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This is Gayle Gossip, coming live from the star-studded premier of Clutch Powers: A Musical Life. It's the four-and-a-half musical biopic extravaganza that critics have universally hailed as certainly a lot.

Clutch Powers: A Musical Life is a four-and-a-half hour musical biopic film written, directed, and played by Clutch Powers.


Sweatin' to the Goldies

Zane and Jay went to the premiere of the movie. Later, they sang The Clutch Powers Song to defeat Reflectra.



Ninjago: Reimagined


  • According to Tommy Andreasen the "part of the idea behind Clutch Powers having self produced, funded, directed and starred in a vanity project was based off a conversation I had with" artist Joshua Deck.[1]
  • It is an hour longer than the longest English musical movie, The Great Ziegfeld.
  • The text on the poster reads "Clutch Powers" in Ninjargon.
  • In one of the songs, Clutch sings to his biceps. In another, he spells his name and sings about himself.



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