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  Cole   Cole (The LEGO Ninjago Movie)    
“Maybe not, but I am her son. And I made her a promise, to stand up to tyrants like you. Always!”
— Cole standing up to the Skull Sorcerer, "The Son of Lilly"

Cole is the current Elemental Master and Ninja of Earth and the son of Lou and Lilly. He was recruited by Wu, and with the old man's help, Cole learned Spinjitzu and discovered his other teammates, with whom he embarked on many adventures; battling the likes of the Serpentine and the Stone Army.

After the final battle, peace resumed until the Overlord returned and created the Nindroid army. The Overlord made the Nindroid army by using Zane's blueprints. During this time, a love triangle formed between Nya, Jay, and Cole. The conflict ended when Zane sacrificed himself to vanquish the Overlord. Saddened by Zane's death, the ninja parted ways but reunited after learning of Zane's survival and set out to rescue Zane on a mysterious island. There, Jay and Cole made amends over Nya, while the ninja allied with the Elemental Masters to defeat Chen's Anacondrai Cultists, who had caused the Second Serpentine War.

Shortly after, the ninja battled Morro and spirits from the Cursed Realm. Needing to learn Airjitzu, the ninja went to the Temple of Airjitzu, where Cole was turned into a ghost. He soon came to terms with his condition and used his new abilities. Following the ghost invasion, the ninja were tormented by Nadakhan, who captured Cole in the Djinn Blade. After Cole and the others were freed, Jay used his last wish to undo recent events. On the Day of the Departed, Cole confronted Yang, who tricked Cole into reviving the ninja's old enemies. Cole fought Yang, but eventually made amends with him, and Cole became a human once more via the Rift of Return.

Cole joined his allies in battling the Time Twins and their Vermillion army, as well as seeking the powerful Time Blades. Although their enemies were defeated, Wu was lost in the time vortex but was rediscovered a year later in the form of a baby by Cole, as he liked to drink tea and wouldn't drink anything else. Cole protected the de-aged Wu from a notorious gang that resurrected Lord Garmadon, and the two were later stranded in the Realm of Oni and Dragons with the original ninja looking for a way home. After the defeat of Iron Baron (the leader of the Dragon Hunters), Cole, along with the other four ninja and Wu (now the Dragon Master), returned home with the help of the Dragons. They managed to defeat the Colossus while Lloyd defeated his father, saving Ninjago once again.

Cole fights alongside his friends to defend against the Oni invasion but falls into the darkness attempting to rescue citizens. However, he survives and comes to the monastery to defeat the Oni and witness Jay ask Nya to be his Yang. Months later, Cole and his friends fight against Aspheera and her Pyro Vipers after accidentally releasing them from their tomb. After Zane is banished by Aspheera's sorcery, he and the remaining ninja send themselves to the Never-Realm in order to rescue him. While Lloyd went to find Zane, Cole and the others protected the Ice Fishers of Great Lake. Cole befriended Krag the Yeti in the mountains, who led him to the Traveler's Tree, allowing them to use its berries to a potent enough dose of tea to go back home. The ninja fight Boreal the Ice Dragon, and discover that Zane is the Ice Emperor. With Zane having managed to return to his senses in a fight with Lloyd and freeing the Never-Realm from its eternal winter, the team reunites and use Traveler's Tea to head back to their home realm.

Sometime later, Cole and the other ninja enter the virtual world of Prime Empire when the legendary arcade game resurfaces, and hundreds of gamers are zapped into it. He and Kai sacrifice their last of their four lives to save Jay, Nya, and Lloyd in the Speedway Five-Billion. Eventually, Jay moves on to convince Unagami to free everyone trapped in the game, and Cole, as well as the other ninja, gamers, and NPCs are freed.

Afterward, Cole travels to the Kingdom of Shintaro on top of Shintaro Mountain, where he discovers Dungeons that were made by an evil sorcerer Hazza D'ur underneath the mountain and the evil Skull Sorcerer. He gets captured but is later saved by the other ninja. He returns to the surface, but the King, Vangelis, reveals that he is actually the Skull Sorcerer, and banishes him, Princess Vania, and Wu to Rock-Bottom. There, they meet the Lowly. Together they escape from Rock-Bottom, and Cole faces the Skull Sorcerer, unlocking the power of the Spinjitzu Burst, defeating the Skull Sorcerer, and fulfilling a promise he made to his mother, Lilly. Cole, Wu, and the other ninja later leave Shintaro but prepare to go on another adventure.

Cole traveled to The Island of the Keepers to save Misako and Wu. There, the ninja discovered the Storm Amulet and the existence of Wojira.

When Nya lost control of her powers, he stayed behind at the monastery along with Kai while the others went to investigate. Later on, he attempted to stop Kalmaar from awakening Wojira, but ultimately failed and he assisted the other ninja in the fight that followed. He was saddened when Nya left, and attended her memorial, as well as silently comforting Jay during this time.


