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Choose the Path is a roleplaying game for Ninjago created for the Master of the Mountain set wave.

Official description

You have just discovered a brand new way to have fun in the NINJAGO world! These adventures give you the chance to play as your favourite ninja while solving puzzles and battling foes. So let’s get started!

Are you new to the ways of the ninja? Or do you want to make your own rules and expand your game? Here are a few tips and tricks to help you choose the path. Find ideas for rules and roleplay, character skills and attributes, cool combat and actions, or dive right into four thrilling adventures. From there, your ninja path can take you anywhere. You can play out all or just some of the adventures, or combine your favorite parts and add your own cunning plots and scheming twists to the game. And don’t forget to print the character sheets to give your ninja all the cool skills they need in the Dungeons of Shintaro. Are you ready to roll the dice and Choose The Path?


Type of Roles


Anyone who takes on the role of one of the Ninja in the game is considered a player. Players will choose their actions during the course of an adventure and roll a dice to see if they succeed or fail.


A Gamemaster's job is to act as the narrator for the game. They must read the entire adventure, play and roll for any non-player characters, and make sure the rules are followed. Alternatively, the gamemaster has the option of ignoring the rules should they feel the game is taking too long.


Dice used in the game.

The dice used in this game is six-sided. It features values of one, two and three, plus a symbol of a Heart and a Skull. To complete an action, the player rolls the dice with one of three results:

  1. If the dice lands on a number, the player must add that number to their relevant Attribute or skill. If the total is equal to or higher than the difficulty number for the task, the action is successful.
  2. If the player rolls a Heart, the action is automatically a major success. Not only can the Ninja achieve what they set out to do, but they do it in spectacular fashion.
  3. However, if the player rolls a Skull, it is automatically a major failure and can result in disaster.



This includes any physical actions. If a character wants to do something physical and doesn’t have a special skill they can use, they can use their Body attribute.


This attribute represents how well the player's character can resist damage. While it is mainly used when in fights, players can also use it in situations where the character needs to show great endurance.


Actions that are not physical are part of the Mind attribute. If a character wants to do an action that involves thinking, and they don’t have a relevant skill, they can use their Mind attribute.


Skills are specialties that a character can use to perform actions. When an action needs to be attempted, the character rolls against their skill to see if they succeed or fail. If they don’t have the right skill, they roll against the relevant Attribute.

A list of skills for the Body include:

  • Climbing
  • Dodging
  • Dragon riding
  • Driving
  • Flame breath
  • Hiding
  • Jumping
  • Running
  • Spinjitzu burst
  • Spinjitzu punches/kicks
  • Spinjitzu tornado
  • Stealth
  • Strength

Some skills for the Mind include:

  • Blacksmith
  • Computer operation
  • Elemental power
  • Engineering
  • Invention
  • Mechanics
  • Persuasion
  • Search
  • Trick

There are no skills for Toughness.


When any character attacks another, a roll is made. The number is added to the Body attribute or the relevant skill of the attacking character see below. The target makes a roll and adds the total to their Toughness. If the attacker’s total is higher than the defender’s, the attack is a success. However, if the attacker’s total is less than the defender’s, the attack has failed.

Example of a successful attack:

Kai is attacking an Awakened Warrior using martial arts. He rolls 3, giving him a total of 15. The Awakened Warrior rolls a 1, giving him a total of 14. Kai’s attack is successful.

Example of an unsuccessful attack:

Jay is attacking Grief-Bringer the dragon using Spinjitzu. He rolls a 3, giving him an attack total of 14. Since Grief-Bringer’s Toughness is 21, it is not necessary to roll for the dragon. Jay’s attack has failed.

If a player doesn't have a Skill, they may roll against their Body attribute. For example:

Nya is about to fight an Awakened Warrior. She decides to use her Spinjitzu punches/kicks skill. When she rolls, she will add the result to her Spinjitzu punches/kicks skill number.

Jay is going to attack an enemy ninja by throwing a net over him. Since he has no net throwing skill, the roll’s result is added to his Body attribute to determine success.

Ties automatically go to the defender.

Doing Damage

The first successful attack against an opponent does minimal damage and does not affect play. The second stuns the opponent, causing them to lose their next turn. The third successful attack knocks the opponent out for up to four turns. 

A character who has been knocked out has the option of trying to wake up before the four turns are up. They may roll each turn and if they get a Heart result, they are awake again. Otherwise, they will wake up on their own at the end of four turns. 

Loot Boxes

Each of the four sets with a game component comes with a loot box containing three Hearts. Player characters who have been defeated can spend a Heart from the loot box to immediately recover. Loot boxes can be considered to be refilled at the start of every adventure.



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