“Imagine all that is good, baked until it's warm and moist, then add a sweet sugary frosting. That's cake.”
Cole, excitedly describing cake to Faith in The Weakest Link

Cole enjoying cake on top of the Ultra Dragon

Cake is a baked sweet dessert usually made of flour, sugar, milk, and eggs. It is considered a delicacy in Ninjago and is especially loved, perhaps most in all of the island, by the Earth Ninja, Cole.


  • Cake being Cole's favorite food was a running gag in "Double Trouble." It has since then become a core part of his character.
  • For a time, it ceased to be Cole's favorite food when he gave it up prior to the events of Season 8, saying that his "body is a temple," wanting to become more responsible in Master Wu's absence.
    • After his extended time away from real food while stranded in the Realm of Oni and Dragons, Cole took back his denouncement of cake, and gained a new found appreciation of it.




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