Early life

Young Cole with Lilly

Cole was born as the son of a member of a barbershop music group, Lou and previous elemental master of Earth, Lilly. Wu was also present when Lilly kept her son lying in her bed.[1]

When Cole was three years old, his mother told him the moon was made out of green cheese.[2]

When Cole was five, he would often sneak out at night to watch his parents dance on the terrace of their house.[3]

When Cole was six, his history teacher told him the storm god Wohira had created the moon out of a crystallized bolt of lightning. Though at first Cole felt his mother had lied to him, he realized she had not lied, just given him the truth that would make sense at the time.[2]

At some point when Cole was a child, Lilly became sick. Cole and Lou visited her, and Cole went up to Lilly and hugged her. After Cole told Lilly that he didn't want her to be sick anymore, Lilly replied that we don't always get what we want. She then said that Lou told her Cole had gotten in trouble at school, to which Cole admitted. Cole told her how he got into a fight with a bully picking on younger children, and he continued on by promising to Lilly that he wouldn't fight again. However, Lilly was proud of him standing up to the bully. She made Cole promise to always stand up to those who are cruel and unjust, which Cole accepted.[4]

When Cole was seven, Lou wanted him to do a legendary dance move known as the Triple Tiger Sashay, only for Cole to fail and let his quartet down.[5] At some point in his youth, Cole saw pictures of Lilly's necklace.[6]

Shortly after Lilly's passing, Cole and Lou had a falling out as they coped with the loss differently.[7] Then Cole's father sent him to the Marty Oppenheimer School of Performing Arts hoping that he would follow in his footsteps and become a dancer. Unwilling to do so but reluctant to displease his father, Cole secretly ran away from the school, occasionally writing to his father to claim that he was still following the dancer's path.[5]

Cole meets Wu near the peak of a mountain.

Cole began drifting from place to place, always seeking new challenges to test his strength and skill. He eventually attempted to climb the tallest mountain of Ninjago. Upon reaching the top, he found Master Wu sitting there, drinking tea. After telling Wu about his anger towards his father for ignoring him and ignoring the loss of his mother, he is told by Wu that grief is dealt with in many forms, sometimes with singing and dancing, and sometimes by climbing mountains. Cole proceeded to ask Wu why he climbed the mountain, after which he learned that Wu was there to meet him.[7] Learning that he had great potential, he followed the old master to the Monastery of Spinjitzu and began training to become a Ninja.

Pilot episodes

Way of the Ninja

Eventually, Cole was joined in his training by two others, Jay and Zane. After they had trained together for a time, Master Wu assigned them to attack his newest student, Kai, as part of the latter's final test. While Kai was preparing for bed, the three snuck into the monastery and surrounded him.

The Golden Weapon

Their fight against Kai eventually took them out into the training yard only for Wu to break up the fight. Like the others, Cole was reluctant when it was revealed that Kai would be the fourth member of the team, stating that the three were already solid together. Wu quickly quieted the matter and provided the Ninja with new gis using Spinjitzu. Cole's suit remained black, as Wu pronounced him the black Ninja of Earth. After Wu explained their purpose, he announced that they would now leave to claim the first Golden Weapon.

As a team-building exercise, Wu had the Ninja pull him in the carriage to the Caves of Despair. On the way, the four Ninja told the circumstances of how they met Master Wu and agreed that if it hadn't been for their master, they would never have been seen together.

Upon arriving at the Caves of Despair, Cole created a plan on how to infiltrate the Skulkin camp but was unable to execute it as Kai ran off. The other three Ninja followed. After stealing the map to Golden Weapons from Samukai, they managed to locate the Scythe of Quakes. The Ninja faced their foes and in the process, they unlocked their Spinjitzu. The Skulkin quickly retreated, but the Ninja awoken the Earth Dragon. After Kai used the Scythe to ward off the beast, Cole advised the others to use Spinjitzu to escape.

King of Shadows

After getting the Scythe, the Ninja set out to find the next three Golden Weapons. Traveling by boat with Cole as the pilot, the Ninja sought the Shurikens of Ice.

That night the Ninja celebrated their success thus far and Cole played a pair of drums for the others to dance to. Later that night, the Black Ninja was awoken by the Skulkins who captured him, Zane, and Jay, reclaiming the three Golden Weapons. After they left to unite the weapons in the Underworld, Jay managed to free the two and they gave chase, quickly catching up to the Skull Truck. Cole managed to slow the truck down long enough for the three Ninja to board. While he was fighting Kruncha and Nuckal, Cole accidentally hit Jay in the throat with his scythe, causing the Blue Ninja to lose his voice. Eventually, Samukai took control of the Skull Truck and accelerated into the Underworld just after the three Ninja fell off.

Weapons of Destiny

Cole, Jay, and Zane journeyed to the Fire Temple in search of Kai and Master Wu. They found Kai and Nya on top of the Fire Dragon—Cole, for his part, immediately hid in fear of the massive beast. Kai explained what happened and revealed that dragons can cross into the Underworld, allowing them to follow Master Wu and the Skulkin, but Cole—in an attempt to avoid flying on a dragon's back—claimed that they will not all fit on the Fire Dragon's back. However, this inspired Kai to recruit the other three elemental Dragons, and Cole ended up nervously clinging to the poles on the Earth Dragon's back as the beasts crossed over to the Underworld.

Upon arriving in the Underworld, the Ninja attempted to sneak by using stalactites, but they dropped right outside Garmadon's fortress after they mistakenly grabbed Spykor legs instead. Surrounded by hordes of spiders and skeletons, Jay suggested using the Tornado of Creation. Despite Cole's concerns about the potential "disastrous consequences" Master Wu had spoken of, he led the Ninja in performing the technique, allowing them to defeat their foes.

With the path clear, Cole and the other Ninja entered Garmadon's fortress to find Master Wu battling Samukai with the Golden Weapons. They watched as his mentor was beaten by Samukai, who took all four weapons and threatened to usurp Garmadon. However, the power was too strong transformed him into a portal that Garmadon escaped into.

Cole and the other Ninja then journeyed to Four Weapons Blacksmith, where they reunited with Nya and vowed to be ready when Garmadon returned.


Flight of the Dragon Ninja

Against Master Wu's orders to train, the Ninja spent much of their time racing with their dragons. After Jay won a race, he began trying to convince the others of his superiority. To silence his bragging teammate, Cole challenged his comrades to another race, saying that the winner would be "Dragon Master" for a month.

During the race, Cole and Jay sped through the forest, dodging around the trees. Cole's dragon failed to dodge one tree, but neither rider nor steed was harmed. The Ninja regrouped as they approached the "finish line," prompting Cole to reveal his secret weapon: a roasted chicken on a pole that he dangled in front of his dragon's nose. With "the turbo" engaged, Cole quickly sped back to the Monastery, claiming victory. To his dismay, Kai claimed that they would beat him tomorrow. Cole protested that they agreed the winner would be "Dragon Master" for a month, but the others insisted that they had never agreed to the bet.

An Underworldly Takeover

At some point, Cole went to see Master Wu, curious how Garmadon took control of the Underworld from Samukai. Master Wu thought about it for a time and replied that he expected that the villains had discussed the matter over tea and came to an agreement.

Rise of the Snakes

Rise of the Snakes

Cole going to eat pizza

With peace throughout Ninjago, Cole and the other Ninja fell out of training and instead spent their time playing video games. After a three hour marathon, they were interrupted by Wu who unplugged the TV, who encouraged them not to put off tomorrow what could be done that day and start training again to prepare for his brother's return to Ninjago. In response, Cole noted that he was going to eat a slice of pizza, but Wu knocked it out his hand before he could. After Wu pointed out that they had not tapped into the special powers of their Golden Weapons, Cole used the Scythe of Quakes to plug the TV back in.

At that moment, Nya rushed in bringing word that Garmadon was spotted in Jamanakai village. The out-of-shape Ninja then rushed out the door and down to the dragon pen where Cole mounted the Earth Dragon, though dropped the golden scythe in the rush.

Eager to get back in the action, the ninja raced each other to Jamanakai village, but upon arrival, Cole argued with Zane who had arrived first. They were interrupted by the sound of evil laughter from the village and drawing their weapons, approached the village ready for battle. However, the Black Ninja was surprised to find that it was, in fact, Lloyd Garmadon, the dark lord's son, who was causing trouble by threatening to release the serpentine, an ancient race of snakes which once ruled Ninjago, unless they gave him candy. The Ninja tied him at the top of a sign, embarrassing him in front of the villagers as they mocked him by eating candy.

As they prepared to return to the monastery, Kai discovered the prophecy of the Green Ninja in Wu's bag which he had taken by mistake. When the other Ninja began arguing over who was to become the prophesied Ninja, Cole broke up the fight nothing that there was likely a reason Wu hadn't told them of it. Yet the question remained on everyone's mind so when they returned to the monastery, the four Spinjitzu masters challenged themselves to a tournament for the title. Cole faced off against Zane in the first round and won, and competed in the final round against Kai. However, the tournament ended when Red Ninja lost control of the Sword of Fire and the Ninja were scolded by Master Wu.

Determined to be the Green Ninja, Cole and the others devoted themselves to training. They were soon ordered back to Jamanakai Village by Wu however as Lloyd had unleashed the Hypnobrai tribe of Serpentine. This time Cole mounted his dragon without losing the scythe and upon arriving at the village, met up with Nya. After discovering they would need the anti-venom from the General's staff to save the village, the Ninja split up. Cole went directly to the General and knocked the staff out of his hands, though while he picked it up, the Black Ninja unknowingly fell under the control of Skales. He returned to the monastery with the other Ninja to resume training, unaware he was also acting as Skales' eyes and ears on the Ninja.


Hypnotized Cole

It was Cole's turn to make dinner; he prepared a duck chowder, though it glued the Ninjas' mouths shut.

At one point while Cole was using the bathroom, Zane walked in and started combing his hair much to the Black Ninja's annoyance. Cole brought up the event when he and the other Ninja complained to Wu about the White Ninja's strange behavior after he unexplainably disrupted their training. As Wu explained to them how brothers can be different they were interrupted by the arrival of the Postman who had Cole's order of liver and toads for Rocky. He momentarily forgot his grievances with Zane and rushed to present his dragon with its' present.

Later that night at dinner, Cole started a food fight with the other Ninja.

The next morning, Cole and the other ninja followed Zane to Lloyd's treehouse fortress which he had discovered the night prior. The Ninja set out to destroy the structure but before Cole could deliver the final blow, he fell under Skales' control again and began to attack the other Ninja. Luckily, Wu soon arrived, and using the Sacred Flute was able to snap Cole out of the trance. They returned to Mountain of Impossible Height only to find that the Hypnobrai had taken their staff and burned down the monastery. Cole quickly rushed to free the dragons from their pens, then blamed Zane for the destruction.

The Ninja, Nya, and Wu began to live in a makeshift shelter in the Sea of Sand until Zane returned having found them a new home; Destiny's Bounty.


Cole with his dragon, Rocky

Jay's parents, Ed and Edna arrive at the ship to visit, much to Jay's annoyance. After being embarrassed multiple times by his mother, Jay ushers his parents back to their junkyard, where they are assaulted by the Fangpyre and given the venomous snake bite while the others infect vehicles in the yard to their own evil use. The next day, Jay keeps his promise to his father and visits the junkyard with the other Ninja on foot, as the Ninja's Dragons migrated east to begin a transformation in their stage of life. When they arrive, the place is quiet. He finds Ed and Edna captive and beginning their transformation to snakes. While the Fangpyre fought the Ninja, Master Wu explains the only way to change Jay's parents back is to get the anti-venom from the staff. After discovering their weapons have the ability to transform into vehicles, Jay uses his Storm Fighter plane to steal the Snake Staff from the Rattlecopter. Nya creates the anti-venom before accidentally losing the staff, and Ed fixes the "defense system" Jay was working on earlier in the episode, allowing them to take flight and escape the Fangpyre.

Never Trust a Snake

Cole and Zane wearing pajamas

Cole reassures Zane at the beginning of the episode by slamming his face with a pillow causing everyone to laugh. Afterward, they begin their morning exercises, where each ninja gets excited as Zane tries to recall his dream from the previous night. To Master's riddle "What is the best way to defeat an enemy?", Cole answers Spinjitzu although it is wrong. Each ninja seems to think they are the green ninja after Zane retells his dream in detail. Cole says that because the ninja was strong enough to lift the crate off of Zane and save him, that he must be the green ninja. After the Ninja infiltrate the Bad Boys Academy, Cole cuts the ropes of the students and teachers he climbs back up the chain of the anchor to reach the top of the building. Cole encounters the Anacondri and gets tripped up by dust and a rope, causing him to drop his weapon and leaving Jay to deal with Lloyd and the Anacondri.

Can of Worms

Ninja tied

Shortly after Lloyd joined the Ninja aboard the Destiny's Bounty, Cole decided to test his cooking skills by making a bowl of Violet Berry Soup. Unfortunately, three days of hard work were for naught; when he tasted the soup on the third day, it was barely edible. As Cole wondered what had gone wrong, Lloyd walked by and lied that he had seen Jay adding spices to the soup when Cole wasn't looking. The Black Ninja promptly tracked his blue-clad comrade down for a stern lecture, only to be accosted by Kai in turn, who accused Cole of beating all of his high scores in Fist to Face 2.

Before the argument could become too heated, Master Wu arrived and revealed that Lloyd was behind all of the pranks, which he hoped would teach the Ninja about the destructive power of rumors. Cole commented that the lesson was rather odd, and Master Wu admitted that he made it up on the spot, since his lesson book had mysteriously vanished—in fact, Lloyd had stolen it. Before anything more could be done, Nya called everyone to the bridge, where she showed her allies the pattern she detected in the locations of the Serpentine tombs. Realizing that they could now identify the locations of the remaining two tombs, Master Wu deployed the Ninja to try and stop Pythor from awakening the final tribes of Serpentine.

Cole and Zane were sent to the Mountain of a Million Steps, with the former having a laugh at his icy comrade's pink gi (courtesy of Lloyd washing it with Kai's red gi). Once they reached the foot of the mountain, Cole had Zane climb on his back, allowing him to rapidly scale the mountain without leaving the White Ninja behind. After reaching the top of the mountain, Cole and Zane entered the Constrictai Tomb, which appeared to be devoid of life. Zane discovered several drawings on the walls and quickly translated them into an ominous prophecy about the union of the five Serpentine tribes, the four Fangblades, and the Great Devourer. Although impressed that Zane was able to translate the drawings so well, Cole realized that the prophecy boded extremely ill for them, and told Zane that they had to return to the ship and tell the others.

As Zane turned to flee, Cole suddenly sensed something moving below the ground—moments later, Constrictai General Skalidor burst from below and trapped the Black Ninja with his tail. Against Cole's orders to escape, Zane ran to his leader's defense, playing the Sacred Flute to weaken Skalidor briefly. A short battle ensued, with both ninjas suffering the Serpentine General's powerful grip, but Zane eventually used the flute again, leaving Skalidor vulnerable to a knockout blow from Cole's scythe. Although relieved at their small victory, Cole quickly deduced that Pythor had been expecting them and that their friends were likely walking into another trap.

When Cole and Zane arrived in the Toxic Bogs, their fears were confirmed—Pythor had released the Venomari tribe, using them and the Constrictai to corner Kai and Jay outside the Venomari Tomb. The situation worsened when the Anacondrai General stole the Sacred Flute from Zane, and the Ninja were forced back onto a log that began sinking into the corrosive sludge of the bog. Fortunately, the snakes were driven off by the arrival of a mysterious warrior piloting a large robot exoskeleton. The interloper proceeded to knock the Ninja unconscious with sleeping gas and fled before the Destiny's Bounty arrived to pick them up.

The Snake King


The Ninja, ecstatic about getting their new Ninja suits, are confident about wearing them on their mission at Mega Monster Amusement Park but was disappointed when they see Samurai X got there before they did. The Ninja decided to find out who the Samurai is but failed.

The next day, Wu told the Ninja to find Lloyd, but when they see him captured by the Serpentine, they were also captured. They were brought into the arena, where they were forced to fight Samurai X. When Samurai X saved them, they were trapped in the Sea of Sand, but when Kai brought them their weapons back

Tick Tock

Cole's strength

As the Ninja continued their training, Cole took to lifting weights in the Destiny's Bounty. Eventually, he became too strong for the heaviest available barbell to provide any challenge, forcing him to improvise—specifically, by having Jay and Nya sit on either head of the barbell while he lifted it.

Later, he watched Zane attempting to beat his old breath-holding record, sharing Kai and Jay's shock when the White Ninja remained underwater for over ten minutes. After Zane came up to the ship, the Ninja wondered if they had reached their true potential, and went to consult with Master Wu.

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

After Nya's lesson on the Fangpyre, the Ninja leave to see where the Serpentine are to stop them from getting the Fangblades. They tried to stop them at Mega Monster Amusement Park but was slowed down when Zane accidentally froze them.

After the ice thawed, the Ninja met up with Nya and Jay and was surprised to learn Nya was the mysterious Samurai X.

The Royal Blacksmiths

Cole unlocking his true potential

Although disappointed at the loss of the first Fangblade to the Serpentine, the Ninja realized that there were still three more for them to keep out of their foes' clutches. Before they could continue the hunt, however, they received a letter from Cole's father, who wanted his son to come and visit him in Ninjago City. Cole was reluctant, revealing his troubled relationship with his father to his friends, and convinced them to act as though they had been at the dance school all this time.

When the Ninja went to visit Lou, they were asked to demonstrate their dancing skills, with little success. However, Cole noticed that the Blade Cup—awarded to the winners of the annual "Ninjago Talent" show—contained another Fangblade, and resolved to enter the competition so that they could get it before the Serpentine did. However, unconvinced that their attempt at dancing would be good enough, he told the others that they would have to steal it during the show. Unfortunately, Lou overheard the plan, and angrily confronted his son about their planned deception before storming off.

Lou's words had a deep impact on Cole, and he changed his mind when the team was next to perform in the talent show—the Ninja were going to win the Blade Cup fair and square. Instead of the planned dance routine, the Ninja donned their suits and performed Spinjitzu for the crowd, fending off a Serpentine attack mid-performance. At the end of their show, Cole defeated three Fangpyre by performing the legendary Triple Tiger Sashay, earning them a perfect score from the judges (despite a disguised Pythor's attempt to underscore them).

Although pleased by his team's success, Cole was saddened to see no sign of his father in the crowd. When the Ninja went backstage with their prize, however, Lou appeared and congratulated his son, admitting that he now saw that Cole had a greater destiny than following in the footsteps of the Royal Blacksmiths. Unfortunately, the reconciliation was ruined when Pythor had this minions drop stage equipment on Lou—while Cole dived to protect his father, the Serpentine stole the Blade Cup and fled. The other Ninja lingered to check on Cole, only for the Black Ninja to emerge unharmed, having unlocked his True Potential after mending his relationship with Lou.

In the aftermath of the attack, Cole and his friends returned to Lou's house. They lamented the loss of another Fangblade to Pythor, but the defeat was tempered by Lou, who showed them a picture he had taken of them with the Blade Cup. Along with the rest of his team, Cole happily hugged Lou, who welcomed all four Ninja as part of his extended family.

The Green Ninja

Cole, Zane, and Kai

Cole is with the other Ninja when they train, and teases Kai over his training before Sensei Wu comes back. He shows displeasure at first towards Garmadons arrival, and is there when the others speak to Wu. He shows confusion at most of Garmadons actions, but seems to remain quiet for the most part. He later watches Garmadon play video games alongside Kai and Zane, remarking how he wasn't such a bad guy at the time.

When they discover the Fangblade is at the fire temple, He attempts to stop yet another argument between Kai and Garmadon. When Kai and Garmadon lock themselves in a room to settle a fight, Cole breaks open the door using his true potential. He shows disappointment towards Kai's actions and remarks on how they had arrived.

He helps the others fight the serpentine, however retreats alongside them when the temple starts to collapse in. He expresses concerns for Kai, but is forced to leave by Wu. When Kai returns unscathed with his true potential, he shows relief, and is surprised when he learns that Lloyd is the Green Ninja.