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Cole has a muscular body (hence his past as a rock climber, being the strongest of the ninja even without his Elemental Power, though it does give him his super-strength) with the basic yellow flesh of a LEGO character. He has medium length , shaggy black hair and bushy eyebrows, and from Season 8 to 10, a more relaxed look to his eyes. Before Season 8, his hair was shorter and swept to the left. His eyebrows were thinner and woollier.

As a ghost, Cole's body was no longer tangible. His face was a pale green and the rest of his body was transparent. He was outlined by a pale green and appeared to glow like other ghosts do. During Day of the Departed, Cole was thrown into the rift to the Departed Realm by Yang, reverting him to a human once again. However, since Cole barely made it out, he received a ghostly green scar going down the left side of his face. Post Season 8, his scar is no longer visible (probably because time let it heal itself), and is only so when he uses the Earth Punch, which causes the scar to glow orange. As of Season 11, the scar now looks longer.

In an anime-styled scene of "The Absolute Worst," Cole is shown to have dark brown eyes.

He generally prefers black or dark clothing, though his favorite color is said to be orange,[1] which seems to be represented with orange highlights on a number of his outfits. Since "The Royal Blacksmiths," Cole's civilian outfit is mainly a dark gray hoodie and black pants with a brown belt. As seen in Season 6, he still wore this outfit while off-duty but due to becoming a ghost, it was tinted pale green and transparent. For more images on Cole's appearance in his different ninja suits, click here.


Like the majority of his fellow ninja, Cole is currently in his late teens.[2] However, the ninja do not officially have specific ages,[3] as they are meant to be perpetually in their teenage years for the duration of the show.[4] As of Hunted, he and the other three original ninja were stated to be "grown-up teenagers" by Jay.[5]

Potential Estimations: During the events of the pilot and Season 1, Cole was at least 15 or 16 years of age.[6][7]


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Cole used to be more uptight and strategic, disapproving of Kai's impulsiveness. Before meeting Wu, Cole lacked direction and purpose. At this time, his mother just passed away and he was struggling to take care of the family himself. As a ninja, Cole thoroughly enjoys helping others in need and feels accomplished with a job well done.

In the pilot episodes, Cole insisted he was without fear, though Zane quickly pointed out his fear of dragons. When the ninja had to recruit their dragons, Cole awkwardly stood on top of the Earth Dragon instead of properly mounting him. Despite his initial hesitance, he grew to accept the Earth Dragon, even learning to care for him more than the other ninja cared for theirs. He was also worried to face his dad and dance in Season 1. He had a fear of ghosts in Season 5, which he was also able to overcome after turning into a ghost and facing Master Yang. This was the same with singing in front of people in Season 8. Cole has had the most fears expressed and conquered, despite acting like the bravest of the ninja.

Cole may act on instinct or impulse without thinking first, as seen in "Wishmasters", where two of his wishes went to waste.

He is shown to have fatherly tendencies, caring for baby Wu as his own in Season 8, even going to the extent of calling him Cole Jr. before figuring out the baby's identity. He was often shown being protective of the deaged Wu as well, examples being when he attempted to threaten Ultra Violet should she harm the child, running into the ninjas' cabin to protect him when the Bounty crashed, and making sure the deaged Wu was safely hidden behind a rock before joining the other ninja in using his Spinjitzu. Throughout the season, Cole was his main caretaker. Another example of these tendencies was in Season 11, where Cole threatened Krag with a parent-like punishment: to not let him play video games.

Cole has kept a strong relationship with his father, Lou, ever since Season 1. Before, he would lie to his father through letters about his dance practice, not wanting to disappoint him. Whenever the Royal Blacksmiths would be performing, Cole would point out his dad proudly. Since then as well, Cole has been more confident in his dancing and singing. He occasionally does the move Triple Tiger Sashay in a fight and in Season 8, he openly sang.

He is also addictive, mainly his love for cake. He has also shown these same tendencies for noodles from Chen's Noodle House. In general, Cole seems to have a great love for food and eating, despite being shown to be a terrible cook in Season 1. Sometimes he eats without thinking though, like when Dareth hid weapons in a cake for them, or eating the fortune cookie without taking out the fortune. In Season 9, the others joked about how he might be overweight, but Cole points out how he had shown a lot of self restraint in Seasons 8 and 9 by staying away from cake.

At the beginning of Season 8, Jay comments that Cole has become a party pooper since Master Wu had gone missing after Season 7. This was due to Cole giving up cake. It seems like a drastic change for him, and may be inferred that the loss of Wu affected Cole immensely. Similarly, the death of his mother, Lilly, prior to the series, impacted him and forced him to become more responsible at a younger age, explaining his tendency to become a leader and take more responsibility to deal with loss.[8][9]

He and Zane are the most serious and focused of the ninja. However, that does not stop him from allowing his one-track mind or competitiveness to get the best of him. Once he really sets his mind to something, he will remain interested in it until it is fulfilled (for instance, when he was itching for a fight in "Island of Darkness").

