunted


  • Brown Power is the second of Dareth's fake elemental powers, the first being hot air in "The Last Voyage."
    • When Nya mentioned hot air, Dareth responded by saying, "So I command the wind. Cool." Wind would later appear as a real element used by Morro.
  • Even though it is not very useful, the Sons of Garmadon appeared frightened when Dareth attempted to use it.
  • This is the third "elemental power" to have the name of a color, the first two being Amber and Green.



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