All of Nothing

Cole braised by Skalidor

When Serpentine activity became surprisingly infrequent, Cole joined the Ninja in cornering a lone Venomari Soldier in the alleyways of Ninjago City. The Soldier revealed that Pythor was on the trail of the final Fangblade, halfway across the world, and the Ninja realized that they had no chance of claiming it from their foe.

Back on the Destiny's Bounty, Lloyd suggested stealing the other three Fangblades back from the Serpentine, and Nya discovered their new lair underground. In preparation for the important mission, the Ninja began training to counter the Serpentine's unique abilities, with Cole having Master Wu trap him in a net so he could learn how to escape the grip of the Constrictai. When the ship arrived at the Mountain of a Million Steps, the Ninja, Nya, and Master Wu entered the Constrictai Tomb without any sign of the snakes visible, only for Cole to inadvertently open the path to the fortress by touching a crude drawing of the Ninja on the walls.

Despite an attempt to sneak in unnoticed, the Ninja were quickly spotted and forced to fight their way to the Fangblades. Cole found himself trapped by Skalidor's tail but relaxed his body to escape the coils and retaliate with a Triple Tiger Sashay. Eventually, the Ninja reached the bottom of the fortress, and Cole rushed forward to grab the Fangblades, but his approach triggered another trap that left him and his allies in a cage. To add insult to injury, Pythor returned at that moment, the fourth and final Fangblade in his grasp.

Trapped and disarmed, the Ninja could only turn to Lloyd for help, contacting him through the Samurai Mech's communicator. When Lloyd said that he was coming to help them, Master Wu told him not to risk it, but Cole pointed out that the whole world was doomed if Pythor successfully revived the Great Devourer. As the Serpentine began a night of Slither Pit battles to celebrate their imminent victory, Cole attempted to pass the time by playing checkers with Jay, only for Kai to steal the latter's hair oil as part of an escape plan. After Kai slipped out of the cage and climbed onto a hanging chain, Cole led his friends in running back and forth in the cage, aiding Kai's swinging motions. Unfortunately, Pythor saw the attempted escape and had the heroes restrained even further, with Cole sarcastically commenting on how much better their position was now.

Cole watched as Lloyd made his entrance and attempted to intimidate the Serpentine, and bore witness to the arrival of Lord Garmadon and the Skulkin. In the resulting fight, Pythor pulled a lever that caused the Ninja's cage to begin moving—moving, Cole noted, towards the acid at the bottom of the fortress. As the Ninja climbed up on the bars to avoid the corrosive goo, Lloyd freed them from their prison, allowing them to grab their weapons and rejoin the battle. During the fight, Pythor bumped into Cole, dropping the Fangblades. Cole immediately challenged the Anacondrai to battle, but Pythor simply vanished before his eyes. Deciding to take what they could get, the Ninja grabbed the Fangblades and ran back to their ship.

With all four Fangblades in their possession, the Ninja threw an impromptu party, with Cole making fruit punch for his friends. When Lloyd arrived to report that his father had left, Cole joined the others in toasting Lord Garmadon, unaware that Pythor had stowed away on the Destiny's Bounty during the battle.

The Rise of the Great Devourer

Cole and Skales

At the beginning of the episode, the ninja and Nya are on their way to Torchfire Mountain to destroy the Fangblades. As Kai and Nya are talking about it, Cole bursts in, looking rather ill from the ship's swaying—after Jay has a laugh at his expense, talk turns to Lloyd and how no one expected him to be the Green Ninja. Later on, the Ninja are on the deck as the storm has passed. Kai, Jay, Cole, and Zane meet Master Wu on the deck with the Fangblades. Zane notes that Master Wu is rather melancholy, prompting him to tell the ninja about his destiny, saying that he "will not be able to see tomorrow." The ninja don't understand but proceed to set up a plank from where they can throw the Fangblades into the volcano. Unfortunately, Pythor chooses that moment to sabotage the engines, jerking the ship to one side and throwing Master Wu over the edge.

Day of the Great Devourer

Cole and Zane

After witnessing Master Wu be consumed by the Great Devourer, Cole, along with his friends, set out on the Destiny's Bounty, until it was destroyed. He was later part of the plan to trap the Great Devourer, and gave Lord Garmadon his Golden Weapon, expecting it back. It was stolen afterward. But Cole and the other Ninja vowed to train Lloyd in order for him to face the dark lord should that time come.

Legacy of the Green Ninja

Darkness Shall Rise

Cole is tired after standing all day.

To pay for the expenses of their new apartment, Cole took a job as a security guard at the Ninjago City Bank. When he took a double shift, he was fired for sleeping on the job when Skalidor, Acidicus, and Fangtom broke into the vault as a distraction so Skales could kidnap Lloyd. Cole, Kai, and Zane followed the generals to the Ninjago Metro where they fought them on a train, using makeshift weapons. The generals got away when the ninja turned their attention to stopping the train from hitting a tied-up Jay.

Arriving back at the apartment, Cole and the others were relieved to learn that Wu and Nya stopped Skales from kidnapping Lloyd. The ninja realize that staying in the large apartment is not feasible, and Cole suggests they move into a smaller apartment shown to them earlier.

Pirates vs. Ninja

Cole and the other Ninja began to train Lloyd in their apartment, though soon realized their conditions were unsuitable for the task. They set out into the city to search for a better place and soon came upon Grand Sensei Dareth's Mojo Dojo. There, the Ninja were each able to give Lloyd lessons - Cole instructed the little Green Ninja how best to break through several boards.

After exiting the dojo following training, however, Cole and the other Ninja were surprised to find pirates attacking Ninjago City. They boarded a bus to pursue but lost the ship. The Ninja eventually relocated the flying ship and using pirate outfits from a nearby costume store, snuck onto the ship. The Ninja revealed themselves and after Cole cut off the feather of Captain Soto's hat, the two sides clashed. The Black Ninja faced off against No-Eyed Pete and beat him.

Double Trouble

When Lloyd failed to control his Lightning, Cole gave him a broom to sweep up his mess, but instead, he uses it to fight a punching bag. After Nya invited Jay over to the auto body shop and handed Wu a letter, Wu explained Lloyd's reformation inspired Darkley's students into turning good. Excited for cake, the Ninja head out toward the school on their Ultra Dragon.

Unfortunately, Lloyd was flying the Dragon. After accidentally making the Dragon speed up, Cole insists he flies the Dragon home instead. Once at Darkley's, he met Brad, who told them it's Ninja Day and that everyone is hiding to honor the Ninja. They went to Principal Noble's office but had sandbags dropped on them, knocking them unconscious.

After waking up, the teachers explained that the students have taken them as prisoners. Zane suggests they find secret passageways to escape. Eventually, they became face-to-face with the Bizarro ninja created by Lord Garmadon. They tried to fight them, but they were so equally matched that they concluded the battle would never end.

Ninja fighting against the Bizzaro Ninja

After the students, dressed in Ninja gi, charged at the Bizarro ninja, they were able to win the fight. They had a real ceremony, and Cole rode the Dragon back to the Dojo while eating a slice of cake.

Ninjaball Run

The Ninja win the race!

Cole, along with the other Ninja, compete in the Ninjaball Run to win the prize of $100,000 in order to save Dareth's Mojo Dojo. The Ninja race in the Ultra Sonic Raider. Lloyd flies on the Ultra Dragon so that they have a better chance of winning the race. They race through dangerous terrain, and eventually Lloyd and his dragon crash putting him out of the race.

Even though the Ninja struggled to maintain a lead, especially when Garmadon enters the race. But thanks to a lever installed giving the Ultra Sonic Raider flight, and a piece of Ed and Edna's car Jay took after they crashed, the Ninja win the race and claim back the Destiny's Bounty in the process!

Child's Play

Cole as a kid

Cole, along with the other Ninja, are turned into kids by Lord Garmadon and are chased by the Grundle. When they were turned into kids, Cole admitted he hated being a kid, because they can't drive, no one listens to them and worse: bedtimes. By the end of the episode, he and the other Ninja returned to normal as Lloyd grew to their age as well.

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Cole is helping to train Lloyd. He and the other ninja head to the city and arrive at night. While Fang-Suei works on the Fangpyre truck, Master Wu and the Ninja confront Lord Garmadon. Fang-Suei, Chokun, and Mezmo battle the heroes with their power tools. When the time portal opens, Master Wu tells the four Ninja to save the past and preserve the future. The four Ninja jump into the portal and land in a muddy rice field, not far from Four Weapons in the episode, Way of the Ninja. After Past Master Wu leaves the shop, the four Ninja tell him about their situation. Later, Cole hides so that he can kidnap Nya, along with Jay and Zane. Then Cole helps use the Scythe of Quakes to hurl the Mega Weapon into space.

The Stone Army

It starts when the ninja are awoken by their alarm clock. Later, Cole helps to fight the Stone Warriors. One stone warrior keeps the ninja running away. They stop inside a large room and close the doors, and as the Stone Warrior begins to break it down Lloyd suddenly comes up with a plan and tells the Ninja to distract it, which Cole helps do.

The Day Ninjago Stood Still

Cole is helping to train Lloyd to fight without using his eyes. Later, in Ninjago City, the Ninja save a woman who was trapped in the collapsing street; Cole became acquainted with her dog. Master Wu tells the Ninja to gather everyone to an evacuation point to be picked up by the Destiny's Bounty, which the only suitable evacuation point was the roof of the NGTV office building. The citizens all head to the building while the Ninja hold off the Stone Warriors using the Ultra Sonic Raider and the Ultra Dragon. Cole continues to help hold off the Stone Army.

The Last Voyage

The Ninja sail to the Dark Island on the flightless Destiny's Bounty, given a farewell song by his father beforehand. Along the way, they run into a storm and the ship-eating Starteeth. When the storm passes the ship, which now is missing a rudder and has a hole in the side, the ship runs ashore on an island with a prison tower. When the ninja gets to the top, Dr. Julien greets them and takes them in. Later, the Ninja sail further to the island of Darkness.

Island of Darkness

The ninja finally arrive on the Island of Darkness, where the Stone Army is preparing for the final battle. The Ninja learn that the Temple of Light is where they can receive their elemental powers. In order to do this, the Ninja must use a medallion to find the temple. Later Jay was able to find the Temple of Light by aligning three lights with the holes in the medallion—the temple is at the top of the island's highest mountain.

With their new vehicles, the Ninja head for the Temple of Light, barely keeping ahead of the Stone Army. Inside the Temple, they find pictures on the walls depicting their journey from the past until the present. Further in is a great bell, hanging above a strange design on the floor bearing the Ninja's symbols. Realizing that it's the Instrument of Peace, Lloyd strikes it, causing a light to shine on him and beams of energy to reflect off crystals in the walls. Soon, the entire room is crisscrossed with beams, and one hits a pillar, making it glow brightly.

At the foot of the pillar, Cole's armor transforms, and a Dragon Sword with the power of Earth appears in his hand as well, as the other Ninja. As their swords manifest blades representing their respective elements, Lloyd rises into the air. The Ninja use their swords to send their elemental powers to Lloyd.

The Stone Army finally marches into the Temple, but the Ninja are more than ready for them—using their new elemental powers, they easily trounce the warriors. Cole swallows his opponents in a mound of dirt. Finally, Lloyd summons the power of the Golden Dragon, creating a brilliant light that frightens the remaining stone soldiers into retreat.

The Last Hope

At the beach, Dr. Julien repairs the Falcon, while the Ninja celebrate their restored powers by shooting down coconuts. The party is interrupted by Master Wu, who chastises the Ninja for their unseemly mirth; they may have the power to defeat the Stone Army, but the Celestial Clock is still counting down to the final battle between light and darkness. When the falcon was on a test flight after being fixed, Cole assumed it was a coconut and shot at it before Zane stopped him. At that, Misako reveals a way to at least delay the battle: if the Helmet of Shadows is returned to its pedestal, the countdown might stop long enough for them to gain an advantage. Risking everything, the Ninja disguise themselves as Stone Warriors and escort Misako to Lord Garmadon's camp. As General Kozu takes Misako to his master's tent, the disguised Ninja are put to work carrying Dark Matter to the superweapon. The weapon is surrounded by a wooden wall, but the Ninja notice one protruding detail—a very large cannon—and ponder what Garmadon plans to attack with it. Later the Ninja are forced to fight their way back down to the entrance as Misako rejoins them.

The Ninja make their escape with Misako and Nya in the power drill, but the Stone Army pursues them until the Overlord reminds Lord Garmadon that the Ninja could turn the army against him if they don the Helmet. After a frantic chase that ends in the Power Drill being disabled momentarily, Garmadon goes for the kill, only for Lloyd to blast it with his powers. Lord Garmadon emerges from the wreckage, weakened and vulnerable; from the Power Drill, the Ninja encourage Lloyd to finish him off. Despite everything at stake, the Green Ninja is unable to strike the fatal blow, forcing him to jump aboard the Power Drill as the Ninja make their escape from the advancing Stone Army.

At the Celestial Clock, the Ninja meet up with Master Wu and desperately look for the Helmet's pedestal with minutes to spare. As the Stone Army arrives, the Ninja find the pedestal and replace the Helmet, but it's one second too late; the countdown has ended and the final battle is upon them. As the clock fires a mighty energy flare inland, the Stone Army captures Nya and the Ninja are sent down into a crevasse. Surviving the fall, the Ninja head off to prepare for the final battle.

Return of the Overlord

Kai and the others intend to start the final battle and attack the Stone Army base, only to find it empty.

They see the Garmatron's tracks and follow them. As they run, the Ninja reflect on all of their adventures, but the jovial mood is broken when they sense an evil presence nearby. Suddenly, a crimson Spinjitzu tornado hits Cole and Lloyd and stops in front of the group to reveal Nya, who has been turned evil by Lord Garmadon, and the Ninja buy time for Lloyd, Master Wu, and Misako to stop The Overlord and Garmadon. Later the Ninja have a rough time against Nya until Zane realizes that they can use their elemental powers on the environment instead of their opponent. He uses his Elemental Blade to break the chain of Nya's weapon; Jay creates an electric barrier to deflect thrown needles; Cole blinds Nya with a cloud of dust; Kai cuts down a nearby tree so its leaves surround his corrupted sister. Finally, Zane freezes the tree, leaving Nya trapped within a dome of ice—wryly commenting that "this club just became boys only," Kai leads the others down the Garmatron's trail.

The Ninja rush up to their allies and start to fight the stone army. Meanwhile, the battle continues on the beach and Lloyd is defeated. Fed up with the interference, the Overlord creates a portal for his army, declaring that they will go to Ninjago City personally to finish the job leaving the heroes trapped on the Island of Darkness.

Rise of the Spinjitzu Master

Hitching a ride on Kai's Fire Robot, the Ninja returned to the Temple of Light, where they activated a hidden mechanism that revealed the Golden Mech. When Lloyd sat in the cockpit, his powers as the Chosen One restored the ancient machine to fighting form. With the Ultra Dragon's arrival to the Island of Darkness, the group was able to return to Ninjago City, only to find it infected with Dark Matter and ruled by the Overlord, now restored to his monstrous true form. Despite their fighting prowess, the heroes were almost overwhelmed by the Stone Army, only to be saved when Dareth donned the Helmet of Shadows and took command of the ancient soldiers.

Cole infected by Dark Matter

Cole and the other ninjas proceeded to ascend the tower but only to fall victim to the Overlord's corruption. Lloyd was forced to limp up to the top of the tower alone, where the Overlord was waiting. In the aftermath of the Overlord's defeat, all of his creations and corruption vanished. Cole reunited with his allies in the crater left by the Garmatron's disappearance.


The Surge

Following the battle with the Overlord, the Ninja now are now teachers at Wu's Academy—which has replaced Darkley's School for Bad Boys—training a new generation of Ninja. Later they are invited by Cyrus Borg for a field trip to Borg Industries' Borg Tower.

As the Ninja arrive in the office of Cyrus Borg, the Ninja were all very happy to meet him. Cyrus shows them to a gift he wanted to give them: an automated statue of himself. It looked like a regular statue, but Cyrus tells Kai that he should protect "them" with his life and to not let anyone know he had them. Walking into the elevator with their gift, they accidentally drop the statue, yet they discover it is hollow and is filled with new suits as well as the Techno Blades. Suddenly a robotic security voice in the elevator says that they should drop the blades. The Ninja refuse and the elevator drops toward the ground at high speed. The Ninja luckily escape into an elevator going up right next to it and manage to get their new outfits on for battle in their escape from Borg Tower.

The Ninja with their new Techno Blades

When they get down to the tower, Master Wu takes the Techno Blades and says that he wants Jay and Cole on the ground. Then Cole manages to defeat the Security Mech and hacks it with his Techno-Blade, making it the Earth Mech. At the moment they almost get destructed, Lloyd comes on the Golden Dragon, defeating the robots. As the Ninjas get back into the vehicles and get on the road outside of the city, Overlord spots that Wu is getting away with the Techno-Blades so he sends two copters that capture him on the building roof. However before that happened, Wu quickly dropped Techno Blades into Kai's Fighter so the Ninjas could safely get them out of the city, while Wu gets captured by Overlord's forces.

The Art of the Silent Fist

After escaping from New Ninjago City, the Ninjas have hidden their vehicles. Misako then greets them and shows them to the Monastery, but Zane offers to stay behind with the Techno Blades, as Garmadon (who is now "Sensei Garmadon,") forbids any weapons in his monastery. As night falls, Garmadon arrives and teaches the Ninja and his students about "the art of the silent fist." While everyone inside is practicing the technique, Zane catches P.I.X.A.L. and ties her up, then returns to the Monastery as the Ninja come out to see what is going on. Zane then uses his Techno-Blade to hack P.I.X.A.L.'s systems, freeing her from the Overlord's control. Grateful to Zane for saving her, P.I.X.A.L. tells the Ninja of Master Wu.

Suddenly, P.I.X.A.L. realizes she did not come alone and Nindroids surround the place. Ninjas successfully defeat the Nindroids by trapping them into a mill wheel which then rolls out. However, General Cryptor destroys Ninja's vehicles. After that, the Ninjas decides to split. Jay, Zane, Cole, Kai, and Nya gets an idea to shut down the power in the city to stop virus controlling machines in the land.

As night falls, they arrive at the station, but with a high guard of Nindroids. They manage to get inside but can't find a way to break the power charge. When Cryptor sends Nindroids inside, Kai remembers Garmadon's lesson of fighting without fighting so they decide to lure Nindroids to destroy the charge which then explodes and all the power disappears, including P.I.X.A.L. who gets shut down.


The Ninja have gone to Ed & Edna's Scrap N Junk to look for parts that would enable Zane's hover-copter to run on solar power. While Ed, Jay, Cole, and Kai search through the junk piles, Nya transfers half of Zane's power source to P.I.X.A.L. The operation is a success and the android is re-activated. However, the moment quickly goes sour when P.I.X.A.L. claims that Nya and Cole are a better couple then Nya and Jay. Jay overhears this as he comes in and he attacks Cole.

Unbeknownst to the Ninja, Techno Wu arrives via hover-copter and powers Cryptor, along with a few Nindroid Warriors, using electrocobrai. After activating a few Nindroids, Min-Droid sneaks and gets access to Ed & Edna's crane. The Ninja are still trying to break the battle against the two Ninja, but are failing. The tiny droid uses the crane and launches the truck at a garbage pile. Kai realizes and quickly informs his friends; the Ninja perform Spinjitzu and get out of the fallen vehicle, while Ed and Edna escape using bubble jet-packs. Then, Cryptor attacks him and P.I.X.A.L., but Zane uses his Techno Blade as a shield. Jay and Cole see that their friend is in a difficult problem, and decide to help. Just as they run to Zane, their former master, Wu, traps the two in a pit.

Nya managed to get by the controls of the pit, but she has a new problem to face: there are two wires, colored black and blue, and Nya has to cut one. If she destroys the wrong one, Jay and Cole will be crushed. Nya frees Jay and Cole and they assist Kai. However, Wu traps the Ninja in a corner, but Zane and P.I.X.A.L. come with a magnified vehicle and pick up Wu since he is now part metal. The Ninja are excited but quickly ends when the Stranger frees Wu and flies away with their via hover-copter. However, the Stranger leaves a scale behind. Nya decides to give Lloyd and Garmadon a message.