Cole is one to put himself at risk before his friends, as shown when he gave Jay the Jadeblade during Season 4. He has shown sympathy toward Zane, Lloyd, young Wu and Jay when they were melancholic. However, when trying to comfort his allies, he seems to have difficulty finding the correct words to do so, only able to accomplish the task with the example of his teammates. He always encourages his friends to do the right things but tries not to force them. This happened with Jay in Season 6 and Wu in Season 9. If it comes down to it though, he will try to solve the problem. He tends to be patient and give others the benefit of the doubt, as seen in "Scavengers" when he told the others to not be so hard on Lloyd, who was trying to lead at the time.

Sometimes Cole is shown to not think things through. One of these occurrences was in Day of the Departed when he was bitter about being turned into a ghost and went into the temple to face off against Yang alone. He realized the depths of his actions and the effect they had on his friends and felt guilty, though in the end he managed to get past his inner turmoil and defeat Yang. He showed understanding to Yang's plight and was able to get him to overcome his pain and attempted to get him to go through the rift with him.

Cole has been shown to make allies easily. Examples of this include Master Yang, Krag in the Never-Realm, and the Upply in Shintaro. Cole seems to be very understanding and willing to help those who need it. Cole is also never willing to leave someone behind, as shown in Season 4 with the factory workers and eliminated Elemental Masters. This was an early example in the show of his promise to his mother to "always stand up to those who are cruel and unjust", even though the phrase was never shown until Season 13.

Rarely does Cole back down from a fight, for better or worse. When Jay aggravated Cole about Nya, Cole was willing to fight back. However, it doesn't seem like it was about Nya as much as it was about seeing who was the better of the two. However, in the end his maturity manages to shine through, with him finally ending the fight in the Tournament of Elements. Since then, Cole is proud to be considered Jay's best friend and is shown to return this friendship.[10]

Season 11 showed how sensitive Cole is to keep his friends happy and how he hates letting them down. This is most evident when Cole felt extreme guilt for losing the Traveler's Tea. He also seemed like a pretty good artist, making some pretty well-drawn ninja puppets to tell the kids stories about Aspheera and how the ninja got into the Never-Realm. The other times we see drawings from him are the ones hanging in Lilly's room when he was younger in Season 13 and in Season 1 when Nya was explaining the venom of the Venomari.

In Season 12, he and Kai heroically both sacrificed themselves for the others to win the Speedway Five-Billion. Both Jay and Cole in this season were shown to be the video game experts on the team.

Cole has a lot of ideas that seem to typically be shot down or cause doubt. In Season 4, as he tried to find the trigger for a secret passage in Kai's suite, the other ninja questioned him. Later in the season as he and the factory workers plan an escape, his plan of rolling into giant egg rolls was rejected. His argument against a Roto Jet was also ignored. In Season 13, Cole seeing a purple creature in his bedroom wasn't believed by the ninja or Wu. Later, Cole tries to lead Master Wu, Vania, and the Lowly out of the mountain by making choices like riding the minecart and using the stone mech to push it. Not only was there doubt, but when they barely succeeded each time, Cole would claim dizzily, "Another great idea!"

Cole has a lot of confidence in his super strength. In Season 4 after Chen took his elemental power, Cole yelled that they couldn't take his super strength, in which he was quickly proven wrong. This happened again when the ninja were put in jail. In Season 8, his advice to Lloyd to impress Harumi was to act tough and flex his muscles.

Cole is the most likely ninja to give nicknames. Some nicknames/name calling include calling Zane "Tin Can," or "Pinky" (when Zane's gi was pink in Can of Worms) and calling Jay "Motormouth," "Zaptrap," and "Bluebell." He also makes fun of his friends' crushes, like when Kai thought Skylor could've been related to him, or after Lloyd went into town with Harumi. For himself, he befriended Princess Vania, but nothing romantic occurred between the two and assured Lloyd that he doesn't like her in that way since they just met.

Cole has a somewhat uncreative naming sense, although Zane stated Cole was much better at naming things than he was. He was presumably the one to name his Earth Dragon "Rocky", and other names he came up with have been "Rocky Dangerbuff", Dangerbuff Jr.", "Snake Jaguar", and "Cole Jr.".

When he is alone, he often talks to himself, as shown in "Snake Jaguar" or "The Skull Sorcerer."

According to Tommy Andreasen, Cole "is a selfless empathic person ... as simple as that".[11]

