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Is that a coconut?

Coconut is a type of fruit consumed in Ninjago.


The Last Hope

As the ninja trained on the beach on the Dark Island with their new Elemental Blades, Kai threw a coconut into the distance and then burned it with his blade.

My Dinner With Nadakhan

To get rid of the sand eels on Tiger Widow Island's beach, Lloyd, Cole and Nya built a catapult that threw coconuts and they scattered the eels while the ninja tried to transfer the raft to the water. However, the invention was broken and the sand eels attacked the ninja.

The Keepers of the Amulet

When the ninja and Twitchy Tim were in the uncharted jungle on uncharted island, they heard loud growling and then a coconut fell from a tree to the ground, behind which one of the Jungle Dragons jumped down. When the hungry Cole noticed the coconut, he tried to get it, but the dragon threw it away, only to be able to bring it back. When Nya realized he just wanted to play, she threw a coconut and Zippy, as they called the dragon, ran after it and quickly brought it back. However, realizing that they had a more important task, Nya threw a coconut deep into the jungle and Zippy ran after him while the ninja left. Later, when they were deeper in the jungle, the coconut fell from the tree to Kai's katana. Cole was glad he could finally have a drink, but when Zippy reappeared and licked the coconut, Cole told him he could keep.

The Gift of Jay

When Lloyd was about to save the ninja from the Keepers' Village, Zippy appeared next to him and wanted to play with a coconut. Lloyd was about to throw a coconut into the jungle, but then he noticed the Keepers coming and threw the coconut at them. As the Keepers wondered what had happened, Zippy jumped on them to get his coconut, sparking chaos in the village.



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