The Curse of the Golden Master

The Hover-copter was eventually converted to solar power, the Ninja returned to New Ninjago City with Nya and P.I.X.A.L. There, they reunited with Borg and explained their suspicions as to who stole the hard-drive containing the Overlord.

They eventually came across the Stone Army Vault, only to find the seal had been opened. Upon confronting Skales, they learned that the Serpentine had reformed and the Snake King even had a son. The Ninja and Nya were lead to a campfire where Acidicus told them of the Curse of the Golden Master, and how they believed it was referring to Lloyd. While the Ninja discussed the curse, Nya expressed her confusion that if the Serpentine didn't take the hard-drive, who was the culprit.

Both questions had to be put on hold though, as Nindroids suddenly attacked the place, and Kai ordered the other Ninja and Nya to protect the Serpentine. The Ninja find out that the Electrocobrai are their power source. Skales tells them at the Curse of the Golden Master is upon them, and says that they would not be able to assist the Ninja because they're choosing to stay out of the conflict. The Ninja then return to the surface, but not before Skales telling them the one Serpentine that is fond of electrocobrai: Pythor.

Enter the Digiverse

On top of Borg Tower, Borg prepares the device that will lead the Ninja to the Digiverse, a digital world where they will be able to gain access to the Tower's central computer and fight the Overlord directly. Borg explains the device will "download" the ninja themselves, along with the Techno-Blades, into the computer where the Overlord dwells. He also explains that this is the only method to succeed, as it will be a matter of time before the digital Overlord fully drains Lloyd's power. Although apprehensive, the ninjas are "downloaded" successfully, and they wake up in the Digiverse. In no time, they begin mastering the advantages of the digital world. The Ninja begin their trek down toward the Tower's central computer—ironically below the Tower, where the Overlord had been defeated years before. When the Overlord realizes they are close to him, he attempts to immobilize them but fails due to P.I.X.A.L. electronically interfering from outside. He then turns the digitized New Ninjago City upside down, but the ninja keep moving with their digitized vehicles. Together they get to the top—that is, the bottom—of the tower and insert the Techno-Blades . . . only to find the Overlord severed the circuit to the motherboard.

Golden Cole

The Ninja are severely beaten by the Overlord as he consumes more of Lloyd's Golden Power, proclaiming his becoming a true "Golden Master" of the real world and the digital world. Strengthened by Lloyd's proclamations that the Ninja always have each other's strengths to fight together, the Ninja fights off the Overlord's influence and turns gold and, using Lloyd's shared power, reroute the circuit to the motherboard and completely destroy the Overlord virus from the system, initiating a reboot.

The Ninja are then brought back to the real world, where they are reunited with Wu, freed from the Overlord's control, and locate Lloyd's location.

Codename: Arcturus

At The Temple of Light, Lloyd gives up his Golden Power to restore the Ninjas' elemental powers. Meanwhile, at Borg Tower, Master Wu spots General Cryptor aboard a train heading for Ouroborus. He tries to send Jay and Cole to investigate, but they are fighting over Nya once more at the movie theater. As night falls, Nya, Jay and Cole get out of the cinema and then Jay and Cole ask her did she decide which of them she will pick. She said that she will pick "Joel", a robot created by her that is a mixture of Jay and Cole—a decision that is rendered moot when it freaks out and runs away. When they see light coming from Borg Tower, they get up to Borg's office where they find Garmadon, Wu, Lloyd, and Zane who tell them that the Overlord is alive and is holding Kai hostage. They realize how the name Arcturus is actually a clue about the Overlord's new plan, although P.I.X.A.L. is unable to find anything related since she has every point in time of Ninjago's history in her database. Zane and Garmadon remember how they and the others went back in time and destroyed Garmadon's Mega Weapon—an event that P.I.X.A.L., Lloyd, and everyone else never knew about because the past and present had been altered.

By the time Zane, Cole, Jay, and Lloyd get to Ouroborus, they don't find anything new around until a huge door below them opens and they fall into an underground base where they find a huge rocket called "Arcturus." They realize that the rocket will lead Pythor and his Nindroid minions to space and reach the Golden Weapons from the star where the Mega Weapon was destroyed. Lloyd tries to stop him from lifting the rocket but Overborg stops him. With help from a freed Kai, the other ninjas hold off the Nindroids with their new elemental powers. Pythor initiates the countdown for the rocket to launch into space, so Lloyd leads the Ninja into it just in time.

The Void

The Ninjas are in the Arcturus rocket as it flies through space. They make contact with Borg Tower and voice their concerns about their current predicament to Master Wu, Garmadon, Nya, and P.I.X.A.L.

The Ninja put the space suits just as the rocket disengages its unneeded engines. However, when they climb up toward the door leading to the cockpit they are attacked by Nindroids, who fire on them with laser guns. Following Jay's initiative of going commando and learning that their Spinjitzu does not work in zero-gravity, the others take the laser guns too so they successfully repel the attack. Soon the Arcturus enters an incoming comet's tail and is battered by massive ice meteorites.

The Arcturus rocket crashes on the comet's surface where the melted and fused forms of the Golden Weapons are located. The Nindroids and the hidden Ninja discover them as Jay excitedly finds an extraterrestrial beetle. Unfortunately, said bugs eat anything metal—a fact that reaches them from Nya too late. While the Nindroids get away with the golden mass aboard their ROV, the Ninja follow pursuit on their own while using the pursuing bugs against their robotic adversaries. The Ninjas eventually succeed in taking Cryptor's ignition key to the rocket, so that they cannot leave the comet with the Golden Weapons and take them to the Overlord.

However, their victory is short-lived when they find another bug swarm among the rocket—chewed up in pieces. Seeing this as well, Cryptor and the other surviving Nindroids use their built-in boosters to fly off the comet with their golden prize. Stranded on the surface with the insects, the Ninja report to the others that they had failed and are not coming back home.

The Titanium Ninja

In space, the Ninja despair after repeated failed attempts to escape. However, Lloyd refuses to give up, suggesting that they use their elemental powers and everything around them to restart the ship. Heartened by Lloyd's words, the Ninja repair the ship and use Zane as a power source. Though Zane gets overheated by the strain, they manage to fly back to the Earth—to land safely, the Ninja use a new technique: elemental shields.

Cole's Elemental Shield

P.I.X.A.L. uses a motorcycle to catch up with her friends, using her power to land them on their vehicles. As the Ninja reunite with their allies, Cyrus tells them that they should head for the Temple of Fortitude, a place where the Overlord and the First Spinjitzu Master battled long ago. He claims there's a shield at the place, so the Nindroids won't harm them, and there is something he wants to give them that may help them save the world.

The Ninja begin traveling to the temple, but pause when they see the Golden Master's path of destruction. Lloyd reminds his friends that the only way to save Ninjago is to reach the Temple of Fortitude, but the Overlord sees them and uses a massive Spinjitzu tornado against them. The Ninja swiftly run back, rendezvousing with Cyrus, Wu, and Garmadon. There Cyrus gives them the ultimate weapon—a pill. Borg then explains that it was no ordinary pill, it could make anyone shrink. Garmadon and Wu decide to would hit the pill straight into the Overlord's mouth. Borg gives the Ninja armor which protects them from some attacks from the Overlord.

The Ninja go into Ninjago City when an item hurls at them but are protected since they have on the armor. Wu hits the pill, which heads straight to the Overlord's mouth, but Pythor sacrifices himself and swallows the pill instead. As a result, Pythor shrinks down to the size of a worm. The Golden Master is outraged that the Ninja tried to shrink him. He obtains the Ninja with his Golden Power only to miss Zane. The Ninja of Ice tells his friends to support him one last time, and the Ninja bounce him. Although, during the process, he landed and touched the Golden Master's gold. He refused to let go, admitting the fact that Ninja never quit, which frees his friends. He remembers his past, and freezes the Overlord which also killed him and the Golden Master. The Ninja are disappointed that Zane has passed, and proceed to his funeral.

Borg makes a speech on how he thought technology was the best way to destroy problems but instead cost much more. He now names Zane the Titanium Ninja. He later passed the microphone to Kai. The Red Ninja claims no one knew what powered Zane, and he thought it was brotherhood because that's how Zane powered him. When he finished the speech, snow began to appear.

Tournament of Elements

The Invitation

After Zane's sacrifice, the team has broken up. Cole is shown to have become a lumberjack. Out of nowhere, the Green Ninja appears again. Lloyd tries to convince Cole to get on the team, but Cole refuses, being sick of fighting, Serpentine, Nindroids, and Jay. Meanwhile, a huge chunk of wood rolls towards the people of Ninjago, so Cole makes rocks to stop it. This reminded Cole how he felt better when he was helping people every day.[8] Lloyd leaves, also telling Cole to visit him if he changes his mind.

He later reunites with Kai, Jay, and Lloyd. Lloyd informs the Ninja of his new plan: hiring a new Ninja. The others completely dislike the idea, saying Zane is not replaceable. They quickly get interrupted by Eyezor and his gang. The Ninja go to the back of the shop after they've stopped Eyezor's gang and see a drawn picture of Zane attached to a shrine with an invitation stating Zane is alive and to find him they must enter a Tournament of Elements. When the ninja go to the Fortune cookies, Cole eats one without reading it before the others discover they are invitations. After the invitations explode, the one Cole ate explodes too, giving him indigestion. Cole remarks that he knew he was invited.

They decide to accept and are walking onto the ship when Garmadon comes and tries to stop them, warning them that Master Chen, who invited them, is a dangerous man. Lloyd retorts by saying that they have to find Zane. Against the better judgment of Clouse, Chen's second-in-command, Garmadon accompanies the Ninja on board, where they meet the other Elemental Masters. Clouse announces that they reach Chen's island, and while the Ninja wonder where they will find Zane.

Only One Can Remain

The Elemental Masters arrive on Chen's island where they learn some information about him from Garmadon. Each Ninja questions Garmadon, with Cole wondering how the famous noodle industry owner can build such a thing. The Elemental Masters soon meet the man himself and he explains the rules, which is to remain in the Tournament by obtaining a Jadeblade. He then sends them to their rooms for the tournament. Cole complains about his room until he sees it is fitted with his favorite snacks which he proceeds to devour.

Very soon, the Elemental Masters begin the contest with Cole suffering from stomach aches due to eating too much junk food. After facing a series of thefts of Jadeblades, Cole manages to obtain one and stays in the game. Later at night, Cole meets up with his friends in Kai's room and expresses jealously at Kai's room being better than his before partaking in the chocolate in his room. While dining, Cole unknowingly activates a button that leads to a secret chamber which he soon tells his friends about. They soon use this to find Zane they needed to travel underground.

The Ninja transverse the underground caverns with Cole unintentionally leaving a trail behind with his fallen food. They spotted a squad of guards that they attack to steal their clothing. The disguised Ninja follow another squad of Chen's followers where they gather at a certain location. They witness the Cultists bring in Karlof and watch in horror, as Chen steals the latter's elemental power and realize that Chen's goal is to steal all the contestants' power. Cole even noticed that Chen used Ice while stripping Karlof of his power, which means he already stole Zane's power as well.

Their cover is soon blown and they are forced to escape being pursued by the Cultists. They successfully evaded them but faced another problem in the form of a giant Serpent. After barely managing to elude the creature, they regroup in Kai's room where they make a plan to follow the rules to find their lost friend. Unbeknownst to the Ninja, in their time of escape the serpent took a piece of Jay's disguise and returns to its master Clouse, who realize the Ninja were the intruders.


Cole vs. Jay

The Ninja turned to Neuro for help and while he is against helping the competition, he is persuaded after reading Lloyd's mind and seeing Chen's plans. Cole and Jay fight with both letting out their pent up aggression on each other.

However, Cole realizes this is just Chen's way of trying to turn them against each other but they make amends between each other. The two Ninja attempt to stall so they can both win but the annoyed Chen realizes their strategy and tries to eliminate both of them. They realize that for one to be safe the other would have to lose and after obtaining a Jadeblade, Cole gives it to Jay and is eliminated as a result of his sacrifice.

Ninja Roll

Cole is stripped of his powers and is forced to work on the noodle assembly line which he is initially excited until he is told he can't eat the food which he causes him to be bitter. He works the line with Karlof who tells him that he should just work on the line so he doesn't have problems.

Cole later watches Jacob attempt to escape and tries to join him but Karlof stops him and he witnesses Jacob being caught and overhears the Clouse tells the guard to feed him to his serpent. Cole moved to help him but Karlof stops him by pouring a bag of flour on him to get him back to work. Cole is later chained with the rest of the defeated Elemental Masters to be taken back to his cell.

While moving, he overhears Zane and stops to speak with him as Karlof causes a distraction to avoid the guards. Elated at seeing his friend alive and well in a new form, Cole tells Zane that the other Ninja were on the island and he will break him out to meet with them. Cole makes it back in line to tell the approaching guards he was present when they were looking for him. Karlof asks Cole what he was doing and he tells him that while Chen may separate the Ninja they would always find their way back to each other.

Spy for a Spy

Having found Zane, Cole is elated at this news which Karlof comments on and he tells him that now he has found his friend he is planning to break out with him. While making fortune cookies, Cole writes a note to tell his friends that he has found Zane and they are going to escape. He soon puts it in one of the cookies that are to be distributed to the competing Elemental Masters. He then hurriedly promises to release Karlof if he gets out with Zane. They watch as the cookie is transferred out until after a close call it makes it past the guards and ships out.

Cole puts his plan in action by causing a ruckus to have him sent back to his cell, but not before stealing one of the guard's keys. He sneaks out of his cell and awakes Zane; the two proceed to escape into the tunnel but hears the howling of a creature. When Zane expresses his unfamiliarity with the sound, a terrified Cole states he knows and they should move immediately. The two then come face to face with Clouse's pet Serpent which causes the powerless duo to run as the serpent pursues them through the caverns.

Zane and Cole running into the Anacondrai serpent

The two realize its strategy is to surround them until they are cornered. Cole is then surprised to hear that Zane has placed P.I.X.A.L.'s programming into his system and with her guiding Zane, the Titanium Ninja uses exploding shurikens to create a hole beneath them, allowing them to escape the serpent. Cole commented he liked the new Zane before the latter tells him they should move quickly as the serpent will come after them again, with Cole telling him to lead the way.

Cole and Zane hide as the guards approach them. While hidden, Cole overhears one of them state the captive fighters will pay for the two Ninjas' escape. Recalling his promise to Karlof, Cole decides to go back and rescue the others while telling Zane to go on ahead and states Ninja never leaves those who can't protect themselves. To his surprise, Zane says he is joining him, claiming that Ninja never leave each other behind and Cole tells him they will find a way off the island.


Cole and Zane sneak back in the factory

Cole and Zane managed to sneak back into the factory and hide inside barrels. After Karlof alerted them that the guards had left, the two emerged from their hiding place with Cole covered in flour again. Cole and Zane then revealed their plan of using the sewer pipes to escape Chen's grasp. Before the plan could be executed however, Dareth was thrown into the factory having been captured. Dareth greets the two Ninja, who realize how unstable the pipes were and the added weight of the Brown Ninja would not make it possible and they returned to the drawing board.

Cole going over the escape plan

The Elemental Masters threw around several ideas, including to roll themselves into giant egg rolls but all seemed flawed until Karlof mentioned that he used to build Roto Jets back in Metalonia. Cole initially dismissed the idea due to them being underground and not having a Roto Jet in the first place, but Zane suggested that they use the factory's machine parts to build one.

Everyone sets out to work on gathering parts while dismissing the Master of Earth's protests.

The Forgotten Element

Cole and the others put their plan into action when more defeated Elemental Masters arrived among them being Jay, who Cole and Zane greet. The two tell the shouting and excited Jay to keep quiet, as the guards still think they've escaped and explain that they returned to break out the other defeated Masters.

Cole and the others escape and free Nya and Garmadon

They constructed a Roto Jet which Cole is still against but after its completion, pilots it to break past the guards to freedom. Cole blasts their way into the lair of Clouse's pet Serpent, just in time to save Nya and Garmadon from being eaten with Cole blasting at the serpent and until rocks fall from the ceiling and crushes the beast, ending its threat. Cole then asks Karlof to repair the ship from the damages so they can use it again.

The Elemental Masters then arrive in Anacondrai Temple, where they disrupt the ceremony and in the chaos, Kai destroys the Staff of Elements with everyone regaining their respective elements.

The reunited Ninja about to do Spinjitzu.

With the Ninja as a whole again, they do Spinjitzu and manage to defeat a majority of Chen's forces while the villain, Clouse and, select few of his henchmen quickly escape with Skylor as their hostage. Cole and his friends then celebrate the return of Zane with their new allies and take control of the island while awaiting their enemy's next move.

The Day of the Dragon

The Ninja await Chen's move

Cole and his friends search the island but find no sign of Chen and Skylor but reassure Kai that they will find her. Garmadon tells them they have done a good job of sticking together but tells them to stay alert as once they lower their guard they will falter. The Ninja return to their camp but learn from Griffin Turner that Chen has decided to use Skylor's power to complete the spell and rush off to find her.

Garmadon has the Ninja scatter the island while telling Cole to come with him in the Roto Jet. The two soon find Chen and Clouse in his jet pursuing Skylor and attack him but Chen has Clouse attack them. Garmadon deals with Clouse but Cole loses track of Chen. He and Nya soon find Eyezor and Zugu trapped in the wreckage of two Condrai Crushers before capturing them and returning to his friends where he states he lost Chen and asks Karlof if Zane returned but is told he has not. Garmadon arrives but soon turns into an Anacondrai stating the spell was complete causing Cole and the others to realize Chen's followers have turned into Anacondrai.

The Elemental Masters rushed to fight them but as they do Cole realizes they are too strong as the other masters are easily overwhelmed and forced retreat into the palace where they attempt to hold off their enemies. Eventually, the Cultists leave and the Masters bear witness to Chen and his followers leaving the island to take Ninjago.

Cole sadly states to Lloyd that Garmadon was right about lowering their guard as it allowed Chen to get away. He and the others spot Zane and Kai on Elemental Dragons, which they state was because they faced their fears. Inspired, Cole summons the Elemental Earth Dragon as the others summon their dragon and they head off to stop Chen's army.

The Greatest Fear of All

The Ninja visit Pythor

The Elemental Masters arrive in Ninjago only to find that Chen has not attacked yet for some reason. The Ninja have their allies scour the city while they go off to deduce Chen's next move. They visit Kryptarium Prison, where they meet with Pythor for advice on defeating the Anacondrai Warrior, but he refuses at first until he sees Garmadon as Anacondrai. As they converse with him, an announcement is heard saying the prison is being invaded by Anacondrai, who proceeds to do battle with the Ninja.

As the fight goes on, Cole is annoyed the Cultists have weapons but they don't and launches earth attacks, which do damage to the cells as Jay tells him not to allow the inmates out. Eventually, one of the inmates grab hold of a Cultist's spear and releases the inmates, resulting in the Ninja having to battle them. They then decide to escape since they have bigger matters to attend to and with the prison on lock-down, Cole uses his strength to break the prison walls.

The Ninja make their way into the courtyard just as the Cultists make their escape with Pythor, in which Cole says can't happen. Wu says they can't let the inmates escape and tells Cole not to smash any more walls, to which Zane makes an ice ramp for them to cross over the wall and Kai destroys it to stop the inmates from following. The inmates are taken back to their cells by the warden and his guards.

The Ninja make their way to the Samurai X Cave, where Misako tells them that several of Chen's Noodle trucks are heading out which Cole notes they aren't hauling noodles. Nya reveals that she had the Elemental Masters on standby to hold off Chen's army until the Ninja can arrive. She gave them communication devices to contact them, who see the trucks scatter and think that Chen is planning multiple attacks at once to divide the team. Cole uses his dragon to head after a truck, determined to not allow it to make "its delivery" and manages to stop it and defeat the driver. It turns out the truck was empty, being a ploy by Chen to separate the Ninja and their allies to prevent them from interfering in his invasion plans. Realizing this strategy, the Ninja try to unlock their dragons, but the fear of putting so many in danger causes them to lose control of their dragons.