Weapons and abilities


  • Earth: Cole commands the element of Earth, giving him great physical strength and durability. He can stand his ground to a supernatural degree and enemies frequently act as though they have hit a person-shaped brick wall when they bump into him. At full power, he can manipulate the earth below his feet, causing earthquakes, creating fissures, throwing rocks and dust at enemies, or even burying things in rapidly-rising mounds of dirt.
    • Earth Punch: After defeating Yang, Cole obtains superhuman strength, even more so than before. This is seen in use when his arms glow orange. Cole himself doesn't even know the extent of this new ability, nor is he an expert at controlling its power. At times, his hands appear to have a mind of their own when the power is activated. But over time he manages to control it and summon it at will, but it is shown that if he becomes lazy and doesn't train, it loses its ability.
    • Spinjitzu: Like his fellow ninja, he can also perform Spinjitzu. He can combine his Earth Punch with Spinjitzu to make a magma trail.
      • Spinjitzu Burst: Unlike the other ninjas, Cole can prefom the Spinjitzu Burst. Originally Cole had doubts that his mother can preform it but while Cole was being blasted by the Skull of Hazza D'ur, he remembered the promise he made to his mother to stand up for what is right. This allowed Cole to finally unlock the Spinjitzu Burst, shocking the Skull Sorcerer and threw the skull at Cole to stop him, but Cole used the Burst to suck in the skull instead and destroy it, causing the Re-Awakened and Grief-Bringer to revert back to bones and Vangelis lose the source of his Dark Magic.
    • Airjitzu: Cole can perform Airjitzu.
  • Dancing: After coming to terms with his dancing heritage, Cole gains a surprising amount of grace and flexibility, allowing him to wriggle out of tight spaces when he relaxes himself.
    • Triple Tiger Sashay: His new agility also enables him to perform the Triple Tiger Sashay, which is effective against multiple opponents or for getting himself out of trouble.
  • As a ghost:
    • Possession: As a ghost, Cole can possess materials like snow, objects like a keyhole, and mechanisms like the Ice Mech.
    • Intangibility: Cole also has the ability to phase through solid objects, but become solid himself if he concentrates.
    • Levitation: Cole can levitate if he concentrates hard enough.[12]
    • Invisibility: Cole can become invisible if he concentrates, but is still visible to paranormal scanners.


  • Scythe: In battle, Cole favors scythes, especially the Scythe of Quakes. He wields a larger and sharper scythe in Season 7.
  • Hammer: Post-movie, Cole wields a large hammer that he uses to slam the ground and channel the power of Earth.
  • Elemental Blade: He later wields an Elemental Blade with the power of Earth, allowing him to use his elemental powers to great effect once more.
  • Blades of Deliverance: Cole briefly wields his mother's Blades of Deliverance during his fight with the Skull Sorcerer. He uses them to great ability until they broke when Vangelis used the Skull of Hazza D'ur to shatter them.


Cole has owned a variety of vehicles in his ninja history.






Submarines descriptions


Cole is the ninja of Earth.
He is disciplined, responsible, strong and a good planner.
In the past, he has had a big job to do keeping his more emotional teammates under control.
But now he is more relaxed and willing to let others take the lead sometimes.
Cole always tries to keep his feet on the ground, even when he is doing Spinjitzu.
Kai jokes that Cole is the only ninja he’s ever heard of who brings a book to battles, so he won’t get bored.

  • Cole was a student at the Marty Oppenheimer School of Performing Arts as a dancer … for two days.
  • Cole likes all kinds of climbing: Rock climbing, cave climbing, tree climbing and dragon climbing … whatever that is!
  • Cole's favorite color is actually orange … but don't tell anyone.
  • When Cole was a child his friends jokingly called him Cole Bucket.[13]

Pilot (2017 Museum gallery)

Wielding the elemental power of earth, Cole possesses immense physical strength that comes in handy in difficult situations. Cole may have quit the family trade of singing and dancing because he never felt that he could make his father proud, but he still has the moves. He may ooze confidence, but the Ninja of Earth is suitably grounded. He loves the simple life – the outdoors, rock-climbing, old-school tech and most importantly: cake. Cole is the calm center of the team. However, there is one thing that he’s afraid of – dragons! He has to overcome his fears to ride his Earth Dragon, learning that they’re not that scary and a great way to enter the Underworld.

Season 1 (2017 Museum gallery)

Cole’s dad thinks that his son needs to forget all this ninja business and follow him into the family trade…show business! But the feuding father and son discover that even though they’re very different people, they have more in common than they think. Meanwhile the Ninja of Earth finds that embracing his softer side makes him a better ninja, rather than just a better dancer.

Season 2 (2017 Museum gallery)

Cole’s confidence in his own raw power is put to the test when he discovers that their new adversaries are made of an indestructible substance. Faced with impossible odds, Cole will prove that the greatest strength comes from the inside.

Season 3 (2017 Museum gallery)

When a matchmaking console reveals to Nya that Cole is her perfect match, it jeopardizes her relationship with Jay. Cole is frustrated over this whole thing, because he has never thought of Nya in a romantic way. The strain on his friendship with her and the new rivalry with Jay are distractions at a time when the whole team needs to be focused on the threat of the Digital Overlord.

Season 4 (2017 Museum gallery)

Jay and Cole’s feud over Nya is still simmering as this adventure begins. When Chen pits them against each other in combat, the other ninja have reason to fear the worst. But the two put aside their differences and ally against Chen, which leads to Cole losing his power. In a desperate circumstance, Cole embraces the fact that a hero has a responsibility to more than just himself or his teammates, and leads a rebellion of Chen’s slave laborers.

Season 5 (2017 Museum gallery)

The threat posed by Morro is particularly hard on Cole. Not only must he battle his greatest fear, ghosts, but he spends a moment too long in the Temple of Airjitzu and becomes one himself! He will learn that change, no matter how frightening, can be an opportunity as well.

