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His Ice Castle is on the other side of the mountains. A bitter foul place where the ice is corrupt. A place we do not go.
Sorla to the ninja in "The Never-Realm"

The Castle of Ice, also known as the Ice Castle, is a castle where the Ice Emperor and his army of Blizzard Samurai lived. It was originally the castle of Grimfax but was taken from him by the Ice Emperor who overthrew him. However, he became king once again, following the Liberation of the Never-Realm.


Early life

At some point in time, the Castle comes into existence and becomes a place for Grimfax and his warriors.

Corruption (flashback)

One day, Vex arrived with the proposition of attacking the Formlings but Grimfax refused and ordered him out. Much later, Vex returned with Zane and had him overthrow Grimfax and turn his soldiers into Blizzard Warriors. Zane then took his place, as Ice Emperor and Vex became his loyal advisor. The castle would act as a base of operations.

Wasted True Potential

When Zane was dreaming, he saw a vision of the Ice Castle.

The Belly of the Beast

When Zane was in Beohernie's stomach, he saw another vision of the Ice Castle.

The Never-Realm

With the help of Sorla, they manage to find Zane who is located in the Ice Emperor's Castle. When the ninja asks if Sorla can take them to the Ice Castle, she says that it's too dangerous to visit.

Inside the Castle of Ice, General Vex warns the Ice Emperor that strangers that came from another realm had come to look for their prisoner and defy his rule. The Ice Emperor then tells Vex to send the Blizzard Samurai to destroy the ninja and their allies.

Fire Maker

After Kai relights the Hearth Fire, Vex is inside the Ice Castle spying on the ninja using his crystal.

An Unlikely Ally

Vex visits the prisoner, informing him of Lloyd's presence, and offers him a place in their ranks, but he refuses by throwing his provided food at him.

Secret of the Wolf

Grimfax returns from his supposed victory, only to be scolded by Vex, who demands the Ice Emperor to punish him by using his scepter, but halfway through, he lets it slide before ordering Boreal to be released. Later, his staff banging disturbs the prisoner, who looks out his cell window to see Boreal leaving.

My Enemy, My Friend

Boreal was instructed to bring Lloyd to the castle, where he recognized the Ice Emperor as Zane.

A Fragile Hope

Shocked by his discovery, Lloyd tries to get through to Zane and concludes that he was corrupted by the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. He tries to convince Zane to drop his scepter but Vex calls him out as a liar. Lloyd then fights back against him and the Blizzard Samurai holding him back to take back Zane's scepter only for the Ice Emperor to repel him back with his power. Vex expresses his hope to destroy Lloyd but Zane declares that he'd be locked up in the dungeon.

In the dungeon, Lloyd befriends Kataru and tells him that his sister is alive and they will be set free. Grimfax fulfills that wish and the three unite to save Zane and take away the Scroll in his possession.

Once and for All

The rebels escaped into the halls of the castle and Grimfax told them to truly reach Zane that they needed to destroy Vex's crystal since it would give them away.

Meanwhile, Akita makes her way to the palace to get her revenge and easily infiltrates it. Also, the ninja were closing in on the area until Boreal confronted them.

As Lloyd's group traveled, they were impeded by Vex and his soldiers who had anticipated this course of action and ordered the soldiers to attack Kataru and Grimfax while the latter told Lloyd to confront Zane. Grimfax and Kataru then fought off the soldiers.

Akita made it to the throne room where the emperor is seemingly asleep. Drawing her dagger, Akita sneaks upon him to finish him until a noise is heard and the Emperor sees her. A fight breaks out until he froze her arm. Just as he moved to finish her, Lloyd burst in and she was surprised at him calling the emperor "Zane."


Grimfax and Kataru fought the soldiers before they were defeated by the overwhelming numbers. Grimfax was angry with Vex mocking them before ordering the two to be placed in the dungeon.

Meanwhile, Lloyd and Akita battled Zane who was able to overpower them with his scepter and had them at his mercy.

Lloyd pleaded to Zane while Vex moved to finish the latter himself when Zane appeared hesitant. After Zane regained his memories, he stopped Vex and destroyed his scepter, returning the castle and realm to normal.

With the Ice Emperor gone, Grimfax took back his power as King and was celebrated by his followers. He later consulted with the Formlings on what to do about Vex, before it was decided that he be banished to the outskirts. description

Team up with LEGO® NINJAGO® heroes Lloyd FS, Cole and Akita and get set for a chilling battle at the Castle of the Forsaken Emperor! Beware of the massive Forbidden Ice Dragon guarding the castle. Dodge shots fired from the ice castle’s crossbow and the ice tower's spring-loaded shooter. Battle evil General Vex and his Blizzard Samurai warriors—and don't get trapped in the ice prison! Create a Spinjitzu tornado with Lloyd FS to reveal the Ice Emperor's throne. Can you grab the emperor's Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu and end the freezing winter in the Never-Realm?[1]




Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu


  • Watchtower


  • According to Michael Knap, "The original intention with the ice castle was to use the dragon as a backdrop for the castle itself. It was never communicated but is still adding display value to the set."[2]
  • According to Sorla, the ice there is corrupted.
    • In "A Fragile Hope," Vex confirmed this when he tells Lloyd about his shackles preventing him from using his Elemental Powers.
    • When Zane destroyed his scepter in "Awakenings," the corrupted ice was destroyed.
  • Before the Ice Emperor took over, Grimfax was the original ruler of the castle.
    • Now that the Ice Emperor is gone, Grimfax has been restored to his rightful position.


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