The Corridor of Elders

The scattered Elemental Masters are given a mental message by Lloyd (through Neuro) telling them to reconvene at Samurai X Cave. Once there, they ponder on how to fight against Chen. Cole visits Kryptarium Prison to enlist the aid of the prisoners to fight against Chen's army while the other Ninja do the same in other areas.

At the Corridor of Elders, Cole and his friends fight against Chen's army and manage to stop them from proceeding, but Chen uses his machines to make it possible for his army to proceed as the people of Ninjago attempt to stop them to no avail. Fortunately, Pythor arrives and manages to convince Garmadon to banish himself to the Cursed Realm to take the place of the Anacondrai that were put there. With the Anacondrai Generals free, they proceed to curse the fake Anacondrai army and banish them to the Cursed Realm, earning victory for the people of Ninjago.

The Ninja and their allies celebrate

The Ninja and their new allies celebrated their victory and promised to help each other out in future battles.

Cole and the Ninja looking forward to the future.

They then burn Clouse's spellbook and promise to protect the city from any future threats that h Ninjago.

Shadow of Ronin (non-canon)

Cole in Shadow of Ronin

After relocating to Spinjago, Cole listened to Kai retell the events on Chen's Island. Following the story, the Ninja began to train but that was interrupted by the arrival of Ronin who stole the Ninjas' memories using the Obsidian Glaive.

In the hopes of finding a way to restore their memories, Wu sent the Ninja to speak to Hibiki at Kryptarium Prison. After dispatching with Ronin's goons, they learned of the Inky Lemonberry in the Toxic Bogs. Needing Nya's grappling hook to traverse it, they went to pick her up from Ed & Edna's Scrap N Junk, though fell under attack by Serpentine. Cole realized that Ronin must have modified their memories to trick them into thinking that they were still enemies with the Ninja.

Once arriving in the Toxic Bogs, Cole drank the Tea of Insight and was the first to learn of where his Obsidian Weapon was located. They then went to the Caves of Despair to retrieve his Obsidian Weapon, the Obsidian Scythe.


Winds of Change

Cole and the Ninja used their Elemental Dragons to capture a Fangfish that had been terrorizing a local village. Upon returning successful to Wu's new tea shop Steep Wisdom, Cole and the others were sent by their Master into Ninjago City to advertise the new store, yet without using their powers. While they obeyed their master at first, after failing to attract anyone Cole decided to use his super strength to lift a car and gain the nearby citizen's attention.

Unfortunately, Morro possessed Lloyd's body and the other Ninja lost their elemental abilities. They returned to Wu for answers just as the tea shop fell under attack by the Master of Wind. Cole attempted to use Spinjitzu to fend him off, but in the end the Ninja were forced to retreat with Wu and Nya in the Destiny's Bounty.

Ghost Story

Morro soon caught up to them using his Elemental Dragon and while Wu made an imprint of the staff's secret message, the masters of earth and lightning tried to fend him off. They were defeated with ease however, and turned their attention to helping Nya stabilize the ship as it crashed in the Forest of Tranquility.

The Ninja made camp and Wu told them of his past with Morro. The next morning Misako arrived and discovered that the first symbol means Airjitzu, a martial art created by Master Yang. The Ninja mount wallipers and the Black Ninja followed Kai towards Stiix where Ronin was keeping the scroll.

Unfortunately, their head start was lost when Kai lead them away from Stiix rather than towards it. After Zane pointed this out, Jay and Cole elected to follow Zane instead and they soon came across train tracks leading to Stiix.

After nightfall, they came to a train station and stopped, intending to rest. However, they were soon beset by Wrayth on the Chain Cycle and engulfed in a frenzied battle against the ghost menace. Incidentally, he defeated himself when his chain hooked on a nearby water tower and poured its contents onto himself. The Ninja were left stunned by this, but realizing that a passing train was headed to Stiix, quickly ran after it.

Stiix and Stones

The Ninja eventually arrived in Stiix and confronted Ronin in his shop. The thief demanded a high price for the scrolls, but due to Kai's horrible negotiating skills, it was raised even higher. To earn money, the Ninja were hired to build a dock and Cole helped lay down the planks. Unfortunately, a fly damaged the Titanium Ninja's language database and they ended up accidentally destroying the bridge. With Zane unable to speak, Jay took charge and decided that they should simply steal the scrolls.

The Temple on Haunted Hill

Cole transformed into a ghost by Yang.

Cole, along with the other ninja, went into Yang's Haunted Temple to learn Airjitzu with one warning—anyone trapped inside at sunrise would turn into a ghost permanently.

Cole accidentally dropped the Scroll of Airjitzu on the way out, and rushed back to retrieve it. He shows his friends the scroll but they are shocked to see him, as it turns out that he didn't make it out of the Temple in time, causing him to become a ghost, much to his dismay.

Despite this situation, Cole was not trapped inside the temple, which allowed him to remain on the Ninja's side.


Unable to cope with his new form, he stayed in his quarters on the Bounty during the trip to the Wailing Alps while the others practiced their Airjitzu. He was approached by Nya who told him to find out what he was capable of now. He thanked her for her words and hugged her, noticing his hand briefly turn back to normal.

After Misako briefed everyone on the Sword of Sanctuary, the ninja suited into their mechs and prepared to drop onto the mountain. Cole, however, doubted his being included on the mission but decided to go anyway. During the climb, the team got caught in an avalanche caused by Bansha, losing most of their mechs: Cole, reacting fast, created a colossus body of snow to catch the others who were clinging to the Ice Mech before they fell over an edge. He then tested his new abilities of possession further by possessing the mech to regain the lost ground. After combating most of the ghosts, they ended up right behind Morro and all but Cole used Airjitzu to get to the top. Cole refused to try as he hadn't practiced the technique and feared death, but Kai reminded him he was now incapable of dying: this gave Cole the confidence to try, allowing the team to get to the Blind Man's Pass before Morro and get into the Cloud Kingdom.

Kingdom Come

Upon reaching the gates of Cloud Kingdom, Cole and the other Ninja were greeted by Fenwick. They were then shown inside the writing hall where the Ninja learned that the citizens of Cloud Kingdom were the writers of destiny.

Fenwick proceeded to inform the Ninja that Morro sought the Realm Crystal hidden in the tomb to unleash The Preeminent, before ushering them into a building filled with toys to meet the "master writer". They soon discovered it was a trap and they were in fact locked away with Nimbus, a terrifying creature. The Ninja tried to outrun the monster until Cole realized that as he was a ghost, he could easily go through the wall and possess the lock, allowing the others to escape.

The Ninja soon ran into Nobu who informed them where the Sword of Sanctuary was kept, though the Ninja arrived just after Morro claimed the sword. With it in hand, the ghost was able to escape from Cloud Kingdom though after an intense chase down the Wailing Alps, the Ninja emerged victorious with the sword in possession.

The Crooked Path

When Cole went outside of Stepped Wisdom, he was almost drenched in water. Telling the others to be careful, he reminded them that Misako and Wu are deciphering the last clue and he would want to know what it is. When the Postman stepped on a tripline, the Ninja accidentally catapulted water balloons at him, thinking he was a Ghost. He gave them their mail, telling them they're going out of business. Cole suggests they prevent Ronin from finding out so they could get his help.

Misako gathered the Ninja to tell them what they know about the third clue. They know about three tests, but they don't know where the tomb is located. They found Ronin trying to steal the sword, but triggered their traps, with Cole trying to stay dry. They went after him, but his ship was vacant.

"Ronin" later messaged the team the tomb was located in the Caves of Despair. Once the Ninja got there, they found the skull symbol and headed in. They took lanterns, which they had originally thought was the first test. When Zane picked up traces of Kethanol, Cole blocked the geyser with a boulder. This puts pressure on it and makes its explosions bigger. They landed on minecarts, failing to brake it. Before they fall into a pit of lava, they were saved by R.E.X.. A message from Ronin told them the real location of the tomb, under the ocean.

Grave Danger

He expresses concerns for being deep underwater alongside Kai, with Jay sharing some of these concerns. He and the others are briefed by Wu and Misako before being chased by the Leviathan. In an attempt to loose the creature, he pilots R.E.X towards a rock at zane's request, trapping the creature within a narrow gap.

He and the others then enter the tomb of the First Spinjitzu Master, with Cole stating it was a good hiding place. He shows concerns when they try to solve the first riddle, claiming how choosing the wrong door may lead to a world of pain, and expresses confusion when Zane points out the room is a zoetrope, prompting him to explain. He watches as Zane solves the riddle, and moves on to the next riddle alongside the others.

During the second test, Coleand Jay express concerns towards the riddles wording, however when Kai begins to step on tiles despite their warnings, the others split up avoiding traps. Cole shows fear when he is almost hit by a wrecking ball, but realizes his state makes him immune to the obstacle and dismisses it. However, the ball soon hits the wall, causing a water leak, prompting Cole to start panicking. With only a few tiles left, Cole questions if the riddle could have meant giving up and jumping down, rather than it being unsolvable. The others show their doubts, but he leaps down anyways, causing the others to follow, suprised that he is still "alive".

After a short ride through a tunnel of ice, the Ninja crash into a wall and into a large room. Jay remarks on it being a maze and his expertise at mazes as the others discover their reflections. Cole grows fearful of what his missing reflection implies while Zane and Kai attempt to figure it out. Cole sees a green figure eventually, mistaking it for himself, but soon recognizes it to be Morro when it moves on it's own, alerting the others before being knocked out.

Later on after coming to his senses, he helps Jay when he is attacked by Morro and fights him using the icicles. They manage to trap Morro and find the Realm Crystal, however Morro catches up and bargains with them, demanding the realm crystal and threatening to toss Lloyd into the river if they didn't hand it to him. Cole grows angered by this, prompting the others to discover they're powers are back. When Morro tosses Lloyd into the river, Kai and Cole give chase, with the latter reflecting on how he was unable to touch water, causing Kai to jump in to save Lloyd. However, unable to swim, he was pulled downstream and almost started to drown, causing Cole to be forced to save him. However, Morro gets away with the Crystal. When Lloyd remarks on this, the others tell him that he was most important.

Curseworld, Part I

The Ninja learned that Wu sold his business in order to make vehicles. Cole gets the Ghost Cycle, which was made of Deepstone. He later agrees to use Nya as the key to get close enough to the Realm Crystal. When Cole went to help Zane, he crashed his bike on Ghoultar's whip.

Curseworld, Part II

Cole tried to contain the Preeminent by shooting his earth at her, but was unaffected. After Zane suggests using Deepstone against the Preeminent, Cole sacrificed his Ghost Cycle, but again, she was unaffected.

After failing to get closer to the Preeminent to save Lloyd, the Ninja have to go back to the ship. They see Lloyd come back, which he suggests they take out the stilts. They did so with their Aeroblades, but the Ghosts made an armor of houses so she's immune to water. The Ninja eventually got closer to the Preeminent. As that didn't do anything, they have to go back to the ship to protect everyone. Nya eventually unlocked her True Potential, destroying the Preeminent.



After the Ninja helped Dareth with his movie, they have fans all over Ninjago.

They went back to the Bounty, where Wu trained Cole on how to turn invisible. When Wu called them, he informed the Ninja Clouse bought a train ticket to Clouse.

After making a quick stop to visit Lil' Nelson at the hospital, the Ninja are trapped since Kai attracted their fans. With the Purple Ninja's help, they made it to the rooftop.

When Nya refused to hide, they were spotted and after Dareth appeared, he offered them a ride on his helicopter.

Once there, the Ninja were unable to locate him. They took a break and watched the news in which an imposter disguised themself as the Ninja and wreaked havoc. They were discovered and were forced to run away from the citizens and police. They decided to split up.

Public Enemy Number One

Now wanted by the police, the Ninja met up at the old monastery following a discreet message from Kai where Cole decided that he and Jay go to Mega Monster Amusement Park. When they arrive, the park was closed down due to the damage "Zane" did before Jay used his power to turn on the cameras' frames and noticed a Djinn in Zane's spot before he attacked. But as they ponder on it, the roller coaster was soon turned on by Ronin, who informs them that he caught the others. With no choice, Cole used his invisibility to try and escape Ronin but left a funnel cake trail. He tried to keep remaining invisible, but the bounty hunter had thermal vision and easily caught him.


Cole imprisoned with his friends

Upon arriving at Kryptarium Prison, Cole and the other Ninja were personally escorted to their cells by Warden Noble. On the way, Cole attempted to break free of his chains, but due to them being made of Vengestone, he was unable to use his powers or ghostly abilities.

At one point, a cake was delivered to the Ninjas' cell but Cole ate it, unaware that Dareth had hidden tools to use to escape inside it. This was later revealed while the Ninja spoke to the Brown Ninja, prompting outrage from the other Ninja towards Cole.

While in the cafeteria, Cole incorrectly quoted Fritz Donnagon believing the line to be "fair isn't a word from where I come from" instead of "fear," prompting Jay to correct him. The Black Ninja later questioned the quality of the food, enraging one of the chefs that was a fan of Jay.

Cole was present when Soto revealed how he had trapped the Djinn, Nadakhan, and when The Mechanic interrupted, Cole tried to get him to go away, announcing him as a fourth tire bad-guy at the most. This sparked a foodfight among the inmates. As a result, the Ninja were locked away in "The Hole." Lloyd however managed to escaped his shackles and as part of his grand escape plan, Cole used his ghostly abilities to unlock the door for the others to escape.

Misfortune Rising

After Nya told Cole and Lloyd Misfortune's Keep was last seen in Gypsy Cove, Cole and Lloyd rode their Dragons to search for it. Instead, they found electric wiring and miscellaneous supplies, indicating the ship was repaired and left. Nya wasn't able to track the ship, so they wondered where it could have gone to.

The Ninja regrouped in Yang Tavern and learned the Sky Pirates are attacking the city. They went to the city to get the map and to defend the citizens. After boarding the ship, Flintlocke shot Cole, but the bullet passes through and shatters the Realm Crystal. He grabbed the lantern and left. When the Ninja regrouped again, they couldn't find Kai to light it up.

On a Wish and a Prayer

The Ninja are amazed when Jay showed the remaining Ninja "his" villa. They realized whoever is alone will disappear so they decided to stay in pairs. Once they take a look at the map, the Ninja formed a plan to extract the Tiger Widow venom while Cole confronted Jay about the villa being his. He was told Jay made a wish and inherited his birth father's wealth, which angered him. Cole agreed not to tell anyone, but the ground rumbles again as another chunk of Ninjago is missing.

The Ninja are unable to retain their Dragons long enough for their trip to Tiger Widow Island, so they took a yacht. They are met with a storm along the way and used Jay as a lightning rod while Zane has to go below the deck. The rest of the Ninja try to steady the ship, but crashed on the Tiger Widow Island.

When they couldn't find Zane, Cole told the Ninja Jay made a wish with Nadakhan. After walking, they found the Tiger Widow's nest and watch Jay try to get its venom. They are interrupted by Sky Pirates. Once Jay got the venom, they try to escape but the bridge collapsed, and Nadakhan kidnaps Jay and spilled the venom. They were distraught by this, but Nya points out he got rid of the wrong canteen.

My Dinner With Nadakhan

With the yacht destroyed and the mainland too far out, the remaining Ninja are stuck on the island. They decided the best way is to build a raft, so they went their ways to collect materials.

When they were almost done building the raft, the worm creatures start to attack them and destroyed the raft. The Ninja built a new one, and Nya showed them a contraption to distract the creatures. It malfunctioned, and the raft took some damage from being used as a shield. It starts to break apart when they are in the water. They see a helicopter with Ronin, the Commissioner, and the detectives, who claimed they realized they are not criminals after all. They then showed them a bottle with Jay's message in it.


When Dareth brought in the Hageman Brothers to think up a plan, they decided to disguise themselves as pirates and build a Raid Zeppelin that Jay sent.

When they are done, Cole found Jay and unlocks his ball and chain. When they detect Nadakhan is about to come in, he hides Jay, puts his ball and chain next to the bed and realizes he forgot to poison Nadakhan's drink. When he and Flintlocke left, they made their escape. Cole, again, realizes they forgot the venom, but had to go without it. They got on what they thought was their own Raid Zeppelin, but were captured.

Nadakhan threatens to make the Ninja walk the plank if Nya doesn't agree to marry him. Cole went first, but saved himself when he wished Vengestone made their Elemental Powers stronger. Their powers became uncontrollable, so they had to break their ball and chains. Cole eventually wished everyone out of the ship, but they started falling, with Jay catching the venom. Nya wished the clouds can break their fall and they continue their battle. Afterward, Lloyd wished for a sword and he prods the cloud with it, making Jay and Nya fall. Nadakhan forces Clancee to wish Lloyd and Cole away, and they are absorbed into the Sword of Souls.

Operation Land Ho!

After Jay woke Kai up, he found Cole and tries to help him up. When Jay gathered everyone, they escaped the Sword of Souls together.

After a brief celebration, the Ninja and Jay's replacement team agreed to help save Nya.

The Way Back

The team realizes if Nadakhan is defeated, New Djinjago will fall onto Ninjago. The replacements, Wu, and Misako leave to protect the citizens while the Ninja try to stop the wedding. They were too late, and Nadakhan made clones of himself. They are outnumbered and are forced to retreat.

The clones caught up to them, but with Dogshank and Flintlocke's help, they were able to defeat some of them. They follow Jay to a series of sky mines leading up to the Misfortune's Keep. After destroying the clones, Jay revealed the venom is on the ship and helped Flintlocke regain his aiming skills.

Jay crashed the Misfortune's Keep and the Ninja confront Nadakhan. While attacking Nadakhan, all the Ninja except Jay are turned into golden statues. When Flintlock shot him with the dart, Djinjago starts to crumble, they are turned back to humans, and Nya regains consciousness. Unfortunately, she was hit with the venom, and the Ninja quietly mourn her death. Jay suddenly wished Nya had taken his hand and that no one found the teapot; Nadakhan fulfilled this by reversing time.

The Ninja found themselves back to the day they were running away from their fans. All the Ninja, except for Jay and Nya, forgot what happened and watched as the two embraces. Cole, alongside the Ninja, is pleased to see Jay and Nya became a couple again and doesn’t have any objections to it.

Day of the Departed

The Ninja test out their new machines before going to the museum where they see an exhibition of old enemies. Cole is depressed about being a ghost and is suddenly forgotten by his friends. He soon notices the Yin Blade and decides to go to the Temple of Airjitzu to get revenge on Yang for turning him into a ghost.

Cole imprisoned by Yang's ghosts

Once there he attempts to attack Yang but the latter tricks Cole into using the Yin Blade to open a rift to the Departed Realm during the Yin-Yang eclipse. Yang then has his students detain Cole while he reveals his plan of returning to Ninjago during the eclipse. Yang taunts Cole by stating he has doomed his friends revealing that by opening the rift, he unknowingly released the souls of the Ninjas' defeated enemies, who were to attack his friends.

Guilty over his actions, Cole breaks free and goes after Yang fighting through the swarms of enemies before confronting Yang. They fight but Cole is overwhelmed as he attempts to demoralize him by mentioning he is alone and while he would return to Ninjago, Cole will take his place as the master. As Cole starts to lament his fate, he hears his friends call out to him and realize that he is not alone and with a rush of energy, he rises to face Yang again telling him he was alone.

Yang states he has his family but Cole says they are his captives. Yang charges at him again but Cole overpowers him, releasing Yang's students from his spell after destroying the Yin Blade with his newly acquired Earth Punch. Cole inspires the students to go through the rift to be free of Yang, which they do and become human once more. Yang states he has failed before he reveals he cursed himself in order not to be forgotten as Cole relates to this. Cole states Yang would of been forever remembered because he created Airjitzu. He then tries to get him to come through the rift with him, however, Yang states that only one of them can go through since the curse on the temple requires it and throws Cole through the closing rift to "settle his debts."

Cole a human once more

The Ninja arrive on the Temple of Airjitzu and worry over Cole with Jay even stating he'd give anything to bring him back. Cole overhears this asking if this included the Ultra Stealth Raider jet before emerging from behind a rock as a human once more, but with a green scar on the left side of his left eye. The Ninja celebrate his return before looking upon the restored Temple of Airjitzu which Cole suggests to make into their new base which is readily accepted.

