“Cole, the Constrictai are strong. And they will not let go.”
“But instead of fighting back, one must try to loosen up. And a little soft shoe doesn't hurt.”
Wu and Cole, "All of Nothing"

The Constrictai grip is the special ability of the Constrictai Serpentine use to squeeze and choke their opponents. It gives the Constrictai the ability to strangle opponents with their tails, leaving them breathless. Unlike regular strangulation, the victims of the Constrictai grip are said to never fully recover from the effects of the grip unless given the anti-venom from the Constrictai Staff.[1]


Can of Worms

When Cole and Zane headed out to investigate the Constrictai Tomb, they were ambushed by Skalidor, who jumped out of the ground below. Immediately Skalidor wrapped his tail around Zane, Cole managing to force Skalidor to release him as he used his Scythe to attack. As Skalidor burrowed underground, Cole and Zane made a run for the exit, only to be stopped when Skalidor dragged Cole underground with him. Cole was quickly tossed back to the surface, and while Skalidor burrowed his way toward Cole's direction, Zane used the Sacred Flute in hopes of fending him off. As he shielded his ears in pain, Skalidor wrapped his tail around Cole, Zane rushing to his aid and using the Sacred Flute. Skalidor then grabbed Zane by the neck to prevent him from completing the song, however, Zane managed to get out enough breath to force Skalidor to release them; Cole using the opportunity to knock him out with his Scythe.

All of Nothing

The ninja infiltrate the Serpentine's underground fortress, but they are spotted not long after. Each ninja fight the Serpentine separately, leaving Cole to fight Skalidor. As Skalidor attempts to strangle his foe, Cole remains calm and slowly manages to slip out of his grip.

Known victims


  • Unlike the other Serpentine abilities (barring Anacondrai invisibility, as Pythor was the only member shown), the Constrictai grip was only seen being used by Skalidor, presumably because he is the only member of his tribe with a tail. However, Pythor referred to "the Constrictai and their vice-like grip" in "Can of Worms," implying this is an ability of multiple Constrictai. It's possible he was referring to it as a trait of Constrictai generals.



Serpentine Abilities

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