Charming flowers

Charming Flowers are a type of plant native to Ninjago's Forest of Tranquility. They have long, thin stems that end in a round flower and a few leaves. The weight of the flower causes the stem to droop forward, giving the Charming Flower a hooked or "sleeping" appearance.

Charming Flowers sprout in groups, forming large "beds" that are said to be excellent sleeping spots. Whether through supernatural means, some form of biological sedative, or simply being so comfortable, anyone who falls asleep around Charming Flowers will never awaken.

According to their official description, Charming Flowers are "dream makers", but it is unclear if this refers to their incredible comfort or some unseen ability to produce actual dreams. Description

These dream makers are soft, fluffy, and great for sleeping spells. Their charming flowerbeds are filled with dozing guests who will never go home.

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