Later that night, Cole tells the story and Jay asks him if he would tell the story each time the holiday come, in which he states he will until Jay admits his fear of it. Jay does so and states there are no more ghosts in the Temple. Cole confirms this while winking at Master Yang, whose presence only he can sense. The ghostly master winks back at Cole as the team celebrate with their friends and family around the campfire.

The Hands of Time

The Hands of Time

Cole attacks Acronix

The Ninja helped clean the museum, and after finding a picture of Garmadon and Wu forty years ago, they decided to ask Dr. Saunders about it.

When they're off, an energy displacement caused them to be relocated on the Bounty. P.I.X.A.L. told them the source is at the monastery, where Wu was, and the Ninja took off.

They eventually encountered Acronix and fought him. Afterward, they saved Wu before he could fall off the mountain.

The Hatching

Cole watches the Vermillion

The Ninja asked Wu about their fight with Acronix. Afterward, they left him so he could rest. They discussed the painting they saw at the museum and how it relates to Wu's flashback.

After a while, the Ninja watched a news channel reporting a Vermillion Warrior wreaking havoc at the BorgStore. They decided to attack it one-on-one, but failed, noticing the Warrior could regenerate. Coming to the conclusion that the Vermillion might try to kidnap Cyrus, the Ninja tried to help him. However, they found Zane unconscious and Cyrus Borg missing.

A Time of Traitors

After failing to figure out what the Vermillion helmet does, they went to see Wu for answers. He was unable to answer, however, so Cole, Jay, and Nya went to reboot Zane in the Samurai X Cave while Lloyd stays with Wu and Kai goes to the museum.

They discovered a video feed and slowed it down to reveal Zane being hit by something. After slowing down the video more, they discovered Acronix and Dr. Saunders working together. They rushed to the museum to stop Kai, but Jay and Cole stayed behind to battle with the Vermillion Warriors. When he failed to control his Earth Punch, the Vermillion Army left, leaving them confused.

They went back to the Cave and found Zane rebooting.


As Cole trained with Jay, he got angry and said he wanted to fight. After he told Kai this, Lloyd came out to tell them

Cole and Jay training

he will be their new Master until Wu feels better. However, when Lloyd suggests they make a plan, they reluctantly agreed.

When Ronin and Dareth came to tell them the Vermillion are stealing metal, the Ninja left.

After a brief fight, the power went out and the Ninja met Lloyd at the power source. They created a magnet to attract the snakes' armor, rendering them vulnerable. The power went back on, and they heard the Vermillion are attacking Mega Monster Amusement Park. They left for the park.

A Line in the Sand

At Lloyd's command, Cole and Zane went to help the people on the roller coaster. When he grouped up with the others, they realize they haven't seen Jay since they left for the amusement park.

When time slowed down, the Vermillion Warriors left the park. They figured another Time Blade has arrived, and Zae gave out its location. They left and try to get there before the Vermillion do.

Nearing the Time Blade, Raggmunk threw snakes at them to make them crash. When they tried to get it, Blunck shot them with the Time Blade, slowing them down. However, they are freed right before the Vermillion could attack them.

The Army and Ninja were slowed down right when Jay came to save them. He managed to free everyone from the time bubble. They fought for the Blade and managed to escape with it.

The Attack

After messing around with the Slow-Mo Time Blade, Jay, Cole, and Zane note how Kai and Nya are acting strangely. He then agrees with Jay to run toward each other and use the Blade to slow them down before they collide.

Lloyd told them they were supposed to hide the Blade, but they disrespected him. Wu told them the same thing Lloyd did, but they obeyed him instead.

A moment later, they were attacked by Vermillion. They were easily defeated, but it regenerated into Buffmillion, which Nya and Kai were able to defeat.

When Lloyd went down with his Dragon and was unable to summon it again, the Ninja watched as Samurai X saved him. They tried to find out who the Samurai was but to no avail.

When the twins attacked them, Zane, Cole, and Nya had to fend off the snakes. They eventually got both the Blades, but it was stolen by Machia when they least expected.

They mourned over their defeat and blamed their overconfidence.

Secrets Discovered

Lloyd tells the team that if they can find the location of the Time Blade, they would be able to know the headquarters of the Vermillion Army. Misako then explains Wu was hit with the Time Punch. They left to go to the museum.

Once there, Cole accidentally made a hole in the wall with his Earth punch, revealing a secret room. He found a door, which led to a sewer system.

After riding on the Destiny's Shadow, Jay and Cole attacked Skales and Skales Jr. but was stopped by Lloyd. They told them that the Vermillion are strong in numbers, and they are located in a swamp. Skales gave them a map and they drove off.

Once they reached the swamp, they noted how many armor and eggs there are.

Pause and Effect

Lloyd explained that Cole and Jay will rescue the workers. They used a grappling hook and found the workers, along with The Royal Blacksmiths and Karlof. They decided to rescue them by Airjitzuing their way up to the skylights.

Since Karlof is too heavy to hold, Cole suggested they make a ladder instead. He then asks his father where the armor design came from. Lou answered it came from a blacksmith.

When Jay caused the ladder to collapse, the sound alerted the Vermillion. They were eventually outnumbered, but Zane and Lloyd tried to help them.

Out of the Fire and Into the Boiling Sea

When the Ninja are being pursued by the Vermillion, they took cover in an Ice dome made by Zane. When Zane decided to save Borg, Cole and the others went with him. After hiding from the Army, they tried on disguises to sneak into the Dome.

Once they met Cyrus Borg, he explains he was forced to build the apparatus for the Iron Doom, allowing the Time Twins to travel through time. They were told he added a code for self-destruct but had forgotten it. Cyrus told them if he saw the panel, it would probably jog his memory back. They were about to take him, but the Vermillion stopped them. Cyrus was able to convince the Vermillion he just wanted to see if the apparatus is properly installed, but Jay blew their cover. Samurai X came and ran over several Vermillion with the Samurai VXL. Cole helped fight back the snakes as Samurai X brings Cyrus to the panel.

As they fought, Zane figured out the password and Machia's ship arrives. Cole tries to fight back the Vermilion, but Acronix froze Zane, Samurai X, and Cyrus. When they were kicked off the platform, the Ninja caught them.

Lost in Time

As the Iron Doom traveled to the future, Cole and the others stayed behind and noticed that Ninja was changing forms before noticing Zane was shut down for some reason. They then noticed Ray was rapidly aging and began worrying for their friends.

Cole soon noticed that everything was changing back to normal as well a Temporal vortex that Kai and Nya fell out. Cole watched them cure their father of the time punch and wondered where Wu was before realized he stayed behind to settle things with Time Twins.

Though happy at their victory, Cole couldn't help but be worried when his master was feared to be lost in time with their enemies. He and the Ninja elect Lloyd as their master and he makes his first order to bury the Reversal Time Blade and to discover what happened to Wu.

Sons of Garmadon

The Mask of Deception

In hopes to find Wu, Cole and Jay went to an ancient temple. When they failed, they argued, causing all the monks to break their vow of silence. They were called back to the team and they left the monks behind.

The Ninja regrouped, and Lloyd showed them the Sons of Garmadon logo and said they stole a mask. Hutchins informed them of the Oni Masks and that the Emperor of Ninjago will have a speech. The Ninja agreed to defend the mask during his speech.

During the speech, firecrackers went off, causing the audience to panic. The Royal Family is grateful they tried to save them and they were invited inside the palace.

The Royal Family informed the Ninja as long as they have the Oni Mask, their lives are in danger. The Ninja accepted the challenge to keep them safe and were given a tour with Hutchins.

When Hutchins showed them the Oni Mask of Deception, the Ninja agreed to protect it. Jay, Cole, and Zane kept an eye on the buffet table.

The Jade Princess

While training, the Ninja gave Lloyd some advice on how to attract Harumi, but Lloyd agreed with Nya to just be himself.

While climbing the Royal Palace, Cole has a flashback when he was climbing a mountain where he met Wu and explained to him over the death of his mother as Wu comforted him over his loss and telling him that he's come to find him.

He later sees Hutchins go underground and follows him, only to see it rigged to explode and accuse him of it. The Ninja fought the Sons of Garmadon. Later, Lloyd and Harumi picked them up on the Destiny's Bounty and informed them the Emperor, Empress, and Hutchins didn't survive.

The Oni and the Dragon

Cole and the other Ninja accept Harumi on board the Bounty. When she finds Jay's underwear on the console, the Blue Ninja says that they are Cole's, but Cole was quick to say they are blue. After picking up the Tea of Truth from Mystake, Cole and Zane went to the police station to interrogate Luke Cunningham, a member arrested at the first mask's theft. But before they go to question him, a judge who was brought in as a suspect bumped into Cole, making him forget which cup of tea he had after being given a regular by Zane. When they question Cunningham, Cole unknowingly drank the Tea of Truth and confesses he likes to urinate in pools. After Cunningham revealed that Laughy's was their hideout, Cole and Zane went there, in disguise to find it is owned by Dareth, who has to put up with their threats and told the two about two of their generals, Ultra Violet and Mr. E. After being told he has to sing, Cole embarrassingly sang Glow-Worm because of Zane and ended up blowing his cover.

Snake Jaguar

While locked up in the Sons of Garmadon base, Cole notices the guards bringing in a box, who say that it is the key to the third mask. Cole was soon visited by Zane, who sneaked in, impersonating Ultra Violet and told him about their objectives before he left to participate in a bike race. Cole soon escaped by singing and knocking a guard out to grab the keys before he went to the room with the box and opened it, revealing Master Wu, who, at the time, was a baby. At first, Cole wanted to leave the baby behind, but Wu started crying, convincing Cole to take the infant with him. Ultra comes into the room and surprises Cole, and they fight for the baby before Cole manages to grab him and lock the villain in the room before fleeing.

Dead Man's Squall

Off-screen, Cole and the baby manage to meet up with Lloyd and the Ninja before they find an incapacitated Zane and bring him on board the Destiny's Bounty. Later, the baby started crying as Lloyd tried to tell Cole to feed him milk, but he said the baby doesn't like it before Jay wonders if the baby needs a diaper change. He quickly asked if they even have diapers before handing the baby to Harumi as they were about to bet who's hood they should use. But Harumi was able to calm him down by singing to him and putting him to bed. Later, Cole went to check on Wu and sang to him as well before discovering the blanket wrapped around the baby is a map to Primeval's Eye, the possible location of the third Oni Mask. Later, Cole gave the baby some tea, which Nya was against, but Cole noted that the baby likes tea. Cole later went to the baby to shield him as the Bounty was about to crash land.

The Quiet One

Cole doesn't assist the others in repairing the Destiny's Bounty as he was tending to the baby, wondering if he should name the baby Cole Junior. He was able to shield him when the thruster test fails, leaving Jay, Kai, and Cole covered in soot, much to Zane's amusement. Cole then puts the baby to bed. Later, the baby somehow grew and was able to walk on his own to Jay, handing him a pair of pliers, surprising everyone on board. Cole was shocked at this feat. The shock continues after the baby drinks tea and mumbles 'Ninja never quit,' revealing to the Ninja that the baby is indeed Master Wu.

As the baby continued drinking tea, Cole and the others tell Nya who doesn't believe that he is Wu. However, she soon does after hearing the baby talk and she watches him look for more tea, which Jay refills for him. Afterward, questions are raised by how Wu reverted to a toddler; Cole states they may not know before Nya deduces it was because he touched the Reversal Blade before being lost in time. Zane states if Nya's theory is correct the blades' effects should have worn off because of his journey through time and Wu will keep aging until he returns to normal, but it will take time for him to return to normal.

Cole later holds baby Wu as the Sons of Garmadon attacked and surrounded them.

Game of Masks

The captured Ninja attempt to convince the Sons of Garmadon not to resurrect Lord Garmadon, to no avail. When Killow calls for Ultra Violet, baby Wu hands them the keys and they confront their attackers.

During their standoff, they are reunited with Lloyd and Crabby attacks. The Sons of Garmadon leave on the Bounty and Lloyd follows them as Zane freezes Crabby. However, Lloyd is captured and the giant sea monster escapes from the ice.

Dread on Arrival

The Ninja were able to tame Crabby by using the same riddle Wu taught them back when Lloyd joined them and rode it back to Ninjago, where they go to see the Police Commissioner for assistance in rescuing Lloyd and stopping the Sons of Garmadon from resurrecting Garmadon. They meet up with Kai by diving underwater and sneaking into the temple. After stopping the ceremony, Cole and Jay help some officers restrain Killow.

True Potential

The Ninja decide to celebrate the Sons of Garmadon's arrest by singing at Laughy's before they hear the news that Harumi escaped custody thanks to Garmadon. At the police station, the Commissioner admits that Garmadon is not the same man they know. After voting against Lloyd's plan to go to Kryptarium Prison, he fools the Ninja and P.I.X.A.L. into a room before locking them in the room. They broke out after Cole Earth Punched the door off and try to contact Lloyd, but he refuses to listen. After restoring navigation, the Ninja watch as their master was defeated by his father.

Big Trouble, Little Ninjago

When they found Lloyd, Misako tells them to go to Mystake's shop after being told so by Wu. When she says the tea she was about to give him would have consequences and they need to use their power, Kai was the only one against it, but Cole reprimanded him for thinking about himself before he reluctantly accepts. Afterward, they still have their powers and go after Colossus, a creature created by Garmadon. With no way to defeat him, Cole, Jay, Zane, and Kai head to the Bounty to use it to attack before finding Lloyd and Wu on a tram. They prepared to pick them up, but as it was narrow and Lloyd was grabbed by Harumi, he threw Wu to them, and Cole catches him. As the Bounty was being crushed by Garmadon's monster, Wu told them "to go," reminding Jay of the bag Mystake gave him earlier and they magically disappear upon opening the bag.

They end up in a different dimension and Cole was woken up by Wu before they realize the tea was Traveler's Tea. Cole's gi's left sleeve was torn and left hanging from the attack. As they wonder where they are, they see many Dragons pass by, making them realize they're in the Realm of Oni and Dragons.



Cole with the child Wu in a new realm.

Marooned in the Realm of Oni and Dragons, the ninja spend a full week in the realm trying to gather supplies. Like Zane, Cole remains calm in the situation and spends most of the time tending to Wu, who has aged further into a child. Cole is relieved that he is getting closer to returning to normal, but worried since he has no memory of his past. As Kai and Zane work on creating a radio to establish communications with Ninjago, Cole takes a hungry Wu out and calls him master. This confuses Wu, who gets impatient. Cole tries to teach Wu one of his own lessons, amusing Jay.

As they travel the realm, Cole notes that he has seen no sign of Oni in the realm, just dragons. Cole hears Wu voice his doubts on being a Ninja before they come across a baby Dragon. After finding the young dragon, Cole notices Wu's fear of dragons and relates that he was afraid of them before but he has seen they are actually friendly. However, a large dragon appears and along with the young one attacks them before Cole and Wu run off. As they are chased by the beasts, Wu questions Cole about his words of friendly dragons as he states he misjudged them and uses his weakened powers to barricade a cave for him and Wu once they reach it and is successful protecting them from harm.

As they hide in the cave, the two find paintings of the Oni and Cole realizes that they are not alone in the new world and Cole wants to tell the others.

They soon manage to find food, but when they return, the two discover their campsite gone and tire tracks left behind. Cole follows Wu's lead when he decides to follow the tracks as that might lead them to their friends.

Iron & Stone

Following the tracks, Cole and Wu were able to track the Ninja to the Dragon Hunters' camp which they found heavily guarded. When Wu tried to charge in and save his friends, Cole was quick to stop him since they were outnumbered and stated they needed to wait. After Wu used one of his quotes "Don't put off 'till tomorrow what could be done today," Cole asked him if he used his words against him. Wu stated Cole borrowed the words from him after he asked.

Wu made the plan to disguised them and ignored Cole's protests before they infiltrated the arena as their friends were forced to fight a Dragon.

Cole and Wu disguised as the Dangerbuffs

Watching from the audience, Cole and Wu were asked who they were and Cole used his alias "Rocky Dangerbuff" for them to blend in and proclaimed Wu as his son, called "Dangerbuff Jr.". However, he was surprised and dismayed to hear that the Dangerbuff were a real a hunter tribe from one of the hunters and they slip away after the latter called some other Hunters over. Cole is annoyed by Wu's criticism of him with disguises before they reach the lever.

They soon get the other Ninjas' attention, with Zane telling Cole that Wu has to leave, as his mere presence (being a quarter Oni) is making things worse for them. When Wu gets an idea, he and Cole pull a lever that throws a vengestone chain to their friends, which helps the Ninja subdue Slab. When Cole says that may help them before Wu and Cole run off.

Radio Free Ninjago

Cole goes up to his friends and promises to free them before he is called on by the Hunters. Gathering around the fire, Cole, who was still mistaken as a member of the Dangerbuff tribe, listens to the tales of the Hunters. He learns more about the Iron Baron and his motives, when a mention of the Oni is brought up, Cole asks about them and just as his question is about to be answered, a Dragon appears.

At the weapon, Cole and Wu are ordered to maintain the weapons but "accidentally" knock the other Ninja off the stand. They try to rescue them, but the Ninja are immediately put back into the back of the Dieselnaut by Daddy No Legs.

Now in the back of the vehicle, they are forced to sit back and watch as the Hunters reel in and eventually capture the Wind Dragon.

Cole promises to figure a way out of this situation for the ninja, and the Dragons.

How to Build a Dragon

Cole and Wu about to build a dragon

As the Dragon Hunters prepare to cook the Wind Dragon for dinner, Cole and Wu manage to pursuade Daddy No Legs to guard the Ninja. While "guarding" them, they make a plan on escaping before Jay suggests they build a dragon as Cole and the other think he is still insane but Jay told that he remembered what Wu told him the first time he met him and decide to make a mech that looks like a Dragon, which they'll believe is the Firstbourne to help out.

Over the next few days, Cole and Wu build the Dragon with parts smuggled out by hiding them in Dragon dung and get them before disposing of it. As their Dragon was now complete, Cole was hoping to take a test flight, but despite losing weight by cutting sweets, it doesn't work. Wu instead insists he will do it.

Later that night, Wu flew the Dragon mech before a shot from Iron Baron knocks the tail off and the real Firstbourne appeared. As she was firing among the camp, Wu and the Ninja provide a distraction for Kai to free the Dragons before they get out themselves.

The Gilded Path

The Ninja have made it far from the hunters and they see that Wu has aged into a teenager over night. They ask if he has regained any of his memories and he states he vaguely recalls his childhood. As they talk, Heavy Metal appears and threatens the Ninja with her weapon telling them they are her prisoners now. The Ninja don't respond kindly to this and ready for a fight as the hunter interrogates them on Wu truly being the son of the First Spinjitzu Master. After Kai's mumbles, Cole gets scared when Heavy Metal shoots an arrow at his feet once the hunter states they heard Kai. Wu then stepped forward and revealed it was true and introduced himself to her. Rather than attack, Heavy Metal reveals herself to be Faith and that she is on their side and tells him about his father's armor.

Two Lies, One Truth

As they continue the journey, Cole tells his master that he can't keep up his charade to Faith for long but Wu tells them to trust his judgment as Cole states he didn't teach the Ninja to take the easy way out. Wu then notices Baron and his Hunters approaching and alerts Cole, who believed he was trying to shift the argument until Wu shows him and they flee the area with the others.

As they escape, they deal with repeated attacks from the Hunters but are able to hold them before dealing with an Ice Dragon, but Faith detains it. Wu also gets rid of the hunter on his and Cole's vehicle with him stating he was taking responsibility, as Cole smirks.

Arriving at the Oni Fortress, the Ninja see the area is abandoned and Faith gets frustrated that Baron lied to her and the hunters when discovering the Oni already vacated the realm centuries ago. Wu is asked about the armor's existence and he admits that he doesn't know it's real as she further descents into rage. As she does so, Wu soon notices something on the fortress' door and has Faith move. When Wu shows that door holds a map to the armor, Cole is happy at this as is everyone else.

