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The Chain Cycle was a large motorcycle used by Wrayth to hunt down the ninja. It was later briefly taken command by Ghoultar during the Battle of Stiix.


Ghost Story

In order to defeat the ninja, Wrayth transformed a motorcycle in front of the Biker Tavern into the Chain Cycle.

While the ninja agreed to a break at a train station, they were interrupted by Wrayth on the Chain Cycle. As the ninja were about to take shelter, he destroys the building with his bike, leaving them vulnerable. After multiple attempts to defeat the ninja, Wrayth falls off of his bike, turning it back into a motorcycle.

Curseworld, Part I

Brought back from the Cursed Realm, Wrayth possessed another bike and recreated his Chain Cycle once more, using it to plague the citizens of Stiix. During the ninja's initial assault, Ghoultar took brief command of the vehicle, using it against Cole and his Ghost Cycle.

Following the Preeminent's destruction and the tidal wave on Stiix, the Chain Cycle was presumably cleansed and freed of its ghostly essence.


In its original state, it resembles a normal motorcycle. Upon its transformation, it gains a second back wheel and more ghostly features such as a glow and three blades on each side of the handlebars.



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 5: Possession


  • When the cycle first appears in "Ghost Story," it was initially a regular motorcycle that Wrayth transformed into a larger, dangerous vehicle. This is similar to the Fangpyre's way of biting ordinary vehicles and transforming them into their own snake-like machines, the difference however is that the ghost transformation is not permanent like the snake bite. 
  • It is shown to have much more abilities than a normal motorcycle, as it can fly and travel through the ground. 



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