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Chen lives like a king. Here, he's totally self-sufficient. The only way on or off this island is with his permission, which you have to earn.

Chen's Island is located off the west coast of Ninjago.[1] It served as the hideout of the Anacondrai Cultists and the location of the Tournament of Elements.

Following the Serpentine War, Chen and his disciple Clouse were exiled to the island. While there, Clouse cloaked the island with his Dark Magic[2] and Chen secretly began building up his criminal empire while also starting a chain of noodle houses in Ninjago. Many years later, Chen would launch a second attempt to divide the Elemental Masters, this time through the Tournament of Elements, an event which was held on the island.

After receiving the invitation to compete in the tournament, the ninja entered Chen's ferry along with Garmadon. Upon arriving at the island, the ninja discovered they weren't the only ones with elemental powers. The ninja would compete against the other Elemental Masters throughout the Tournament, before Chen's true plans were unveiled, prompting the competitors to unite and fight him and his army.

The ninja gained control of the island after overwhelming Chen's cultists, but after the Anacondrai transformation spell was completed, the cultists regained control of the island and left the ninja there by taking the remaining Blade-Copters. Despite this, the ninja and their allies managed to escape using their Elemental Dragons.

After the Second Serpentine War, the island was deserted, save for the Kabuki, after Chen and his cultists were banished to the Cursed Realm.


Tree Arena

This arena was used on the second day of the tournament for the duel between Gravis and Griffin Turner. A Jadeblade was placed at the top of the cherry tree, evenly matching the power of Gravity against Speed. A stand was constructed nearby where Chen and the other spectators can observe the duel.

Rock Arena

This arena includes a boulder in the middle of a small hill. It was once used in the battle between Neuro and Bolobo.

Lava Arena

This arena was used for the second round during the battle between Kai and Ash. It was comprised in a rocky area of the island where a flimsy wooden bridge was placed precariously over a pool of lava. A small stand was constructed nearby, which was filled with the Elemental Masters during the fight.

During the battle, Kai destroyed the bridge and the Jadeblade fell onto one of the rocks.

Grand Arena

Main article: Chen's Coliseum

Other locations

Underground Caverns

Below the island is a series of underground tunnels connecting the palace, dungeons, noodle factories, and Anacondrai Temple. Due to their maze-like nature, it is easy for one lacking knowledge of the way to become lost. The tunnels are filled with booby-traps including giant swinging axes. Clouse's pet serpent lurks in the caverns.

Anacondrai Temple

Main article: Anacondrai Temple

Noodle factory

Main article: Noodle factory

Crystal Caves

Main article: Crystal Caves description

Chen's Island

Located off the west coast of NINJAGO Island, this is the secret headquarters of Master Chen’s operation. When Chen was exiled to this island after the Serpentine War, Garmadon and Wu were not aware until very late that Chen was building a criminal empire. During his reign here, the entire island was cloaked by Clouse’s magic and visits were by invitation only. Chen’s army of Anacondrai worshippers was located here, as well as his tournament arena. Geographically diverse, with a volcano, mountains and waterfalls, those allowed to visit here soon discovered they could never leave without Chen’s permission. The infamous Tournament of Elements was held here.[1]

Chen's Coliseum

Chen’s Coliseum was a large arena designed to host gladiatorial-style matches. It was located near Chen’s Palace and was the site of the battle between Jay and Cole.[3]


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