The Weakest Link

When the Ninja woke up, Faith handed them chain guns and they start training by chaining up a rock. When they, and Wu, succeeded, they have Wu ride Stormbringer.

When they stopped to look at their map, they realize the Hunters were following them. They were able to defeat them, but Faith has been captured.

Saving Faith

At Wu's pleas, the Ninja go to rescue Faith from the Hunters. She berates them and warns them it was trap but the Hunters appear and capture them.

Cole is later tied to a stand with Kai and Zane, Cole shares banter with the others to keep their spirits up. He explains to Wu of why this is important and they share a laugh. He watches as Faith tells the other Hunters that Baron lied to them about the Oni who have been gone from the realm for centuries and tells them that he possibly killed the Hunters to get Dragonbone Blade. After Baron silences any growing rebellion by asking threatening them, an annoyed Baron hushes his prisoners by turning on the elemental device.

However, the torture causes Wu to regain all of his memories and slightly aged further into an older teenager. Cole watches as Wu breaks free of his bonds and begins to fight Wu with the Dragon Hunters but is knocked aside. He watches as Baron negotiates with Wu who accepts the offer of leading him to the armor to return to Ninjago. Cole, Faith, and the Ninja tell him not to help Baron but he tells them to believe in him.

Cole is left to watch as Wu and Baron leave in search of the armor.

Lessons for a Master

Cole and the others were still stuck on the wooden stakes. After they notice that the other Hunters are arguing down below. While they're distracted, they try to rock their bodies side to side in order to knock the stakes over. Zane remarks that it will not be helpful, but considering they have no other choice, they do it anyway.

The rocking seems to be working, and they cheer. As they do, Jet Jack asks them what they're doing, and she cuts them down. After the Ninja are freed, they are skeptical of the Hunters' intentions and Kai tells them if they plan on eating them to eat Cole first since he is filled with cake as his friends are shocked by this. Cole tries to deny this statement since he hasn't eaten any in a year. However, the Hunters reveal they want the Ninja to defeat Baron as they see Baron was only using them and will become even more dangerous with the armor.

They arrive at a bridge that leads to the armor, and find that it's too late, as the bridge has fallen.

Cole and the others congratulate Wu on claiming the Dragon Armor.

Wu then rides back the Firstbourne out of the nest without any chains, and discovers the Ninja, Faith, and the other Dragon Hunters, who had since turned on Baron in his absence and freed the Ninja. As soon as he lands, he reveals Iron Baron's fate. The Ninja bow to him as Dragon Master, but Wu claims that it is he who should bow to them, as it was they who taught him everything since they arrived in the realm. Cole points out that their job isn't finished, Wu asks the Firstbourne if she will get him and his former students home. She agrees to do so, calling upon four other Dragons for the Ninja to ride. Cole gains the earth dragon Slab as his dragon.

With their work finally finished in the Realm of Oni and Dragons, Cole and the others ride the Dragons out of the realm, and begin their return to Ninjago.

Green Destiny

Arriving in Ninjago through a portal forming in the air, Cole, Wu and the Ninja are devastated by the city's state and look for their friends. They don't have to search for long as Nya contacts them and they make it in time to save them from Ultra Violet and her lackeys who are scared off by the dragons. Cole then reunites with his other friends who are happy that he and the others are back.

The Ninja continue fighting against the Colossus, using their Vengestone Harpoons to try and incapacitate it. However, the chains prove to be ineffective, and they eventually run out of them. Kai jumps onto the Colossus and begins binding the chains together even tighter.

The ninja soon run out of chains and wonder what to do, before Firstbourne returns and Wu fires his chain gun at the behemoth. The tides continue to turn in the ninja's favor as their allies return to the city to help defeat the Colossus. Very soon, the Ninja and their allies incapacitate the Colossus using the chains, and it falls to the ground. Once Garmadon loses his power, the Colossus crumbles apart and the ninja are victorious. They then have the Sons of Garmadon arrested before Lloyd arrives with his defeated father and the Ninja celebrate his restored power while Garmadon is arrested.

Cole celebrating with his friends.

Several days later, the Ninja clean up the Royal Palace before Wu tells them there's trouble. The Ninja run out of the palace and find a crowd celebrating their victory. During this time, Cole spots a tray of cakes and happily digs in as he craved his favorite snack.

March of the Oni

The Darkness Comes

Cole drove the Earth Driller through busy traffic. Zane informed him that they are late to the harbor and P.I.X.A.L. impatiently gets out and gets there on foot. The other two follow her and they made it to their destination. After the Commissioner's speech, they were awed to see it's the Bounty rebuilt. They wondered where the other Ninja were, but Zane told them Jay had something important to do.

Faith mentioned that darkness swept over her home realm and that she barely escaped. Wu points out it might be the Onis' doing and the Ninja head to the Bounty to prepare.

The Ninja managed to save the people, the Commissioner and his cops included. However, a tentacle grabbed him and he had to be saved by Lloyd. Once they got on, Lloyd mentioned Garmadon might be able to save the city and so they went to Kryptarium to release him.

Into the Breach

Once the Ninja are airborne again, the Ninja discussed if they could trust Garmadon. Meanwhile, he turned the engines off, and the Bounty starts plummeting toward the ground. The Ninja hanged on until Zane got to the emission switch on time.

While Lloyd followed Garmadon to the cabinet, Kai told Jay he should ask Nya to be his Yang as soon as possible. Cole joins in and tells him the same, but Zane told them they were needed on the bridge. Garmadon then proceeds to tell the Ninja about how the Oni were able to enter Ninjago. They used the Realm Crystal and he would be able to go inside the dark cloud to destroy it due to being an Oni, but he would need a weapon. Lloyd then argues that they can't just let him have a weapon then let him walk away unsupervised. Since Lloyd is part Oni, he claimed would also survive the darkness and decided to go with him.

When they arrived at Borg Tower, the Ninja handed Garmadon a sword, but he started attacking them to activate his powers. He jumped off, and Lloyd followed. After watching Lloyd on his head cam, they heard distress calls and tried to find the source. They flew off, while P.I.X.A.L. decided to stay behind in case the two needed assistance.

While trying to find the source, the Ninja watched as Lloyd and Garmadon approach the Crystal. When the Omega attacked them, his head cam broke.

The Fall

Cole helps save the NGTV News crew from the Dark Cloud. When attempting to climb up to the Bounty, he is pushed off balance by a thruster, and the ladder breaks just as Cole manages to do hold on to it again. The Ninja are deeply saddened by his supposed death, and Nya is filled with guilt, believing her mistake caused his fall. On the ground, Cole is seen unconscious, and the Oni's tendrils begin to surround him as he slightly moves his head.


Cole wakes up, realizing he survived in the cloud. After repairing his comm device, he summons his Earth Driller and managed to survive the harsh air of the cloud as he reaches the Driller. Cole later arrives at the Monastery, much to the other Ninja's delight and takes possession of the Scythe of Quakes once more. After Jay asks Nya to be his Yang, Cole teams up with the other Ninja, Wu, and Garmadon to form the Tornado of Creation and destroy the Oni completely. When Lloyd wakes up, Cole and the others take him inside, before helping the others create a new mural on the Monastery walls.

Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu

Wasted True Potential

Cole is seen trying to beat Zane's high score in a video game called Lava Zombies. He successfully beats his high score, and after the accomplishment, the Ninja decide to relax in a hot tub.

They are interrupted by Wu who demands an emergency meeting back at the Monastery. When the Ninja arrive, Wu challenges them to a test to see if they are in shape. Once the chicken was released, it attacks the Ninja using its lighting power. The Ninja were able to trap the chicken, but Wu warned them of upcoming plans to prove their courage.

During the night, Cole is seen trying to get cake from the fridge only for it to be the chicken that electrifies him. He tries again, but falls through a trapdoor.

After the Ninja get humiliated by Wu, they ask if there are other ways for them to prove their courage and Wu allows the Ninja to fight their master. However, due to the lack of training, the Ninja failed. The chicken was once again released to attack the Ninja as punishment.

Questing for Quests

After Wu refused to tell the Ninja what quest to do, the Ninja end up in a hot tub. They think about what villain they should battle. Cole suggest Ultra Violet and Pythor but when Zane mentions effort to find them, he waves the thought away. They eventually thought to help the police catch criminals.

Cole is also seen with the other Ninja going around town trying to solve mysteries and crimes instead of the police but is disappointed to find nothing. They eventually all return to the monastery to hear about a pyramid in a far off desert in Ninjago that Clutch Powers is reluctant to explore and soon venture to go there and look for a quest.

A Rocky Start

The Ninja rush around the Monastery, packing to prepare for their quest. Cole brings his favorite guzzler on the quest and the Ninja are about to set off, but P.I.X.A.L. introduces the Ninja to the Hangar Bay. Cole claims a new bike while Kai gets the Katana 4x4 and the other Ninja ride the Land Bounty. The quickly set off, forgetting their luggage.

In the vehicles, while Zane informs the Ninja about Beohernie, Cole discovered an oasis to stop and have lunch. Zane continues talking about the desert and Cole left to get food, when it was swallowed into the ground. The Ninja rush to their vehicles. Cole trips and loses his guzzler. He rushes onto his bike but, Beohernie grabs the Bounty with his mouth. Cole and Kai distract Beohernie, but he follows them instead. The ninja drive to a rock but are stuck there.

The Belly of the Beast

Cole and the others are trapped while Zane attempts to repair the Land Bounty, but it will be impossible to escape without the component the beetle ate.

That night, Cole hears Zane says that the Bounty is useless without the component, and the only way to retrieve it is to go to the belly of the beast itself. He then gets the idea that one of them has to be strapped to a rope and sent into the stomach of the beetle. They play a rock-paper-clamp tournament in order to decide who goes in, and Zane ends up being the winner.

The next morning, Zane goes on the sand and is consumed by Beohernie. When Zane notifies the Ninja that he found the component, the Ninja pull him from Beohernie, but he resists by pulling onto Cole's Dirt Bike. The force by Beohernie causes Cole to fall out of his vehicle and onto the sand where two more bugs begin to attack, but they are repelled by the Ninja. Eventually, Kai shot fireballs at Beohernie's belly which allowed Zane to escape the belly of the beast.

With the component recovered, the Ninja were to escape the rock and outrun the other scarab beetles to their next destination, the pyramid.

Boobytraps and How to Survive Them

The Ninja try to convince Clutch Powers to explore with them, but cannot. Clutch gets a call from the Explorers Club. His membership is about to get revoked, so he helps. The Ninja go past obstacles. Cole uses his strength to lift a column. Later on, Jay trips a cobweb and the Ninja fall into spikes Kai destroyed with his fire.

They soon reach a room with a sliding puzzle on a wall. Jay and Nya accidentally freed Aspheera, by finishing the puzzle. Clutch flees, saying he will be asking for help. She steals Kai's power and traps Cole and the other Ninja after she beats them with Spinjitzu.

Ninja vs Lava

Despite the rushing lava, the Ninja are able to escape their prison; however, they are still chained. When they get to the barrier, Cole uses his lava arms to lift the barrier allowing the other Ninja to pass. As Cole was lifting the rock up, Jay caught sight of lava approaching them and immediately begins running away from the lava. Not realizing they were still tied together, this caused a chain reaction, as Lloyd and Cole were pulled towards Jay causing Cole to drop the rock and nearly crushing Kai.

When they reach the spikes, they find supplies from Hageman needed to ascend the slope. As they began their ascent, Cole complains about Kai's weight causing him to lose his grip and the Ninja to fall until Nya is able to grip the slope. Despite the setback, the Ninja are able to reach the top.

The Ninja reach outside the pyramid, but they realize they are surrounded by lava. When all hope seemed lost, P.I.X.A.L. arrives in the ShuriCopter and saves the Ninja.

After the long ride, the Ninja reach their vehicle and promise that they will be ready for Aspheera.


After the Ninja save Fred Finely from the Elemental Cobra, the reporter freaks out, so Lloyd and Cole calmed him down. After Fred tells the Ninja where Aspheera is, they head off.


The Ninja save the Police Commissioner and his crew from the Elemental Cobras before heading off to the Museum without Kai.

Cole fights the Elemental Cobras while Lloyd fights Aspheera and ultimately losses to her. She then performs Spinjitzu against the Ninja and successfully defeats them. Aspheera then used her staff to destroy parts of the roof and cause the debris to fall on the Ninja. After that, she reawakens the Pyro Vipers still in their tombs and tells them to follow her out of the museum, and the Elemental Cobras to finish off the Ninja.

Before the Elemental Cobras destroy the Ninja, Jake comes in to shield the Ninja, but Kai catches up and rescues Jake out of trouble while turning on the fire sprinklers to distract the Elemental Cobras before Zane finishes them using his ice powers.

Ancient History

Cole, Kai, and Jay head down the sewer to find Skales, but instead find three Hypnobrai and are taken captive. When they are taken to Skales, he is unhappy to see them although he helps them find information on Aspheera with the help of Acidicus.

After finding who the "Treacherous Deceiver" is, they head back to the Monastery to tell Wu that Aspheera is out for Garmadon, but Wu tells them that she is out for him, not his brother.

Never Trust a Human

Cole listened to Wu give his story on how he became the "Treacherous Deceiver."

Under Siege

After Wu tells the story, Cole, Jay, Kai, and P.I.X.A.L. ask questions, but before Wu could answer all of them, they here noise outside and realize Aspheera is on her way. Cole asks about the second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu and using logic, P.I.X.A.L. thought the second scroll would be with an archeologist, so he contacts Lloyd, Zane, and Nya to find Clutch Powers.

P.I.X.A.L. activates the defensive systems for the Monastery, but Aspheera banishes them and Fire Fang obliterates the door causing them to retreat to the Hangar Bay. When they realize they cannot escape, Kai blames Wu for their troubles, and Cole tries to comfort him, but he walks away. Cole then explains to Wu about Aspheera stealing Kai's power and feeling useless to the team.

When the Pyro Vipers find out their secret hideout, Wu believes he should face them alone, but Kai apologies to Wu and promises they will face Aspheera as a team.

The Explorers Club

Still inside the Hangar Bay, Cole remarks on Aspheera's anger as she slamming Elemental Cobras to the door. Cole then comforts Wu saying Lloyd, Nya, and Zane will find the second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu.

Vengeance is Mine!

The Pyro Vipers break the door to the Hangar Bay, but they are unable to find Wu until Jays gives their hideout by sneezing. Before Aspheera could do any harm, P.I.X.A.L. uses the Titan Mech to defend the Ninja and Wu. Despite this, Aspheera is able to hold her ground and holds the Ninja hostage until Lloyd, Nya, and Zane arrive with the second Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu.

A lengthy battle ensues with Cole having the chance to possess the Scroll when it falls into his hands. Eventually, Zane gets the Scroll and freezes the Pyro Vipers. Before Zane gave back the Scroll to Wu, Aspheera's arm manages to get free and she attempts to zap Wu, but Zane saved his master by pushing Wu of the way causing him to be hit and be seemingly destroyed.

A Cold Goodbye

The Ninja come running in after P.I.X.A.L. has a nightmare of losing Zane. Wu then tells the Ninja that Zane is alive; however, Wu won't let the Ninja come since its location is remote.

Despite this, Lloyd steals the Traveler's Tea, and the Ninja head to the Hangar Bay where they spot Wu holding the Scroll of Forbidden Spinjitzu. A lengthy battle occurs as both sides were fighting for the Traveler's Tea. This gave the Ninja no choice, but to tie Wu up and place a mouthpiece over him. In the end, the Ninja headed inside the Land Bounty while P.I.X.A.L. stood outside and zapped the vehicle into the Never-Realm.

The Never-Realm

The Land Bounty lands on the edge of a cliff forcing the Ninja to evacuate and during the process, Cole loses the Traveler's Tea. This causes an argument with Jay before Lloyd breaks up the fight and suggests they head down the mountain to avoid freezing.

After hiking through frigid temperatures, the Ninja finally make it to a forest where it’s still cold. In addition, the Ninja face danger when they are approached by wolves. The Ninja flee from the danger, but Lloyd runs into a tree giving a chance for the wolves to attack but in spite of that, the wolves head off somewhere else. What the Ninja don’t realize is that one of the wolves is frozen on a tree.

Following the unusual sight of wolves running away, the Ninja stumble upon some people who are also frozen. Nya is able to sense one of the victims realizing they have a heartbeat and are still alive, but Nya also gets a signal on the Titan Mech. Before they sought out to find the Mech, Jay believed they should help the people, but Lloyd and Nya stand their ground saying they should get more information before assisting the people.

After following the bleak signal for some time, the Ninja run into the wolves again, but this time they fight. They are able to hold their ground for some time until three mysterious people shoot arrows at the wolves causing them to run away.

The Ninja follow the people to a nearby village where they are greeted by Sorla. After both sides give their introductions, Sorla throws a potion into the hearth fire, and they are able to find Zane's location which is the Ice Emperor's Castle. Sorla tells them that Zane was most likely taken captive by the Ice Emperor and he is "lost." However, Lloyd believes Zane is strong and they will still come for him despite all the dangers she said. Sorla then warns them of General Vex who is out to get the Ninja.

Fire Maker

When Sorla states that they must protect the Fire, Cole helps the villagers build a fortress in order to defend themselves against the Blizzard Samurai.

During the battle, Kai was hit by one of the Blizzard Samurai and he attempts to destroy him, but Lloyd defends his fellow Ninja before Cole uses his Earth Punch to send him flying. However, the soldier doesn't give up and pursues the house with fire and ultimately takes it out. The Blizzard Samurai then retreat after taking out the Fire.

The villagers sit around the empty Fire, freezing in the winter night. Kai continues to blames himself for not having his Elemental Powers before trying once more. This time, he is able to create the Fire, and the villagers chant "Fire Maker" due to his success.

An Unlikely Ally

While repairing the village, Jay complains how cold it is and Cole wonders why Nya's powers won't work. He then says she would be more helpful if she could control the snow and ice, but she got upset and threw a snowball at him. Later, they see Kai boasting about his Fire powers and Nya heads over to reprimand him. Later while Lloyd and Nya talk, Cole swings Kai and Jay on the hammock, only to push so hard, it spins, sending Jay flying into a tree, kicking Cole in the progress.

They eventually watch Lloyd head off to the Castle of Ice alone while the rest of the Ninja are tasked with protecting the Great Lake.

The Message

Cole tried to keep the children entertained by telling them a story about how Aspheera trapped Zane in the Never-Realm. When they ran away, he tried to calm them by saying he drew the characters, but failed. Kai and Nya questioned if that story is appropriate for them, and he claimed it is.

Meanwhile, Uthaug runs up to show the village he found a piece of Lloyd's gi and there were signs of a fight and avalanche. The villagers and Ninja are concerned and hoped he is safe.

The Traveler's Tree

Cole experiences a nightmare where the Ninja force him to get the Traveler's Tea before the Land Bounty goes over. When he wakes up, he believes that it was actually true, and chastises Jay and Kai before leaving their hut. Upon disturbing Nya's lesson, he realises it, and leaves. He later comforts a young boy, who had lost a ball before teaching him to make one out of snow. When he told him about losing the tea, the boy tells Cole to go to the Traveler's Tree, and he does so. During his exploration, he rescues Boma and Uthaug, who try to stop him from reaching the tree, but he goes regardless. When he finds a dead tree in the middle of a snowstorm, he assumed it was the tree before walking along a snowy bridge that was about to give away before something grabs him.

Krag's Lament

The being that grabbed him was a beast called Krag, whom he fights before it knocks him unconscious, and takes him to his cave. Upon regaining consciousness, he fights Krag, immediately trapping him underneath some icy pillars. As he prepared to escape, he finds bunk beds and graves. Realizing Krag was last of its kind, Cole heads back before making him his friend. He explained he is looking for the Traveler's Tree, and Krag brought him there. Upon arrival, he climbed on one of its branches and secretly stashed away a Traveler's Fruit when Krag insisted that Cole should have it.

When they came back, they were ambushed by Nya and Jay. Cole eventually told them they're friends and introduced each other. Cole then allows Krag to come along with them down the mountain.

My Enemy, My Friend

As the group head back to the village, they spot the dragon Boreal fly by and are prompted by Krag to hide for cover.