Season 6 (2017 Museum gallery)

Their battle with Morro may have been won, but Cole paid a heavy price … he’s still a ghost! Although he came close to despair, Cole has adapted. He has learned to touch physical objects, yet still "ghosts" through walls and he can now access all his elemental powers. Cole’s new skills serve the ninja well, until he makes a wish too many and is trapped in Nadakhan’s Djinn Blade.

Season 7 (2017 Museum gallery)

When he returned to his solid human form on the Day of the Departed, Cole unlocked a new Elemental ability: the Earth Punch – a glowing, double-fisted battering ram of a martial arts move. But like a kid learning to ride a bike without training wheels, Cole is still figuring out how to deliver an Earth Punch without accidentally pummeling his friends (or himself)!

Sons of Garmadon

Wielding the elemental power of earth, Cole possesses immense physical strength that comes in handy in difficult situations. Cole may have quit the family trade of singing and dancing because he never felt that he could make his father proud, but he still has the moves. He may ooze confidence, but the Master of Earth is suitably grounded. He loves the simple life – the outdoors, rock-climbing, old-school tech and most importantly: cake.[14]

2019 (The Legacy of Cole)

Did you know Having mastered the elemental power of Earth, Cole has immense physical strength, which always comes in handy for the team in difficult situations. Cole was born into a family of great entertainers and was always expected to follow in his father’s dance steps. He quit the family trade because he never felt that he could make his father proud, and so he chose to fulfill his destiny as the Earth Ninja. But he still has ALL the right moves. He oozes confidence, yet this Master of Earth always keeps his feet on the ground. He loves the simple life – the outdoors, rock climbing, old-school tech and, most importantly, cake. Favorite NINJAGO® Legacy weapon The Scythe of Quakes cuts through stone and can start earthquakes. Transforms into Cole’s Tread Assault vehicle. Quote “Some of us may look a little different, but like our team some things never change.”


Cole – the Elemental Master of Earth!

Cole was born into a family of singers and dancers, and his father sent him to a performing arts school as a child to learn the trade. But showbiz wasn’t for Cole, so he secretly left to pursue his own destiny in life.

Always keen to challenge himself, one day Cole decided to climb the tallest mountain in NINJAGO® world. Master Wu was at the summit waiting for him and he invited him to the Monastery of Spinjitzu to learn how to be a ninja. It was the start of many thrilling adventures.

Wielding the elemental power of earth, Cole possesses immense physical strength that comes in handy when the ninja team are in a tight spot. And while he may be confident, the Master of Earth is suitably grounded. He loves the simple life – the outdoors, rock-climbing, old-school tech and, most importantly, cake!

Cole is a firm favorite with LEGO® NINJAGO fans and a Cole minifigure can be found in lots of LEGO building toy playsets.


The son of a dancer, Cole refused to follow in his father’s footsteps, and was instead recruited to be a ninja by Master Wu. Imbued with the power of the earth, Cole is revered for his strength and bravery.

Every gamer's dream is Cole's nightmare!

If you’ve ever played video games, then you know the feeling. That moment when you’re smashing the controller, glued to the screen, and you think: “Wouldn’t it be awesome to live inside this game – for real?” So when Cole got sucked into the Prime Empire game, he couldn’t have been happier. An amazing chance to immerse himself in the most incredible game world he’s ever seen? Count Cole in! But as you know, things don’t always work out great for the ninja, right? It doesn’t take long for Cole to realize his dream of fully living inside a game is more like a nightmare, with mysterious villains and impossible races and that terrible moment when, in the name of friendship, he – no, we can’t even mention it. It’s too sad, and we’re still not over it. But it did get us thinking. Imagine your very own ninja adventure, where one of your biggest dreams comes true... and then goes very wrong, very quickly! What would your nightmare videogame be like?[15]

Season 13

In the Dungeons of Shintaro, Cole finds himself confronting the demons of his own past and the unresolved specter of his mother’s passing. Lilly died when Cole was young and he has never come to terms with that. The last words Cole spoke to her were a promise that someday, somehow, Cole would make her proud. In the bowels of Shintaro Mountain, Cole finds the chance to fulfill that promise when he learns of the fabled “Spinjitzu Burst” and uses it to defeat a foe that his mother once faced. But to do so, he must become a leader
in his own right. He must lead a ragtag group of misfits called the Upply up from the bowels of Shintaro Mountain and unlock the powers of the Spinjitzu Burst.



Cole is one of the most powerful ninjas, with strengh that can cause earthquakes! But even Cole, the most balanced of ninjas, can become angry. When that happens, battles are lost. Cole knows that to become a Master, we must control our emotions to achieve Balance.

Cole is the Earth Ninja. He enjoys the simple things in life, like rock-climbing, the outdoors and (most of all) cake![16]

Spinjitzu Brothers

Cole is a member of Master Wu's ninja team. As the Earth Ninja, he wields the elemental power of Earth and supports his friends with his confidence and great physical strength.



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Pilot episodes


Season 1: Rise of the Snakes

Season 2: Legacy of the Green Ninja

Season 3: Rebooted

Season 4: Tournament of Elements

Season 5: Possession

Season 6: Skybound

Day of the Departed

Season 7: The Hands of Time

Happy Birthday to You!

