“Chronosteel is the only metal that can absorb Elemental Energy.”
Wu, "The Hatching"

Chronosteel is a very strong substance in the world of Ninjago, with the power to absorb and strip Elemental Power from the Elemental Masters. It was used by Ray and Maya to forge the four Time Blades, allowing for Wu and Garmadon to strip Krux and Acronix's powers over Time. It was also used by Chen to make the Staff of Elements.


Post-Serpentine War

After the Serpentine War, Ray and Maya created the Time Blades out of Chronosteel in order to strip the traitorous Elemental Masters of Time, Acronix and Krux, of their powers. The plan succeeded and the blades were scattered into the future.

The Tournament of Elements

Prior to the Ninja's arrival on Chen's Island, Chen made a staff out of Chronosteel and a Blue Crystal; the latter allowed Chen's Chronosteel staff to absorb more than one element at a time.


  • Power Stripping/Power Absorption - On its own, Chronosteel has the power to drain the power of an Elemental Master, rendering the Master a normal person. It is very powerful when combined with a Blue Crystal, as this allows it to absorb multiple Elements at once. However, if the Chronosteel and Blue Crystal are destroyed, any Elements stolen by them will return to their original Masters.[1]

Notable Uses


  • The prefix "Chrono-" means time, indicating the use of Chronosteel to take Acronix and Krux's Time powers.



Non-Elemental Substances

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