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Keepers, hear me! Long before time had a name, we were charged with protecting this world from the wrath of Wojira. For countless generations, we have fulfilled our duty as the First Spinjitzu Master tasked us. Now, for reasons we know not, Wojira awakens. Wojira rises! So we send her this gift, the Gift of Jay!

The Rescue Mission on the Island of the Keepers was a event in which the Keepers imprisoned the ninja and Misako's explorer group while intending to sacrifice Jay to "Wojira". Meanwhile, Lloyd and Twitchy Tim staged a rescue mission.



Before the creation of Ninjago, the First Spinjitzu Master entrusted the Keepers with the Storm Amulet, telling them to keep it safe from the hands of Wojira. They managed to keep the promise until one day when "Wojira" returned. They gave her gold and tribute to keep her away. However, the monster came back every week and the Keepers were stripped of their gold and jewels.

Many criminals escaped from Kryptarium Prison, and Ronin was hired to capture them. Unbeknownst to the police, he actually put them to work for himself.

Misako, Wu, Clutch Powers and his interns went on an expedition to confirm Misako's theory of an uncharted island, which proved to be true. They managed to find a totem pole, but it was alive and it attacked.

Traveling to the Island of the Keepers

After Cecil Putnam informed the ninja that Misako, Wu and Clutch Powers disappeared on an expdedition, the ninja went to investigate. After they picked up Twitchy Tim, the ninja used catamarans to get to the island. When they arrived to the shore, P.I.X.A.L. launched the Jungle Choppers, and the ninja continued their journey into the jungle. When they arrived to the edge of the uncharted jungle, they met a dragon and they named it Zippy.

Battling the Stone Guardians

When Lloyd told them they have no moments to waste, they continued the journey in the jungle. They arrive to a clearing, where Zane analyzed their surrondings, and found evidence of struggle. Nya found a statue. But when she poked it, it bit the stick, and attacked with its brothers. The ninja escaped, but Lloyd got lost. The ninja found a rope bridge, which Jay worried, that it will break down. Meanwhile, the golems still chased Lloyd until he found a cave and hid there, and found Twitchy Tim.

Saving the captured ninja

The ninja meet the Keepers and Mammatus decides to sacrifice Jay to appease “Wojira”. The other ninja are locked up and finally find Wu and Misako. During this, Lloyd is at their camp and plans on freeing them then meets Zippy again. He tried to get Zippy to leave at first, but decided and uses him to his advantage. He breaks out everyone including Clutch Powers, after realizing that Jay is missing, they go around looking for him but they don't. Instead, they saw Clutch attempting to steal the Storm Amulet, they are shortly attacked by the Keepers and captured.

Ronin's fake monster

The ninja are stuck on poles and watch as Jay was being sacrificed to "Wojira." Kai eventually breaks out and the ninja make there stand against the Keepers and try to save Jay. But they were too late and Jay is lost, but Lloyd picks up a piece from the monster that is wood.

The ninja get back onto the island but are confronted by the Keepers, Lloyd tells them of the truth and the Keepers agree to help them. As Jay is about to be defeated by the Kryptarium inmates, the other ninja jump in to save him, Lloyd starts theorizing that the owner of this operation was the Mechanic, but he was wrong when Ronin revealed himself.

He is about to escape with all the gold from the Keepers, but Twitchy Tim with one of the Keepers' catamarans helps stop Ronin, and Ronin is imprisoned. Mammatus apologized for everything that happened and the ninja accept, but they soon realize the amulet is missing and see Clutch Powers leaving with it, but they catch him. Next day, Lloyd is on the harbor and his mother and uncle check on him. He tells them he was just thinking if Wojira is actually real, Wu hopes that Wojira stays asleep if she is. Unbeknownst to them, Wojira was in her deep sleep in her temple with the Wave Amulet.



The Island

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