Season 8: Sons of Garmadon

Season 9: Hunted

Tales from the Monastery of Spinjitzu

Season 10: March of the Oni

Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Prime Empire Original Shorts

Season 12: Prime Empire

Season 13: Master of the Mountain

The Island

Season 14: Seabound

Ninjago: Reimagined

The Virtues of Spinjitzu

Season 15: Crystalized



Video games

Ninjago Magazine


His name means "swarthy, coal-black, and charcoal" in English.

A stand-in used for Cole's name before the ninja were given actual names was Blake.[17]

Behind the scenes

  • Cole was the only one of the original ninja whose trainee suit printing in the show was proportional to its minifigure counterpart, as opposed to Kai, Jay, and Zane's, which were somewhat warped in size.
  • While he has his father's eyebrows in his pre-Season 8 design, they more closely resemble his mother's in his current design.
    • Twitchy Tim has the same eyebrows as pre-movie Cole, though this does not indicate a familial relation.[18] Jimmy, as of Season 11, and one of the Borg Tower vaults security guards[19] have the same eyebrows as post-movie Cole.
  • Cole was originally thought to be the leader of the team, but this was never officially part of the show and was a result of non-canon media such as websites and books claiming him to be the leader based on his level-headedness.[20] It was also mentioned in the Character Encyclopedia and its updated version.
    • This was referenced in "The Two Blades" when Vania assumed Cole was the leader and in the Ninjago honest trailer when the narrator said "we were led to believe" Cole was the leader.
  • In the 2014 blooper reel, Cole's full name is "Cole Bucket", though this is non-canon. Kirby Morrow disapproved of the name, instead suggesting "Cole Steel".[21]
    • Cole's Rebooted website description said that his friends called him Cole Bucket when he was young.[13]
  • As a lumberjack in "The Invitation" and "Rocky Dangerbuff" in "The Oni and the Dragon," Cole uses the Motorcycle Mechanic's torso (recolored and with a plaid pattern) and the legs of Argus Filch from LEGO Harry Potter without the key chain.
  • Cole's shirtless appearance has gone through a few changes, all based on minifigures from other LEGO themes. See here for images of the various designs.
    • His original climber design seen in "The Golden Weapon" and "The Jade Princess" had the muscles of the Surfer from Minifigures Series 2.
    • By the time of "The Last Hope," Cole had buffed up even more, presumably from his ninja training and fighting, now having a torso based on that of the Airplane Mechanic from LEGO's Indiana Jones theme.
      • This muscle design can also be partially seen in his appearances in "The Invitation" as a lumberjack and in several other episodes of Tournament of Elements as a prisoner, even though his collar area has a different appearance in his tournament robe, which he wore around the same time.
      • This muscle design can also be partially seen beneath his vested "Rocky Dangerbuff" appearance in "The Oni and the Dragon," even though his Resistance and Hunted robes, the suits he wore around the same time, showed a different-looking collar area as well.
    • As of "Wasted True Potential," Cole had lost his muscles as a result of being lazy and relaxed for a long period of time. Along with Kai and Lloyd, Cole's torso in this now resembled that of the Shower Guy from Minifigures Series 19.
  • The Hageman Brothers decided to turn Cole into a ghost when they were looking at the product tests for Possession and thought it would be interesting for one of the ninja to become a ghost.[22]
  • Cole appears on a sticker representing a video game screen in a non-Ninjago set, 60291 Family House. While he wears red, the character is most likely Cole due to his hairstyle and the fact that he wields a scythe.


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  • He is the second ninja to have sacrificed his body in some way, the first is Zane and the third is Nya.
  • Cole was the third ninja to unlock his True Potential.
  • He is right-handed.[23]
  • Cole used to be afraid of dragons until he got to know Rocky.
    • He seems to care for Rocky more than the other ninja care for their own dragons, as Cole was the most upset when the dragons had to leave in "Snakebit". He was also the happiest to see that Rocky had returned as the Ultra Dragon.
      • In "Can of Worms," Cole claimed that he "now officially hate[d] snakes."
      • Additionally, Cole wore his DX suit to the Tournament of Elements, implying it is his favorite suit and reflects on how much he cared for Rocky.

Cole's drawing in "Once Bitten, Twice Shy"

