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Our chains are the only means of survival in this realm. We live and die by these iron bonds and mastery of these things.”

Chain Rifles[1] are Vengestone weapons that were used by the Dragon Hunters to catch dragons.



While Cole and Wu were out to get food, Cole, Kai, and Zane were able to get a message using the Destiny's Bounty's radio; however, when Zane decoded it, they realized they were under attack and began fleeing from the Bounty.

While the ninja were fleeing, they were captured by the Dragon Hunters using Chain Rifles.

Radio Free Ninjago

The Dragon Hunters use Chain Rifles to take down the Wind Dragon.

How to Build a Dragon

The Dragon Hunters use Chain Rifles to take down Firstbourne operated by Wu. When the Dragon Hunters are unsuccessful, Iron Baron grabs one of the Rifles and takes down the makeshift dragon.

The Gilded Path

Heavy Metal is able to track the ninja and Wu and points a Chain Rifle at them. When Heavy Metal finds out Wu is related to the First Spinjitzu Master, she drops her equipment, revealing to be Faith.

Two Lies, One Truth

Faith uses her Chain Rifle to infiltrate the former Oni base, but the group find no Oni as they realized that the Oni left the land a long time ago.

The Weakest Link

Faith taught the ninja and Wu how to use Chain Rifles. However, Wu struggled to grasp the concept and gave up. Kai encouraged Wu to try again and he was able to succeed.

The group spots a Lightning Dragon souring through the sky, so they decide to get the Dragon and allow Wu to ride it. While they were able to chain the Dragon and allow Wu to ride it, the Lightning Dragon broke free and Wu fell from a great height, but Faith was able to save him.

Later, the Dragon Hunters spot the stranded ninja, so they use the Destiny's Wings to escape. During their chase, the ninja spot the Dieselnaut and decided to steal it by using their Chain Rifles to attach their vehicles to the Dieselnaut. The ninja were able to steal the Dieselnaut, but Jet Jack uses her Chain Rifle to capture Faith.

Green Destiny

Kai, Cole, Zane, and Jay used their Chain Rifles to take down the Colossus. But after running out, and it showed signs of breaking free, Wu uses his own, followed by the citizens of Ninjago and the Resistance, including those who escaped Kryptarium Prison.



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 9: Hunted



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