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This article is primarily about Chima's appearances within Ninjago. For more information on the realm, visit the article on Legends of Chima Wiki.
I do not believe this is the Never-Realm, Master Wu!

Chima is one of the realms of Creation. It was briefly visited by Morro and Lloyd during their fight for the Realm Crystal.


Prior to the series

At an unknown point in time, Chima came into existence alongside the rest of the Sixteen Realms.

Curseworld, Part II

While Morro and Lloyd traversed dimensions during their battle for the Realm Crystal, they landed atop Chima's Spiral Mountain where Laval, Cragger, and their friends were sitting. Laval inquired what they were doing there, but Morro ushered them away to another realm before the two could reply.

The Kaiju Protocol

While trying to reach the ninja in the Never-Realm, Wu and P.I.X.A.L. open a portal to Chima, unleashing a group of Beavers on them. They return to their home realm after P.I.X.A.L distracts them with a broken broom they want to fix.




Chima is a massive, floating island hovering above an even larger world. It is mostly comprised of jungles, swamps, and a few deserts. Chima is generally a warm and tropical place, with ice and snow being considered a phenomenon due to the warm climate.

In the middle of Chima is a floating mountain known as Mount Cavora, which is the source of Chi, liquid energy that can be harnessed for a near-infinite amount of different uses. In the skies is the Mother Sun, a mysterious being whose actions led to the creation of the land. Located near a lake is a stone known as the Forever Rock, a former hiding place for one of the Fire Harnesses and above an entrance to one of the other Sixteen Realms.[1]

Official description

One of the 16 parallel realms connected to the NINJAGO world, Chima is a world filled with intelligent, talking animals capable of walking on two legs. The various tribes have access to a surprisingly high level of technology and rely on a power source called CHI. It was the site of an epic battle between two alliances over the control of CHI, until other threats forced the warring sides to make peace and work together.[2]


Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Season 5: Possession

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Video games


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  • Chima is one of the realms that does not have humans in it; instead, its inhabitants are anthropomorphic animals.
  • The Mother Sun is similar to the Preeminent in that both are female deities that have an apparent control over their respective realms and are masters of a large group of beings with unique, distinct powers. Additionally, neither the Preeminent nor Mother Sun is seen talking within the show.


  • The footage of Chima seen in "Curseworld, Part II" is edited stock footage from "Ravens vs. Eagles," the fifteenth episode of Legends of Chima's first season. In the Ninjago version, Laval and Cragger stop moving after Laval says "where'd you guys come from?", while in the original episode, Laval and Cragger have more lines directly after that.
  • A Beaver from Legends of Chima is seen at the beginning of "Ninjago Confidential."
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, the First Spinjitzu Master may have brought the Serpentine from Chima. One hint at this is the blue orb on Pythor's chest.[3]
    • The creators of Legends of Chima specifically did not include snakes in the TV series because there were already snake people in Ninjago.[4]
    • It's possible the Great Devourer is a Legend Beast.[5]
  • It's unknown whether the Cloud Kingdom affects Chima,[6] whether residents of Chima go to the Departed Realm upon death,[7] or whether disgraced warriors from Chima go to the Underworld.[8]
  • Jay once erroneously had a page on the Legends of Chima website.[9]

Nya's phoenix symbol on the one of the Phoenix Temple walls, as seen in the episode "The Call of Cavora"

  • Nya's original phoenix symbol is present at the Phoenix Temple. It's unknown if this is a meaningless Easter egg or a hint at a deeper connection.
  • This is the only realm that is based on a separate LEGO series.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, Chima would have been in Season 10 but it did not make the final cut.[10]
  • Tommy Andreasen has stated that this is his favorite realm.[11]
  • There are no dragons in Chima because "Chima is about animals" and "it's more pure without dragons."[12]
  • Ninjago and Legends of Chima exist as fictional worlds within Nexo Knights, another LEGO theme.[13] See here for further explanation.
  • The TV series was animated by M2Film, the same studio that animated the early Ninjago set commercials.
  • According to Tommy Andreasen, "A shot of Chima under attack was left out during production." for Season 10.[14]
  • Tommy Andreasen once wrote a crossover short based on the two shows, but it was never produced.[15] This would have been the story, as described by Andreasen: "Jay was watching Chima on TV. Dreamed about an adventure with Eris. Other ninja and animals showed up. Spinjitzu vs Chi."[16] "It was a misunderstanding. But there was Chi powered Spinjitzu."[17] "But then [Jay] called Nya Eris by mistake and made her mad."[18]
  • Tommy Andreasen doubts the ninja will travel to Chima in the future.[19]
  • The realm passageway under the Forever Rock is only known by the Phoenixes and possibly Eris.[20] However, members of the Wolves or Ravens such as Worriz and Razar would likely be the ones to use the passageway if they found it.[21]
  • Tommy Andreasen said "The Phoenix were the masters of fire."[22] This implies they were connected to the elemental power of Fire.
  • Two special edition sets, 5004076 Minifigure Gift Set and 5004077 2015 Minifigure Gift Set, contained both Ninjago and Legends of Chima minifigures.





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