  • His hobbies include rock climbing,[24] drawing,[25] cooking, and sometimes, dancing.
  • Cole has the most ninja vehicles used in the show with eight of them.
  • He is extremely determined in culinary arts, but according to the other ninja, he is a terrible chef, as Kai and Lloyd criticized Cole's chili.[26][27] However, his Snogfruit Punch (made in "All of Nothing") was apparently fairly decent, as the ninja were all seen drinking some at the end of the episode. Even Nya admitted it wasn't bad.
  • Cole's favorite color is orange, according to trivia from the Rebooted version of the official site. This is reflected in a number of his suits, including his Airjitzu suit (with orange highlights and arms), his "Day of the Departed" suit which also featured orange arms and highlights, and his Sons of Garmadon suit, which also has small orange highlights. As of Sons of Garmadon, his scar turns orange when he activates the Earth Punch.
    • Orange was also Kirby Morrow's favorite color for accents, while green was his favorite color overall.[28]
    • In both of Cole's focus installments, the colors orange and green play a significant role, with green being the villain's color and orange serving to enhance the setting or aesthetic. In "Day of the Departed", the lanterns are orange and Yang's ghostly theme color is green, and in Master of the Mountain, the Skull Sorcerer's theme color is green and the lava in the Dungeons of Shintaro is orange.
    • Cole's Elemental, Techno and Djinn Blades were all green, while his Aeroblade is orange.
    • According to Tommy Andreasen, Cole doesn't change his color to brown because "Dareth would be upset."[29]
  • In "Curseworld, Part I," Cyrus Borg reveals that Cole's favorite music genre is soft rock.
  • Cole and Lloyd are the two ninja who do not currently have a romantic relationship.
    • Though it seems Cole and Nya had some feelings for each other in Rebooted, Tommy Andreasen stated, "Cole was just a bit confused because of the attention she showed him" and "I think he was mostly flattered of the attention."[30][31]
      • When Nya chose Jay, Cole had no problems and accepted their union.[32]
      • Kai has stated that Cole loves her like a sister.[33]
    • Tommy Andreasen jokingly stated that Cole's love interest is cake.[34]
    • Though it was implied when he and Vania said goodbye to each other in "The Son of Lilly," it was not confirmed whether Cole and Vania have feelings for each other and is up for audience interpretation.[35] Writer Chris Wyatt confirmed that Cole has no romantic interest in her.[36]
    • A question on asked, "Who would be a good girlfriend for Cole?", with the options being Nya, Harumi, Vania, and "Someone else Cole is yet to meet".[37]
  • Cole has slight motion sickness, as shown in "The Rise of the Great Devourer" and "The Last Hope."
  • Cole ultimately conquered all of the phobias he displayed in the show, having lost his fear of dragons when becoming Rocky's friend, making peace with the Serpentine, embracing his transformation into a ghost, and singing in front of others.
  • Cole and the other ninja (except Nya) could only harness their elemental powers in the past by being dependent on Lloyd. This may have been due to Lloyd sharing his Golden Power with them. However, this has changed since, as the ninja were able to use their elements when Lloyd lost his in Sons of Garmadon.
  • There are several occasions where Cole is shown to be very fond of cake:
    • He asks if there's going to be cake at Lloyd's "ceremony" in "Double Trouble." Later, when flying the Ultra Dragon to Dareth's dojo, he can be seen enjoying cake.
    • He questioned if Cyrus Borg's surprise was cake in "The Surge," only to be disappointed it was a statue.
    • Out of all the food his suite offered, he quickly went for the cake he found in "Only One Can Remain."
    • He asked if there's any cake after devouring the factory's products in "Spy for a Spy."
    • He unintentionally left a trail of funnel cake crumbs, which Ronin follows in "Public Enemy Number One."
    • He accidentally ate the cake that was supposed to hide supplies to help the ninja escape the jail in "Enkrypted."
    • In "The Mask of Deception" Cole was almost tempted to eat cake despite giving up on sweets.
    • In "The Weakest Link," Cole regretted giving up eating cake.
    • He went back to eating cake in "Green Destiny."
    • He was eating cake in the Bell of Divinity, while Wu lectured the ninja, and the latter attempted to eat it in "Wasted True Potential."
    • After a misunderstanding in the Kryptarium Prison, he wondered if the cafeteria had any cake in "Questing for Quests."
    • When given three choices for the answer to the Sphinx's riddle, he immediately replied with "cake," saying it's the answer to everything in "Riddle of the Sphinx."
    • He tries to have some cake while incarcerated in Kryptarium Prison, but it was dry to the point it was hard as rock in "Kryptarium Prison Blues."
    • Tommy Andreasen once joked that Cole's love interest is cake.[34]
      • Andreasen said that if Cole was a YouTuber, his videos would be about "the joys of cake".[38]
      • Andreasen said that because Cole is the Master of Earth, his favorite type of cake would likely be Sand Cake.[39] He later implied that Cole's favorite flavor of cake is Chocolate Ganache.[40]
  • Cole is the first and currently only ninja to be the focus on a TV special, that being "Day of the Departed."
    • This is also the first time he was the main focus of the show, the second time being Master of the Mountain. "Day of the Departed" marks Cole as the second-to-last ninja to be a mascot character, followed by Nya in The Hands of Time.
    • Cole had a big role in Sons of Garmadon and Hunted with him being the protector and moral compass of the rapidly aging baby who is revealed to be Wu.
    • He also made a big impact on the other ninja in March of the Oni when he fell off the Bounty. He was the introduction character for the season.
    • His mother was mentioned to have died in a flashback in Sons of Garmadon.
      • Him being the focus character in Master of the Mountain shows another expositional flashback that reveals the reason for her death was being terminally ill, as well as the fact that Cole inherited his elemental powers from her.
    • Cole is the only ninja to have performed the Spinjitzu Burst in Master of the Mountain, if the Lego sets aren't counted.
  • Despite their contrasting personalities and previous rivalry over Nya, Cole's best friend is Jay.[41]
  • Tommy Andreasen revealed on Twitter that Cole got his elemental powers from his mother[42] and that she inherited them from her father, the Past Elemental Master of Earth.[43]
    • His mother being the previous Elemental Master of Earth would later be proven and go on to become a central plot point in Master of the Mountain
  • Cole is the second ninja to be presumed dead (in "Day of the Departed", "Big Trouble, Little Ninjago", and "The Fall"), the first being Zane (in "The Titanium Ninja").