The Ninja realize Boreal was heading to the village and arrive to find all of its people frozen. They find Kai lamenting over his failure. With no choice left, they decide to find the Land Bounty and use it to distract the Ice Emperor.

A Fragile Hope

Cole, Krag, and the rest of the Ninja are searching for the Land Bounty when they are chased by wolves. Cole eventually spots the Land Bounty and they rush to safety with the vehicle. They are able to scare off the wolves for a while, giving them time to fix up the Bounty.

Later on, while Cole and Krag are removing snow around the Bounty, he considers giving up since Nya was still trying to fix the Bounty and believes it is a goner. Before he could give further thought, the wolves return and Cole runs back to warn the others. He, Krag, and Jay hold off the wolves and Nya is able to start up the Bounty. They jump in and head for the Ice Emperor's castle.

Once and for All

As Jay and Krag were playing games, Cole was begged by Jay to help him on playing his turn but Cole reminds him of what making Krag would bring. Very soon, Kai tells that they are approaching the Ice Emperor's Castle. After everyone buckles up, Cole tells Krag to buckle in and threatens to take away his gaming rights, something the latter complies with. Soon Nya alerts the team that something big is approaching the Land Bounty, Cole and the others are warned that is Boreal. Despite resistance from Kai, Boreal eventually seizes the cannon and destroys it.

Cole is worried when Nya eventually stuns Boreal for a good amount of time while the Ninja and Krag get their emotions back together.


After managing to incapacitate the beast, they discover it was made of Ice and Nya tells them that the Ice Emperor could only be Zane, something that shocked Cole and the others. After doubts were raised, Cole realized Nya was right due to the corruptive power of the scroll that Zane still had. The Ninja decided to warn Lloyd but Boreal regain strength and attacked, as they lost the bounty in the process.

Cole and Krag were left to watch as the dragon kept attacking, until Kai regained his True Potential and destroyed the dragon, allowing them to progress.

After Zane destroyed his scepter and returned the realm to normal, Cole and the other ninja soon arrive to the throne and see Zane back to his old self and the latter greets them with a hug.

Cole hugged goodbye by Krag.

Sometime later, Grimfax took back power and he along with the Formlings came to the mutual decision to banish Vex to the outskirts of the never realm for his crimes. Cole returned to the Great Lake with his friends and learn there was no way to return to Ninjago until Cole finds away and a portal is open.

As his friends go through, Cole took the time to bid farewell to Krag who hugged him tightly, as Cole wished him luck and left.

Prime Empire Original Shorts


Cole and the rest of the Ninja were chasing The Mechanic after he robbed a warehouse. However, The Mechanic was able to flee quickly. When Nya and Jay join the Ninja late, Lloyd asked about their previous whereabouts and Jay and Nya lied about what they actually did though the four seemed skeptical.

Prime Empire

Would You Like to Enter Prime Empire?

The Mechanic and his crew are caught by the Ninja inside the Warehouse of Curses. A fight for the motherboard ensues with The Mechanic running away from the scene. However, he is captured during a high-speed chase.

After The Mechanic is arrested, the Ninja decide to investigate his headquarters. As they entered, one of The Mechanic's spare arms falls on Lloyd which freaks him out. Jay then discovers an old video game called Prime Empire and messes with it while the rest of the Ninja continue to explore.

The Ninja enter another room and see mysterious logos all over the place. A monitor boots up behind some books, so Zane pushes them aside to see it. the monitor questions the Ninja if they found the motherboard, and Zane responds typing in the keyboard. The monitor replies back, saying that Unagami is happy and to activate the game, then turns itself off. Lloyd then questions on who's Unagami.

They head back to tell Jay, but he mysteriously disappears.

Dyer Island

Cole along with the rest of the Ninja try to figure out where Jay is. They then find out Prime Empire is on and realize Jay entered the game after finding a recording of him.

The Ninja then interrogate The Mechanic but he refuses to answer any questions. Lloyd is annoyed so he directs the Police Commissioner to send him to Kryptarium Prison. Zane then informs the group that Prime Empire was created by Milton Dyer, so they decide to search for him.

They all reach Dyer Island and encounter traps such as lasers and robot dogs. Bob the Intern then turns the security system off after his shower and allows the Ninja to enter. They ask Bob questions although Bob thought they would come with answers about Milton Dyer's status. Furthermore, Bob does tell the Ninja that Milton Dyer was seeking revenge after being fired which prompted the Ninja to believe Milton Dyer was Unagami.

Level Thirteen

The Ninja head to Borg Tower to get the analysis of Prime Empire. Borg told the Ninja that they had to defeat Unagami in the virtual world or find Milton Dyer in the real world. Cole then starts to play the game.

Cole is playing Prime Empire.

While he is playing, The Mechanic's team attempts an invasion. The Ninja are forced to stay in Borg's office, so they check on Cole only to realize that he didn't start the game and is still choosing an avatar.

Cole is able to reach level thirteen, but The Mechanic's team finally reaches the top floor. The Ninja are able to defeat The Mechanic's team before Cole, Lloyd, Nya, and Kai successfully entered Prime Empire.

Once they arrived, they would admire their surroundings as they looked around the Gamer's Market.

Superstar Rockin' Jay

Cole and his friends continued to look for Jay inside Prime Empire until they are attacked by the Red Visors. He along with the rest of the Ninja attempt to use Spinjitzu and their Elemental powers, but only end up getting dizzy from spinning with no tornado forming around them and doing Jazz hands. As they duck for cover. He then witnesses "Jay" fighting a Red Visor and calls to his friends about this, who seem to also see other Jays fighting. Confused on why there was more than one Jay, Cole explains that they are some of the people trapped inside the game and made their avatars look like Jay. When they spot drones coming, the Jays tell them to follow as they double jump to the rooftop. Cole tells them what the double jump was and Kai told him that made no sense, but went with it anyway as the drones followed them.

Being cornered by drones from all sides, the Ninja and Jay Avatars fight the drones. The Jay Avatars being easily able to take them out, while the Ninja struggle with one of their own. Following the Jay's advice, they head to an alleyway below after hearing a codename.

The Ninja suddenly spot three Red Visors up ahead. Lloyd, Nya, and Cole hide, but Kai, thinking the game has unlimited lives, stands in the open and taunts the Red Visors. The Red Visors kill him and Kai respawns again after the Ninja defeated the Red Visors. Kai re-spawns and expresses how much he likes the ability of "infinite lives". Cole tries to tell him how lives in a video game works, but Kai ignores him as they move on.

Arriving at the location, which was an empty parking lot, the Ninja are confused by the turn of events; Kai concludes that the Jay avatars are crazy since they love Jay so much when a masked stranger holds them at gunpoint. Nya tells him the code name the Jay Avatars mentioned earlier and the man invites the Ninja inside his hidden garage.

The man reveals his name to be Scott and what he's been doing in Prime Empire, when Kai foolishly kills himself by touching one of Scott's belongings; That being an explosive. Upon re-spawning, Kai tells Scott how cool it is to have infinite lives. Scott denies this and shows him his health board, which is down to one. Kai gets mad at his friends for not saying anything and Cole responds by saying when he did try helping him, but he didn't want to hear anything.

Scott then shows them to a secret room where the rest of the League of Jays are. That's when Superstar Rockin' Jay appears and greets the Ninja.

I am Okino

Kai and Jay enter Terra Karana arguing about the League of Jays. The Ninja then see and depressed Okino and honor him if he could guide them through Terra Karana.

The Glitch

Jay and the rest of the Ninja head out with Okino into the Forest of Discontent. Their first obstacles are bushes which contain the Thorns of Discontent. Cole is able to dodge the bushes and destroy one. Cole celebrates on their early accomplishment, but gets hits which causes him to lose a life.

As the team and Okino travel through the forest, they complain about the darkness and not being able to see. Jay then opens his inventory and pulls out two torches for him and Cole. The problem now is that they could see what danger awaited for them.

Cole in the Forest of Discontent.

As they continue walking, Nya accidentally jumps into a pit. She then begins to sink into it as teeth surround her. Jay and Cole attempt to pull her out in vain and Nya screams as the sand and teeth swallow her. Respawning, Nya is upset as well to see that she has also lost a life.

Okino and the Ninja eventually reach a point where he thinks the upcoming obstacle could be Strangler Vines. Lloyd finds out it's not, but they are ambushed by the Whack Rats. The Ninja defeat the Whack Rats and Ritchie is tied up. They interrogate him and Ritchie reveals that Unagami ordered them to ambush the Ninja. Lloyd then comments about Unagami preventing the Ninja from winning the game which confuses Okino. The Ninja then explain that Prime Empire is not a real-world and Unagami is the creator of the world. Originally, Okino doesn't believe it causing Jay thinks he is not programmed to understand the truth.

Realizing Unagami is playing dirty, the Ninja are about to leave, but Ritchie urges the Ninja to cut him down because he has an itch. Ritchie then tells the Ninja that there's a glitch in the game that can allow the Ninja to bypass the Forest of Discontent. The Ninja end up freeing Ritchie down and he begins scratching his body.

Ritchie guides the Ninja to the glitch and he jumps in. Okino is confused at the sight as the rest of the Ninja enter as well. The Ninja are teleported to a purple cubed room. They walk forward and all of a sudden, the Red Visors appear and begin shooting the Ninja. The Ninja pull out their prime controllers to defend themselves as Ritchie looks on before leaving the room. The Ninja begin to lose lives until Okino enters and fights the Red Visors allowing the Ninja a chance to escape. Everyone but Lloyd is able to escape because Lloyd wants Okino to come along. Okino decides to stay with Lloyd as he pushes him through the portal.

The Ninja and Okino land outside the Forest of Discontent. Lloyd thanks Okino, but he is kneeling realizing the world he lives in is not real. Okino thinks he's a pawn, but Lloyd downplays the idea as he tells Okino that he made his own decision, not Unagami. Lloyd then tells Okino to trust in himself and in the Ninja as friends and as an ally to help them get past Terra Karana.

The Cliffs of Hysteria

Cole begins climbing The Cliffs of Hysteria as the Red Visors arrive. One of the Red Visors hits Cole and sends him falling until he regains grip on it. Then one of Unagami's drones flies up beneath him and shoots the rope with its lazer, causing it to slowly tear apart and for its holder to climb faster in order to not fall. Then the drone attempts to blast him, causing Cole to move around to dodge the lasers, causing his rope to unravel even more. He is almost shot off the rope until Kai jumps and lands on the drone's head and maneuvers it around and take out the Red Visors, giving Cole the chance to climb barley double jump before half of his rope breaks. Eventually, he is able to reach the top and listens as the Lloyd interrogates a Red Visor.

The Maze of the Red Dragon

The Ninja and Okino begin dashing through traps and just before Cole asks Okino where to go, Unagami pauses the game to speak with Okino.

They make it to where the Red Dragon is and the Purple Key-Tana. Jay attempts to steal it when the dragon is sleeping, but the Ninja accidentally awakens it when they save Jay. Cole and the Ninja struggle to attack the Red Dragon until Okino strikes the dragon on its weak spot. The Ninja begin striking that same point until Jay grabs the Key-Tana and takes out the remaining lives.

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Jay introduces Terra Technica to the Ninja, and they decide to sign up for the Speedway Five-Billion. Unfortunately, they don't have enough credits to enter the race. To make matters worse, they are surrounded by Red Visors. Jay fights one of them and is forced to have a weapon upgrade, which causes them to need more credits once they are done fighting. They then see an advertisement for a dance competition and decide to enter in order to obtain more credits.

Jay and Nya begin dancing and rank up points rapidly. This impresses the rest of the Ninja as they didn't realize Jay is an excellent dancer.

Meanwhile, the Red Visors begin to show up, so the Ninja begin fighting them in the background. Cole successfully uses the Triple Tiger Sashay to take out three Red Visors. Eventually, Jay and Nya are able to win the contest, and fans begin rushing the stage to congratulate them. One Red Visors tries to crawl his way towards Jay and Nya, but Kai pokes his back and punches his head.

After winning the competition, Jay and Nya cash out their earnings to enter the race. The Ninja then realize they need cars, but Jay claims he knows someone who can lend them cars, so they head out to Scott's garage.

Racer Seven

Scott shows the Ninja all of the vehicles he has and commented that he wouldn't race due to having only one life left. Jay replies by saying that some things are worth fighting for, but Scott doesn't want to be a hero. Jay then explains that Scott has been in the game for way too long.

While Lloyd heads out to check out the track, the rest of the Ninja begin making repairs to their vehicles. While Nya is working on her car, she falls down and Jay checks to see if she's okay. Nya then gets upset that her vehicle is now destroyed, but Lloyd comes back telling the team that he thinks Racer Seven can drive. However, Scott reveals that Racer Seven is programmed to lose which gets affection from Jay and Nya. Lloyd then goes out to find her.

After a grueling day, the Ninja rebuild four vehicles but still need another one. That's when Racer Seven arrives, so the Ninja and Scott come out to greet her. Lloyd then asks if she will participate or not.

The Speedway Five-Billion

While the Ninja are talking to Racer Seven, the alarm sounds as Red Visors begin shooting the base. Lloyd said he would hold them off, but the Ninja won't let him, so Scott decides to hold off the Red Visors. The Ninja are able to escape, but Jay cries out when Scott is killed and cubed.

At the Speedway Five-Billion, the race starts, and the "Fast Chickens" arrive just in time to begin as well, along with the Red Visors. Cole holds on while Kai flies around other racers. The latter questions why he picked to ride on a jet.

Knowing that their friends stand a better chance of winning than them, the Kai and Cole exchange knowing nods. Kai's mech jumps on a Red Visors' car and Cole throws his wrecking ball at two other Red Visors' cars, one being the one he hit with the wrecking ball with and the other he snagged while dragging the other car back. As all the vehicles are about to collide, Kai and Cole wish their friends good luck. A giant explosion occurs and everyone is shocked when two energy cubes fall to the track. Jay and Nya scream for their friends while Lloyd hangs his head down in despair while Unagami's drones pick up their cubes.

Game Over

Cole and the other ninjas are freed from Prime Empire and returned to Ninjago. There, he is reunited Jay, Wu, Zane, and P.I.X.A.L. At first confused, Jay states that he will fill them up on the events they had missed later. While the ninja are wondering what happened to Unagami, Jay reassures them that, like everyone else trapped in Prime Empire, he's home.

Master of the Mountain


While the rest of the Ninja are doing their chores, Cole decides to play Prime Empire. Lloyd catches him doing this, but decides to join in the end.

Cole playing Prime Empire

Cole and the rest of the Ninja get excited when they received an invitation to the Kingdom of Shintaro. Later, the Ninja head to the Ivory City via the Destiny's Bounty. However, they encounter the Dire Bats. Jay is grabbed by a Dire Bat, so Cole decides to save him.

Although Cole is able to save Jay, the Bounty still descends after one of the Dire Bats runs into the pole containing the sail. Although all hope seemed lost, the Winged Guards of Shintaro carry the ship while Hailmar greets the Ninja and shows them the Kingdom of Shintaro in the horizon.

Into the Dark

Cole and the Ninja are escorted inside the Throne Room of the Kingdom of Shintaro where they meet King Vangelis and Princess Vania. The Earth Ninja starts to take affection for Vania who flirts with him as they leave the Throne Room.

Before Cole is about to sleep, Lloyd surprises him by entering his room. He tells Cole to keep an eye on Vania because she could have evil intentions. Cole thinks it's nonsense and begins to sleep. However, Cole is disturbed by a purple creature. Cole tackles the creature which reveals his mother's necklace. The creature is still able to escape with the necklace.

During the middle of the night, Cole wakes everyone up and describes a purple monster in his room. However, the Ninja thinks he's dreaming and tell him to go back to sleep. While Cole heads back to his room, Vania sneaks up on him and tells Cole that she also encountered a purple monster although she questions whether it was real or not. Vania then takes him to a tunnel where the creature might have come from.

While walking, Vania talks about a wizard that used to rule the Ivory City and his remnants are buried underneath the mountain. Cole and Vania then stumble across the Dungeons of Shintaro and spot the same purple creature as well as unknown green creatures, Minos, and undead skeleton warriors. They then spot the Skull Sorcerer who uses the Skull of Hazza D'ur to punish his workers for slacking off. Cole decides to take on the Skull Sorcerer while he tells Vania to warn Vangelis.

Captured by the Re-Awakened

Cole easily defeats the skeletons that attack him, but the Skull Sorcerer uses the Skull of Hazza D'ur to revive his warriors and take-down Cole.

The Worst Rescue Ever

Cole wakes up inside a cage being prodded by the skeletal warriors, annoyed, he tells them he gets the point and they lead him through the mine. He looks around at all the Munce and Geckles mining, before being thrown a pickaxe by the skeletons, who tell him something he can't understand. He attempts to strike up conversations with the other prisoners, asking a Munce how long they've been there, at which he recieves an unclear answer. He then asks a Geckle next to him if he knows of a way out, but the Geckle simply replies with a disissive no before a skeleton, overhearing their conversation, whips the air between the both of them.

Later on, he once again attempts to speak to the Munce and Geckle he saw earlier, however both refuse to speak to him and insult each other, prompting other members of both species to join the argument, with Cole questioning why the two hate each other so much before they are all called off to glop time, in which, although confused, he follows.

When being given glop, he looks at it in discuss, but leaves when the skeleton tells him to. He goes to sit by Murt, asking if there are any other Munce he can speak to who are smarter, however, Murt replies proudly that he is smartest, although mentioning a few other names afterwards. Cole, confused, asked if all Munce names started with M, to which Murt called him ''Mole'', claiming that they did. Cole is baffled by this and attempts to correct him, but Murt remains stubborn and continues to refer to him as Mole, prompting confusion from Cole.

The Ninja arrive, plotting a plan to rescue him. As he feeds a Mino some glop, the Ninja come and free him, with him expressing relief at the sight of them. Together, they free the Geckles and the Munce, but Cole warns them of the Skull Sorceror. However, when they try to leave, the Geckles and the Munce break out into another fight, causing the mines to descend into chaos and alerting the Skull Sorceror to the Ninja's presence, and he quickly captures them and puts them to work.

Enslaved by the Skull Sorcerer

The Two Blades

Cole and the other Ninja are put to work by the Re-Awakened, forced to mine heaping amounts of Vengestone, which explains their inability to use their powers.

After causing a ruckus, they are locked up in a cage with several Geckles. When Gliff picks a fight with Murt, the Ninja start wondering where their feud started.

Gliff explains that long ago, a hero named "Gilly" (who the Munce argues was named "Milly,") entered the mountain with two blades to defend the Geckles and Munce from a terrible dragon known as Grief-Bringer (who the Munce argues was called "Mief-Bringer.") After defeating the dragon, "Gilly" left behind her blades as gifts to the Geckles and Munce — leaving the Ivory Blade of Deliverance to the Geckles, and the Shadow Blade of Deliverance to the Munce.

The two tribe's feud started when the Munce apparently stole their blade, however, the Munce argues that the Geckles were the ones that stole the blade. The Ninja come to the conclusion that it was actually the Skull Sorcerer who stole both blades, in order to get control over both tribes. While the tribes fight over themselves, they can't fight the Skull Sorcerer.

Lloyd puts together a plan to get the two tribes to make a truce so they can all break out. Word is passed around through Geckles and Munce about a secret meeting after lunch, and when the time comes, they discuss retrieving both Blades by defeating the Skull Sorcerer.

Later, the Ninja break out of their cages by getting a Minos to eat through their chains. The Ninja split up, while Cole and Lloyd attempt to find the two blades, Zane and the others go about releasing the remaining Geckles and Munce. A few minutes later, chaos ensues, as Cole and Lloyd are chased away by the Skull Sorcerer.

In the commotion, the Ninja are split up so that Jay, Nya, and Lloyd go one path, while Zane and Kai go down another. Cole is further separated from the group as he is chased by the Skull Sorcerer.

The Skull Sorcerer

Cole finds himself hangs off a branch with a deep abyss below. Cole tries to come up with a plan and spots a skeleton holding a hook. Without notice, the branch breaks, but Cole is able to hang onto the skeleton's legs. He then lassoes the hook onto a rock, but the skeleton breaks as well. Cole tries to climb using the hook and rope, but the rock also breaks. Luckily, he hangs onto a cliff and screams for help.

Suddenly, he encounters Dire Bats and one of them picks Cole up. The other one tries to clasp Cole, but it results in Cole falling until a third Dire Bat takes him and begins flying away from the group. While being chased, Cole uses his Earth Punch to slow down the other Dire Bats. He then is able to break free from the Dire Bat who had Cole and runs to a cave. Unexpectedly, the Dire Bat retreats and Cole brags on how superior his abilities are, but he runs into a sticky situation.

Trapped by the spider

An enormous spider comes down from their web and tries to eat Cole. At first, Cole is able to hold up until the spider shoots webs at Cole's hand, and eventually his entire body. Facing certain doom, Vania and Chompy appear out of nowhere to fights the spider. Chompy tries to give aid, but the spider simply swipes the small dragon. Vania then hurls her spear at the spider, but the spider defect it. Vania gets frustrated at the spider, and unknowing to Vania, Chompy turns into a gigantic dragon, so the spider flees. Cole tells Vania about Chompy, but Vania thinks it a joke.

Wu, Vania, Cole, and Chompy interrupt Vangelis to tell him everything they witness. Cole comments about the Skull Sorcerer and the Skull of Hazza D'ur, but Vangelis reveals the skull. Suddenly, he transforms into the Skull Sorcerer which shocks everyone.

Vangelis throws the Skull of Hazza D'ur to Cole and Wu. He then presses a button causing Cole and Wu to fall into a pit. Vania goes after them despite Vangelis telling Vania she would no longer be her daughter.

The Real Fall

While Cole is screaming and falling, he spots Wu who is above him. Cole shouts to Wu, but Wu cannot hear him. Cole then screams even louder to see if Wu is alright and Wu says he's okay for the moment. Cole then tells Wu to accelerate so he can hear Wu, but Wu tells Cole to slow down his fall. Cole doesn't know how to slow down the fall, and all he gets from Wu is to flap his arms, but Wu yawps for Cole to use his Elemental Powers. Cole flaps his arms anyways, but it proves to be useless.

Cole screams as he falls down the pit.

Wu then hears Vania from above. She hollers at Wu to slow down his fall by flapping his arms, but it doesn't work. Cole then recognizes some vines, so he grabs onto a couple, but his momentum causes the vines to break. Realizing it doesn't work, he is able to grab Wu's hand and they wait for Vania. She is able to get into their range, and she tells them to grab onto her as he uses the wings; however, they break, and all three fall.

The spider takes Cole and wraps him in webs. Another spider decides to join and fights for Cole. While both are fighting, the one holding Cole drops him, but a third spider takes Cole. Vania is able to break free and distracts the spider by throwing objects at the spider which causes it to drop Cole. The spider then goes after Vania, so she finds some weapons to fight. She throws a spear at the spider, but it continues to head for Vania. She then climbs onto a ledge and when given the chance, she jumps onto the spider and gives Wu a spear to free Cole. However, the three are surrounded by the three spiders, so Cole decides to cut the web causing them to fall.

Cole, Wu, and Vania starting sliding down the caves before landing in a stream. They try to hang onto rocks but continue to drift. They then find what they thought was another rock, but it turns out to be a water monster. They continue down the stream before encountering a whirlpool. Wu tells Cole to use his powers to break a stalactite, but Cole doesn't know how. Wu tells Cole to concentrate and after a bit of difficulty, he causes the stalactite to break off the cave and stop the whirlpool.

Meeting the Lowly.

The three climb on top of the stalactite tired and exhausted. Suddenly, the stalactite breaks, and they are sucked into the whirlpool and are spat out to a small lake. Cole drags Wu and Vania out of the water, observes, and lies down. That's when Fungus approaches him and introduces himself. The other members including Plundar, Korgran, and Adam greet Cole, but he faints. What they don't realize is they are at Rock-Bottom.

Dungeon Party!

Cole wakes up in fear after seeing Adam in his face. The Lowly introduce themselves and call themselves adventures, but when Cole asks them to go on another quest, they become quiet. Cole asks about the lack of self-confidence, so Korgran explains their story.

After hearing everything, Cole proclaims they will escape Rock-Bottom and calls them the Upply.

Dungeon Crawl!

In a flashback to when he was younger, Cole speaks to his mother after having gotten into a fight with a bully at school. He apologizes for his actions and promises to be better, but Lilly assures him that she is already proud and makes him promise that he will continue to fight those who are cruel and unjust. In the present, he leads the Upply through Rock-bottom, however they doubt his leadership capabilities, prompting frustration from him when they discover themselves to have walked in yet another circle.

Feeling down, Cole is approached by Wu, who questions what is wrong. Cole explains how he has felt his mothers presence ever since he saw her locket, but feels foolish for thinking so. Wu points out how he has never been lower, and tells him how he should try to connect with his element. After a bit of time, he manages to do so, revealing a path through the pool to an exit, and tells the others to follow, with Plundar being reluctant. The group swims through the water, and when Vania is frightened by a skeleton, Cole helps her regain her focus. However he discovers Wu has been trapped and goes back to rescue him, Wu thanks him and Cole points out how Wu has already saved him many times in the past.

The Upply continue to find a tunnel filled with lava with only some stepping stones leading across. Plundar expresses frustration and doubt at this, at which Cole tells him and the group that he was certain that it was the way and that they needed to take a chance. Plundar, still hesitant, reluctantly follows as he leaps across the stones. However, Cole stops the group when he feels tremors in the earth, claiming he had never felt anything like it. Shortly after, a magma monster erupts from the lava. Cole gives the group orders, and with his leadership, they are able to sink the monster back into the lava. He blocks the exit afterwards, with Plundar apologizing for his behavior earlier, and the group carries on down the tunnel.

Masters Never Quit

Pursued once again by the lava monster, Cole and the Upply leap into some old abandoned minecarts, with him expressing how his idea worked. However, the carts quickly pick up speed, prompting fear from the group when the cart begins to tilt. Luckily, they make it, however the minecarts crash.

The group discovers themselves to have crashed in front of two large doors, with Cole having an odd feeling about the place. Wu tells him it is the heart of the mountain. After a failed attempt from Korgran, Cole walks up to the door and touches it, causing it to light up. The group enters the temple, with Cole approaching the statue of his mother in wonder. He reads a sign in front of it and touches it, causing light to flow through the statue and the temple, lighting up a mural on the floor.

He learns that his mother managed to perform the Spinjitzu Burst from the pictures on the floor, prompting Vania to ask him to attempt it. Cole, however, expresses doubt at this, but attempts anyways. After a few moments of gathering energy, all he manages to perform is a normal Spinjitzu tornado, prompting frustration towards himself. He begins to slam the ground while quakes begin to occur, with him questioning if he had been the source of them. Fungus, using his magic, shows the group that Grief-Bringer is attacking the Ninja. Cole expresses concern for his friends, but when Wu tells him the only way to save him is with the Spinjitzu Burst, he storms off upset. Realizing he has been neglecting his student, Wu encourages Cole to get up, and tells him that burst or no, they would fight Grief-Bringer.

The Ascent

Cole and the others are briefed by Wu, with Cole coming up with an idea to get to the surface by strapping the minecarts wheels onto the mech, however the idea receives doubt from Plundar. When Cole jumps into the mechs cockpit to put his plan to work, he discovers it has no controls, causing confusion. However, shortly after he and Wu discover it is operated by his elemental powers, allowing him to control the mech. However, he struggles to keep his balance, causing it to almost fall on the Upply and Adam several times. Luckily, he manages to pull it together eventually.

Stone mech, being used by Cole

Later on, when readying the cart and mech up to put his idea to work, he encourages a troubled Vania, telling her she would not be alone, prompting gratitude from her, at which she affirms she is ready. With this, Cole powers up the mech and they speed up the rails, however the Lava Monster sees them while passing, causing it to lay chase to them yet again. After a brief chase, they loose the monster for a bit but are attacked by a swarm of Dire Bats. Although they manage to fend the bats off, the Lava monster continues to chase them, At which it manages to pin the mech down. After a brief fight, Cole manages to free himself, but sees the minecart is close to the end of the rails. He hurries to the minecart, managing to slice the magma monster with his word and catching the cart on time. However, the lava, now coating the mech, heats up the controls, causing them to crash when they get to the surface.

After the crash, he checks on Vania, and the group goes to confront Vangelis. However, when they get there, all they find is Chompy. Cole uses his lava arm to free the dragon from his cage, however Hailmar enters the room, believing Cole to be a traitor. Vania tells him she will hold Hailmar off, but he remains reluctant to leave her behind. However, in the end, Wu manages to convince him and the Upply to leave to confront the Skull Sorcerer.

The Upply Strike Back!

Cole eavesdrops on the Skull Sorcerer, although unable to hear anything. When asked about what he was saying, Cole claimed he had heard enough villain speeches to know he was babbling on about his plan, which turns out to be true. When the Skull Sorcerer showed the ninja the blades, Cole got upset, claiming they belonged to his mother. After the Skull Sorcerer leaves, he devises a plan, telling Korgran and Fungus to wait for his signal as him and Plundar went for the blades.

Later on, he and Plundar follow two Awakened Warriors into a vault, quickly dispatching them and taking the blades. He tells Plundar to free his friends, when questioned as to what he himself would do, Cole replied with that he would have a word with Vangelis.

When Vangelis ordered the release of Grief-bringer, Cole destroyed the awakened warrior before it could release the skeletal dragon, prompting anger from Grief-Bringer and it's master when Vangelis found out it hadn't been released. He questioned who had sabotaged his plan, causing Cole to reveal himself, jokingly asking the Skull Sorcerer to guess. A fight breaks out between the two, and his friends cheer for him. After the Skull Sorcerer tells him he is outmatched, Cole answers with that the blades would help him, causing Vangelis to mock him over his faith, and the two clash.

The Son of Lilly

Unlocking the Spinjitzu Burst.

Cole continues to battle the Skull Sorcerer using the Blades of Deliverance . However he is told that his mother lied to her followers because he knows that they don’t have power. Although he refuses to believe it the blades are soon destroyed. The Skull Sorcerer proceeded to mock the earth ninja for his belief in his mother. Enraged by his mother being ridiculed, Cole soon unlocks the ability to use the Spinjitzu Burst. Cole ends up destroying the Skull of Hazza D'ur. This renders Vangelis powerless and he begs Cole to spare him and pleads for mercy. Cole tells Vangelis that if he wants mercy, he should beg the Geckles and Munce tribes and his people for his cruelty and lies. He then watches Vania have the guards take their former king away.

Saying goodbye to Vania.

Later he is present at the ceremony, where Vania is appointed as Queen. He is pleased by the sight and cheers her on. As he and the others prepare to leave, Cole bids the Upply goodbye. He then shares a moment with Vania and they part on good terms with her promising to help him in the future.

The Island


Cole can be seen drinking water out of a bottle as Pixal and Lloyd plan their course of action.

He is with the others as they speak to Twitchy Tim, and is surprised to hear how many times he has been struck by lightning

When Twitchy tells him he saw a beach of blue sand, Cole is doubtful and comes to the conclusion that Twitchy must have hit his head hard, however Twitchy becomes infuriated by his disbelief. When Twitchy faints aboard the bounty, Cole catches him and tells the others he may need a life-jacket.

When they deploy to sea, he rides aboard Jay and Kai's Catamaran, being confused when Jay whispers and showing frustration when he breaks the button.

He helps the others tilt the Catamaran, and is with them when they land on the island.

The Keepers of the Amulet

As the others discuss Lloyd's concerns, Cole expresses hunger, asking if anyone had brought a snack. When Jay at first says he did, he cheers up, but turns gloomy at the false hope when Jay tells him it fell into the ocean.

He is seen eating some berries shortly after. When Twitchy tells them the berries are poisonous, Cole spits them out.

Later on, Kai remarks on his hunger, claiming he could hear his belly grumbling. However, much to his confusion, Cole informs his friend that it wasn't his stomach. When Zippy leaps at Nya, Cole gets ready to attack the dragon, but lowers his guard when Nya and Zane point out that the creature is docile. He then starts chasing the coconut Zippy brought with him, but soon looses it to the playful dragon and expresses disappointment.

When handed a coconut by Kai, he is grateful, however confused when Kai gives him a look, questioning it. Kai asks him if he is capable of thinking about anything asides from food, and Cole responds that he is thirsty as well. However, shortly afterwards, Zippy comes and takes the coconut, with Cole giving chase to the dragon until it drops the coconut and licks him, to which he expresses disgust and allows Zippy to keep it.

When fighting the Stone Guardians, he attempts to use his powers on it, however shows confusion when it is sent back at him.

He is with the Ninja when they escape the golems, and tells Jay to open his eyes after he finishes crossing the bridge.

Shortly after, he is taken by the Keepers and wakes up along with Kai and Jay on a boat, heading to a village.

He is with the Ninja when Mammatus informs them of the Storm Amulet, and shows concerns. His concerns are justified when the Keepers proclaim the Ninja their prisoners, expressing his distaste at this.

The Gift of Jay

He tells the Keepers to back off when they guide the Ninja to their cell, expressing concern for Jay. When locked into the cell, he attempts to break out using his Earth Punch, but it proves ineffective and the Keepers charge the gate with lightning, causing him to be knocked back onto the ground.

He expresses concern for Master Wu and Misako, although is relieved to see them, asking how they are. He expresses doubts towards Clutch Powers, believing he may have attempted to steal the amulet.

He is with the Ninja when they are saved by Lloyd, expressing relief. He shows annoyance when they find out Clutch is missing as well, and tells him to leave the amulet. However, in the end, they all end up getting caught again and are tied up to a pole, with Cole claiming to have gotten tired of being zapped as a spear hits his pole.

He shows relief when Jay comes, asking if he can get the Keepers to free the Ninja, however when they sacrifice Jay, he shows fear and attempts to get out of the ropes binding him.

The Tooth of Wojira

Cole expresses concern for Jay and attempts to rescue him, however arrives too late.

He confronts Mammatus alongside the rest, and listens to Mammatus tale.

He arrives with the others in time to save Jay, knocking pit a few goons and catching him. He explains alongside the rest how they found him, and he and Kai catch Ronin after Twitchy sinks his boat. The two of them lock Ronin away, and forgive Mammatus, telling him that they have gone through similar events in the past.


A Big Splash

When Miss Demeanor is chased by the ninja and almost gets away, he appears by the pass with his Dirt Bike, asking if it was too soon for him to interfere as he launched two missiles at her goons trucks, causing them to crash. However, Demeanor manages to stop his bike, causing him to be forced to run out of the way when the truck passes, allowing her to get away. He then notices the Vengestone the trucks had been smuggling, recognizing it as such.

When Nya's powers go out of control and conjure a water tornado, he shows concern for the nearby village and helps the other Ninja get the inhabitants onto a ledge, ensuring their safety.

Back at the monastery, he explains what happened to Wu and tells him that the trucks were smuggling Vengestone, he witnesses Nya's frustration and tries to calm her down.

He is there when Wu researches Nya's powers, confused by the fact that the First Spinjitzu Master never mastered Water or Wind. He tells Kai not to blame his parents when Kai mentions the fact that he and Nya grew up alone.

He is playing a video game with a stash of soda bottles when Nya passes by, her powers causing the bottles to go out of control and propel him behind the couch, prompting confusion from him.

He is there when Wu confronts Nya about her powers, and witnesses her reunion with her mother. He shows fear when she grows enraged at her brother.

The Call of the Deep

He assists Lloyd in fixing the Hangar Bay's computer, informing Nya of Zane and P.I.X.A.L.'s water rescue mission.

He later helps assist the others in cleaning up the Monastery after Nya.


Cole is there when the Hydro Bounty is unveiled, but shows concerns and points out how most ships tend to sink. However, after getting looks from the others, he quickly dismisses the idea.

He is said to be staying back at the Monastery by Kai, who tells Ray that Cole isn't as good as him at playing Prime Empire. Cole disagrees with this, joining the two of them in a game while Maya watches fondly from the doorway.

The Storm Amulet

Nya briefly speaks to him and tells him where the amulet is located, with Cole at first being confused but then realizing what was going on and assuring her he and the others would find it.

Riddle of the Sphinx

Cole goes out into the courtyard of the Monastery to warn Ray, Kai and Wu, and the four, along with Misako, head out to the Explorers Club to retrieve the amulet.

However, when they arrive, Cecil attempts to turn the group away as they lack membership, but Misako points out how they can invoke a Trial by Sphinx. Cecil is astounded by this proclamation, and remarks on what happened to Lord Belgrave, at which Cole shows fear. However, Misako remains stubborn, and the trial is initiated.

The Sphinx appears and asks it's riddle, with Cole answering incorrectly with cake without hesitation. Wu questions him on this, to which Cole replies that he believes cake is the answer to everything. Wu, enraged by this, responds that discipline is usually the answer to everything, and attempts to answer the riddle, however it is incorrect. Finally, Kai manages to answer it correctly, causing the Sphinx to disappear back into the floor and the group is permitted passage.

The group enters the room in which Clutch was making his presentation, causing Clutch, shocked, to quickly step in front of the amulet and greet them anxiously. Cole, frustrated by this, tells him to drop the charade, at which Clutch fakes confusion. However, when Kalmaar enters, Clutch quickly hands it over to the Ninja and runs, fearing for his safety. The other members of the club show distaste of this, and a fight breaks out between the Ninja and Kalmaar.


The Ninja continue their fight with Kalmaar, with the amulet escaping Kalmaar and rolling towards Nelson and Antonia. Kai tells them to get the amulet to safety as Cole and the rest of the group attack Kalmaar in attempts to delay him.

Cole and Wu later catch up with Kai, Antonia and Nelson after Kalmaar flees, expressing gratitude to the two for saving their friend.

Master of the Sea

Cole assists Wu, Misako, Kai and Ray in an attempt to secure the Storm Amulet from Kalmaar, however he is later surrounded by the Maaray Guards alongside Kai and Ray.

He is later tied with the others to an anchor, and Kalmaar attempts to dump them into the ocean. Just then, the Hydro Bounty appears under them, and he and the others are cut loose. Cole assist in the ensuing fight, and he is there to witness Nya retrieve the Storm Amulet.

He later takes the Storm Amulet to Shintaro for safe keeping, handing it over to Queen Vania, and the two place it inside a vault. When Hailmar asks about it, he tells the guard grimly that it must never see the light of day again.

Assault on Ninjago City

While Kai and Zane are being outnumbered by the Merlopians, Cole arrives and assists them, with the two expressing gratitude towards him. He assists in evacuating the citizens. Cole and Benthomaar then split up from the rest and attempt to take down some of the Merlopians.


As Jay's Sub car is flooding and he kicks at the door frantically, Benthoaar and Cole arrive and open the cockpit, taking him to the surface. The two hand the weak Ninja over to the others, with Cole informing them he had inhaled a large amount of water.

He is there as Jay is checked on by the others, and shows concern for his friend when he is informed of his condition. He suggests contacting Vania, but Zane informs him that they couldn't communicate this far, prompting disappointment from him.

When Nya sits with Jay, Cole is asleep, however wakes up when the water in Jay's lungs is drawn out, and shows concern when told by Benthomaar what Nya is attempting to do. He follows the others when they try to stop their friend, however they arrive too late. He shows concern for his friend when Jay arrives onto the rooftop, but agrees to assist Nya.

The Turn of the Tide

He witnesses Nya's battle against Wojira and Kalmaar, showing concern for her whenever she is blasted. He and Lloyd spot some of the merlopians on the rooftop, and assist in defeating them. He shows surprise and concern when Nya adopts her dragon form, and continues to observe the fight. He witnesses Nya destroy Wojira, and expresses happiness for his friend's victory. However he shows concern when she interacts with Jay, and when she leaves.

After Nya leaves, Cole comforts Jay over this, holding his friend close and reassuring him that some of their allies would come, however shows surprise at the amount of people who managed to arrive. He parttakes in Nya's memorial, pouring a bowl of water into the vase with the others. When Jay finishes pouring his bowl and sniffles, Cole lays a hand on his friend's shoulder in an attempt to comfort him, and grieves for his friend silently alongside the rest.


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