Cole's icon used in Ninjago: Decoded

  • After returning to a human again from "Day of the Departed" until sometime after The Hands of Time, Cole had a ghost scar. In Sons of Garmadon, the scar is no longer visible normally, but it reappears when he's in his Earth Punch form, now colored orange. Tommy Andreasen said this would be explained in his non-canon novel, Way of the Departed.[44] In the novel, it is explained to be another rift.
  • Despite being turned into a ghost in "The Temple on Haunted Hill," the intro for Possession isn't updated.
  • Despite having an avatar Minifigure for Prime Empire, it never appeared in the actual season.
  • Cole pees in the pool, but only Luke Cunningham and Zane know this.[46]
  • According to Bragi Schut, the writers haven't established whether Cole is colorblind or not, but he did fail to recognize the colors of the Skull of Hazza D'ur in "The Skull Sorcerer." Cole said the skull was red, so it could mean he has deuteranopia. Schut said "I wouldn’t be surprised if he was [colorblind]."[47]
  • When asked in an interview with Brent Miller (Zane's voice actor) who Cole's best friend was, Kirby Morrow, Cole's voice actor, jokingly said "Cole's best friend is Sensei Wu. Nobody knows, but we have this whole secret thing where Sensei Wu and I actually, we go and fish on Sundays, and we talk about all sorts of things, mostly about how Zane is not very good at ninja moves."[48]
    • In recent years, Wu and Cole have been grouped together throughout various points in the story, specifically in seasons 8, 9, and 13.
  • Cole is the only ninja whose future or older self has not been seen. Everyone but him and Lloyd had future reflections in the ice labyrinth, while Lloyd temporarily became an old man in the second half of Skybound.
    • He is also so far one of the only two ninja (along with Jay via the League of Jay) whose pre-Season 8 design has been seen in the WildBrain (aka post-Season 10) animation, albeit in child form.
  • According to Kai in "Superstar Rockin' Jay," Cole is the team's gaming guru.
  • Out of his first four vehicles, two (the Earth Driller and Roto Jet) were not specifically his in the show but were marketed as such in the sets.
    • Conversely, the Stone Mech was his in the show but marketed as primarily Kai's in the set.
  • Cole has twice had a certain trait or been in a situation that would later go on to become a running joke with his character. The first is cake, and the second is him falling (first seen in "The Fall" and later parodied in "The Cliffs of Hysteria" and "The Real Fall").
  • Cole's moments of unlocking his True Potential ("The Royal Blacksmiths") and Spinjitzu Burst ("The Son of Lilly") are somewhat opposites of each other. Cole unlocks his True Potential when his father accepts him for not following the family's footsteps, while Cole unlocks his Spinjitzu Burst by channeling his mother's power and legacy.
    • However, the sense that it makes does pose some irony on the fact that Cole's mother is an elemental freedom fighter, which is what Cole was always destined to be, and not a performer like his father is.
      • But, to be fair, both destinies included intense training in acrobatic techniques that involve grace, style, and power, all of which Cole has grown accustomed to.
  • Cole as Rocky Dangerbuff pretended in the Realm of Oni and Dragons that the child Wu was his son, because Cole was not old enough to have a larger child.
  • In 2016, a video called "Cole's Ghostly Struggle" (see below) was released by LEGO. The video uses the product animation videos' animation style and centers around Cole practicing honing his ghost abilities to become physical for brief periods of time. When asked if the video was non-canon, Tommy Andreasen simply clarified when it would have taken place in the timeline, implying it can be considered canon.[49]
    • However, the video shows Cole fading in and out of existence due to fear, and the description states, "If he gets too scared he will disappear completely." This was not shown to be a feature of ghosts in the TV series, possibly meaning this video is non-canon.
  • According to his Rebooted website description, he only attended Marty Oppenheimer School of Performing Arts for two days before leaving.[13] However, this may not be canon.[50]
  • According to Nya, he snores.[51]
  • He is the only ninja not to have a speaking role in any of the Ninjago: Reimagined shorts.
    • This is probably due to the untimely death of his voice actor, Kirby Morrow.
  • According to Bragi Schut, if Cole had a secret hobby, it would be that he "likes to turn his uniform inside out so people think it’s new."[52]
  • He is the second ninja to be recast, the first being Lloyd.
    • Unlike Lloyd's voice change, which was given the in-universe reason of his aging, Cole's will not be acknowledged in the show.[53]



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